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FAQs about Micro-Crustaceans Health/Disease

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Copepod Recovery   11/7/06 I have had my tank for two days less than a year now.  I am in college and had to take my tank home over the summer.  My dad flipped some breakers and blew my heater, fried all of my livestock (corals, fish, inverts, etc.).   < Bummer! > I restarted the tank with the same rock and sand bed but cleaned everything up.  I now have four hermit crabs, 3 Nassarius snails, 2 bumble bee snails, 3 turbo snails, a talboti, and a blue damsel.  I noticed a spaghetti worm come out of the rock which shows that life is starting to come out of the rocks again but, will copepods redevelop in my tank? < Likely > How can I tell if they are there?  I haven't seen any yet. < Try using a flashlight in the wee hours of the night. If you don't see anything after a few nights of observation you can ask another local hobbyist or the LFS for a cup of sand from a healthy tank, or maybe buy a small amount of new live rock. Since you observed surviving a spaghetti worm its very likely there are still plenty of 'pods ready to make a comeback. Best wishes - Emerson >

Re: Copepod Recovery   5/8/06 You're awesome.  Thanks. << You're most welcome, and thank you for the kind words as well! After checking for pods at night you may become addicted to it. At least once a week I can be found peering into my tanks in the middle of the night to see "the freaks come out at night". - Emerson >>  

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