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FAQs about Seahares, Suborder Anaspidea, Systems

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Sea hares and powerheads 06/05/2008 Hi, I bought a sea hare once, it was amazing for eating algae, however it died 1 week later as it got stuck in the powerhead SEIO110. I've heard all sea slugs have this problem with powerheads. Now I have another algae problem, nitrates are 0 and phosphates are 0, it all started because I didn't change the bulbs, I did know, however algae does not die. People have told me that the rocks probably have some phosphates and the algae is consuming it all and so that's why there's no reading. However I want to buy a new sea hare as I know it can solve the problem quickly, however I'm wondering what options do I have to avoid it being killed by the powerhead. Is there some mod I can do to the SEIO so that the sea slug won't look after it, can I just turn it off until the sea hares eats all the algae maybe 3-4 weeks?. Its a 175gal and the other circulation I have is the return pump and a Tunze wavebox. <<The easiest solution is to cover powerhead / filter apertures with coarse foam, and secure with elastic bands or zip ties for the duration of the stay...Thanks, hope this helps. A Nixon>>

Sea Hare/Systems 2/28/08 Hi <Hello> I was thinking of purchasing a sea hare, however I am a little concerned with the fact they produce poisonous ink. If none of the other fish provoke it could it still ink? <Possibly, and can release the ink upon their death.> What would happen if it was to die would the ink be released? <Could lead to the death of other inhabitants. I very good chemical filter is needed to remove this compound if released.> I have a 180 gallon reef tank with a Clown Fish, Yellow Tang, Hawk Fish, Sleeper Goby, blenny, and various corals and a few different kinds of shrimp. Would this be a good set up for a sea hare? I have an abundance of algae. <Adam, these animals are very difficult to maintain and I would discourage you from getting one. It will eventually die and cause problems for you.> Thanks, <You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)> Adam

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