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FAQs about Morays Eel Reproduction

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Chain Moray prep   1/12/06 Hey crew! I've done quite some research and unfortunately, I haven't found much info pertaining to the care and habitat of Echidna catenata < http://fishbase.org/Summary/speciesSummary.php?ID=2609&genusname=Echidna&speciesname=catenata> or the chain moray. <A delightful small Muraenid aquarium species... just not often collected/used... I have only seen it in the wild on a few occasions... much less common than its congener E. nebulosa in the Pacific> Most of what I found is pretty much set in stone for the eels (tight fitting lid, lots of live rock, protein skimmer, etc...). So I just wanted to confirm some things on this particular fish. Does its diet include mainly other fish or crustaceans? <Almost exclusively the latter, but some small fishes as well> And from what I've gathered it requires a 125 gallon aquarium for an individual. Does that sound right? <Yes> And lastly has it been successfully bred in captivity? <As far as I'm aware, no Moray species has been bred, reared in captivity> Hope you can answer these questions and thanks a lot                     Kev <Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Zebra Moray Eel Eggs  - 09/14/06 HELP! My Female Zebra Moray Eel had eggs (TONS of them) last night!! I netted out a lot of them and put them in a 10 gallon tank. I know they will hatch in about 4 days and be in the planktonic stage - but what do I feed them then to try to keep them alive?? I know it will be 6-10 months before they look like eels and that is why most do not make it. PLEASE any help you can give would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks, Christin (I also took pictures and videoed her having babies) <... let's back up a bit... You only have one Gymnomuraena specimen? These eggs will be infertile. Bob Fenner>

Re: Zebra Moray Eel Eggs  - 09/14/06 Bob Fenner, <CC>      No sir, I have 2 of them. They are both about 2 1/2 feet long. <! Bonus!>      The eggs seem to be still doing well, none have hatched as of yet.      I did get small fry (liquid) and Kent ZooPlex to "feed" them when they hatch. I don't know if this is correct - Please let me know. I would love for them all to make it. Thank you in advance, Christin Cross <I do wish I knew more to relate here... There is some scientific literature... I'll look for Ron Thresher's volume here... re Muraenid reproduction, larval development. Best of wishes for your success here. Bob Fenner>

Re: Zebra Moray Eel Eggs  10/03/06 Bob,      I just have another question for you, I thought none of my Zebra Moray Eel eggs hatched so I was cleaning out the tank. But, I found 2 "worm like" things on the bottom. I scooped them out and finished cleaning out the tank and put them back in (by themselves). I have attached pictures, are these baby eels???? Thank you, Christin Cross <Mmm, no pix attached... Most likely (highly) these are worms of some sort... True Eels/Anquilliforms have long pelagic larval histories... not going to metamorphose, settle in an aquarium. BobF>

Zebra Moray Eel I have two Zebra Moray Eels and one is black with white stripes and the other is white with black stripes. How Do I determine the male from the female is there a specific marking or etc. <I have never heard of Zebra morays being sexually dichromatic.  Are they different sizes?  Usually juveniles have thicker white stripes compared to the adults.  Full grown ones will have very thin white stripes on a dark brown base.> Moray eel parental care Hi. My son is working on a research project about moray eels. Does anyone know how they care for its young? thanks a lot <Mmmm, no parental care... gametes are released into the water column following a bit of a "prenuptial dance"... where if fertilized, not-consumed, the young go through a few weeks pelagic metamorphosis... on their own... and with luck drift to, settle to a suitable area. Bob Fenner>

Snowflake Romance Hi <Hi, Mike D here> I was wondering if you know anything about Snowflake eel reproduction?<Not as much as I wish I did. I've been told that Snowflakes are protogynous hermaphrodites that change sex as they go through various stages of their life, much like groupers and wrasses.> I have a Snowy who has become rather active,  before I was lucky to see him, but now he swims in and out of the rocks apparently looking for some thing.<This behavior seems to be related to growth and security more than sex, with larger animals having more self confidence in their ability to take care of themselves, particularly in familiar surroundings.> He is eating and looks fine and I have had him for over 2 years now.<The age would seem to indicate that it's at or approaching sexual maturity.> Is there any chance he is looking for a mate? It is spring here in Australia.<That's always a possibility as spawning urges are often triggered by the length of the daylight hours.  It's quite likely that the presence of another, older Snowflake would be the final factor involved, but if they are like many other eels the probability of captive rearing is extremely remote due to their complicated and extended juvenile stages.> Cheers Jess

Gymnothorax melatremus and Gymnothorax miliaris Hello, <Hi there> My question pertains to the sexing of these to eels.  I currently have one of each and would like to buy another of each.  Is there anyway to tell the difference in sex so that I might be able to buy the opposite for a possible pairing? <No dichromic or dimorphic (color or structural) sexual differences that can be appreciated externally... as far as I know> Both are fairly docile eels, relatively speaking, so I'm not concerned about adding the same sex but I would like to avoid it. Also, is there any documented marine eel breeding in captivity that you are aware of?  If so, could you elaborate? <See Ronald Thresher here as well as the Tesch review posted on WWM. Bob Fenner> Appreciate your help, Chris

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