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FAQs on Chiton Selection

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Help with identification Hi, I'm trying to figure out what this is.  I found it my reef tank last night.  I showed the photo to my LFS and they told me it could be a Chiton, Cryptoplax or Stenoplax.  I've looked hard doing google searches to find exactly what it is to no avail.  Do you think it is reef safe?   >From what I can tell so far it grazes on algae. Thanks in advance, ART KOUNS <It is definitely a Chiton of some species... and reef safe enough (an algae eater. Bob Fenner>

Re: Help with identification thanks, it narrows it down slightly.  at least i appears to be reef safe.  it's kind of funny this was the first time I've seen it being that my tank has been going for 2 years. <Amazing, but happens "all the time"... and testimony to your consistent good care. Bob Fenner>

Source for Chitons?  12/1/05 I've search through your site and many others looking for a possible source for purchasing a Chiton. I've been fascinated by them since tide-pooling in a marine inverts class several years back (more than several actually).  Any hope that you know of a source for these neat creatures? Other than hoping to get one hitching a ride on live rock.  <Other than a hitchhiker, I know of no source. I'm sure one can be special ordered from a LFS. Dealers don't stock inverts like this because there isn't a demand for them. James (Salty Dog)> <<Maybe GARF, or another supplier if "clean-up" crews, perhaps?  Marina>>

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