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FAQs about Coral Banded Shrimp (CBS), Other Stenopids/Boxers Foods/Feeding/Nutrition

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Coral Banded Shrimp Questions Hi, <Hello, MikeD here> My CBS is fairly large (1.5" body, 4" antennae) . He always sits on the side of the same rock during the day.<This is normal, as they often have a preferred lair to call home>  The only time he moves around the tank is at night, when the lights are off and the yellow tail damsels are hidden and sleeping.  I actually think he is afraid of the damsels.<You're probably 100% correct in this observation>   A few times I saw him try to get to the other side of the tank during the day, which meant crossing one of the more territorial damsels (only about 3/4'' long).  It seemed to be an evenly matched stand-off, despite their size difference.<Not as even as it might seem. The damsel has much better sight, speed and co-ordination and when this is combined with belligerence, it tips the scales heavily in favor of the smaller fish.> I read on some of the other posts that they're supposed to be aggressive during feedings but this guy doesn't seem to even be aware that feedings are taking place.<I'd hesitate to call a CBS aggressive at any time.><<Not I, RMF>>    At night, he picks through the gravel and seems to scavenge.  Can he sustain himself this way?<Probably not, thus "spot feeding" him directly with a choice morsel will help tediously.>    Is his behavior normal?<Very>   I am wondering how can I feed him since he stays at the bottom and only moves around at night?<Try tweezers or a feeding stick during the day, and a last feeding in his area once the lights are out> What should I try feeding him and how?<Small pieces of shrimp or any other meaty food works very well> Do they need iodine to molt? They need a well balanced environment for everything, particularly molting, which is extremely hazardous for any crustacean> Lastly, you're not supposed to freshwater dip them, right?<Definitely not!> (not that I tried to).<best of luck to you.>  Thanks for your advice and great site! Justin

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