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FAQs about Skimmer Selection for Marine Systems 4

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  Many makes, models to choose, consider. Here at All Seas, L.A.

Skimmer Help Hello Bob, Good day. I have a 30 gallon reef setup and despite what my LFS suggest I believe it's time for a skimmer. I've narrowed my choices down to three: CPR Bak-Bak, Aqua-C Urchin, <You probably want the Remora from Aqua-C. It is their hang-on skimmer and all the other ones listed on hang-on designs.> or Berlin Turbo HO. My question is: Would the Berlin be too much or over skim this size tank? <Perhaps> If so, which of the other two would you suggest? <Aqua-C> Thanks a lot, Mark L. <No sweat. -Steven Pro>

A Better Skimmer Hi Bob, Anthony and Steve, Once again thank you for your help in advance, of course I rarely send a note to just say hello ( you guys are too busy for that I would think). Rather when problems arise you are my guys. Hey that sounds pretty.. pretty bad actually. <and not the first time we have heard that... Ha!> I have a question on my one of my tanks. I am wondering if I am overdoing it ( at least Eng Lee Chin would have said so) It is a 20 gallon (high) reef tank with Magnum HOT filter + Biowheel, Red Sea Prizm Skimmer, 1 Fluval powerhead, (1) 55 Watt Actinic Power Compact, (2) NO Fluorescent Coralife 50/50.  <step one... get a large bungee cord, tie it between two trees... then go into the house, get your skimmer...er, what I'm trying to say is that if you are going to bother using a skimmer, consider upgrading the model you have. Unless your skimmer produces a full dark cup of skimmate every day like clockwork?> Creatures include a pair of Percula Clowns, a Royal Gramma, Torch Coral, (8) Scarlet Red Hermits, Green Button Polyps, (1) Bubble Tip Anemone- all are thriving, and 40-50 lbs of liverock made up store bought cultured rock and bare Carib-Sea rock. The system has been running for about a year and a half and my coralline algae growth is extremely slow.  <simple solution. Seachem's Reef Calcium (calcium gluconate)... it is awesome for growing superb coralline algae (but useless for coral growth... keep using Kalk). You will need to add SeaBuffer to the tank regardless> My water chemistry is superb and all trace elements, as well as Calcium are at more than adequate levels.  <Calcium yes... but are you adding buffer too to provide carbonated to hitch with the calcium for coralline growth?> Cyanobacteria seems to thrive and I am having to break up these mats about once a week.  <that's because your skimmer sucks... and perhaps you need more water flow> I have a friend who has a simple 20 gallon tank with an eclipse hood, no skimmer etc, and no other add-ons. A very simple tank, with simple lighting etc., and in 3 months he has had more coralline growth than I have in almost 2 years.  <many possible reasons for this: better water changes, more consistent Kalk and buffer doses, better water flow, etc> He has around the same amount of livestock including inverts, etc which are thriving. In terms of my system am I overdoing it?  <nope> His simple system seems to be doing much better than my own and I can't figure why. If it is a matter of too much is there anything that I should leave out like the Biowheel (simply using the Magnum HOT for water movement). I don't know, what do you think? Thanks, Torrey (Charlestown, RI) <improve your skimmer or water change schedule (weekly would be nice) and add Seachem Reef Calcium. In four months you will be staggered by the coralline growth! Cheers, Anthony>

Re: A better skimmer Hi Bob, Thank you for the speedy reply. Sounds like my Prizm Skimmer is a piece of crap.  <indeed many people have said worse> I do have an unopened Aqua-Medic Turboflotor 1000 multi I was saving for a rainy day (actually for my empty 75 G) or would that be too much of a unit for such a small tank? <wow... a great skimmer. Night and day here... yes, it would be fine for your smaller tank! They are a little tedious to adjust on the outflow (and some people add current/a powerhead to the Turboflotor)... but a skimmer that can perform very well and daily!> Thanks, Torrey <best regards, Anthony>

Skimmer choice, the Klaes line Hello to the great crew of WWM! <Howdy Stephen> I've read and know your feelings about many skimmers -but not a Klaes skimmer. I would love to hear how you compare it to the Aqua C and Aqua Medic lines and which you would prefer in a 90-120 gallon reef tank.  <I hold them in high regards but don't recommend them as often (like Tunze) because of ease of availability for most aquarists to locate/purchase> Another thing I've never read on the site is what to do when you come home to a cracked 150 gal reef tank with much more water on the floor than in the tank, happened to me last night but I really don't think you can help me here. <seal the windows and door with large glass panels and cut a role in the roof for a PVC fire pole... then finish filling that room. Basically an aquarium size upgrade <G>> Cheers Stephen Wilkinson <kindly, Anthony>

Skimmers Hi guys. I have a question regarding skimmer set up. I am in the process of setting my 75 gal tank up again. Had it drilled and upgrading on most aspects. Before, I had an Aqua C Remora HO skimmer. Am wanting to upgrade. From your site I've narrowed my choices down to the Euro Reef or New Aqua C EV series skimmer.  <either would be very fine> One problem (or main problem w/ Euro reef) is the footprint is too big for my sump, so I am looking at going with the Aqua C EV skimmer w/ smaller footprint for my sump. Now my main question. In my current sump, the skimmer would be placed in a way that it would receive water after it has passed thru mechanical and chemical filtration.  <arghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!> Would this work fine or would it be better for main tank water to go thru skimmer b/f any other type of filtration. <OMG! It would be staggeringly AWFUL. Seriously... a skimmer must have raw water before ANY such filtration (mechanical, biological, chemical)> I guess this brings me to another question I just thought of. Would it be plausible to run 2 separate sumps,  <likely a nightmare> one for skimmer and the other for mech/chem filt. with skimmer dumping into the main sump. Thanks for your help, Bryan. <please be sure to seal a dam into the sump is possible for a skimmer box (for the skimmer to have a constant water level from raw overflowing water). See diagrams on this in my reef book or on Wet Web Media. Best regards, Anthony>

Protein Skimming Hello there, how's everyone going?  <<I can only speak for myself, but so far today, I'm doing well - how are you?>> I've been doing a lot of research on protein skimming and have also been looking at your FAQ's section on the Turboflotor 1000 Skimmer. I think I'm going to go with this model. But before I do go out and buy it, I wanted to get a final approval or any suggestions about whether or not to go for it. <<ok.>>  So here is the run down on what I have set up A 125 Fish-Only tank  <<if you haven't considered this yet, think about getting a drilled tank with built-in overflows. Will be well worth the extra money, especially if this is something you are planning, taking your time on.>> 1 Stingray-about 6", (not including tail)  <<not a good choice, these are historically hard to keep in anything but a species-specific tank, and a custom one at that. A standard 125 is a bad size for this fish.>> 1 Dog-face puffer-about 3-4", (including tail) 1 Orbicularis Batfish-about 2" long and 5" tall, (including top & bottom fins)  <<another poor choice. These fish are eating and growing machines, so much so you can almost watch them grow. It will be much too large for this system in less than a year.>> 1 Volitans Lionfish-about 4" long, (including tail) 1 Red Saddleback Clownfish-about 2" 1 Bicolor Angel-about 2"  <<you're picking a hard one here...>> 1 Engineer Goby-about 5" Crushed coral for substrate DIY wet/dry filtration system Fluval 403  <<I am not a big fan of canister filters for saltwater aquaria. If you do purchase a drilled tank, this would be worthless, and you'd be much better of with a sump, more live rock, etc.>> Emperor hang-over filter  <<think about that drilled tank - these filters work just fine, but you can do much better.>> So all of this in a 125 tank, yeah I know, it's a little too much but I plan on taking out the Clown, Angel, and Goby, and changing them for a Trigger of some kind.  <<Then why even put them in... you will find yourself well-challenged to catch these fish in a well established system short of breaking it down.>> And this is why I'm also deciding to add a bigger wet/dry filtration system. <<Go without wet/dry - just do a simple sump and pack it with live rock - will work just fine.>>  So any type of suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  <<I'm all out.>> Thanks for your extreme help. Riverside, CA <<Cheers, J -- >>

Skimmer Hello Bob, Anthony, Steve. I have a 65 gallon reef (soft coral) tank. I am currently using an AquaMedic Turboflotor that came with an Aquabee pump. I am using the Berlin style method with a sump and live rock. I am wondering if I would benefit with upgrading to an Aqua C or a Euro Reef skimmer. <If you are getting good performance out of the Turboflotor, I would not upgrade at this time.> I get pretty good performance out of my current skimmer, but from what I've been reading, these skimmers are really good. <Yes, they perform good, are easy to setup/use/adjust/clean.> Do you think they are worth the difference in cost? <If purchased initially, yes, but I would not spend money twice when one is working.> I used an A. E. Tech Reef Devil prior to the T1000. I do think the T1000 is more efficient. The one thing I don't like about the Turboflotor is that it doesn't have a drain built into the collection cup. <If that bothers you that much and you are a handy person, you could probably drill and tap it with a drain.> I have to clean/empty it every day. <That is indeed very good performance. I would definitely keep the skimmer.> If I'd known about these other skimmers before, I'd spent the extra money on them instead of the Turboflotor. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated. Are they that much better? By the way, I spend a lot of time on your website and do really appreciate the time you guys put into it. We all are fortunate to have people like you to help us. I think that this website is a blessing to many future and present aquarists. Thanks for your dedication. Be Chatting, Steve <Thank you for the kind words. -Steven Pro>

Tunze skimmer Hi Bob <Anthony Calfo in your service> Have you ever used a Tunze skimmer? <yep... and love them> I bought one quite expensive) and can't seem to get good skimmate out of it. Do you know how to adjust these things? <no worries at all. Leave the air adjustment full open (max air)... then adjust the height of the skimmer in the skimmer box (if it is a sump model... and a skimmer box is NECESSARY for all sump skimmers if one wants consistent skimmate) or in the display tank (if a top rail model). Then raise the skimmer if the foam is too wet or lower if too dry> The skimmate is never very thick it's very watery and takes a couple of days to fill the cup (about 3-4 days). The cup contains 600 ml.s this a lot or not?. <should be able to collect a good portion of a cup every day. If lowering the skimmer does not produce dryer foam, then restrict air into the venturi. This is rarely necessary in my experience. The water level mark on the unit is just a guideline... not literal. Raise this skimmer in slight increments to try to get drier skimmate> I have read and followed exactly their recommendations but it doesn't seem to be working good. My model is a 230-3. <I have owned 6 Tunzes... I do like them very well. Once properly adjusted, they require less adjustments than most any skimmer. They just need a stable water level (tank with an overflow or a skimmer box in the sump.> hope you can help, love your site. D <best regards, Anthony>

Skimmer question Hello, I have a skimmer question. I have a 55 gallon reef tank that needs a skimmer. The tank for space purpose is close to the wall only 2". There also is no sump. I am using (2) canister filters (1) fluidized bed filter & (1) UV.  <three of these four items are quite unnecessary in my opinion. One canister filter at best for chemical filtration. Let live rock and live sand do the bulk of the work, supported by a good skimmer> So my skimmer options are low. <unfortunately yes> I am looking at a In-tank style. My question is are there any good in tank skimmers?  <Tunze has rail mounts that rank very high> I was looking a few: Aqua Medic turbo flotor 750, <good once adjusted... a little extra daily maintenance> Red Sea air lift 60 ,  <ughhh... please look harder> Lee's (med).  <you have to work very hard to get this to perform consistently compared to other skimmers> or Visi-Jet.  <I wouldn't take it for free> etc.... Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, John <have you looked at Aqua C models as well? Tunze is still near the top for top/tank mounted units. They are foolproof after the initial days/weeks of tweaking. Anthony>

Re: Help Please Thanks for the help just another quick question though. What type of protein skimmer do you suggest?  <<Either Euro-Reef or AquaC, both are excellent.>> I know the SeaClone isn't the best. Which protein skimmers have you had luck with. I've been looking at the Prizm style pro deluxe skimmer. <<Friends don't let friends buy Prizm skimmers.>> Also what is the reason for turning off the UV for the ich I thought the UV was supposed to help.  <<On a normal day it might help, but when running medications, the UV can break them down and render them useless.>>  Also have you had any luck or heard of anyone that had luck with herbal ich attack or any other medication safe for invertebrates.  <<Not really - most of these bottled elixirs make broad promises but seldom deliver appreciable results.>>  I guess the most frustrating thing for consumers is when something like this happens and you seek out different opinions from resources and everyone doesn't agree with anyone else so then it leaves you confused. Like yesterday I called another fish store for another opinion and they didn't agree that I was using herbal ich attack. They said it doesn't work to use RSP by Kent Marine. They also said I should be adding garlic to the fish food because it makes the parasite drop off the fish.  <<I don't prescribe to this either.>>  I guess what I am looking for is someone with personal experience that used a product and it worked.  <<The thing that has worked best historically is proper husbandry and quarantine practices. After that, copper medications are the most effective at eliminating parasitic disease.>>  Also I neglected to note in my previous E-Mail that the ich appeared the day after I added a bunch of new live rock.  <<Perhaps there was a mild ammonia spike which caused stress on your fish.>> Is it possible that the parasites on the front of glass came from the rock. <<No.>>  Also last question I gave a couple of my fish a freshwater dip yesterday with a parasite solution and the white spots are still on them. You said that the white specs are actually not the parasite they are an irritation how do you know when the parasite is off the fish.  <<Take it on faith... if you bathe the fish for five minutes or more, you can make a safe bet that 99.999% of the parasites are dead. The spots will go away in time, but not right away.>>  Again any advice would help and I appreciate the help Thanks. <<Cheers, J -- >>

Re: Skimmer I didn't know I would get a quick response like this. Check this sump out. This is what I had in mind. www.wetdryfilter.com and the model # is the SL-10. Let me know what you think about that. <The SL-10 you referred to is not a sump. It is a trickle filter. It seems like a nice enough trickle filter, though. -Steven Pro>

Skimmer Selection I have a 30 gallon saltwater fish only tank and I'm thinking about getting a protein skimmer. I was thinking of getting the Seaclone Protein skimmer. <Not my preference.> My question is, is that a good brand of protein skimmers? Or is it one of those cheap unreliable kind. If so do you have any other brands of protein skimmers that you do recommend? <Please see here http://www.wetwebmedia.com/skimbestof.htm> Thanks <You are welcome. -Steven Pro>

Skimmer Hello! <<And hello to you!>> I am really glad I came across your site as I find it very informative. I am crossing over from fresh water to the salt hobby. I have a 150 gal tank that I am going to set up as a reef tank. I am in the process of getting the equipment I need for the conversion. However if I talk to ten people, I get 20 opinions.  <<Is this not the case with just about everything?>>  I hope you can help me with what I need to know and I will take your word as law. Question #1: As far as the filtration for this setup is concerned would you go with a wet-dry with or without the bio balls.  <<For a reef - sans bioballs is best.>>  Can I operate my system with just a sump and skimmer?  <<Oh for certain, is exactly what I do on my reef tank. Here's a really good article on reef filtration: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/reeffilt.htm >> Question #2: Can you recommend a skimmer to me for this size tank The best). Also a sump if there is one in particular I should have. <<I'm a real big fan of the AquaC line of skimmers, but there are others which are also quite good; Euro-Reef comes to mind. As far as sumps go - this is the type of thing you could build with a Rubbermaid plastic bin so... brands? Shop around or DIY - either one works just fine.>> I really appreciate your help!!! Warren <<No problem. Cheers, J -- >>

Skimmer question #100,001 <<Greetings.>> Thanks guys . . .  <<My pleasure.>> I guess I will put a skimmer on my system; I can't stand the thought of a marine tank without one. It's either going to be a BakPak or a Prizm (yes, I know). I would like your esteemed opinion on the subject . . .  <<Of those two, I would choose the BakPak.>>  Maybe I'll buy/DIY a Nurce top-off system and use fans across the tank for cooling. Thanks for ALL of your help! Aloha! <<Aloha, J -->>

Protein Skimmer Upgrade Hello my friends, I am seriously considering upgrading to the Aqua C EV180 Protein Skimmer based on your advice to so many aquarists. My setup is a 90 gallon reef with sump and 15 gallon refugium. Would this be over doing it in your opinion? <No, sounds good and leaves you with room to upgrade the tank in the future.> Short one today! Thank you as always. John <You are welcome. -Steven Pro>

Skimmer Opinion Hi WWM Crew ... Looking for an opinion on the AE Technologies ETSS 800 Gemini Dual Downdraft skimmer. Looking at package of skimmer, large auto waste container, Dual Air Filter and Iwaki 55 RLT pump for $595. What do you think? <Do read through the WWM site regarding skimmer selection, etc. I would buy a Euro-Reef over just about anything else.> Thanks as always for the great site and information. Beckie Joslin <You are welcome. -Steven Pro>

Used Protein Skimmer Most humble greetings great Oceanic Oracles.  <and an intoxicated howdy from one of the oracles with Jack Daniels on his breath <VBG>. Anthony Calfo in your service> I come upon bended knee to worship nightly at your WWM altar and hope the tidal wave of your vast knowledge will wash away much of my ignorance.  <speaking of ignorance... did you bring a lot of small dollar bills for the dancing girls?> All joking aside, this site truly is a knock-out and all hobbyists should be singing grateful paeans that you fellows are so willing to share your expertise and time.  <thank you my friend... it is very redeeming to hear> WWM really is a marine "wet dream". <OK... I'm not touching that one> I have ordered a copy of "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist" which should be arriving soon and look forward to reading/studying it. <yes... one of my absolute favorite references!> After a 15-year hiatus in keeping a marine system I am about to set-up a new reef tank. I am not a total novice to many of the fundamentals but with so much having changed over the years I have a lot of catching up to do. Hence my nightly forays on your most excellent site. <The CMA will put a lot of this in perspective once you've read it> >From a local dealer I have ordered a 140 gallon glass aquarium (48-1/2"L, 24"W, 28-3/4"H) which will be filled with at least 50 to 100 lbs. of Live Rock.  <yes, more the better> The system will include a Tidepool 2, Mag Drive 7, Mag Drive 5 and 2 sets of BJB 4ft Retrofits with full-spectrum bulbs. He put me down for a Top Fathom TF110 protein skimmer.  <echhhh> However, he also mentioned he has some used protein skimmers, one was a Red Sea unit (don't know the type)  <I wouldn't take it for free...heehee. Actually, I would only use it on a fish system or other high bio-load system. I'm sure you can find a better skimmer. Try Aqua C, Euroreef, Turboflotor... even CPR> that he said was very popular at one time but needs periodic cleaning of a particular part to keep running properly. Should I stay with the Top Fathom or opt for the used Red Sea?  <neither> Or do you have a better recommendation. <seriously, yes... above> Does this mix of equipment seem adequate to properly support a 140 gallon tank that will house some corals and about 8 fish and some assorted scavengers <you don't even need the Tidepool... a fine product, but more live rock would serve you better in this particular application> or do I need to kick it up a notch or two in certain areas? <the lighting will limit you to moderate need invertebrates. Most soft corals, and Zoantharians will be fine under it... but resist clams and SPS corals. If you must have some, keep them in the top 8" of water> Also, would a 12 gallon Eclipse aquarium be adequate for a QT/Hospital tank? <sounds very fine for most fishes, yes> Thanks for any guidance you guys can give me. Best regards to all, Diane (down on the bayous in Louisiana) <oh, my... Louisiana. Now I'm hungry for crayfish. Best regards, Anthony>

Protein Skimmer Problems I have a protein skimmer (Amiracle wet/dry with hang-on skimmer) that used a Rio 600 powerhead to produce thick black/green waste at a rate of about 1/2 cup every 3 weeks. <Very low production.> The tank is a reef 72 gallons with 3 fish, 100 snails/hermits, and about 10 soft corals. After reading some articles on your page, it stuck me that my protein may not be skimming enough compare to some similar setups on your page. <You are correct.> Is there a standard of waste that a skimmer should be producing? <You want to strive for 1/2 to 1 cup of dark skimmate produced daily.> Anyway, I decided to step up my powerhead to a RIO 800. Since then the waste isn't as dark (black/green) but it is more clear and watery (brownish to green tinted water, no sludge). <Dark tea to coffee is best.> It has a lot of mist go straight thru the air hole in the top of the collection cup & it also tends to build up with this liquid at the top of the skimmer where the air hole is and over flow. Is this proper or am I better of going back to the Rio 600? <I would use the recommended unit.> Amiracle standard for this skimmer is the RIO 600 but they also recommend using a 400GPH water pump on there filter for a 72 gallon tank. Bob Fenner says use at least 700 GPH on this size tank, which I tend to agree with. So you can see why I don't trust Amiracle recommendations. <There is a world of difference between skimmers and W/D's. Use the Rio 600 for best performance. I would also take the time while the pump is off to clean it thoroughly, including running the pump in 5 gallons of warm tapwater with 1 cup of distilled white vinegar to remove deposits. Also, clean out the airline and the rest of the skimmer and see if your production does not increase in a few days.> Hope I explained myself clearly. Thanks for your time. -Anj <Loud and clear. You are welcome. -Steven Pro>

Skimmers & Calcium Reactors I am in the process of setting up a 180 reef tank and need to get a new skimmer. The skimmer I currently have makes use of an external air pump and bubble stone, which I don't think will be anywhere near good enough for my new system. After reading through all your FAQ's and articles on skimmers, I've narrowed it down to 2 choices, the ETSS Evolution 750 ($344 w/pump) and the Berlin Classic ($169 w/pump). It seems that both of these skimmers will handle my tank easily, and from what I have read both do a good job. Is the extra $175 for the ETSS really worth it? <I would not recommend either. There are far better choices, namely Euro-Reef and Aqua-C.> Am I correct that both these skimmers will work GREAT with my 180? <I would say marginal.> Are there any maintenance issues that should effect my decision? <The Euro-Reef is incredibly easy to clean.> The same goes for calcium reactors. There are many good ones out there, all with good reviews, but there is a $70 price difference on the 2 that I am leaning towards, the Knop C ($249) and the K2R ($419). Any preference for the 180g? <Both come with Eheim pumps. The K2R is a good bit larger, capable of holding more media, which means it will go longer before needing opened and added to. Either will serve you well.> Any advice is greatly appreciated. Will <You are welcome. -Steven Pro>

Do I need a bigger skimmer? <what kind of question is that to an aquarist <G>! Does any man need more tools... bigger tools... more toys? Heck ya!!!> You were a great deal of help to me about 5-6 months ago with an Anemonia problem I was having in a newly set-up 135G. The answer to that problem was simply a Raccoon Butterfly - this fish wiped out the entire population of pest anemone (60-70) in less than a week. I am now enjoying the rewards of a great looking tank thanks to your input. <excellent to hear> Anyway, my reason for writing today is one of a skimming nature. I will refresh your memory on my setup. 135G FOWLR and a few soft corals, 4.5" DSB , 150# LR, 2x 175wt. M/H & 1x 96wt. PC, 30G sump w/AquaC EV90 and next week a 1/3hp chiller- a must for those nice toasty Texas summers. The AquaC skimmer is a work horse and is constantly pulling muck out of my system.  <very fine skimmers... I/we recommend them highly and often> My tank parameters are stable and happy. Because I never seem to have any skimmer effluent downtime (always producing),  <and let this be a lesson to other FAQ post readers... this is how any good skimmer should operate... daily skimmate! There is almost no such thing as a tank that cannot produce skimmate daily: especially if the tank has fishes that get fed> I am wondering if this skimmer should be upgraded. <not necessarily/at all based on this reason alone... this is how a good skimmer should work> According to AquaC, this skimmer is a little small for my system. I am prepared to replace the skimmer if needed but realize the next stop on larger/ more efficient skimmers will start at about $400 and up.  <actually a better solution for this and any tank is TWO skimmers (small/med OK) that are cleaned alternately so as to try and ensure uninterrupted skimmate production> I do not wish to purchase a cheap mediocre skimmer or one that will need replacement again should I choose to start a larger tank.  <agreed> I am considering a EuroReef, ETS, Aerofoamer or another AquaC assuming that it is a cost-effective/necessary upgrade.  <although the Aerofoamer is very good... I strongly favor the Euroreef (highest quality/durability/reliability... although you pay for it) and the Aqua C (very reliable and great value for the money spent)> Could you please give me your opinion and / or suggestions ? <definitely a second skimmer and it does not have to be huge> Thank you for your assistance. Have a wonderful day. Chris <best regards, Anthony Calfo>

Tunze skimmers Hello once again, I have a 150 gallon FOWLR tank filtered by an Eheim 2228 filter. My problem is that when originally put up I put the tank too close to the wall (2.5") clearance to be exact. Moving tank is not an option. I want a good skimmer but my choices are limited. I emailed before and you guys suggested a remora but even that is too wide for a hang-on. The LFS now tell me that they found a skimmer that would work called Tunze.  <an excellent top shelf skimmer from Germany. I have personally owned a half dozen of them through the years> He said that it mounts on top of tank but knew nothing else about them. He suggested either a Tunze universal automatic 230/3, Tunze automatic 0235/3 or a Tunze Comline automatic 3130/2. Could you tell me which skimmer would fit my system and how exactly they mount. inside tank? hang on?  <they are to fit inside the tank at the surface...rail mounted and/or with hang-on clips... do review the specs on site to measure which one you can fit at your surface. Excellent skimmers and very popular with the Europeans but not so much with the Americans less charmed by Techy tanks. This skimmer will block some light where it sits at the surface... do consider if you have reef lights or canopy> My LFS for some reason has no idea how they operate.  <high precision plastics/molded Venturi... very good after you get it tweaked (tricky at first but almost no adjustments after that!!! Just empty the cup... VERY low maintenance> Before I invest in one I want to get your ok that it would work in my situation and if they are even good skimmers. I emailed Tunze over a week ago with this question but they have not answered.  <parts and replies are hard to get from them it seems> Thank you in advance. <best regards, Anthony Calfo>

Protein Skimmer Selection Hello (whoever is answering today), <Hello, Steven Pro in this afternoon.> I have a 75g saltwater tank I've had running for about 4 months. Recently, I noticed that my protein skimmer (DIY air-stone driven) is not producing much of anything. Instead of trying to build/fix this, I've decided to buy a new protein skimmer. I've narrowed down my choices to the Turboflotor 1000, Aggressor, or an AquaClear from the LFS (other two are mail-order). Was wondering if you could give me any information on the quality of these skimmers. <We have written much on various skimmers and our preferred choices here http://www.wetwebmedia.com/skimselfaqs.htm and on the subsequent linked pages.> Thanks in advance for your assistance, you maintain a great, very helpful site (I scan the daily FAQ's daily). <Glad to hear it. -Steven Pro>

Skimmer First of all I have to mention you have a great web site. I have learned more from it then anywhere else, I wish I would have found it sooner. <Anthony Calfo in your service and in total agreement <G>> I have a 55gal tank. It's been set up for 8 months. When I purchased the setup no one mentioned the need for a protein skimmer.  <holy crap! That's like a Lincoln dealer forgetting to mention that you need a leopard spotted throw pillow for the back seat! (Heehee... at least in my pimpmobile). I don't see how either can be done! Ha!> I have recently had an algae bloom (it has taken over the tank).  <I'm only surprised that you made it all the way to eight months before it happened> So far it hasn't had any negative effect on fish or corals, but the tank looks horrible. I am assuming this is from nitrates building up from the bio balls.  <that's just the tip of the iceberg... so many dissolved and concentrated organics are acting like fertilizer right now> I have read many FAQs on your website, and it seems like a Skimmer would be the answer. <I would never recommend that a new aquarist run a tank without one!> If that is the correct answer I was hoping you could give me a couple of good skimmer choices for my setup. 55 gal tank w/ 10 gal sump, Wet/Dry system w/ bio balls 2 Rio pumps for circulation, Approx. 65lbs of Live Rock. <Aqua C has a nice and narrow skimmer that hangs on the back of the aquarium... Euroreef is a fine choice for a beefy heavy duty sump model... and Tunze has a great rail mount unit for the top of the aquarium when the sump or hang on models are not convenient. None of these skimmers are cheap... but a good skimmer is one of the most critical investments in a marine aquarium... and remember: Good things are seldom cheap, and cheap things are seldom good> Also what sort of clean up crew should I add to remove the algae that has taken over the tank. I currently have 2 tuxedo Urchins 10 small snails, and 2 emerald crabs. <Hmmm... depends on the type of algae. Do scan through photo  references to ID the nuisance species and then you can address the necessary herbivores (so many specialize)> Thanks for your help, Will <best regards, Anthony>

Sea Clone Questions  Hi Guys -  <cheers, mate! Anthony Calfo in your service> My daughter bought / rescued a 70 gallon predator tank that came with a SeaClone on it - When I helped her move it from the rather inexperienced lady's house - she had assured us all was fine - it was not functioning at all. With a little cleaning and some tweaking it is producing foam - however it is somewhat to clear for my liking -  <yes... some say it is an inherent design flaw> Her fish load (all bought as juveniles according to the lady) Zebra lion, 18" snowflake moray, 5" Niger Trigger, 7" Lunare wrasse, 3" aqua popcorn Coral Beauty and lastly a very belligerent tomato clown again popcorn. I think because they were all introduced together at a young age they coexist "OK" for now.  <wow... an interesting mix to say the least> My first order until I can purchase a new skimmer for her is to get this one functioning better  <there's an old saying... "You can't polish a turd". Just know that you and all WWM FAQ fans can always count on me for such lucid and high brow wisdoms> (unfortunately for her she caught Dad in process of building a new 55gallon reef $$$) - Would you guys have any suggestions - I went to their website and from the look of it they believe themselves to have invented the wheel (I say that because they only had a few issues/solutions displayed).  <heehee... yep> Anyhow Dad is broke for the moment and needs to make this work for a month or so until I can get her a quality Aqua Sea or CPR unit.  <agreed on your inclinations... in the meantime, may I suggest careful feedings and extra water changes. Very helpful and will buy you a couple of months easily> This is a priority for me as the guys lived in somewhat abysmal conditions prior to our involvement - When I broke her tank down it stank up her house there was so much excess protein and crap in it. To make it short here all is clean now - I put the largest penguin I had spare on it in addition to the penguin single she had with it and tuned it up - All have responded with improved color and more active behaviors. Remarkably they were all in good health - I politely suggested to the lady we purchased this from to check out Bob's book and WWM site prior to indulging her desire for pretty fish again. <very thoughtful of you...seriously! Good to offer education with the hope of improving/saving fellow aquarists from attrition> Any help you can offer would be great - Thanks in advance. <always welcome... and sorry for no revelation about the skimmer, but I don't believe that it is worth your time to try to modify it short of building your own all new DIY skimmer from scratch> By the way - The new look is nice on the site, my wife can now research things a lot easier. Regards, Ric Raley  <yes... thank you, and agreed. Big Props to Zo in particular for many hours spent. Jas, Barb et al too! Kindly, Anthony>

Re: Sea Clone Questions I had the feeling that would be the response so no great surprise there. I have heard nothing good about the product. And Yes I thought it a rather eclectic mix of fishes to say the least. The lady we purchased it from was conscientious minded, but rather uninformed and unfortunately she went to the rather unscrupulous (sp.) LFS -  <yes... it is too often the problem. Good hearted aquarists that don't have the good fortune to find reliable counsel. If there is a local aquarium society in the area, please to attend and recommend to others> She was sold a single penguin with the SeaClone to be adequate for filtration and base rock as prime -  <arghhhhh!> I pointed her in the direction of some quality dealers and recommended you guys as a source of information.  <very well... kudos to you> I try to do my bit for things as I in the last year switched over to salt from fresh - Had great success with the fresh even before there was a wealth of information just from observing the local ponds and things and then transferred that observation over to salt with the help of Bob, Tullock and the rest of the guy's who show no disdain for the newcomer.  <as it should be> Fortunately I make semiconductor chips for a living so mechanical, plumbing, chemical, electrical are all in the bag. <very cool... you have great advantages as an aquarist!> I do have a question for you I have been unable to get your book - I have Julian's books and was hoping to find yours - Can you point me in the right direction. <hmmm... yes, and thank you. From vendors here at WWM we have Di's aquatics, Custom Aquatic, Reef Splendor, and Flying Fish Express> Ric <best regards, Anthony>

Skimmer Suggestions Hello gentlemen, <Steven Pro here this afternoon.> Thank you for your prompt response in the past. I have a tough question this time. I have a 150gal fish only w/approx 65lbs of live rock. An Eheim 2228 canister filter and 2 penguin powerheads for circulation. My problem is that when I originally set up tank I made the rookie mistake of placing it so close to the wall I only have 3 inches of clearance behind it. I want a protein skimmer that either has to be inside of the tank or 3 inches of clearance or less for a hang-on. I really appreciate your help. Several suggestions would help, so I can shop around. Thanks, Jim <Take a look at the Aqua-C Remora models. They have a slim profile. -Steven Pro>

Protein Skimmers Found Euro Reef skimmers, and all I can say is WOW! That's way over my budget. Too bad.  <yes... but for how much you have invested in your marine system... a postponed $300 skimmer that works incredibly well is much better than a $150 skimmer that doesn't work well or that you have to be a slave to in my opinion. Aqua C skimmers are a little less expensive than Euroreef skimmers and are really excellent as well... did you have a chance to check them out?> But check this out http://www.aquadirect.com/catalog/skimmers/kent.htm It's a link to a page for Kent Marine Nautilus Skimmer,  <I have seen the skimmer> (which I have on order) These guys>> www.championlighting.com have the product at their site, so it must be good,  <WOW.. as much as I like champions product line... your association about a good vendor not selling a sub-par product is unrealistic. Do be careful of thinking so narrowly. A big vendor cannot afford to product test EVERYthing... so they will take the word of their buyer and other reputable industry contacts and most of the time it works well... but sometimes a bad product slips through. Given to choose between the advice of even a reputable vendor trying to sell you something and the advice of some one else (ahem...) with nothing to sell you... well> and the write up it pretty impressive,  <the write up written by KENT> so I hope it does the trick for my system.  < I do hope so too> Euro is just a bit much for my wallet these days. <no worries... but do consider that in the long view... what is an extra $150 on system worth several thousand dollars in the big picture?> Thanks for your ear! Pam <best regards, Anthony>

Skimmer Yes, Anthony, <Steven Pro here with the follow-up.> I have the letter you wrote when you recommended the Aqua-C and Euroreef skimmers, but I didn't find them for sale. I usually buy from That Pet Place, and when I put in the name, it came up empty. <They carry neither of those brands.> Then of course, I went over to www.championlighting.com and bought what looked good to me. <Champion does not carry either, but does carry a knock-off Euro-Reef, ASM Euro-Style, but I would look for the real thing.> Can you do me a favor and please tell me where you buy the Aqua C and Euroreef skimmers, <Type Euro-Reef and Aqua-C into a search engine like Yahoo and you should get several hits. This way you can shop around for the best price.> I do want to give the best I can afford for my reef tank, God knows I have made quite a few mistakes and it would be nice to make up for them. I paid a shipping cost of $12.00, the Skimmer was $159.90, and the pump was $47.95, for a grand total of $219.85. If this cost is close to the Aqua C and Euroreef skimmers, I will return the unit and purchase your recommendation! Wonderful chatting with you! Pamela <You too! -Steven Pro>

Queen Skimmer (Chinese knock-off?) Bob, <Anthony Calfo in your service> I am starting up a 120 gal reef tank and have just placed 120lb of live rock into it for cycling (3 days ago). I bought a "skimmer package" which consists of a Rio 1700 power head with a "Queen" skimmer. I think it's a Chinese copy of a European model. Anyway, I can only get liquid scum out of it (brownish foul stuff) with very limited foam output. The instructions it came with (if you can call them that) just talked about the "super billion bubbles making clean with power"!! A poor translation of the Chinese no doubt (reminds me of when Honda's were cheap and powered by lawnmower engines). <hmmm... regulate and restrict the air flow slightly or diminish the inflow water slightly (use a gate valve) to try to collect drier skimmate (more coffee colored... not tea colored> PH is just up from 7.9. Ammonia is 5 + ppm. <that pH needs to be way higher! 8.3-8.6 for reef invertebrates if you have any hopes> The unit can be tuned through a water output knob and I keep the water/bubble layer midway up the riser, although I have tried a few positions with the same result. Have I bought a dud?  <little experience here in the States with this skimmer> What is your best recommendation for a skimmer for me? <A Euroreef (German) hands down gets my vote!> I attach a photo for reference. Many thanks for a great site, MJP <best regards, Anthony>

Queen Skimmer II Bob/Anthony, <Steven in today.> Thanks for the answers. I mention a low PH (below) and expect this to lower as my live rock cycles. I do intend to perform an 80% change once my Ammonia drops which should bring the PH back up to 8.2 - 8.4. Anything abnormal here? <The lower your pH goes, the more life you are going to loss on your liverock, the more ammonia that is going to be created. I prefer to over skim when curing liverock and to perform water changes when testing shows it is needed. In this case, I would do a water change now. -Steven Pro>

EuroReef Skimmers Hi guys, I am researching the EuroReef skimmer that I keep reading about on your site. I have a 120 gallon reef, with 110 lbs. of live rock and various mushroom corals and star polyps. I only have a couple of blue Chromis for fish. I was wondering what size EuroReef skimmer would be adequate for my setup. I am running a CPR CY194 wet-dry/skimmer setup now. -Richard <Euro-Reef recommends purchasing a skimmer rated for twice your tank's size if you intend to have a reef tank. The CS6-2 is rated for 100-250 gallons and should serve you well. You may want to consider taking out the W/D once you get the new skimmer. You have plenty of rock to support your fish load. -Steven Pro>

Prizm Skimmer...... Hi Bob... <Anthony Calfo in your service> I am a total beginner to Saltwater, So your advice would be very welcome. My main problem is that I don't know if my skimmer is functioning correctly. I recently set up a 55g tank ( 3 wks ago ) I have 2x Aquaclear 802powerheads, Prizm skimmer, My Filter is a Rena Filstar xP2 (1050 l/h) This came with the Rena Tank. I also have approximately 4Kg of Live Rock and about 5 Kg of Ocean Rock. <some more live rock would help nicely in the big picture> I'm cycling it with 1x Yellowtail Damsel, 1x Humbug and 1x Green/Blue Chromis. My Test results from Yesterday are; Temp 75f , S.G 1.024 , Alk High , pH 8.6 , Ammonia >1.0 , Nitrite 0.5 , Nitrate 10ppm ... Can you advise me on any problems you foresee Thanx for the great info on a great website. I only found it today..... Lee Summerly England, UK <overall sounds like a very nice start.. but your suspicions about the skimmer are likely correct according to popular consensus (overwhelmingly!). I'm inclined to agree with the masses. How about a second skimmer on the system to compliment it. An Aqua C, or Turboflotor would be nice. If you can afford it, a Euroreef would be top of the line and my choice. Good for many years and future tanks...always reliable. You really get what you pay for in this case. Best regards in shared admiration of the sea. Kindly, Anthony>

Skimmer Help Hi guys: <Hello, Steven Pro in this morning.> Need some sage advice. I broke my protein skimmer -- a Red Sea Berlin Classic -- which frankly doesn't upset me too much because it never really skimmed all that well. I've read through hours of your posts, but I am still confused on what to get as a replacement. I have a small Cyanobacteria problem that I suspect could be cured by better skimming. Circulation is fine, feeding is minimal, using RODI water, haven't resorted to macroalgae yet. My old skimmer collected about 1 cup every 4-5 days. Nitrates are 25 ppm, phosphates 0.2 ppm. 4 fish, 1 clam, 4 soft corals, 4 Acroporas, 80 pounds live rock. My other criteria is to get something that is QUIET. Based on your posts, it looks like a Turboflotor 1000 with an Eheim 1048 or 1250 is what I'm looking for, or perhaps an AquaC EV120 with an Eheim. Until I read your posts, I was strongly considering an ETSS (which you feel is too much power consumption) or a Euro-Reef (which you feel is not necessary to spend so much money on a small tank). My reef tank is 65 gallons with a 20 gallon sump. I just want to make sure I get the best choice to hopefully tackle the bacteria once and for all, and get the noise down as well. Please recommend the pump model number too. <I would get either the Euro-Reef model CS6-1 or Aqua-C EV-120. The Euro-Reef already comes with the pump. The Aqua-C needs either a Mag 500, a Rio 2100, a Dolphin DP-560, or an Iwaki 20 RLT. The Iwaki is probably the quietest.> Thanks, Jim <You are welcome. -Steven Pro>

Skimmer Upgrade Options Dear WWM Crew, I have a question about upgrading my skimmer. First, I'll give you a quick rundown of my system: 75 gal tank, 3.5-4 in sand bed (CaribSea special grade reef aragonite), CPR BakPak II skimmer, CPR hang-on refugium with blade (?) Caulerpa on reverse daylight cycle, heater, 2 powerheads for circulation and 70 +/- pounds live rock. I add Kent buffer for pH/alkalinity control and Kalkwasser in top off water for calcium. Tank inhabitants include 1 Spotfin butterfly (4"), 1 chain link moray (9"), 1 royal Gramma (3.5"), 1 Redspotted hawkfish (2.5"), 1 neon goby, 1 banded coral shrimp, a few hermits, and a few snails. The CPR skimmer works great, but I feel it is too small a unit for the tank and bioload. <Agreed> It produces about a cup of skimmate each week. I know Anthony would like that much produced every day or so. <I am a little more relaxed (3-4 times weekly), but agree in principal-the more you remove the less there to fuel undesirable algae.> I will be adding a pygmy angel soon (in qt tank now) <Glad to hear about the QT.> and a short nose puffer later. I would like to upgrade the skimmer to a larger, more efficient unit. I recently upgraded tanks from a 55 gal to the 75 and everything listed above was in/on the 55 gal except the eel. After reading the WetWebMedia FAQs and articles, I have mixed opinions on which unit to get. I need to buy a hang-on model as I don't have a sump. I also would like a unit with a surface skimmer. Options include, but are not limited to, Aqua C Remora, Red sea Berlin HO, Big Mombassa, Excalibur Skimmer, or Aquamedic Turboflotor. What would your first choice be for efficiency? <The Aqua-C Remora Pro with Mag-Drive pump.> Any of the above units or others not listed? Thank you for your help. Sincerely, Jason Bartlett <You are quite welcome. -Steven Pro>

Re: Skimmer Upgrade Options Dear Steve, Thank you for your input. <You are quite welcome.> I will look into getting the Remora Pro. Saw on a web site today that there is a surface skimmer/bubble trap available for this skimmer. <I am awaiting my catalog so that my aquarium maintenance business can carry this line of skimmers.> Also saw it can be purchased with a Rio pump but have heard these pumps aren't too good in the long run. <Yes, I have heard/read many of the horror stories.> Definitely the Mag-drive. I certainly appreciate all the help you, Bob, and Anthony have provided! Sincerely, Jason <Have a great weekend. -Steven Pro>

Protein skimmer Bob and Everyone: <"someone" in your service, named Anthony <wink>> Tested my phosphate and it is extremely low, so I am ruling that out as cause for my algae problem. Going to purchase a tap water filter, and protein skimmer.  <wow...two excellent and critical upgrades. Sure to temper the algae> I know you like the EuroReef, are there any others you would recommend. Like knowledge, everyone has a different opinion. I know you have seen or worked with others, so I value your opinion.  <in a nutshell... top shelf units like Euroreef and Tunze offer extreme reliability, ease of maintenance and high performance at the expense of cost. With a willingness to deal with slightly more maintenance or inconvenience, there are some excellent skimmers to be had at a great savings. Aqua C and Turboflotor would also be great skimmer choices> I would like to place in my sump area. I currently have an Amiracle wet/dry 200. I currently have a mag 9.5 pump in the sump area, with the heaters underneath the bio ball area. There is a large filter sponge in the sump area as well, I can take out if necessary since I have a filter pad at top of wet/dry.  <any skimmer will work best in the sump if it receives raw overflowing surface water (as in an overflow/skimmer box) before the Wet-dry filter. Feed a drilled box with the skimmer first by gravity and let the water overflow and continue downstream to the filter and sump for maximum performance and nutrient export ability> I would like to know the brands and approx. costs levels, so if I decide to move down from the most expensive get what you pay for) I have options.  <for this, may I suggest you try our message board and others for a wide scope of experienced consumers to help you make an informed decision. If you simply want my opinion and you intend to run this tank for more than three years... I would advise a Euroreef. You will get ever bit of what you pay for. As they say... good things are seldom cheap, and cheap things are seldom good> I was told that if I place the skimmer outside the sump I would need a very powerful pump to drive these units. Is that true? I only have so much room underneath the cabinet. <true for some... but many skimmers fit in sump just fine> Again thanks for your help and opinions. Mendy1220 <best regards, Anthony>

Thanks and Euroreef Skimmer endorsement Thanks yet again for your fast response. <always welcome> I have been using your web site extensively for the past month and a half and the crew have answered questions for me far better than my local aquariums. <sorry about your LFS <wink>> When I set up my tank I instructed my pet store to build me a Rolls Royce. Little by little, with research I have been doing mainly through your site, I have been upgrading my equipment to meet that requirement. Yesterday I bought a Euro-reef protein skimmer to replace my underachieving Red Sea Turbo.  <outstanding! A fine skimmer and usually my first choice of recommendations> If anyone needs a recommendation for the Euro-reef, I'll give it to them as well. In 8 hours it has out produced over one months worth of Red Seas skimming. <yes...agreed. Good things are seldom cheap and cheap things are seldom good. The Euroreef gives you more bang for your buck! I personally would rather spend $300 on a very efficient skimmer than save $150 on one that works poorly or not at all. Especially considering the overall investment in the tank, time not spent fighting nuisance algae, etc> Keep up the great work and be aware that people appreciate what you guys do. <it is very redeeming to hear it said. Thank you, kindly. Anthony Calfo> Joe

Protein skimmer, just 12 hours away from placing my order... I may have "confused" things with my last question, where I was asking for a BIASED decision on whether I should purchase a Aqua C EV-180 or a Euro-Reef CS6-2. I stated that I "might" be upgrading to a 200G later, but have since realized this probably isn't going to happen. So... for a 100G FOWLR with 5 medium sized messy eaters (trigs and puffs)... which skimmer would you purchase? <Mmm if not going to a much larger system just the EV-180. We used these on eight three hundred gallon coral frag culture "totes" with good success. The Euro-Reef line is excellent, but much more money and not that much % improvement in water quality in your application to warrant the cost> I'm aware that both are fine skimmers, and that you hate to pick favorites, but like I stated earlier, this is my 4th skimmer and I want to see a noticeable difference from the TF1000 I'm upgrading from. Thanks in advance... <You have my opinion. Be chatting, Bob Fenner>

Eclipse 3 Skimmer I was reading through your website...great info!!!....I was seeing that there were a bunch of people talking about retrofitting protein skimmers to the eclipse 3 tanks...what's the best skimmer to do this with??...has anyone made a skimmer just for the eclipse 3 yet?? <No particular one marketed for the Eclipse series, yet. I would ask the nice folks over at http://talk.wetwebfotos.com/ Their are several people on the message board that have successfully modified their tanks to accept skimmers. They would more easily be able to walk you through it.> Thanks for any info, John <Sorry, I could not be more helpful. -Steven Pro>

Archive Hi Bob, I've attempted to relocate some advise you wrote at http://www.wetwebmedia.com/ regarding your preferring not to have a skimmer box in the corner of an aquarium. You suggested another approach. Would you be good enough to send me the link where I might find this discussion and any other reference you could suggest. Regards, Susan <Anthony Calfo in your service while Bob is away... please browse the articles and FAQ's at http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marindind2.htm. Best regards, Anthony>

Skimming Follow-up Anthony, I must not of asked the right question. <Actually, it was me, Steven Pro with the previous reply.> I was wondering if the skimmer that I have has any track record. And what are the industries feelings about it (CPR CY194 wet/dry with Skimmer). And no, there are no fish. Richard <I have no experience with this model, just the Bak-Pak's. I have been happy with these and CPR has a pretty decent reputation. I would not put it in the same class as Euro-Reef, though. -Steven Pro>

Quick Skimmer ? WWM Crew, <Anthony Calfo in your service> My father and I are in the process of setting up another FO 125 gallon tank that will be a community environment. On our already set up 125 gallon we have a Berlin Turbo Hang On that seems to be working very well, collecting a lot of dense green skimmate. We are wondering if a Turboflotor Multi is the way to go for the new tank, and if it's really worth the extra 25-30% in money when our Berlin seems to be working so well.  <if you are comfortable with that former model I would agree> The Turboflotor seems to be met with a lot of praise and if it would perform better then we are more than willing to fork over the extra dough (hell I'd pay for a Euro-reef but the 125 G will have no sump). <the latter being my choice> Any who, I guess what I'm asking for is more or less an off-the-record endorsement for the best hang on skimmer available today. Here, I'll even start you off <grin>: #1. #2. #3. Thanks again for this is the umpteenth time I've solicited your advice. Is it possible I'm actually a fan of the WWM Crew? Robert A. Nardizzi <Robert... the skimmer choice is really a personal one to some extent... each of us weighs the amount of work that we are willing or not willing to do against the price paid. DO review the archives and gather an intelligent consensus that suits your needs based on like FAQs. And yes... you may be a fan... but I am too <smile>. Anthony>

Need a New Skimmer Hi My tank is an overstocked 37 gal Eclipse reef, doing okay, but my protein skimmer is driving me crazy and I really need it to perform maximally to keep me out of serious trouble. It's a Prizm hang-on and for some reason has really deteriorated in skimming ability over the past month, I haven't changed my cleaning procedures (every 2 days or so) but I just can't seem to get the finicky little thing running well anymore. I took apart the whole thing and cleaned it, and if possible that made it worse. I'm also not convinced it EVER produced enough (max was 1-2oz every 4 days) I need a recommendation for a skimmer I can put on this sad little tank with no sump. I hope to move to a 130gal within the next year or so but at the rate I'm going we aren't going to make it that far. <I cannot give you a good recommendation to effectively skim your 37 and move to your 130. You can see all our comments or various models here http://www.wetwebmedia.com/skimmerfaqs.htm And, you may want to perform a Google search of the site. If someone asks about hair algae export and one of us discusses protein skimmers, the Q&A maybe filed under hair algae instead of protein skimmers.> Also, I have planned to order a Macro-algae package consisting of Tang Heaven Red (Gracilaria parvispora), Tang Heaven Green (Ulva sp.), Tang Heaven Gold (Gracilaria sp.), Feathery Caulerpa (C. sertularoides, 2 types - Long and Short) and Floating Sargassum from Indo-Pacific Sea Farms. Does this sound like a good choice for nitrate reduction? <Yes, but not all will probably thrive. More likely certain species will prefer your tank and conditions more than others. -Steven Pro> Tracy Creek

Protein skimmers I have had a 72 gallon salt tank for about six months with about 40 lbs of live rock. I have a Magnum 350 canister filter and am about to buy a protein skimmer. I asked someone at the local aquatics store about skimmers and tried to sell me a Red Sea Berlin type skimmer that ran about $275. Not to mention the pump which would run another $60 to $70. When I asked about the Cyclone which cost only $115 and already has a pump included, he didn't speak highly of it. Do you think he's trying to take me or what? Robert <I have never heard of a Cyclone skimmer (sounds like an Amiracle product from the name), but in general I believe you get what you pay for. I am a big fan of Tunze and Euro-Reef and have heard excellent things about Aqua-C. -Steven Pro>

Skimmer, Turboflotor1000 I have the Turboflotor1000 for my 75gal reef tank. It is placed in a 30gal sump. The rio2100 it came with is used to just aerate the water in the skimmer. What pump brand, size, and model do you suggest to pump water into the skimmer and what size tubing to attach the pump to the water intake on the T1000? Thanks <do chime in on WWM message board and beyond to see what the intelligent consensus is. I have little personal experience with this model although it has a very fine reputation once you get it tweaked. I believe Steve also replied to a similar question in the archives, although I cannot find it at a glance. Perhaps you'd care to search the archived FAQ's too. Kindly, Anthony>

Re: HLLE on Imperator Angel, Ozonizer Not familiar with ozonizers at all. If it were your tank, what skimmer/ozonizer combination would you use?  <biggest skimmer possible, but an average sized ozonizer will be fine... follow mfg specs for your tank size and do consider a Redox controller/meter as well to run it properly> The largest Euro-Reef I could jam into my tank stand was a CS8-3 due to its footprint and lack of space available. I assume that adding an ozonizer would make the skimmer more efficient,  <yes...significantly and so many more benefits> and therefore, more appropriate for the size of my tank. Are their any skimmer/ozonizer combo systems that you?d recommend over the Euro-Reef? <The Euro-Reef is one of the very best commercial skimmers that I have seen. Anthony>

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