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Welcome to the Conscientious Aquarist Magazine!

The conscientious aquarist is all about promoting user submitted articles and providing a method to get articles published to a wide audience.
Compiled by enthusiasts - Viewed by enthusiasts.


The Conscientious Aquarist magazine has come a long way since the very first issue, back in May/June 2004. As the hobby has moved forward, so has WetWebMedia. For a moment, lets take a quick look at the statement made by Bob Fenner on the inaugural issue of Conscientious Aquarist magazine.

"Hello and welcome to the inaugural edition of our on-line magazine, Conscientious Aquarist.  As with our website and bulletin board WetWebFotos, CA is an ongoing attempt to inform and inspire folks concerning ornamental aquatics. In actual fact, the scope, purpose and goal of our efforts is a bit more high-sighted.  It is our wish to enhance other people’s love of their own lives through an appreciation of the living world.  In down to earth terms, we hope to help fellow aquarists enjoy, understand, study and share what they experience and learn about aquatic systems, environments and biota.

We are blessed with twin editors, Adam Cesnales and Scott Fellman who will be delegating, editing, posting, and managing all aspects of CA, as well as gathering content from writers and photographers for articles and image-work on many aspects of the hobby, business and science of aquatic life keeping.  If you have had occasion to think of becoming a “content provider” in our genre, do consider making submissions of your work to Scott and Adam.

A beginning is a very delicate thing indeed, and the start of a new online magazine in our field is a daunting task. But what better way to add to our collective body of knowledge than to gather input from friends known and yet to be met?  It is our hope that CA will “fill in the gaps” in our websites, and stimulate discussion amongst new to well-experienced aquatics types as well.

The journey begins.       Bob Fenner"

The striking part is, that the above statement still applies today, 4 years later. The only thing that has changed, is the members who work on the Conscientious Magazine production.

The future

The intention of the Conscientious Aquarist team is continue what has been done in the past which is to produce a free online magazine which is tailored to all levels of experience, all aspects of the hobby, for all age ranges.

We hope you enjoy the new Conscientious Aquarist Magazine, and please do provide feedback to

Neale Monks / Andrew Nixon - Co-Editors


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