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Tank disassembly; Silicone      1/22/20
I am trying to disassemble a tank and am having extreme problems. All the plastic trim is off, all visible silicone has been removed. However, I can't seem to get a razor blade into the seams. It's like the seams are almost glass to glass with the very, very thin layer of silicone holding strong. I've tried 32 gauge wire with handles, but still can't get through.
Any advice on path forward (before I take a hammer to it!)? I've found a lot of information on resealing, but not any detail on difficult to disassemble tank seams.
<This is not uncommon in well manufactured/constructed tanks, razor blades won't fit between panes, I suggest applying acetone with a piece of cotton all the way over the pane joints, leave it to penetrate the union for a few minutes and you should be able to introduce the blade in between, use a single edge razor blade. Wil.>

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