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FAQs about Coral Banded Shrimp (CBS), Other Stenopids/Boxers Selection

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Bristle Worm Control\CBS 3/1/2009 Hi <Hi Mike!> I purchased a coral banded shrimp in order to cut down my bristleworm population a bit after reading that they would prey on them. <They can, no guarantees though.> Weeks have passed and haven't had any indication of him taking advantage of my ample bristleworm population so I caught one and offered it to him after ripping it in half for him. He took it, tasted it, but then discarded it showing no interest in feeding on it. <Much like me with broccoli..> Its a fairly small banded shrimp. Was somewhat disappointed in his lack of interest in the worm. Do you think he'll be more likely to prey on them when he's larger? <It may with time. Most bristle worms are actually beneficial to a system. An excess population if worms usually indicates that there are excess nutrients in the tank. With better nutrient control (water changes, algae, refugium etc) the population will decline. You can read more about bristle worms here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/bristlewrmfaqs.htm  > <Mike>

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