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FAQs on Chiton Compatibility/Control

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how to get rid of Chitons     2/14/17
Hello crew!
So it seems I have a problem that most do not. I have Chitons in my "was new" acrylic tank and while most people love them, I certainly do not.
They like to leave giant bite mark trails on my acrylic. Around the pumps w/ extra flow it seems they are extra hungry to the point where the acrylic is not even see through. I have got to do something to get rid of these guys. Please direct me. I am looking for reef safe solutions. I am considering a harlequin tusk, chemicals, manual removal (which works off
the tank walls because they move so slow but there are so many in the rocks, they just keep coming!). I realize that people think they are helpful, and I can direct these people to my tank to collect each and every one of mine, if they can see through the damaged acrylic.
<Mmm; well; am given to suggest simply placing your rock away from the acrylic panels. Having to cross the substrate/sand should deter the Chitons venturing there. Don't know any predators that single out Polyplacophorans... poisons of various sorts might work; but will kill a good deal of the other life on and in the rock. Bob Fenner>

Chiton Questions 3/26/04 Hello Bob, I am a member at Reef Aquarium Guide and I am trying to find information if there is possible a bad hitchhiker Chiton that can arrive on live rock. <hmm... Chitons are overall very very "reef safe" as algae grazers. Limpets are often confused with Chitons and can be predatory no reef animals. Are you sure it is a Chiton?> I have a 125 gallon reef . I watched as my post prized Zoanthids disappeared over a few days time. The rock is mostly covered in coralline except where the polyps were  at. I noticed a bright pink to purplish bumpy spot on the rock. I watched the rock for several days and the Chiton finally moved. I took the rock out immediately and took the Chiton off. <yes perhaps> I had 2 huge rock with polyps disappear in 2 days time. The Chiton was the only thing on the rocks. Any info you can give me would be great.   Vicki <without a picture of the animal, there is not way for me to be able to ID/confirm. There are many possible predators on your Zoanthids. Do keep an eye out for Prosobranch snails instead of your suspect Polyplacaphorid. Anthony>

Chitons in the Reef Tank. Hello Kind Sirs, It's been quite a while since I sought your advice; for the most part things have been going very good.  Low and behold last night I notice a new inhabitant slowly crawling on my live rock. This little beastie is about 1.5 inches long with what appears to be a flexible segmented center shell surrounded by the white and purple mantle. The tank has been up and running for a couple of years the live rock was from Walt Smith and has been in there for well over a year. Soft Corals, cucumber, starfish shrimp and fish all doing fine so I don't think he's doing any damage??? I've been an avid reader of your website for quite a while and I don't think I ever seen anything quite like this guy. He does look pretty cool and I'm guessing some kind of Chiton. Any idea if he's a good neighbor or should he be banished. Chuck >>>Hello Chuck! I just love those Chitons, one of my favorite marine inverts. I think it's all the time I've spent tidepooling over the years and finding those little guys. Anyway, no worries. They are algae/surface film grazers for the most part, and not a threat to your other inverts. You're quite lucky to have such a large individual, as most hitchhiking Chitons are quite small. I have several small specimens in my tank currently. Cheers

Chiton, and possible quarantine  5/27/07 <Hello Kent, Mich with you today.> I live in Australia, on the east coast, <Lucky you!  I live in the USA, on the east coast.> and today happened upon a nice piece of dead coral.  Thinking I could use it in my tank I will soon be setting up, I took it home and put it in my QT.   <Starting the right way!  Good for you and all the future creatures in your care!> Well, now I have a 2-inch Chiton crawling around in the QT, and I was wondering if there would be a problem with introducing it into my existing tank.   <No, not likely to be a problem.> I am worried about disease being introduced, but have not seen anything on this using your site.   <I am unaware of Chitons posing much threat as a vector for disease.> Would this be a good idea to put it straight in?   <I would keep it in your QT tank for now.> Thanks for any advice you can give me, really enjoy your site. <Welcome and glad you like the site!  Mich> Kent

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