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Conscientious Aquarist Archives:
Volume 1:
  Issue 1:

Welcome To CA, by Bob Fenner
Editor's Comments: Adam Cesnales, Scott Fellman
Family Microdesmidae, Worm and Dartfishes by Robert M. Fenner and Anthony Calfo      
Killifishes: Part 1
by Dr. Robert J. Goldstein
Green Spotted Puppies, er... Puffers by Jeni C Tyrell
Equipment Protein Skimmer Impressions by Steven Pro
Marine Invertebrates
Sea Mat: An Ocean of Color for the Aquarium by Blane Perun
Do It Yourself The Indoor Pond by Anthony Calfo

Issue 2: Plants + Discus = Wow! by Alesia Benedict
Common Shrimps for the Marine Aquarium by James W. Fatherree, M.Sc.
Power Filter Impressions  by Steven Pro
Killifishes, Part II- The Nothobranchius Family  by Robert J. Goldstein, Ph.D.
Keeping Lionfishes and their Scorpaeniform Kin, Part 1  by Anthony Calfo and Robert Fenner
Seems Fishy To Me: The Painted Glassfish  by Spencer Glass
Issue 3:

Editor's Comments: Aquarium Conferences and Trade Shows  By Adam Cesnales
Selection and Placement of Tridacnid Clams By Barry Neigut
Feeding a Reef Tank: A Progressive Food Recipe  By Adam Blundell
Techniques for Eliminating Aiptasia Anemones  By Steven Pro
The Cutting Edge: Zeolite Filters By Jens Kallmeyer
Lionfishes and their Scorpaeniform Kin, Part II By Anthony Calfo and Robert Fenner
New Products: The ZEOvit System: A New Concept in Reefkeeping by Alexander Girz

Issue 4:

Marine Invertebrates An Introduction to the Echinoderms: The Sea Stars, Sea Urchins, Sea Cucumbers and More  By James W. Fatherree, M.Sc.
Freshwater Invertebrates Forget Crawfish Pie, Let's Make a Crawfish Tank!  By Gage Harford
Impressions: Power Heads by Steven Pro
Lighting Basics; Spectral Qualities of Various Fluorescent Lamps By Dana Riddle
Planted Aquariums: Plants and Discus: What They Need To Thrive  By Alesia Benedict
Freshwater Fishes: Seems Fishy To Me: The Bubble Eye Goldfish  By Spencer Glass

Volume 2:
  Issue 1:

Freshwater Fishes Anabantoids: Ctenopoma and Microctenopoma By Robert J. Goldstein, Ph.D.
Equipment Canister Filters By Steven Pro
Marine Invertebrates 'Pods, Delicious and Nutritious By Adelaide Rhodes, Ph.D.
Marine Fishes Pufferfish Dentistry By Kelly Jedlicki and Anthony Calfo
Planted Aquariums Getting to the Bottom of Things:  Substrates for Planted Aquaria By Alesia Benedict

Issue 2:

Discus Divas Glitz, Glam, and Lots of Demands By: Alesia Benedict
Aquariums in Education An Education Submerged:   Part I: Cultivating Veneration By: Ryan Bowen
Aquarium Photography A Wonderful Offshoot By:  Adam Blundell and Shane Silcox
From Water to Words Writing for the Ornamental Aquatics Industry By:  Steven Pro
Aquatic Feature of the Month An Expression of Technology By:  Scott Sigman

Issue 3:

Editors' Notes By: Scott Fellman (Not quite Shakespeare, but close!)
Cardinal Tetras
A School of Beauty By: Alesia Benedict
Live Rock
Everything You Wanted to Know, but Were Afraid to Ask! By: James W. Fatherree
The Outdoor Garden Pond
Tips and Hints. By:  Anthony Calfo
Heater Impressions
By:  Steven Pro
GloFish Beautiful creation or Aquatic Frankenstein? By:  Spencer Glass

Issue 4:

Cardinal Tetras A School of Beauty Part 2 By: Alesia Benedict
Oh No!
Building an aquarists first aid kit By: Tim Hayes
Marine Fish Nutrition
An easily overlooked aspect of husbandry By:  Aaron Lobada
Automatic Feeder Impressions
Another Great Set of Reviews! By:  Steven Pro
Reverse Osmosis
A Multipurpose tool By:  Mark E. Evans

Issue 5:

Seahorse Feature Feeding Stations By: Pete Giwojna
Atlantic Lionfish
The Implications of this Non-Native Introduction By: Anthony Calfo
Beautiful, but poorly suited for captivity By:  Adam Blundell
Wavemaker Impressions
Put Some Motion in Your Ocean! By:  Steven Pro
Marine Filtration
What Works and Why By:  Adam Cesnales

Issue 6:

"Join the Club"  By Scott Fellman
Adventures in Aquascaping The establishment of an amazing planted tank By Timothy S. Gross
Reef Ramblings
Random thoughts and musings By Tim Hayes
Freshwater Biotopes
Establishing region specific displays By Alesia Benedict
Alone But Not Lonely
Keeping Puffers Solo By Damien Wagaman
Air Pump Impressions
More Great Reviews! By Steven Pro

Volume 3:
  Issue 1:

Do It Yourself! Pressure Locking Sump Baffles By Joshua McMillen
Clowns and Anemones Compatibility By James Gasta
Five Favorite Eels The best and worst Eels for the home aquarium By Kirby Adams
Water Pump Efficiency
An analysis of pump cost and energy efficiency By Steven Pro
Change is Good
A conscientious approach to providing marine livestock By Jim Adelberg

Issue 2:

X10 Controllers Affordable and Simple Automation for Your Aquarium System By James Gasta
Traveling Aquarist Snorkeling in Culebra, Puerto Rico By Leah Frances Wade
External Water Pump Impressions Move Some Serious Water! By Steven Pro
Marine Planning Getting Started with a Marine Tank By Adam Blundell, MS

Issue 3:

There's a Dragon In My Tank! The bizarre and beautiful Dragon Goby By Jeni C. Tyrell
The Genus Halophila: Stars, Paddles and Oars for Marine Planted Aquaria By Sarah Lardizabal
Fish Anatomy: The Swim Bladder By Mark Evans
Salt Mix Impressions
More Great Reviews! By Steven Pro
Things That My Puffers Have Told Me
By Justin Petrey
Pier 701:  An Exceptional Fish Store and an Exceptional Owner By James Gasta

Issue 4:

Product Review Marineland Labs/Aquarium Systems Hydrometer, Part 1 By Steven Pro
The Traveling Aquarist Adventure Aquarium, Camden Waterfront, NJ By Jennifer SaFranko
Fish Biology Pigmentation In Marine Fishes By Mark Evans
Husbandry To Quarantine or Not To Quarantine-That's a Good Question! By Bob Goemans
Technology Putting on the Brakes:  How much is too much? By Tommy Dornhoffer

Issue 5:

A Dutchman in New York Part I  Ron Hessing's Trip to the LIRA Conference By Ron Hessing
A Dutchman in New York Part II
Ron Hessing's review of Atlantis Marine World By Ron Hessing
Being Conscientious
Save money and the reefs By Jennifer Smith
Ugly Swans Some cute little damsels that grow into ugly terrors By Steven Pro
Preparing for Vacation
Keeping your tank safe in your absence By Justin Norman

Issue 6:

Conscientious Aquariology Are You Too Close To The Sun, Wind and Rain? By Laurie Smith
Embracing Biodiversity
Green Algae By Mark E. Evans
Glassfishes: Family Ambassidae  An Introduction to the Amazing Glassfishes By Neale Monks
Moving Your Fishes
Tips For a Trouble-Free Move! By Amy Janecek
Trickle Filters, Part I
An introduction to trickle filters By Bob Goemans

Volume 4:
  Issue 1:

Color in Hippocampus Part 1, by Pete Giwojna and Ben Giwojna
Halfbeaks Species, husbandry and breeding by Neale Monks
Sexing the Dwarf Puffer Carinotetraodon travancoricus by Amy Janecek
It's a Small World Pico Tanks By Kirby Adams
Tunze 9002 DOC Skimmer Product Review by Justin Norman

Issue 2: Color in Hippocampus Part II More on the hows and whys of Seahorse coloration by Pete Giwojna
Golden Clams Myths and Facts about these freshwater clams by Justin Pierce
Makeup water and storage Useful hints for storing and managing top-off water by Justin Norman
Brackish Aquariums An introduction to the slightly-salty world by Neale Monks
Phosphates in Carbon An analysis of the phosphate content of activated Carbon by Steven Pro
Freshwater Moray Eels Not just for marine aquaria! by Marco Lichtenberger
Issue 3:

Got Tridacna? A beginner's guide to keeping Tridacnid clams by Laurie Smith AS, BSN, MSB
The Ultimate Angelfish Aquarium An amazing collection of marine angelfishes by Peter Giwojna 
Livebearers Guppies, Mollies, Platies and Swordtails by Neale Monks
Marine Salts
A quick comparison of a few available salt mixes by Steven Pro
Spiny Eels
Macrognathus panacalus by Marco Lichtenberger

Issue 4:

Some Swampy Plants for Lazy Gardeners by Daniela Rizz
Summer loving: cats in the garden, kittens in the kitchen by Neale Monks
Safeguarding their Care: Alloparental Care in Clownfishes by Binu Varghese
Hyposalinity or Osmotic Shock Therapy (OST) by Pete Giwojna
Saltwater Ray Husbandry by Adam Blundell M.S.

Volume 5:
  Issue 1: Safeguarding their future: Alloparental care in Clownfishes by Binu Varghese
Some swampy plants for lazy gardeners by Daniela Rizzo
Mbu for you? by Stuart Morse
Rift Valley Cichlids: Talking Tanganyikan by Neale Monks
Freshwater livestock selection by Bob Fenner
Issue 2: Haplochromis burtoni: New From The Past by Daniela Rizzo
Malawian Cichlids: The Mbuna and their Allies by Neale Monks
Moray eels bite – But are they poisonous? by Marco Lichtenberger
Copepod Mania! The Pros and Cons of Copepods for the Home Hobbyist
by Dr. Adelaide Rhodes
Saltwater Ray Husbandry by Adam Blundell M.S.
Advice With A Pinch Of Salt: The Local Fish Shop Guy Versus Hard-Earned Experience! by Alison Pride
Another Perspective on Your Pond
by J. Maxwell Smith
Issue 3: Betta Behavior and Husbandry by Lonnie Lindberg
Crayfish Basics by Justin Pierce
First Steps in Marine Fishkeeping by Michael Van Bibber
Phosphates in Marine Aquarium Systems by Marco Lichtenberger
Stocking 5, 10 and 20 gallon freshwater aquaria by Neale Monks
Surviving extended power outages: how to keep your aquarium alive! by Mike Maddox and Merritt Adkins
Volume 6:
  Issue 1: How to make a simple Algae Turf Scrubber by Simon Trippick
Central American cichlids by Neale Monks
Experimenting with Kreisel Construction by Sara Mavinkurve
Surviving Brooklynellosis by Mike Maddox
The Blue Followers: the Placidochromis of Lake Malawi by Daniela Rizzo
Thiaminase and its role in predatory pet fish (and other piscivores) nutrition by Marco Lichtenberger
 Issue 2: The Chocolate chip sea star (Protoreaster nodosus) by Marco Lichtenberger
A New Look At Loaches By Neale Monks
A Saltwater Puffer Primer: Big Pufferfish! By Mike Maddox
Making Vegetarian Gel Food for Fish: Five Minutes, Five Easy Steps by Nicole Putnam
The Use of Kalkwasser by Russell Schultz
Reef Safari! The Multibarred Centropyge By Alexander Thomasser
Understanding Bacterial Disease in Aquarium Fish by Myron Roth, Ph.D
Issue 3: Editorial: The joy of fish clubs by Neale Monks,
Carpet Anemones, big, beautiful and deadly by Mike Maddox
Dealing With Algae in Freshwater Aquaria by Neale Monks

Refugia: What They're For And How To Build Them by Forest Phillips
Issue 4: Editorial: The trade in non-aquatic plants by Neale Monks
A closer look at Caulerpa - common aquarium species and their care by Adam Jenkins

Pinched Mantle Syndrome in Giant Clams By Dr. David Basti, Deborah Bouchard and Barry Neigut

Assassin Snails and Sulawesi Elephant Snails: Keeping Clea and Tylomelania in the aquarium by Neale Monks

The Ballet of the Wunderpus by Richard Ross

Volume 7:
  Issue 1: Editorial: Flowerhorn Cichlids by Neale Monks
The Colombian Shark Catfish by Neale Monks
Activated Carbon by Adam Jenkins
Freshwater Deep Sand Beds by Deirdre Kylie
Mudskippers by Gianluca Polgar
Shell Dwellers by Daniela Rizzo


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