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Parrotfishes of the Genus Chlorurus

Bob Fenner

Chlorurus sordidus term. phase, fighting

Genus Chlorurus: Sixteen species. 

Chlorurus bleekeri (De Beaufort 1940), Bleeker's Parrotfish. West Pacific; Moluccas to Fiji, including the GBR and Micronesians. Males in Pulau Redang, Malaysia, the last in Fiji. 

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Chlorurus gibbus (Ruppell 1829), the Heavybeak Parrotfish, aka Steepheaded Parrotfish... a species complex currently comprising C. gibbus in the Red Sea, C. strongylocephalus in the Indian Ocean and C. microrhinos in the west-central Pacific... needs taxonomic review. To twenty eight inches in length. Below: juvenile, initial and terminal phases in the Red Sea. 

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Chlorurus microrhinos Bleeker 1854, the Steepheaded Parrotfish. These off Pulau Redang, Malaysia and Heron Island, GBR, and Fiji. To twenty eight inches in length. Pacific Ocean; Australia, Micronesia, Japan. 
Chlorurus sordidus (Forsskal 1775), the Daisy Parrotfish. Indo-Pacific, Red Sea to Hawai'i. Mainly feeds on benthic algae. To sixteen inches overall length. A juvenile and initial phase (female) at right from Pulau Redang, Malaysia. Below, first row are images from Hawai'i the second row, first two pix are from the Cook Islands and last one from Malaysia... of terminal males. A highly variably colored species for sure.

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Bowers Parrotfish, Chlorurus bowersi, feeding mostly     7/8/12
Good evening my fellow aquarists:) I would like a little advice, please. I have a lightly stocked, (12" Vlamingi Tang, 2, 3" Yellow Tangs, 6" Porcupine Puffer, 8" Coral Rabbitfish, 5" Pink Tail Triggerfish, 3" Huma Huma Triggerfish) 500 gallon FOWLR system. It is 8x3x3 feet. It is 7 years old, and stocked with 400 pounds of live rock, with the entire perimeter of the tank available for swimming, unobstructed,
<Ah, good>
and a 4 inch sand bed. Parameters are Salinity 1.023, Ph: 8.2, Temperature: 75, Nitrates: 0 (I have vodka dosed for a couple of years now), no ammonia/nitrite, 20% monthly water changes. I have been wanting a smaller Parrotfish for years now, and came across a 5" Bowers Parrotfish online.
<Ah yes, Chlorurus bowersi>
 It arrived today looking spectacular.! I researched, before buying, and found it to reach a maximum length of 13 inches. I also researched and found my tank parameters, and age, would likely make a nice home for it. My main question is: what would you recommend I feed this fish?
 I feed spectrum Pellet,
<Exactly this; plus anything else you can offer it that it will accept>
Mysis Shrimp, Krill Shrimp, Squid, and Sushi Nori sheets to all my livestock. I noticed the Bowers began to scrape the live rock when I introduced him, taking algae I suppose. I also have a 2 inch strip of purple, red and green algae that runs along the bottom of my tank. I leave it there as my 3 tangs seem to like to eat it sometimes. Do you think the Parrotfish will also eat this?
<Possibly; but not likely substantively>
 I appreciate any advice from the 'experts" there at WetWebMedia, can give me here. Thank you very much.
George Link
<Thank you for sharing George. Bob Fenner>
Re: Bowers Parrotfish     7/9/12

Thank you for the quick response Mister Fenner. I forgot to mention earlier, that I also have an excellent Protein Skimmer, as well as a 100 gallon sump, with 50 pounds of Live Rock Rubble in one section. The Bowers Parrotfish has settled in nicely.! There is no aggression towards him, other than the standard meet and greet. He loves to graze on the Live Rock, and also loves to scrape the thick Algae from the bottom couple inches of the tank. He lives Mysis Shrimp, Frozen Omnivore, and Herbivore Preparations, and seems to like Octopus and Squid.
 I went to my local Chinese market and got some fresh Kelp, and 2 types of Dried Seaweed. He seems to enjoy nipping at the dried Seaweed. He has not taken any Spectrum Pellet as of yet, but he has only been in the tank 36 hours. His favorite food thus far, is fresh Clam from the Chinese market, placed between a pair of Forceps and lowered into the tank. As soon as I turn the lights off in the evening, he makes a hasty retreat to his area in the back, to begin spinning his Cocoon, I presume. He is indeed a Magnificent fish.! Thank you again for your advice, it is much appreciated.!
George Link
<Thank you for this follow-up George. BobF>

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