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Cnidarian Compatibility: On Reducing Negative Cnidarian Interactions, Part 3

Parts: 1, 2, 4, 5,


By Bob Fenner


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Book 1: Principles, Algae, Invertebrates

by Robert (Bob) Fenner
> Signs/Symptoms of Overt Aggression/Poisoning Prevention: 1. Space: For dilution and spacing specimens, providing varied habitats 2. Careful stocking plan, selection, placement, order 3. Securing, sequestering of individuals, colonies. 4. Adequate feeding, lighting/regimens, circulation 5. Biological, Physical and Chemical filtration, augmentation, efficient skimming 6. Good maintenance Water changes et al. Treatment for Effects 1.Moving in emergencies 2.Water changes 3.Use of chemical filtrants, cleaning of skimmer/s
>Cnidarians: 1.Polyps not opening, wilting, burned appearing, decolorizing. 2.Skeletal septa and skeleton showing through. 3.Slowing, ceasing, redirecting of growth. Fishes: Rapid or slowed breathing and movement death. Algae: Bleached appearance, especially in direction of cnidarians. Slimy dissolution.

>STUDY! Read, confer with other reefers to assemble a working assortment. Buy/Procure captive-produced stocks they get along better. Otherwise, do quarantine/stabilize new purchases. Provide adequate initial, stinging, expansion and growth space between specimens. Go slowly often cnidarians get used to each other over time. Keep your system in dynamic equilibrium through regular monitoring and maintenance.
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