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FAQs on Chitons 2

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how to get rid of Chitons     2/14/17
Hello crew!
So it seems I have a problem that most do not. I have Chitons in my "was new" acrylic tank and while most people love them, I certainly do not.
They like to leave giant bite mark trails on my acrylic. Around the pumps w/ extra flow it seems they are extra hungry to the point where the acrylic is not even see through. I have got to do something to get rid of these guys. Please direct me. I am looking for reef safe solutions. I am considering a harlequin tusk, chemicals, manual removal (which works off
the tank walls because they move so slow but there are so many in the rocks, they just keep coming!). I realize that people think they are helpful, and I can direct these people to my tank to collect each and every one of mine, if they can see through the damaged acrylic.
<Mmm; well; am given to suggest simply placing your rock away from the acrylic panels. Having to cross the substrate/sand should deter the Chitons venturing there. Don't know any predators that single out Polyplacophorans... poisons of various sorts might work; but will kill a good deal of the other life on and in the rock. Bob Fenner>

Chitons eat coralline -- 10/30/2007 A little while ago I sent y'all some pictures of some large inter-tidal Chitons from Florida I have in my tank. I them remember a query we had a little while ago asking if there were any animals that eat coralline algae. <Oh yes... they do> We know that some urchins and Chitons will eat it. And now I can tell you (within a reasonable degree of certainty) that these Chitons eat coralline algae too. I've been watching them chew little patterns in it for a few weeks now. :-) Best, Sara <Danke. BobF>

Hitchhiker ID 10/16/07 Hello to whoever is on, thanks for all your WWM work. Just got a few boxes of new Tonga live rock this morning. I found this slug-like hitchhiker at the bottom of one of the boxes. It's about 6" long and 1" wide, and made it alive through 36 hours in transit. I've looked at the invert pictures on the site, and can't quite find it. It looks something like a Chiton, <Is> but there is no bony/plate-like top. <Covered...> It is not colorful the way most sea slugs seem to be. Kind of like a snail without a shell, but I've never heard of such. He is alive, and trying to crawl out of the plastic bin I have him in. Any ideas what he might be? I'm pretty sure he's too big and ugly to put in my tank, but if he's safe I might put him in quarantine or someplace separate. Pictures are attached, one of him trying to crawl out, one of his underside, one close up of his back when he curled up. Thanks in advance for any ideas. He is like nothing I've seen before. Scott <Sorry for the lateness of this reply. Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/chitonfaqs.htm Bob Fenner>

Re: Hitchhiker ID 10/16/07 Thanks for the reply. You apologized for the lateness of the reply, but FYI, someone actually did answer me within about 24 hours. We found a clear picture somewhere else and did verify it's a Chiton as well. So no worries. Thank you!
<Real good. BobF>

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