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FAQs about Large Marine System Skimmers

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Question On Skimmer For 280 Gallon SPS Tank – 04/09/14
I own an ASM G4 skimmer and two AquaC EV-240 from previous setups.
I am setting up a 280 gallon tank mostly SPS. Tank is 72” x 30” x 30” with 2 corner over flows.
I will be building my own sump and was planning on having an EV-240 at each end of the sump so they would be getting their own water supply and dumping into a separate section than the skimmers are in.
Will this be ok as I do not think the ASM G4 would be enough by itself.
<<Sounds like it should be fine>>
What do you think. Not really wanting to buy new skimmer.
<<No worries…proceed as planned>>
Bruce Burnett
<<Happy to share… Eric Russell>>
RE: Question On Skimmer For 280 Gallon SPS Tank – 04/11/14

<<Hey Bruce>>
I have to ask for verification, the ASM G4 is rated at 350 gal but I have read cut that in half on SPS tanks. Is this true?
<<Many factors play in to this…such as the load from other life in the tank (e.g. – fishes), what, if any, ancillary filtration is being utilized…and the efficacy/quality of the skimmer. That said… The ASM is a clone (cheaper materials) of the old Euro-Reef line (now Reef Dynamics). These skimmers are actually pretty close to true rated capacity…I think the ASM too would serve you well>>
I am sure the 2- EV240 will handle.
<<Indeed…you could go either way>>
<<Happy to share… EricR>>

Protein Skimmer Help (effective AND cheap?...no) – 09/27/13
Hey Folks,
<<Hey Dave>>
I am currently working on a build that will include a 300gal display, a 55 gallon display, 33 gallon frag tank, 40 gal refugium/acclimation tank, and a 75 gallon sump all plumbed into one system.
My current problem is coming up with a cost effective (and by that I mean cheap) method of protein skimming everything.
<<Mmm…a bit of a contradiction (“cheap” and “effective” skimming/skimmers). “Effective” skimmers don’t usually translate to being “cheap.” Quality design and materials come at a premium, especially the imports. My fave skimmer manufacturer is Reef Dynamics (formerly Euro Reef) in California. I have a 375g display with a 75g sump and 55g in-line refugium. The display is a well-stocked SPS dominant Pacific patch-reef biotope. All is skimmed with a Euro Reef CS12-3 I bought ten years ago for around $900. The skimmer works great still… I think what I’m getting at here is…don’t “skimp” on skimmer selection>>
I have a brand new Bubble Magus BM-220A that I purchased for the setup but I'm having my doubts as to if it will be able to handle the load.
<<You might be surprised…though ultimately much will depend on what you are asking it to do…e.g.- your tank husbandry skills/practices, stocking levels, and the use of any ancillary processes (chemical filtration/ozone)>>
I also have a Reef Octopus NWB-150 and an SC Aquariums 302 skimmer.
Would it make sense to run multiple skimmers throughout the setup?
I have been debating running the BM in the 75 sump, the RO in the refugium, and the SC in the frag tank (all with baffles to separate skimmer from anything in the tanks). Maybe that’s overkill and just complicating everything?
<<If it were me, I would keep any skimmer OUT of the refugium (just defeats the purpose) and just use the BM and RO skimmers in the sump and frag tank to start. I think you will find these two will “do the job”>>
Live stock currently will be yellow tang, hippo tang, Naso tang, a blenny, a goby, melanurus wrasse, pair of clowns, royal gramma, and both tanks will be heavily stocked with corals of all types including SPS. I have also been tossing around the idea of incorporating an algae scrubber in the setup rather than running multiple skimmers.
<<Too fiddly for my tastes…”I” would go with the skimmers>>
Let me know what you think I should do.
<<I think I have… Cheers… EricR>>
Re: Protein Skimmer Help (effective AND cheap?...no); lg. sys. sel., maint.  – 09/30/13

Thanks for the input!
<<Quite welcome, Dave…and my apologies for the delayed response>>
Just curious, what is your general maintenance schedule with your tank? Water changes?
<<50 gallons every 2-3 weeks>>
Blowing off Rock Work?
<<About once a month or so…nothing to “rigid”>>
Any Chemicals run?
<<Carbon (3 cups changed bi-monthly), GFO (1 cup changed bi-monthly), and ozone (via an O3 reactor)>>
<<Calcium (chloride), carbonates (soda ash), bicarbonates (baking soda), and magnesium (Epsom salts). Small amounts added daily with monthly adjustment per testing results>>
Nitrate Reduction?
<<Natural…via rock and sand in both the display and refugium>>
Etc . . .
<<I give the tank a “once over” on a daily basis (mechanics and livestock) to keep an eye out for anything that might need immediate attention>>
I believe I read on the site somewhere that your display is mostly open with only about 60lbs of live rock!?
<<Tis true…if that much…at least in the display. I have another 20lbs-30lbs in the 55g refugium, along with about 6-inches of live sand>>
I was figuring closer to 250 lbs in the 300gal for mine (I like the look of more rock in the tank).
<<To each…>>
My 55 is currently running with approx. 100lbs of rock in it. I was planning on using a combo of the deep sand bed, Chaetomorpha, and mangroves in the fuge with 90w (6 - 15w) of red/blue led grow lights (I love the grow bulbs, I've noticed significant increase in algae/plant growth in my fuge) . Also I like the idea of keeping a skimmer out of the fuge so I will just run the 2.
I also have always run GFO, Carbon and UV on my setups along with 2 part dosing.
I tend to do few water changes on my current systems (usually 10-15% every 2 months or so)
<<Keep with what works for you>>
but have always tested low or 0 for nitrates. I will probably have to do more water changes with the larger setup depending on what my total load ends up being.
<<With ”total load” being key here>>
Let me know what you think and if I'm heading in the right direction or any corrections you may make.
<<You’re using more rock than I would…but that doesn’t make it wrong. You should be fine to proceed as you plan>>
I love your site and I'm always on it looking for ideas.
<<We are pleased to know>>
<<Happy to share!>>

Orphek Protein Skimmer      9/26/13
Hi Bob,
Thought you might want to share this intro video to our new protein skimmer.
<Ah, nicely done. B>
Re: Orphek Protein Skimmer      9/26/13

Thank you.  The man that made the video has a 600 gallon reef tank and we let him use our skimmer for three weeks on his system and he reported after three weeks there was no increase of NO3 or PO4.  The skimmer was not designed for tanks that large.  We all put our heads together in the design and this is what we came up with.  I'm hoping it will be a winner.  Pricing is up in the air right now but we are thinking about 600.00.  James
<For systems of size; not unreasonable. BobF>

Re: Advice needed on large reef tank, skimmer sel.    4/21/12
Hi guys,
              My tank is coming along fine but slowly, thanks for your inputs. As I mentioned in my previous email my tank is 850 gallons I have a question regarding protein  skimmers. Right now I am running a reef octopus 5000 int SSS in my sump. Now I would like to add another protein skimmer. My choice due to availability issues are ASM G 6 or Tunze 9440 or one more
reef octopus 5000 int. I intent to keep a mixed reef with sps and good bio load.
<I'd go w/ the Reef Octopus. Bob Fenner>

Coral Vue's New Commercial Skimmer“ 2/14/12
Take a look at this beast Coral Vue recently released.
<A monstah! For up to 26k gal.s? You'll be doing a review I take it. B>
Re: Coral Vue's New Commercial Skimmer €“ 2/14/12

Yes, I'll have to find somebody with a pool that's willing to convert it to saltwater.
 <Heee! Oh yeah. B>

Skimmer for a 1200 Gallon FOWLR system/Skimmer selection 6/9/2011
WetWeb Crew,
I recently purchased a 1200 gallon acrylic tank with the following dimensions; 12 foot long by 4 foot wide by 43 inches high.
My plan is to set up a FOWLR system that will house angels and a tang or two.
The tangs, I am thinking, will be a Purple Tang and a Sohal Tang.
<Sohal's are very aggressive, may not be a good idea.>
Regarding the angels, I am still on the fence, trying to determine what would be the best mix. Researching your site, I was disappointed to learn that angels don't mix well, but I am hoping to be able to pick a maximum of six, and get them to adjust to one another and play nicely in the sand box.
<Larger systems such as yours are a little more forgiving with cohabitation issues.>
With that being said, my question tonight is regarding skimmers. I have the Aqua Medic, Shorty 5000. If I ran this skimmer coupled with Ozone, with a maximum of 10 large fish, can I get away without upgrading, or would I need a larger skimmer?
<That skimmer isn't going to do it, your fish selection will produce a good amount of waste.>
Currently I am looking at the Octopus 8000 EXT, and considering it my plan B.
<That would be the route I would take.>
Another concern I have is regarding water flow. I currently have two Reeflow Barracuda Pumps, but wonder if I should upgrade to the Hammerhead class.
<I'd be looking for a total water flow of at least 12,000gph. James (Salty Dog)>
Marc Madison

Skimmer advice, sel./lg. sys.   4/30/11
Hi Crew..
<Howdy Srinivas>
Happy to be in touch with you again.. and require your expert opinion again.
Well am actually confused with selection of a skimmer.
I have a 225 gallon Saltwater water aquarium. A sump is installed and holds max 35 gallons.
Have about 72 Kg.s live sand and 70 Kg.s Live rock. The sump holds a DSB of 5" in one of the three chambers.
Its currently a FOWLR with moderate bioload.
Intend to convert it to a reef tank shortly. Have saved for a better skimmer
and have shortlisted two.
1) Aqua C EV 240 with a Magdrive 18 pump
2) TUNZE 9010
<Both good units>
Given that :
a) I can afford only once
b) Both models not available locally
c) Require one which would not easily break down in the long run ( as no service would be available locally)
d) tank volume not going to be increased. Keeping in mind an extra buffer for bio-load
<Useful info.>
Which one would be suitable for the above volume set-up?
<The Aqua C... though Tunze products are well-engineered, the U.S. unit is a much better fit for the c) variable>
You can come up with more options if the above ones are not suitable.
<The alternate choices I'd consider are much more money to purchase>
Kindly advise for proper selection
Thanks and Regards
Srinivas Manian
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>
Re: Skimmer advice 5/2/2011

Thanks Bob
Just curious.. What is that another option you have in mind which is more money to purchase.
Can check out if that is affordable.
<Please read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/lgsysskimrs.htm
Srinivas Manian

Choosing A Skimmer (Cheaper Is 'Not' Better) -- 04/12/11
<<Hey Dean!>>
I have a question I am hoping that you can help me with.
<<I shall try>>
I currently have a 300 gallon salt water mixed reef tank that is fairly heavily stocked.
<<Ah'¦nice'¦ I have a 375g display (500g en toto) myself>>
Total water volume is about 385 gallons including the sump.
For skimmers I have an ASM G1X rated at 150 gallons and an ASM G2 rated at 200 gallons.
<<Some authors do recommend running multiple skimmers on a system. Nothing wrong with it'¦and there may be some small benefit to it'¦but it is not a necessity, in my humble opinion. Especially considering the cost of 'quality' skimmers these days>>
I am looking to eliminate some equipment in the sump by removing those 2 skimmers and using one.
<<Okay'¦ My first choice would be a Reef-Dynamics (formerly Euro-Reef) unit>>
I have been debating on a larger ASM like the G5 or an Octopus skimmer.
<<Ah'¦I see>>
Are you able to give advice as to which one would perform better for the money, as they are about the same price. The ASM may be a little cheaper.
<<The ASM 'will' perform, and is not a 'bad' low-dollar option if you must go that route'¦but given these two choices I would opt for the Reef Octopus over the ASM for reasons of better materials and pumps (in my opinion) used in the construction/assembly of the units>>
Thanks in advance for any help.
<<A pleasure to share'¦ EricR>>

Protein Skimmer Options/Protein Skimmers/Selection 1/14/11
Hi Bob and Crew,
<Hello Paul, James with you today.>
I have a couple of questions regarding equipment I will be purchasing for my own personal 210 gallon tank that I hope you can help with or give your educated opinions on. The tank will be not be a full blown reef but not a FOWLR either, somewhere in between, but the fish load will be moderately heavy.
Through a distributor I can get several items at distributor prices but the selection is somewhat limited. The best skimmer they have for this size aquarium is the Eshopps Cone Snow S200 skimmer, which I can get for approximately $400 or slightly under. What is your opinion of this skimmer, or do you think there are better options to be purchased online elsewhere for approximately $400? What brand/model in that price range do you recommend?
<This skimmer is only rated up to a 200 gallon tank. With your moderately heavy fish load, I'd look for something a little higher, say around 240+.
I haven't heard any feedback on the Eshopps skimmer so I can't comment on it's performance. Likely the best skimmer for your system, and keeping within your price range would be the AquaC EV240, a very good skimmer from a company that is second to none in customer service. You may also want to check out the Octopus, Vertex, and ASM line of skimmers.>
2nd piece of equipment that I have a question about are R.O. units. Through the same distributor I can get either a Coralife, Kent or Seachem unit. All features assumed the same, what is your opinion here?
<Wouldn't matter which brand to me, basically the same, but I'd get one with a post DI filter like the Kent Maxxima RO/DI.>
I thank you in advance for your help as always and send to you the regards of Penn-Plax Inc.
<You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)>

Skimmer for a 400 Gallon tank   12/1/09
Good afternoon WWM Crew:
<Hola Wilberth.>
I hope you´re all doing fine, I have a quick question regarding protein skimmers:
I want to buy a new skimmer for my 400 gallons FOWLR(heavily stocked) tank, I´ve read the skimmers section but still a bit confused, could you please recommend me the best option?
if it includes the pump better, my space beneath the main tank is only 24" tall.
Maybe an external type if the right size doesn´t fit under the tank.
<Running it externally may be your only option if you want to run one big skimmer. Also consider running two smaller skimmers such as the EuroReef RC180. These measure in right at 24".>
I hope you can help me like you did in the past.
Muchas gracias desde Mexico
<De nada mi amigo, Scott V.>

Re: Skimmer for a 400 Gallon tank   12/2/09
Hi Scott (Facebook friend);
<Oh, heck ya!>
Thanks for your answer, so if I buy an external type what do you suggest (to use only one)?
<A EuroReef or AquaC offering.>
I was thinking ASM G-4 Plus...
<I do like these skimmers, but would not use them unless in an external sump. They do leak like crazy!>

Plans for new 340 gallon tank. Big Skimmer Advice -- 01/26/09 Eric, <<Adam>> Looking for some advice on a skimmer, <<Okay>> having trouble because of the multiple tanks hooked into it. <<Oh?>> If it was just the display and the sump I could look for something around a 500 gallon capacity with a medium/heavy bio-load. Given the fact that the system will contain a 400 gallon SPS display, a 110 sump/benthic zone, 120 gallon macro algae tank (with possibilities for sea horse or pipefish in the future), a 110 gallon fuge (6"+DSB), a 40 gallon frag tank and a 40 gallon anemone tank I am kind of at a loss on how to gauge skimmer load. <<I see'¦ Do consider that once the seahorse and anemone tank are stocked they too become 'displays.' Were this me, I would total the volume for all you have listed here and obtain a skimmer (or skimmers) rated to handle such>> There would be 230 gallons refugium space (tank volume, not included the DSB's in them) <<Once you stock macro predators in the 120 it is no longer a 'refugium'>> and the 110 gallon sump/benthic zone that would actually be processing waste themselves more than producing, correct? <<A moot point here, in my opinion... I would simply consider this as ancillary filtration and go ahead and include the volume in the calculation to determine the size of the skimmer'¦especially considering many makers are a bit 'optimistic' in their ratings re>> So do I shoot for a skimmer capable of the actual water volume of the system or one gauged for the bio-load on the system? <<I am a big proponent of large sumps, refugiums, and DSBs'¦and use them myself. But I also believe a quality protein skimmer is a huge benefit to ANY marine system, and that over sizing is much better than under sizing when it comes to this piece of equipment. You can do what you want here'¦ But 'I' would base the skimmer on the TOTAL system volume>> One thing to consider is the fact that the 400 gallon display and the 110 gal sump/benthic will be on one loop. The second loop will be fed by a PCX 40 from the main displays sump. The Macro tank, fuge, grow out and anemone tanks will be on this loop with the fuge tank being the common "sump". This "sump" will be gravity fed back into the main display sump. <<Indeed'¦ So ALL are sharing the same water/metabolites>> The skimmer is planned to be fed via one of the overflows on the display. Flow will be controlled via a ball valve <<Do consider a gate-valve'¦much greater control/flexibility>> and I am looking at recirculating skimmers. <<Okay>> Some of the ones I have been looking at are the Reeflo Orca 250, Octopus FNDW 400, and Euro-Reef CS12-3. <<Ah! I have a ER CS12-3 (is non-recirculating) which I have upgraded with Eheim pumps versus the original Sedra pumps. I love it...but I don't think it is manufactured any longer, although it may still be available from some retailers>> Those with the exception of the Euro-Reef (which is a bit more expensive) are about where I'd like to keep my price range at. Although if I get feedback from multiple people thinking I need to spend a little more to handle things like I would like to I guess I can open up the wallet a little wider. I'm just stuck on this subject, I don't want to over skim, <<Small concern/likelihood'¦but I do understand not wanting to pay for more skimmer than you need>> but I DEFINILY don't want to under skim. <<Agreed>> Given the systems complexity it's been getting a little tricky. <<You may find separating/isolating the seahorse & pipefish and anemone tanks necessary for success in the long run>> LFS doesn't seem to want to give me much of an opinion <<Funny you should say this. I was visiting with the owner of one of my local stores this weekend and he was griping to me about people coming in to the store to ask questions about equipment/products and then leaving and ordering the goods on the NET'¦told me he's now telling people there's a $50 charge per question (I don't see that doing his business much good). I wonder if your store's reaction is based on the same attitude. I can understand the store owner's frustrations re'¦but I also understand the consumer's desire to save what is often more than a few bucks when it comes to purchasing equipment and dry goods off the internet. No simple answers'¦>> so I'm stuck having to muddle through the billions of opinions on the WWW. <<Mmm, no shortage of them 'here' for sure>> Looking for some info I feel I can trust. <<Ah well, thank you for that (I hope I/we live up to the expectation). The Reeflo and Octopus skimmers look to be nice pieces of gear, and though I haven't used either I hear goods things about them. I have an affinity for needle-wheel skimmers'¦and among those, the Euro-Reef skimmers in particular. Mine has worked well from day one, and requires virtually no 'fiddling' between cleanings to keep it set. I've also met and dealt with the folks who own the company. For your system I would give the Euro-Reef CS12-2RC some serious consideration>> Thanks for all your help, Adam <<Happy to share. Please do keep me posted on your selection. Cheers, Eric Russell>>

Re: Please help. Skimmer sel. for lg. SW Bob, i just woke up to do further reading on skimmers...and came across a reference to your new book reef inverts. i looked it up and realized that this was the first book id ever read on reef inverts. haha. i worked at the local Petco about 3 years ago after getting into the hobby...the store manager used to live in LA and lent me the book...it certainly contributed greatly to my addiction. Thanks! PS. If u <...> were to set up a 450 gallon sps grow out tank..and would maintain every part of it very thoroughly. which skimmer would you use? -Nate <Likely a Euro-Reef... RMF>

Tunze 9010 For A 200g Reef? -- 01/15/08 Hi, <<Hello Marcus>> I have just setup up a new 4 x 4 x 2 reef, upgraded from a 4 x 18' x 2. <<Neat!>> I am using my skimmer from my last tank which is a<<Tunze>> 9010, which I was pretty happy with. <<I too like Tunze skimmers>> I am copping a fair bit of flack in my build thread about how undersized this skimmer is for a 200g reef. <<Really? Hmm, even though your new tank specs out at about 239-gallons (actual true 'empty' volume depends on the thickness of the panel material)'¦the Tunze 9010 has a 'usage' rating of up to 264-gallons>> What is your opinion? <<I saw many of the 'classic' Tunze skimmers in action overseas years back, and well before similar quality skimmers were available in the States...they were awesome. I don't have any direct experience with the new Comline skimmers like the 9010, but have heard positive comments from others'¦ I suspect you/this skimmer will be fine>> Should I consider upgrading? <<Is up to you, but I would probably wait to see how this skimmer performs with the new system>> I am only stocking with a medium to light load of LPSs/sps and fish, with a pretty open aquascaping. <<Still'¦best to plan/install filtration components for a 'heavy' load, in my opinion. Even when we plan for/know better'¦we sometimes can't help adding 'just one more fish'>> If I upgraded to a 9015 or even the foaming cup for the 9020, how much of a difference would this make, given that, other than the collection cup and chamber height, the skimmers are exactly the same? <<Hmm, the 9020 is a 'double' unit, though the 9015 does appear to be identical (air/water flow specifications) to the 9010 but for the size of the collection cup'¦which may indicate the smaller unit is just as efficient on larger tanks (i.e. -- can handle the same 'bio-load') but is limited by the amount of skimmate it can process/hold before needing attention. In other words'¦if you're willing to empty the cup more often, the 9010 should serve as well as the higher capacity-rated 9015 on larger systems>> Many thanks, Marcus <<I do think your Tunze 9010 will serve your new system'¦but, give it a try first and see what 'you' think'¦you can always upgrade or add a second skimmer at a later date if necessary. Regards, EricR>>

Skimmer Selection 1/15/08 Crew, <Joe> I am currently setting up a 210 gallon sps tank and I <Ah, another broken shift key.> am trying to make a decision regarding my skimmer. I know this is one of my most important pieces of equipment so I <I> don't mess this up. I don't really have much sump space so I <I> am looking for a external skimmer. I like the EuroReefs but for my application I would need the RC-500 which is like 1200 bucks. I was wondering if there is a good skimmer that won't cost me a grand. I have been looking at the Lifereef brand of skimmers, in particular the VS3-36. Jeff from LifeReef talks a good game about his skimmers and says he would put them against a Euroreef anyway. So I would like to know if you have any experience with Lifereef products? Also, if you don't like Lifereef what skimmer model would you recommend? If the expensive Euroreef or similar is my only option to keep the high water quality I will need so be it, but I want to know for sure before I spent the money. <Joe, no experience with Lifereef products but I hear they are quality products and have heard no negative feedback on them. As for other brands of skimmers that would work well in your tank, this would be my choice list. AquaC EV240 (around $400) Precision Marine PM Bullet 2 ($400) Tunze Master DOC Skimmer, comes with two hydrofoamers and rated for tanks up to 1000 gallons, pricey, but an excellent skimmer. Keep in mind here that there are no pumps to buy.($960) ASM G-3 with a modified Sedra pump. ($310) Hope this helps you out.> Thanks for the help. <You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)> Joe

Skimmer help sel.   2/2/06 Dear crew, <Robert> I am currently under way with an expansion of my existing 300 gallon reef to a new 560 gallon reef with 200 gallon refugium and 300 gallons of grow out for frags. <Some project now!> I have looked at a number of large skimmers and am concerned about the mega pumps required to properly run a unit such as an Aqua C EV2000.  I have been reading Anthony Calfo's book on coral propagation and he discusses venturi style countercurrent skimmers as a viable option. <Don't be thrown by such descriptive terms... there are very junky Venturi types, Countercurrents...> What I can't figure out is how many units (linked in series) would I need, and how much flow would be required to skim the 1100 gallons or so in my total system?  Power consumption is a big problem out here in California and I am trying to find a balance between the necessary equipment, and the high cost of electricity. <I would look to the fine folks at EuroReef here... or Deltec... even RK2... an investment, but worthwhile. Thanks, Bob McCook

Lifereef Skimmer, sel. period for a 600 gal. SW   2/27/07 Just one quick question today, I have had a 180 gallon for 6 months now. My skimmer is Lifereef VS3-30 powered by a Mag 12. I love my skimmer and everyone has their opinions on which is the best. The Lifereef is simple to use and keep tuned and pulls a full 1-2 cups of nog per week. Million dollar question: If you were going to set up a 600 gallon reef what skimmer would you use? <Mmm, either one or more Euro-Reef products, but would consider a Deltec...> I am thinking to just go with what I know and get a Lifereef VS3-72 (rated to 1500 gallons--I always double what its rated for) But there are so many custom and well known high dollar skimmer's out there that seem to work just as great. Deltec is seen many times on huge beautiful tanks. IMO the skimmer is the engine and I want to make sure there's not a diesel out there I would be more happy with even though my V6 is doing just fine. thanks Jeff <And am hoping still for the advent of RK2 hobbyist sized units... Bob Fenner>

Double Skimming? -- 5/19/07 Hello, <Hi, James> Is it a good idea to run two skimmers at the same time? <Sometimes. It depends on your situation.> I have recently built a new 920 gallon system. <Ooh, nice!> I am using an aqua-medic 5000 baby skimmer, which is rated at 528 gallons. <Does sound like it's a little undersized.> It is  producing dark good quality skimmate non stop. <And you are wondering how much it is leaving behind...> So, I am looking at the AquaMedic 5000 twin which is rated for 1320 gallons.  Should I run the twin along with the baby or just use the twin? <If you have room to run both while you get the new one tweaked and broken in, you will have a chance to see what both will do.  If they both continue to produce significantly, then you may want to keep both if serious skimming is your goal.  If the larger skimmer makes the original obsolete, it will be obvious.  I am running a similar experiment myself, and am soon to remove the original, as the new skimmer is removing enough that the original is not earning its keep.> Many Thanks in advance, James.

Large marine filter gear 6/6/07 First, thank you in advance for your time and expertise. I live in FL and building a 300gallon, 375 with refugium filter reef system. <How nice!> An ETSS 600 Pro skimmer was recommended to me. <Mmm, there are better choices... Posted on WWM...> Is this the best and should I use ozone to a new system. Regards, Shawn Sturm <I would definitely look into and use Ozone (and maybe even a desiccator to go with it) if this were my large marine system. Bob Fenner>

Big Tank-Big Plans! I have a custom 275 gal (=empty) tank. It is in a wall, made of plywood and coated with epoxy, the front is glass. It has a sink, drain, place for a sump, etc.. It is set up pretty well. I want fish only. I have spent a large sum of $ on imitation coral that has also been epoxied to the rear wall of this tank. I must tell you that it looks great. <Sounds terrific!> Imitation corals made today are, in my opinion, very realistic. My question to you is this. Can I simply add live sand to the tank floor (and if so how much) along with a very large protein skimmer ( I like Aqua C - what size would you recommend) <I'd look into an EV-400> and have enough filtration? <I'd go for at least a 3-4 inch sand bed, right on the tank floor> I purchased a wet dry trickle filter with bio-balls but now am afraid of using this wet dry filter because I belief that the resulting nitrate will ultimately lead to excess algae growth. I do not want any algae to grow on these beautiful corals. <Well, you're probably better off removing the bioballs from the filter and just using it as a sump- the "nexus" of your water processing system.  Throw in some live rock to provide additional "filtration". You will probably always have some algae growth on the corals. Regular, careful maintenance and some snails and other herbivores will help a bit> I of course will treat all water using something like a Kent max60HiS four stage Ro/Di or even Spectra Plus five stage Ro/Di ( Do you recommend any thing better here?), and perform regular maintenance. Can someone please help! Chris <Well, Chris- sounds like the basis of a good setup. Either of the RO/DI units you describe are fine for producing quality source water, as long as you change the membranes and prefilters regularly. I've used both. Currently, I use a Kent Maxxima "Hi S" model, and it does just fine. Keep researching a bit more on sumps, and I think you'll find that your tank will be better off for having one. Good luck! Regards, Scott F>

Protein Skimmers (No SeaClones Here!) - 04/29/05 Hi, < Hello again Mohamed! > Thanks for the information on the pump, I will buy Tunze and Eheim pumps. < Can hardly go wrong. > I need some help with protein skimmers. < A common occurrence. > I am looking for a skimmer for a tank holding 2000l of water. < Uh...guess a Remora Pro is out.<G> > I was looking at the Tunze automatic skimmer 240/3 or Kent Marine Nautilus EX Skimmer 30" but before buying one I need to know which makes are the best skimmers on the market doing the work it should. < Wouldn't even consider the Kent skimmer...but that's me. For a system this size I would go with the Tunze skimmer, or a large Euro-Reef (my current fave). I have a ER 12-3 on a 375g display with a system total of about 500g (1900l) and it works great. Other skimmers could do the job for sure, but I'm confident that a Tunze or a Euroreef will fill the bill nicely here. > Thanks Mohamed. < Regards, Eric R. > Redundant Skimmers For A HUGE System! Hello, <Hi there! Scott F. with you today!> I am planning a 1400 gal. saltwater tank. <Woooww! That's a SERIOUS system! Should be awesome!> The size is of the main display, not to mention the sump, separate coral tank, etc. All in all 2000 to 3000 gallons of water. Would it be better to go with one large RK2 unit or many smaller Euro-Reef units plumbed so that each takes on a portion of the load? Thanks, Corey <Well, Corey, in a system of this size, I think it would be a better idea to have some redundancy. I like the idea of 3 smaller, yet capable skimmers. This way, you could clean them in sequence, assuring you of clean, capable skimmers at all times. Yes, this may add a bit to the necessary plumbing, but I think it's a much better idea than to rely on just one skimmer in a system of this size. Hope this is useful to you! Regards, Scott F.> 

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