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Wet Web Media Input #12

Guest Post Opportunity       4/18/19
Dear owner of http://www.wetwebmedia.com
<Hello Sarah>
My name is Sarah Marshall from http://allpetsdirectory.com ,We're a US-based blog providing information on pet care, behaviors, tips, tricks, and continuously look for new pet related products on the
market to review.
I stumbled on to your site, http://www.wetwebmedia.com, and I love the stuff you put out and must congratulate you on that!
Are you currently offering guest post services?
If so, one of our professional writers within the pet niche would love to draft up a blog post for you to share on your site.
<Mmm; well; am not much of a fan of "blogs/blogging"; more stimulation than useful informing>
The article will, of course, be written by a professional copywriter, with SEO in mind to drive traffic to your website free of charge. If we could include a link back to our site in a natural way that will also add
value to the guest post we would love that!
<Do send along an example, examples of what you have in mind please>
Let me know what you think! Would love to see if we can partner and both benefit!
All the best,
Sarah Marshall
<And you, Bob Fenner, WWM>

Would like Zed Hogan's email       2/20/19
I do a monthly newsletter for a day program I'm a part of. Normally I do plants/gardening but this time I'm branching off into giant fish
I would like the subject in this months newsletter to be about the endangered giant catfish of southeast Asia. namely pangasius sansitswongi and pangasonia gigas( probably misspelled but you know what I mean).
Zeb did a show about these fish on monster fish, and I figured he would be a great source of information.
plus I wanted to share with him ideas of how to help these fish in the wild.
Thanks for your time
<Ok... BobF>
Would like Zed Hogan's email       2/20/19

<Oh, we don't retain, nor give out other's email. B>
Re: Would like Zed Hogan's email       2/20/19

ok I didn't know I will just have to find it then.
<Likely can contact via production co.... BobF>

2019 Guest Post Ideas      2/15/19
I hope you are well. I am Janice Wiging, Content Editor at nippyfish.net. Our website has 38 domain authority and monthly traffic is 13.4k.
<Ahh, have looked. Very nice>
I came across your website while looking for resources for my upcoming article & found the content on your website really engaging.
I'd love to contribute an original piece of writing to your website. Would you be open to considering a submission from me?
<Yes; we do purchase, post new content>
I have some topic ideas which I think would be a perfect fit for your website:
1) How we can feed a Betta Fish Step By Step?
2) Must Know Top 5 Betta Fish Food
3) How many days can a Betta fish go without food
Please select one from the above which suits you best, but I am open to suggestions.
<Mmm; I see these topics have been covered on your site, and elsewhere on the Net... adequately. Folks are sure to find, read them placed already via search tools.>
Thank you for your time. I hope to hear from you soon.
<Thank you for your offer; and efforts in helping to provide useful, actionable information to fellow hobbyists. I encourage you to write, make submission to analog magazines in our field (ornamental aquatics); when you have enough graphics, text, to compile a given subject into an eBook, direct-to-print work.>
Best Wishes,
Janice Wiging
Content Editor| www.nippyfish.net
<And you, Bob Fenner, Head Cheerleader, WWM>

The advance technology you need to create for Wetwebmedia.com      12/14/18
Dear Wetwebmedia.com,
Hope you are doing good !
I found your details from the internet and thought you might be interested to upgrade the website in new version or modify the content.
Redesigning website and modify the content today isn't just about changing the look and feel but it will helps to get best ranking & Traffic. With technology changing and different problems needing to be solved, redesigning and overhauling websites goes much deeper than just the way they look. The functionality, presentation, how they load, and how well they can be updated are all things that are prompting website redesigns on a daily basis. Apart from giving your website a new looks, we will provide you with a Content Management System (CMS) built with WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Core Php with best unique content.
We specialize in designing the website write the quality content, graphics design, video promotion and etc. Your website is really need to upgrade with the below features:
1. Upgrade your website with a latest version platform.
2. Moving to a content management solution for your website
3. Old content need to be modified with unique one.
4. Old images should replace with new and HD quality.
5. Need to add new features so user can easily access your website.
6. Need to modify the CSS to improve the fast loading speed.
7. Planning to integrate rich media content into your site like internet video.
8. Adding SMO profiles and Web2.0 social features in your website.
9. Your website needs to be highly secure and safe.
10. Website needs to be search engine friendly and Conversion Optimized.
Do let me know if you are willing to discuss the possible modifications on your website or Create a Fresh One. Also, kindly share us your requirements and reference website if you have any so that I can send you more details on the packages/action.
*# Reply before 31ST Dec Midnight to get a free mock up design of your Wetwebmedia.com. (Limited period)*
Looking forward your quick and positive response.
Best Regards,
*Leo Martin*
Web Designer
<What do you think? B>
<The site could greatly benefit from better layout and coding from back to front. However, how to go about executing the improvement should be researched thoroughly. If it were me, I would hire a professional. This could be costly though, and rates vary greatly. I would definitely “shop around.” The biggest “problem” with the site, as I recall, is the very great size of it - thousands of interconnected pages! It would be great if we could find someone to propose a better way to manage (archive?) old and
infrequently trafficked FAQs pages.
Cheers, Sara>
<Perhaps this is something that you could be paid to do?
Would also like to see WWM made/optimized for mobile. B>
<Oh, I wish I could, but I am so far behind in the tech of this sort of thing. Maybe if I could get training, attend a class or something, I might catch up.
<Always a poss.! B>

Not a cry for help      9/23/18
Good afternoon,
<Hey Reese>
As you are busy, I'll try to keep this brief. Mr. Fenner, THANK YOU for the Corydoras information.
<Welcome! Have just gotten back into keeping them (and Brochis) cats myself>
I've been keeping fish for a year now (spurred originally by teaching science to high school students). The original 55 gallon tank, purchased for the classroom, is now in my dining area where I can enjoy it every day--the students make do with a couple of smaller tanks. This hobby has been highly valuable for my students--thanks for all you and the crew do to make it easier for novices like me.
<Ahh; the intense pleasure of your note; realizing that we've helped others>
Thanks, thanks, thanks for your insistence of correct grammar and spelling, and above all for being British. (My ancestors, sadly, did not value being British and rudely left the commonwealth above 200 years ago. But I digress.)
<Heeeee! Am a yank as well.>
I had given up on raising corys due to far too many deaths; now I see that there might be hope for their survival! As I can snatch the time from pedagogical pursuits, I will pursue my research on this delightful
site. I hope to be able to trumpet success by this time next year.
Did I mention that I am deeply thankful for your work? May your fish never falter.
Lisa Reese
<Thank you Lisa. Bob Fenner>

Tech Question on WWM content       9/11/18
I’m messing around with a personal Big Data project using SOLR. I would like to attempt to index wet web media. I have scraped a few files and it is difficult, but not impossible, for me to pull the patterns out of HTML out. Do you use any type of publishing tool that has a defined template for layout?
<Mmm; just the beginnings of FrontPage to present M's software>
If so can get a copy of the templates?
<No templates utilized; I simply (as I'm simple) used the "New Page" origination, fit in tables/boxes, meta-tags...>
Better yet, some of the source data. I don’t want to violate any policies, for now this is just a private project. If it works I will give it all to you.
The original data without all of the surrounding links would be nice.
If you need more detail on what I am trying to accomplish please let me know.
William Anderson
<Cheers Will. Bob Fenner, common progenitor>

Bob, Web Wed Media Readers Want to Know About the Origin of Fish.      8/8/18
Hi Bob,
<Ave Robert>
Hello from England! I’m Robert a fish keeper, enthusiast and blogger at Fishkeeping World <https://www.fishkeepingworld.com/>.
Bob, having read Web Wed Media, I noticed that your site has accepted guest posts before and I was wondering if I could write for you?
<Yes; certainly>
I recently published an infographic on the origins of fish<https://www.fishkeepingworld.com/evolution-of-fish/> , the graphic takes fish enthusiasts on the 500M year evolution of fish.
I know you are very busy, so I would like to write a guest post for you on the origin of fish. As an expert in fishkeeping I think I can offer your readers lots of interesting and exciting information on the origins and evolution of fish.
Let me know if you are interested and I can send over some title suggestions.
<Appreciated Robert. We do pay for agreed upon content (of use of course). Cheers, BobF>
Look forward to hearing from you,
Kind regards,
p.s. Awesome job on running your site since 1995.
Editor at Fishkeeping World

Herps help     7/14/18
Neale, howsit?
Am concerned re our long-standing turtle et al. helper, and helping. I've written Darrel a few times... sent the queries his way; no resp.
Do you know of someone who might help us; join the WWM Crew?
Re: Herps help      7/15/18

Hi Bob,
<Sir Neale>
One person. Have written. Will see if he responds. A retired teacher and before that mosquito scientist. A decent chap. But might not be his cup of tea.
Cheers, Neale
<I'll hope he's willing, able to join us. Cheers, B>
Herps help      7/20/18

Neale, howsit?
Would you take a look/see at Darrel's in-box, the turt f' on our webmail...
See if you can reply to any of these queries? I don't know enough re.
Turtles; WWM Help!      7/21/18

<Ave Neale>
Can I introduce Mick O’Donnell, colleague of mine as a science teacher, and experienced reptile, arachnid and insect keeper. He’s a former entomologist and has a much more illustrious scientific background than me! He’s offering to help us out with turtle queries. Is he the first Australian national to join the WWM Crew?
<I do believe/think so>
Mick, could I ask you to send a brief biography — if you are happy to share — that Bob can add to the WWM Crew page in due course?
<Yes; please>
Mick, Bob will send along instructions on how we access the email and format our replies. It’s all very simple indeed — and I find very rewarding nonetheless!
Cheers to the both of you,
<Mick, the URL of our/WWM webmail is:
The Login name:
The Password:
Some conventions we use in responding: http://wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/crewsupwebmail.htm
I thank you for your help/helping others through this tool.
Bob Fenner>
Re: Herps help     7/24/18

Thanks Bob for this reminder. I’m taking a look through to see if I can help, but Mick, this’d be a great time to dive in and help out!
Cheers, Neale
<Much thanks to you both. B>

Sponsoring your site      3/17/18
Hi Bob,
<Hey Jess>
I am looking to get our site, https://fishlab.com listed in your "general links to Aquatic/Aquarium Internet Sites" - it's a resource designed to help beginners with many of the problems they will encounter while setting up and maintaining their aquarium.
<Ahh; will post later today>
I would also like to donate some money to go towards your sites upkeep - it's a great resource that I have personally used in the past.
<If so, the "Donate" button/link on each page is the best route to go.
Thank you>
What is the best way to sort all this out?
Best Wishes!
<Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner>

Author contact      3/15/18
I am a seasoned aquarist and have recently read and enjoyed an article on your site “stocking Lake Malawi community tanks” by Mary Bailey. I have a couple questions I would like to ask the author to clarify a couple of things as I am about to start my first Lake Malawi tank, and the article has been very helpful to me. Just have a few questions for her.
Any info you could provide would help. Thank you.
Pete Wortman.
West Long Branch NJ.
<I would try writing her Care Of Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine... in NJ! Bob Fenner>

Referral, to WWM      3/12/18
It’s Eric from Aquarium Masters in Corpus Christi. I’d like to be able to refer customers to you, so I’ve added you to my network on Alignable, a site exclusively for business owners to network with...
<Sure mate. Glad to be of assistance. Bob Fenner and Crew at WWM. >

Collaboration      2/23/18
Hello, my name is John Landrum.
<Hey John>
I recently looked through your website and was impressed with your content.
Therefore I would like to know whether we could cooperate? Do you accept guest posts?
Look forward to hearing from you.
<We do buy content, if useful, appropriate. Bob Fenner>

Re: Can I write for your site?      11/6/17
Great to hear from you! I do offer specialized guest posts and here's a topic I can write about:
7 Ideas to Choose the Best Decoration for Your Fish Aquarium
Do you think this will work for your website? Do let me know please.
<Possibly. Would have to see. This work is original, and you have graphics I take it>
<Bob Fenner>
Re: Can I write for your site?      11/8/17

Hello Bob,
Thanks for considering this. I will have the article written and get back to you once done.
<Real good. B>

July Calendars      6/28/17
Hi Bob. I made up 2 calendars for July using your images. This year is flying!
<Indeed. Will post/share w/ credit to you Mike. Hope to see you at the GFHHH this eve. B>

A Question to your Webmaster      6/23/17
Good morning,
When I came across your website today, I thought of some questions I would like to ask. Can I address them to you or should I contact another person?
Thank you,
Sarah Fowler
<If you need help with fish or aquaria, then the email address you used is fine; you can use the same address to ask for technical help with accessing the site or to find out about its history and the people behind it. If you want to buy advertising or sponsor the site in some other way, then that email address is also good, but some extra details you might find useful are here:
Cheers, Neale.>

Glad you're still here!        5/17/17
Hi team,
I kept a lot of fish in high school and college and shared many emails with you 10-15 years ago. Getting back into the hobby now with a 24g Nano Cube (currently cycling with "live" bag sand and live rock), future home of a
couple of gobies and a Pseudochromis or a Wartskin angler and other less vertebrate things.
Just wanted to say a lot in the hobby has changed so it was really neat to see WetWebMedia still a great resource. Have been utilizing your site heavily in my planning phase.
Thanks for all you do!
<Glad to find we're all still about Laura. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Thank you for your donation to WWM      4/16/17
Much appreciated. Bob Fenner

Thank you for your donation to WWM      4/16/17
We do appreciate your contribution.
Bob Fenner

March Calendar for the WWM. MikeK's return!     2/19/17
Hi Bob! I just made a March calendar for WetWebMedia.
<Wow! Fab!>
I'm busy studying
HTML and CSS for website development and hope to get started soon on your new project as well as hopefully enhancing the WWM site. Hope all is well.
<Real good Mike. Looking forward to all. BobF>
And New WW ID site    2/19/17

Mike, have I shared this mock-up of the WW ID site w/ you?
I'd REALLY like to launch this... w/ the ability of others to upload their pix, info. ala Fishbase.org....

Re: March Calendar for the WWM      2/20/17
Yes, I have seen this and look forward to contributing to it. Are you in town this week? I would like to come by to talk some more about this.
<Yeah Mate. Next outing is toward the end of March. Come on by! B>

Security issue with a website suggested on your site      2/16/17
I was recently reading up on your (most helpful) site regarding Indian dwarf pufferfish, and noticed that one of your members (PufferPunk) suggested the link ‘www.dwarfpuffers.com’ for additional information on these adorable fish. I’m sure the site was legitimate when they suggested it several years ago, but it now jumps through an Asian ISP and links to a site with clickbait malware.
I know you guys run a clean ship and I’d hate for someone who just came for fish advice to end up with a nasty bug in their system due to a defunct website that has been co-opted for unsavory purposes.
Cheers, and thanks for all you do,
<Hello Linda and thanks for writing. Does indeed look alarming: when I tried the link, I ended up with some bogus financial services website. Bob, it's easy enough for me to add 'strike-throughs' to the relevant text, as I've done here:
If you want me to do likewise to the other mentions of this defunct site, it'd only take 20 min.s or so. Cheers, Neale.>
<<Neale; please do; or respond if you're busy, and I'll do. B>>
Re: Security issue with a website suggested on your site     2/17/17

Can do this!
<Thank you Neale>
I think striking through respects what Jenny wrote, while making it clear to (intelligent) readers that this links are broken, not to be used.
<I do hope. B>
Cheers, Neale
Re: Security issue with a website suggested on your site     2/17/17

Hi Bob,
Or at least, these are the pages Google spewed forth when I searched for this particular website.
Cheers, Neale
<Thank you Neale. BobF>

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