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Thank you for your donation to WWM      4/16/17
Much appreciated. Bob Fenner

Thank you for your donation to WWM      4/16/17
We do appreciate your contribution.
Bob Fenner

March Calendar for the WWM. MikeK's return!     2/19/17
Hi Bob! I just made a March calendar for WetWebMedia.
<Wow! Fab!>
I'm busy studying
HTML and CSS for website development and hope to get started soon on your new project as well as hopefully enhancing the WWM site. Hope all is well.
<Real good Mike. Looking forward to all. BobF>
And New WW ID site    2/19/17

Mike, have I shared this mock-up of the WW ID site w/ you?
I'd REALLY like to launch this... w/ the ability of others to upload their pix, info. ala Fishbase.org....

Re: March Calendar for the WWM      2/20/17
Yes, I have seen this and look forward to contributing to it. Are you in town this week? I would like to come by to talk some more about this.
<Yeah Mate. Next outing is toward the end of March. Come on by! B>

Security issue with a website suggested on your site      2/16/17
I was recently reading up on your (most helpful) site regarding Indian dwarf pufferfish, and noticed that one of your members (PufferPunk) suggested the link ‘www.dwarfpuffers.com’ for additional information on these adorable fish. I’m sure the site was legitimate when they suggested it several years ago, but it now jumps through an Asian ISP and links to a site with clickbait malware.
I know you guys run a clean ship and I’d hate for someone who just came for fish advice to end up with a nasty bug in their system due to a defunct website that has been co-opted for unsavory purposes.
Cheers, and thanks for all you do,
<Hello Linda and thanks for writing. Does indeed look alarming: when I tried the link, I ended up with some bogus financial services website. Bob, it's easy enough for me to add 'strike-throughs' to the relevant text, as I've done here:
If you want me to do likewise to the other mentions of this defunct site, it'd only take 20 min.s or so. Cheers, Neale.>
<<Neale; please do; or respond if you're busy, and I'll do. B>>
Re: Security issue with a website suggested on your site     2/17/17

Can do this!
<Thank you Neale>
I think striking through respects what Jenny wrote, while making it clear to (intelligent) readers that this links are broken, not to be used.
<I do hope. B>
Cheers, Neale
Re: Security issue with a website suggested on your site     2/17/17

Hi Bob,
Or at least, these are the pages Google spewed forth when I searched for this particular website.
Cheers, Neale
<Thank you Neale. BobF>

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