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FAQs about Tunze Skimmers 

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Tunze 9006 skimmer, like the guy said, 'No way a cup a day!'  10/10/11
Dear Crew
<Hey Joe>
I am finally grinding my way to an understanding of what 'aggressive protein skimming' means. For many months I have had the above skimmer underperforming (less than 50ml of product per week),
<Not necessarily indicative of anything... Yes; the statements of/by others re are anomalous, often misleading>
with resultant algae problems, most recently a brown diatom algae bloom, in 1 year + established tank (albeit recently moved).
<Patience here>
I am currently experimenting with different air-valve openings, but after reading something Anthony wrote on this site regarding the feed water, and the top two inches of water being the most protein-laden, I am wondering if the issue lies with the mechanics here, as it were.
<Not likely, no>
I was hoping to offer a description of how I am feeding water to this skimmer, for your venerable selves to critique.
Firstly, the weir edge (approx 30cms) surface skims the display tank (200 litres), and fills the weir right to the top, due to a tall standpipe (HGB attachment). In the weir are two external filter intake tubes (J-shaped), taking water in a syphon from about the middle of the weir. Below, the skimmer (with extension kit) sits in the first narrow compartment of the sump. The two siphons feed into this compartment; one at the base, and one at about 10cm from the base, in an attempt to flow water evenly around the body of the skimmer. The main drain from the standpipe is just a trickle, that exits about 10cm below the water level.
All this was put together, both to run the tank silently, and to keep the water as calm as possible (quiet zone please, say the instructions), for entry into the skimmer. Could this arrangement be inhibiting foam production, principally because the majority of the water is sucked from deep water in the weir, and exits deeply in the sump?
<Only nominally; or put another way, conveying more likely skimmable water to and through the skimmer would get you single digit improvement here.
IMO/E, not worthwhile>
Should I aim for agitation of the surface water in the first section of the sump, where the skimmer resides, although the instructions state to place the skimmer in a quiet zone?
<I would not>
Should I shorten the external filter intake tubes, so that they pull water from nearer the top of the weir?
<Neither this>
Would these modifications be significant, or cosmetic?
<The latter>
Am I on the right track, or is there a harsher truth regarding this unit?
<Is a good unit and worthy plumbing arrangement... If you're really interested in improving skimming effect/results, I'd look into the use of an ozonizer, measure of RedOx... IF even more interested into a desiccator to run w/ the ozone generator>
Any help that you could offer would, as ever, be highly appreciated.
PS - have been enjoying/perusing Reef Invertebrates. Content is excellent.
<Ah, thank you. Bob Fenner>

Tunze Skimmer not staying on: Skimmer troubleshooting 1/1/2010 
Hi Crew.
<Hi Lynette>
I have recently upgraded skimmers from my Aqua C pro skimmer to a Tunze 9010 for my 120 gal reef. It was working amazingly until a few days ago. I e-mailed Tunze with no response yet.
I stopped the skimmer for a red slime treatment for about 48 hours.
<Red Slime treatments will kill the slime, but not correct the root cause for it being there. Do read here:
http://www.wetwebmedia.com/bluegralgae.htm >
When I turned it back on it will not run for more than about 1/2 to 1 minute then shuts off for about 10-15 minutes. It repeats this pattern all day. I have collected no skimmate at all.
<Sounds like the pump is overheating or is clogged\stuck>
I have taken it apart to be sure it was clean and operational. Not much build up - it is only about 5-6 weeks old.
My tank is about 2 years old - upgraded from a 24 gal to 55 gal now to 120 gal.
Any suggestions?
<I would suspect a bad pump at this point. I would take it apart again and make sure there is nothing anywhere that may interfere with the impeller, failing that, contact Tunze or return to the store where you purchased it.>
Thanks for your help!
<My pleasure, and happy new year>

Tunze nano skimmer help, and Link TBFixed Protein Skimmers/Tunze 9002 Help 2/2/09 Good afternoon to whomever answers! <Good morning Eric> I have a quick question and a quick note: <OK> (Note first) -- The link to the Tunze 9002 skimmer review doesn't work. However, the title "new page 1" does work for this link. Here is the working link: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/ca/volume_4/V4I1/Tunze_9002/artTunze_9002.htm. Question: Last night I installed my brand new Tunze 9002 Nano Skimmer, and it has been producing only a very, very wet skimmate that overflows the collection cup within a matter of minutes. <No where near enough time to "break in" this skimmer.> The air intake has been adjusted slowly (in both directions) to produce the least amount of bubbles, but it still overflows. I have tried adjusting the height of the skimmer, and have the skimmer higher up than the level suggests it should be. This seemed to make things better, but not nearly enough to make a usable skimmer out of it. The bubbles are also larger than I would expect them to be at this point. I realize this is a newly setup skimmer, but is this part of the break in period? <Oh yes. I have this same skimmer that I ran on a 29 gallon. It took about a week of running before it settled down. Close the air adjustment valve completely and open 1/8 of a turn. You shouldn't see any foam at first, but give it 5 minutes or so to react to the change.> I can see a wet skimmate being part, but overflowing the collection cup in 10-15 minutes really is too much for me. I don't use any chemical additives, and since I have ro/di water I don't need to use any dechlorinators in the water. <Are you using any liquid foods or vitamin supplements such as Selcon, etc? Skimmers will react to these additives somewhat.> Any suggestions/tips? <Be patient, give it a week to break in. It is an excellent skimmer for smaller systems. If you still have problems, contact Tunze USA here. http://www.tunze.com/kontakt.html?&L=1&C=US> Thank you! <You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)> Eric

Re: Banggai compatibility questions, and Tunze skimmer input  9/21/08 Hi, Mr. Fenner. I just wanted to let you know that your advice on my Cardinalfish compatibility issue was right on target. (I wrote in a couple of weeks ago asking about combining Banggai cardinals with Apogon leptacanthus.) I added a small school of 7 ORA threadfin cardinals to my reef tank about 10 days ago, and have had no problems at all. They actually seem to almost act like dither fish for the skittish (even though they were also tank-bred) Banggais. <Ahh, very good all the way around> I also have to put in my two cents' worth about Tunze skimmers. I recently bought a Tunze DOC 9005 skimmer to replace the Coralife skimmer I was originally planning to use on this setup. I never actually was able to get the Super Skimmer functioning, because a crucial part broke off while I was trying to set it up and I couldn't find a replacement. But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise--I can't say enough good things about that Tunze skimmer. About 12 hours after I had it up and running, it had already pulled about a quarter cup of muddy-looking water and "crud" out of the tank. (And this is after I'd done a major water change just a week before.) The water is clear as air, the corals' polyps are fat and fully extended, the algae is disappearing--even the lighting looks brighter. I also like its compactness and ease of setup--no parts to assemble, just plunked it in the sump and allowed it to fill with water. It was a strain on my budget, but in the long run, I think it will be well worth the extra money. <Thank you for the Apogonid follow-up and your intelligent input re Tunze. Will share. Good day, BobF>

Skimmer question, sel.   8/3/08 Hello Crew, Thank you so much for your time and expertise. Unfortunately I did not find you and Mr. Fenner's book sooner. I have a one year old 92-gallon corner reef tank (without a sump) and am using Eheim Canister filter. I do frequent water changes (recently changed to 10% weekly to 5% twice weekly after reading an article on your site) and I routinely run at zero ammonia, nitrates and nitrites. Before I discovered your site, I was following the advise of my LFS who recommended that a protein skimmer is optional and did not suggest using one as long as I could keep up with my weekly water changes/maintenance. Because of my lack of information at the outset (not for lack of trying unfortunately), I find myself in need of a protein skimmer; however, I do not have room for adding a sump and I don't think I will have the room for a hang on skimmer. <Mmm, the tank can't be largely drained, moved away from a wall?> I have read that you usually don't advise an in-aquarium model. <Correct, most of these are too "puny"... but... there are some "tank top" models... Do look into the Tunze brand... expensive, but well-made, service-able> I also have a small amount of space in the cabinet below the aquarium to store a skimmer but have not found any information on what model to use or how to accomplish this. Can you tell me what you would suggest? <Mmm, reading usually. You have read the tray/section re skimmers?> I've read a lot on this site and others and am having trouble finding something that would fit my needs. Thanks for your help!!! John <... well, if it were mine, I'd look into installing a sump/refugium... placing the (in-sump) skimmer there... Otherwise... Tunze... http://tunze.com/... Bob Fenner> Tunze 9005 Space Requirements 2/23/08 Thanks for being out there and so very helpful. <Happy to help, be a part of the site.> I spent the last hour or so on your website and have learned a lot. <Good.> I still need to ask a question or so. This is my first salt water tank venture so thanks for helping. I have a 70 gallon Oceanic reef ready tank with a 31"L x 15"H x 15"W refugium. This will be a FOWLR with some corals. <This makes it a reef.> I have about 75lbs live rock and 40lbs live sand. There are many snails and crabs and about 7 starter fish. Water is pumped with a Little Giant 1400gph. I was looking at the Tunze 9005 to add. I need to fit it into a 5" x 10" compartment in the refugium. The water will be about 13" high.. Will the Tunze 9005 fit and work efficiently in this area? <It will fit, albeit snugly. As far as efficiency, just be sure it gets raw water to that compartment from the overflow.> Is there a better item for this specific compartment size? <An AquaC Urchin should fit in this space also. Either skimmer will do a fine job for your tank. Happy reefing, Scott V.>

Tunze 9010 For A 200g Reef? - 01/15/08 Hi, <<Hello Marcus>> I have just setup up a new 4 x 4 x 2 reef, upgraded from a 4 x 18" x 2. <<Neat!>> I am using my skimmer from my last tank which is a<<Tunze>> 9010, which I was pretty happy with. <<I too like Tunze skimmers>> I am copping a fair bit of flack in my build thread about how undersized this skimmer is for a 200g reef. <<Really? Hmm, even though your new tank specs out at about 239-gallons (actual true "empty" volume depends on the thickness of the panel material)…the Tunze 9010 has a "usage" rating of up to 264-gallons>> What is your opinion? <<I saw many of the "classic" Tunze skimmers in action overseas years back, and well before similar quality skimmers were available in the States...they were awesome. I don't have any direct experience with the new Comline skimmers like the 9010, but have heard positive comments from others… I suspect you/this skimmer will be fine>> Should I consider upgrading? <<Is up to you, but I would probably wait to see how this skimmer performs with the new system>> I am only stocking with a medium to light load of LPSs/sps and fish, with a pretty open aquascaping. <<Still…best to plan/install filtration components for a "heavy" load, in my opinion. Even when we plan for/know better…we sometimes can't help adding "just one more fish">> If I upgraded to a 9015 or even the foaming cup for the 9020, how much of a difference would this make, given that, other than the collection cup and chamber height, the skimmers are exactly the same? <<Hmm, the 9020 is a "double" unit, though the 9015 does appear to be identical (air/water flow specifications) to the 9010 but for the size of the collection cup…which may indicate the smaller unit is just as efficient on larger tanks (i.e. - can handle the same "bio-load") but is limited by the amount of skimmate it can process/hold before needing attention. In other words…if you're willing to empty the cup more often, the 9010 should serve as well as the higher capacity-rated 9015 on larger systems>> Many thanks, Marcus <<I do think your Tunze 9010 will serve your new system…but, give it a try first and see what "you" think…you can always upgrade or add a second skimmer at a later date if necessary. Regards, EricR>>

Tunze Skimmer Protein Skimmers: Bigger is Better?  12/16/07 Hi Bob and Crew, <Scott F. your Crew Member today!> Thanks for all your previous help and advice. <You can't imagine how much fun it is to be of service to our fellow hobbyists! We have some amazing people here and we love this stuff!> As before, I am in the process of setting up a 850L (690L Cleair tank 160L sump) mixed fish and invert system. I have very limited headroom in the sump area max 50cm. After a lot of searching I have found what I believe to be a potentially ideal skimmer. Tunze DOC comline 9010. <Fine product from an excellent manufacturer!> My question is, do you feel that this is a good choice for my water volume or would you lean towards the 9015. In the future, I would like to invest in MH lighting to allow me to add coral (currently not an option with all the other new stuff I have to purchase). With this in mind, and notices on the Tunze site about running bigger skimmers for reef systems, I would rather invest in a system that will cover my future needs. Thanks and Regards Steve <Well, Steve, I am of the mindset that "bigger is generally better" when it comes to skimmers! This philosophy does not always work with other things ("bigger" chocolate souffl?, large bottles of sauerkraut, "deluxe" carry on luggage, etc!), but it generally works with skimmers (as long as you don't go overboard), IMO. I like the 9010, but if you plan on a heavily stocked reef system in the future, the extra capacity of the 9015 will justify the additional expense, IMO. Tunze products are fantastic, and I use a number of them on my system with great results. Hope this helps! Regards, Scott F.> Tunze Nano Skimmer Noise And Its Effect On The Fishes? - 07/17/07 Dear Wet Web Media, <<Hello!>> First off, thanks so much for taking the time to answer questions and post them. <<Is our pleasure...>> Even if you don't have time to get to mine, your responses to other hobbyists' questions have been invaluable. <<Thank you for the kind words...and fear not, we "will" get to yours (hey wait!...I'm doing that right now! [grin])>> I actually bought the Tunze Nano DOC protein skimmer based on the information on your website. <<I "do like" the Tunze products>> I have a 36-gallon All-Glass bow-front tank with a Penguin Bio-Wheel 50 filter and the Tunze Nano skimmer. <<I see>> It's going to be a fish-only tank with lots of live rock and live sand. <<Cool!>> I am definitely a novice so please forgive the likely stupidity of some of these questions. <<Mmm...consider yourself "thumped" on your forehead [grin]>> I have some issues with the Tunze Nano, probably due to my own inexperience more than anything else. <<Do visit the Tunze forum on RC...I'm confident Roger can help>> 1) The Nano is really loud. I have it submerged to the proper water line in the tank and it is upright as required by the instructions. I thought it would be a lot quieter. Should I raise the water level? <<Worth a try>> Anything I can do to decrease the noise? <<You might try "backing off" the water jet a bit...but do give Roger a shout and see what he suggests>> 2) There are no fish in the tank yet, just live rock and live sand. So far the Nano cup has just collected water. <<This may be all there is to "collect" at the moment. It may also be an indicator the skimmer is not yet "tuned" correctly and possibly the reason for the excessive noise>> I can see white foam bubbling in the inner compartment though. It's been running about 5 days. Is this normal? <<Hard to say...>> Should I empty the water from the cup and increase the air? <<Experimenting with both the air and the water inputs is a good idea and will likely improve performance and maybe even resolve your noise issue>> 3) Now here's my really silly question <<I'm poised to thump...>> If I put my ear to the tank, the Nano is even louder, which makes sense since the entire mechanical operation is taking place in the tank. <<Mmm, yes...the vibrations travel quite well>> My question is, does this noise bother fish? <<I don't believe so, no... One thing I noticed since beginning diving is the underwater environment is anything "but" quiet. Even though the noises in the tank may not be "familiar" at first, I do think the fishes become accustomed to these...much the way we become accustomed to noises in our home/workplace>> Have there been any signs of stress in marine fish due to noise level? (I know it might seem silly but I want to provide a proper habitat in every respect that I can). <<Not that I'm aware of...and not silly at all, mate>> Anyway, thanks a million for looking at this, I really, really appreciate it!!! <<Happy to assist>> Cheers, Lauren <<Regards, EricR>>

Re: Tunze Nano Skimmer Noise And Its Effect On The Fishes? - 08/11/07 Just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you. <<You are quite welcome, welcome, welcome!>> With your help, my nano and I have worked out our issues and are getting along swimmingly. <<Ah, very good to hear (or "not" in this case [grin])>> Thanks for running this site - it's fantastic. =) A collective effort…we're pleased you like/have benefited from it Cheers, ~Lauren <<Ta mate! EricR>>

Tunze Doc 9005 vs. Red Sea Prizm - Wouldn't Believe It - 06/07/07 Evening Bob and Crew, First the obligatory, "you guys, the site, and advice and altruism are much appreciated"! <And the perfunctory, requisite courtesy acknowledgements of "welcome" and thanks> While my Snowflake Moray was in quarantine and my 90 gallon FOWLR (80 lbs Tonga and Tonga Branch LR and a 1/2 inch of Aragonite) )was going fallow, I developed a tremendous Cyno bloom. I did feed the tank a few Mysis a week to keep the biofilter going, but only a very few twice a week. During that time I noticed that my Tunze 9005 Skimmer that is in my sump stopped producing skimmate. The skimmer had worked fine during cycling and before It went fallow. <This does "happen"... not much, anything to skim...> My sump is Tidepool 2 with Pads in the top shelf, carbon pillow in the middle and a Polyfilter (Cut from the Large Polyfilter pad) in the bottom shelf. I also have Live Rock rubble and fully submerged ceramic and cellular media so Nitrates are always 0. <A clue...> I first thought production had stopped because I wasn't feeding regularly, but when I returned the Moray to the tank production didn't increase; and the BGA bloom didn't stop. <These events are related... the Cyano has modified this world... is scavenging useful molecules that otherwise would be re-ordered into materials that would be "skimmable"> Earlier this week I put my old Prizm on the tank, and lo and behold have been getting copious skimmate and the Cyno is almost gone! I can't imagine that the Prizm can out-perform the Tunze (I replaced the Prizm on my 20 Gallon Nano Reef with a Tunze Nano Doc - It is fantastic). <Ah, yes...> So, after my preamble, I guess my question is; do you think my Tunze's production would increase if I stopped using the Carbon and Polyfilter in the sump and just relied on the pads and the Bio-Wheel, Live Rock and biomedia? Look forward to your advice. Roy <Yes, and yes. Try this and see... the tide will turn on the BGA and the Tunze's performance return. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Tunze Nano DOC 9002   5/25/07 Hi I have searched the internet high and low but can't find this information anywhere I've even emailed Tunze but no reply.   Basically on the dimensions listed for the Tunze DOC Nano Skimmer does the 55mm include the cup width? If it doesn't does any know the max width of this cup? Its driving me a crazy and I don't want to buy it unless I know it fits. Thanks Adam <Mmm, appears to be about twice this width: http://www.petstore.com/ps_ViewItem-SearchStr--action-view-idproduct-TZ5311-idCategory-FIPSISVSUH-category-Tunze_Nano_DOC_Protein_Skimmer_9002_Saltwater_Aquarium_Supplies_ Protein_Skimmers_In_Sump_Venturi_Up_to_100_Gallons-vendor-Tunze.html Bob Fenner>

Re: Tunze Nano DOC 9002  - 05/26/07 Hi; <Howdy> Thanks for the reply. Me and my dad found a drawing of the skimmer in a pdf and did a few calculations on it and it seemed as thought it was a scale drawing so we did and estimate on the width of the cup and believe it is around 9.5 cm - and from what you've just said I think that as a rough guide 9.5-11 cm is a good guess. Cheers Adam <Thank you for this follow-up! BobF>

Tunze Nano Reefpak  2/1/07 Bob,   You may want to add this to the dailies.  <Will do> A warning to those who have purchased a Tunze Nano Reefpak Skimmer/Filter combo.  The magnetic holder is very strong on this unit.  Cleaning it in a steel porcelain covered sink could cause damage to the housing as I have experienced.  While holding the filter housing, the magnet shot toward the sink, and in the process broke off one of the retaining brackets that hold the magnet.  Tunze is sending me a small supply of the glue they use to assemble these brackets to the housing.  Is best not to clean near anything the magnet could be drawn to.  Regards, James Which Skimmer Is The Winner?   9/30/06 Hello Bob, <Scott F. in tonight!> At the outset, I would like to compliment you for the excellent website It has loads of info which has been so useful for me and for my hobby. <We're thrilled to hear that. We have a lot of talented hobbyists here who graciously volunteer their time to help fellow fish geeks, and I'm proud to be associated with them!> I am installing a 900 litre reef tank. I would like your help in choosing a skimmer for my tank. <Sure, will try!> What is your impression about the TUNZE DOC Comline 9010 skimmer and Aqua Medic Turboflotor 1000 Multi SL with OR2500 pump? Which is a better choice among the two? I want your opinion so I can make choice! Thanks again. <Well, you've chosen two excellent skimmers from reputable manufacturers. The Turboflotor has been around for a while, and is a proven, reliable unit. It can be just a bit finicky, in terms of adjustment, but once you get it dialed in, it's really a joy to use. I can't say anything bad about the Tunze, either. Tunze Comline DOC skimmers are absolutely quiet, easy to set up (I mean, REALLY easy), and do a fine job, like all Tunze products. They are consistent and easy to clean. Bottom line- you really cannot go wrong with either, IMO. I'd probably try the 9015 for this sized aquarium, however. My edge might be to the Tunze, as it uses less energy, is a little easier to set up, and is very quiet. On the other hand, you'll be just fine with the Turboflotor. Gee, I'm not being too much help here, huh? Seriously, get the one that fits your needs and budget, and rest easy that you have a fine unit. Good luck! Regards, Scott F.> Tunze Skimmer Choice - 08/27/06 Hello, <<Howdy>> I need advice; do you know how good is the Tunze DOC Protein Skimmer 9015? <<Not first-hand...but do know/believe Tunze makes a well engineered, quality product>> I own a 250 gal aquarium and I am thinking about getting one of these. <<I think you will be quite pleased with this choice of skimmer>>

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