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FAQs on Anemone Compatibility 4

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Not with slow moving, unaware fishes... Generally not with other Anemone species... With predaceous Seastars, Crabs... With Angels, particularly large/r species
Unwary, slow, clumsy, sleeping fishes...
e.g. Seahorses, Mandarins... Unless the system is HUGE, well-established, stable If you want them to be eaten... Are predated by in the wild if not protected by Clowns Lions, Tangs and more do get stung, consumed at times.

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Clarkii Clown And LTA 5/16/10
<Hello Jennifer>
Hopefully you can help us out. My husband and I recently started a saltwater aquarium, and love the new hobby. I purchased a Clarkii clown and a LTA at the local store yesterday. These two were together at the store and hoped it would be the same at home. The clown has still taken to the LTA at home, but the LTA hasn't had a chance to foot in the sand because the clown keeps bothering it. Does it or can it hurt the LTA if it doesn't foot somewhere? Any suggestions on helping it foot somewhere safe? Please help...
<Yes, it is best to allow the LTA to get a foothold before introducing a clownfish. The simplest way is to place an egg crate plastic divider in the tank separating the two until the LTA settles in.
The egg crate material is available at Home Depot or similar stores and can be found in the lighting
department. You may want read/learn about your LTA here.
thanks in advance.
<You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)>

Condy Running For Shade/Or A More Suitable Environment/Mixed Anemones/Systems 4/19/10
Hey guys! Great site thanks for all the useful info
<You're welcome, Carlos>
Here's a strange one. I have a small Condy in my Red Sea max 34G. It was doing really well for a couple of months, then in the last week or two it started to move around a lot. It moved next to then under a large Long
Tentacle Anemone (the clowns are infatuated with that one), then under and around some live rock, until it decided to stop behind the live rock and the aquarium wall where there is absolutely no light. The only difference is that I have a Koralia 2 running behind the rocks. I thought it was possibly looking for increased flow but there is lots of it higher up in the tank (where it was for a while). Funny thing is that I have 4 sexy shrimp which have claimed the Condy as there own and follow it everywhere it goes so the Condy has its own entourage. Corals in the tank are all
softies: Zoas/palys, torch, hammer, candy cane, flower pot, and pearl bubbles. Complement of anemones include: long tentacle (as mentioned), very small bubble tip (1.5 inch dia) and the Condy....they all hang out in very different
locations typically. The long tentacle does like to float around (do the magic carpet as I call it) once a week but always ends up back where it started.
<Obviously neither anemone is happy in this too small a system for keeping such, looking for better conditions that can't be found.>
The bubble tip doesn't move. Lighting is standard Red Sea Max 34G lighting ... 2 T5 50/50 10k and actinic bulbs.
<Not enough light for these animals to properly photosynthesize and live.>
I have noticed that the daytime colors appear very washed out, but the bulbs are only 4 months old.
<If you are referring to the anemones color, it's likely they are becoming bleached from lack of proper lighting and/or environmental conditions not to their liking. Anemones shouldn't be mixed with corals in smaller systems such as yours. They can move as you have seen, and you run the risk of the anemone stinging corals along it's path. I would return the anemones if possible or find larger quarters for them. When they die, and they likely will, they can quickly poison your tank if gone unnoticed.
Best to read here on both species of anemones.
Look forward to your input!
<You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)>

New bubble tip may need help: Anemone Systems\Compatibility: Don't mix anemones especially in 29 gallons...4/16/2010
I have a new bubble tip anemone
<Hardier that most, but I still would not classify it as easy.>
I have had it for a couple days now and I am sure it is just adapting to its new surroundings, but it keeps moving around and closing up completely.
<Some moving is normal.>
I read where you told someone to cover the filter so it doesn't get chopped up if it attaches itself to it.
I was wondering how I do that.
<Just screen it off so the anemone cannot attach itself to the pump intake - Even a sponge works well.>
Also this is a 29 gallon tank with a 150watt HQI halide ballast120v 60hz.......blah and was wondering if that was sufficient enough for my two anemones the other is a Condy with long tentacles.
<The other anemone is the problem. The Condy is likely stinging the Bubbletip.>
I'm very new at this someone gave me this aquarium a couple days ago they had it set up for over a year then gave it to me and I added the bulb anemone a couple days later do you think it will live.
<One or the other is going to have to be removed and returned to the store, two anemones cannot live in 29 gallons of water.>
<Read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/anemcompfaqs.htm and here:
http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marine/inverts/cnidaria/anthozoa/bubbletipanemones.htm >
Also my two Percula clown fish are tank bred do you think they will ever host to the bulb tip anemone?
<It is possible. The are more likely to host in the BTA over the Condy.>
I even put up a picture of clown fish in an anemone on the wall of the tank to jog there memory. I read to do that on line lol.

20-01-10 Lionfish stung by Sebae? 1/21/10
Hello! <Hi Bill>
I have a 110 gallon tank. In there I have a Volitans Lionfish (6 inches or so), Snowflake Eel, and a Gold Stripe Maroon Clownfish. In the last week I've added a Sebae Anemone <not easily kept> for the clown that it loves and the Sebae seems to be doing ok <For now. Have you researched WWM re: these animals?>. Two days ago I was watching the tank and noticed the Lionfish was chasing a Peppermint Shrimp (which I knew was pretty much inevitable but had gotten a while back for help with an Aiptasia outbreak). He didn't get the shrimp which got away in some rock. Following that though I noticed the Lionfish was acting odd. He was having issues swimming and he was all over the place (even towards the top where he rarely goes). Looking his body over I noticed he had a patch <could indeed be a sting> that looked kind of pale (by the second day it looked like a scratch, which now is looking much better) and his tail area almost looks bent to a side which can even been seen when he's swimming <is probably 'favoring' one side over the other>. His fins are also more red than usual and one is missing all together <?which one? This is very bad>. He also hasn't eaten since then <no, they won't when distressed>. I had moved some rock work around, so a fear of mine was he got hurt or trapped during the process. Really though he was on the other side of the tank while I was doing it and it wasn't until a while later that I noticed these issues he's having. From reading online it sounds like the Anemone may have stung him <is a possibility>. Are Sebaes stings enough to kill a Lionfish or just injure one? <Could be. Varying factors would decide on life/ death here including size of fish, seriousness of injury, the fishes general health and quality of the system> Is this feasible as to what happened? <It does sound feasible to me>. He is still alive but continues to have issues swimming. I've had to turn off a power head so he's able to swim otherwise he gets blown around and into rocks <hmmm> and seems like he can't get himself up. Is there anything I can do to help him? <Pay attention to water quality. It is now that he will succumb if other conditions are not on par. I am not aware of any medication that might help here, that could be applied in a quarantine setting. <Bob -- have you any thoughts/ recommendations here?>, but I would definitely be looking to make things as comfortable as possible water quality wise (good skimming and low nitrates at least) and maybe to separate these animals going forward>. If this was the anemone, is there a possibility of him living? <Is a possibility that he can recover. A testament to the fact that anemones are better suited to species only tanks w/ clowns and not mixed settings>. I really try to be a knowledgeable tank owner but this was a very unexpected issue. Thank you so much for everything you guys do!! <No problem, and sorry for the delay in answering> -Bill (The Joker) <Simon>

Re: 20-01-10 Lionfish stung by Sebae? 1/26/10
Thank you very much for your response Simon!
<No problem Bill, I'm sorry it's taken me a few days to get back to you, but I am moving house (and fish tanks!) at the moment and over the next week or so, so I am struggling a bit>
I think I overstated his missing fin. It's really part of one of his side fins. My lionfish seems to be doing a lot better.
<If he is still ok by now and improving then he is over the worst and will probably be ok>
Unfortunately he still hasn't eaten (but there's a feeding tonight, so I'm hopeful!)
<Mmm.. he looks in otherwise good health to me, (although there is no picture of his head which is always telling) so he should be able to go a while without food. He will probably start feeding soon>.
His colors are fully back to normal though!
<Yes, I can see>
He's not being blown around as easy but he still seems like he has a little issue swimming. His body also still looks "broken". Also his fins are still very red. I've attached pictures of both issues. Sorry if the "broken" issue is a little hard to see
<I do see him slightly favoring one side>
Will he heal his bones or whatever could be wrong with his shape? The only reason I'm not sure he's really favoring a side is because one side seems to bulge out a little more (right behind his fin), in a not very natural looking way.
<This is probably a reaction to the sting. I would be more concerned re: the feeding -- If he starts to feel better then he will feed, and if he starts to feed then he will recover>.
Also, if you can see the red on fins, is this anything to be concerned with?
<Not really, no. As stated the feeding is the key here, but you probably have some 'time in the bag' here>.
Thank you again! It is greatly appreciated!
<It's a pleasure to help, and I hope I have!>
Bill -(The Joker)
<Simon - (The one with the bad back from moving a 6 foot tank at the weekend)>

Anemone Clone Behaviour 1/1/10
Hello WWM crew,
<Morning Cnid>
how's it going?
I have had some thoughts recently about Clone behaviour.
Is it possible for Clone Anemones of the same Recent ancestor to sting one another
<Mmm, yes, but...>
or are they benign towards each other?
<They do tend to ignore each other greatly>
I know its a rather broad question and is likely not to have a clear cut answer but I thought this might be worth knowing.
<I "worked on" a "clone anemone" species (Anthopleura elegantissima) for a marine zoo. college class years ago... This species shows a great ability to recognize, ignore genetic alikes... and dis-alikes. Bob Fenner>

Re: FYI, Anemone species 11/11/09
My oversight, same family, different species.
<Even congeners (same genus! From the Gk meaning "kind"). Cheers! B>
I'm thinking I need a chart of some kind so I get these things sorted out correctly.
<Taxa? Just Anemones/Actinarians?>
Never really got too involved with that before, normally just being able to place the Latin name like Heteractis Crispa with the common name.
Thank you,
<Gets even more complicated when trying to keep all straight internationally. Many differing namings about. B>
Re: ? 2 anemones, H. magnifica incomp., use
Ooooh, maybe I will give the Ritteri another try as they are 'cousins'.
<Mmm, do please read here re this species use as an ornamental:
And the linked files above.
Not easily kept; and a very poor candidate for candidate for mixing with other Actinarians. Bob Fenner>

Compatibility of Picasso and anemones. 8/29/2009
Hello again WWM Crew,
I have been considering getting a bubble tip or long tentacle anemone for my 150 gallon tank, and I was wondering if a Picasso trigger, or blue angelfish would bother them?
<Distinct possibility>
I was also wondering if a Montipora, pulsia xenia, starburst polyps, mushroom polyps would be bothered.
Thanks in advance,
<Please learn to/use the search tool, indices on WWM... Bob Fenner>

important faq about anemone toxins. 7/16/09
<... where are your capital letters?>
i want to tell you about an important faq.
120 gallons
Deltec MCE 600
4 pumps 1200
1 gold rim
tomato clown
1 purple tang
mushs corals and anemone magnifica 10 inches
120 lbs live rocks.
i read that post above and the person who is looking for answer is true.
the writer ( answerer is wrong!)
2 days ago , i went to the pet shop for water test. everything was fine.
late night i did a water change and at the same time the anemone magnifica didn't like it and began to move.
next morning ( today) , i went home for lunch. i looked at the anemone , its stuck in the power head.
my gold rim when to see me when he saw me , (at the corner where i was watching the anemone in the pump). the gold rim began to violently step to the top canopy and 2 minutes later, something was really wrong. he begin to swim on the side of the belly. i toughout he was dying in 2 minutes. i looked at the bottom of the tank and my purple tang was lying hardly to breathe. i look at my clown fish , he was just fine. the day before , i had made some salt water ( d/o water ). i but the purple and the gold rim in it and i went to my pet store were Henry (the pet shop owner)handle the 2 fishes for a while.
return a my job. at 4:30 pm, i call the pet shop dealer ( Henry ) , he said to me... your gold rim is out of trouble , he's fine. about he purple tang, he's not dead but he is on the bottom of tank and hardly breathing, call me later tomorrow.
how can my parameters was fine the day before and suddenly every fishes started to dead?. the anemone was remove and its not dead.
the theory is : the anemone when its had a part of her body in the pump, its feel threat and its began to release toxins in the water.
<Possibly... or just general ammonia et al. release...>
how come, my 2 x 6 inches tangs are nearly death and the clown is fine. the clown is immunate to the poison toxin of the anemone.
<They are more immune... live with them...>
also, my Deltec 600 when mad, a big , huge amount of skim like a had never see that. i don't know if its because of its toxin or the toxin when the system biotic to zero ( more info needed on toxin in the water ). my gold rim was fine and then he approach the anemone corner , he went mad and its gills was red.
so in my opinion, yes! an anemone can realise toxin that will kill your entire fishes in the aquarium , if its feel treat.
so, the guy in the new letter was right. the answerer was wrong. the anemone wasn't dying , no parts of the anemone was retrieve and anemone is fine ( with 4 tentacles less ). sorry for my bad English , my primary
language is French.
<Ahh, I see>
i thing that we know less that we thing about anemone toxins and what can it do to the water chemistry.
<Thank you for writing in (merci) and sharing. Bob Fenner>
"Anemone Disaster 7/6/05
Hi Guys! <<Hello Carrie>>
Love the site as always... Its been very helpful. <<Thank you>>
My tank is a 38 gal FOWLR and Live sand.
Inhabitants were:
2 BTA's
(originally had one, but it split smaller one was about 1 inch)
1 tomato
clown, 10 yrs old
1 yellow tail damsel, same
1 very small lionfish
(purchased a few months ago)
1 banded shrimp
1 skunk cleaner shrimp
6 hermits (blue leg and scarlet)
3 snails (unknown)
Yesterday, I came home to discover the smaller anemone had died so I scooped it up and removed it from the tank. Did a water test: 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 0 nitrates, ph 8.4, salinity .25 Did a 50% water change although the water seemed to be fairly clear. Changed half of my carbon cartridges in my power filters.
Within hours my fish started breathing hard, so I did another 25% water change (I had run out of salt mix and not a pet store was open).
Woke up this morning to everything dead BUT the large anemone (looks horrible though, but is still sticking to things) and the hermits/snails.
Funny, the water still tests normal, 0 on everything.
They water is terribly cloudy.
I removed the hermits & snails and put them in my quarantine tank. They seem to be doing fine. Fighting as usually and tearing up the place ;0)
I put the anemone in a bucket with a power filter... I'm sure its on the decline and didn't want to add it to my QT tank since it had copper safe in it at one time.
My question is how do I go about starting over? I have read a few conflicting opinions on the site and really couldn't find a whole lot of specifics about what to do. If anything what should I toss? Will a 100% water change alone be enough? Is it possible that the large anemone released the toxins into my tank to kill
everything or could the little one alone be responsible? <<Not a good idea to keep an anemone in a small tank for just that reason...if the anemone dies it very quickly pollutes the tank. My suggestion is to get some
Chemi-Pure in place of the carbon, and let the tank go fallow for about 30 days. I like to base stocking levels at one cubic inch of fish per five gallons of water. Something to keep in mind on the future set up. Full grown sizes must also be taken into consideration when selecting fish. James (Salty Dog)>>
Thanks for any input...

Anemone Looks Sick 3/18/09
I added a clownfish and anenome <anemone> over the weekend, and after 2 days, the clownfish has been really swimming hard in the anenome. Last night, the tentacles in the anenome have gone inward and the foot/stem is laying on it's side...but tentacles are still moving. I think the anenome <anemone> may be dying from all the rough treatment from the clownfish.
<I'm going to forward this to Sylvia Browne, maybe she can help me with useful information I need to attempt to answer this, such as, tank size, water parameters, lighting, filtration, tankmates, etc. Please provide.
James (Salty Dog)>

Re Anemone Looks Sick 3/18/09
90 gallon tank, HO T5 lights
<How many, 2, 3, 4, what size?? Depending on the anemone you have, may not be enough lighting.>
...trickle sump filtration.....water test done a few days ago...prior to adding fish....all levels OK.
Anenome <anemone> was fine until clownfish was swimming roughly on it for 8 hours on and off...
<Is natural for the clown to do this. Better to keep the clown separated until the anemone acclimates and attaches.
What kind of anemone is it? Might be better for you to read here and related articles/FAQ's.
James (Salty Dog)>

Re Anemone Looks Sick 3/19/09
Here's a photo of my anenome with the clown nearby. The lighting was recommended by a trusted professional who set up my tank. He is very knowledgeable.
Please advise. I love my anenome, and don't want to lose him.
<I did advise, re-read below. I never get a straight answer from you as to my questions in this thread, all I hear "is by a trusted/knowledgeable professional".
If that's the case, why are you writing? Since you will not tell me about your lighting system other than was recommended by a trusted professional, I will tell you that anemones are shallow water photosynthetic
invertebrates. They all require bright lighting to survive. A few species (E. quadricolor, S. haddoni) can thrive under bright VHO lighting, but for the most part, all require bright lighting including metal halide/HQI, to survive, especially the Condylactis anemone which is what you have.
The anemone in your pic appears to have an inverted mouth, generally a sign of stress, illness or both. Anemones also require high water quality, in some cases, even more so than corals. So, hash this over with your professional and get his input and do read where you were directed below. James (Salty Dog)>

"I was in the wrong place, but it must have been the right time".... This Premnas needs to be separated from the Anemone.

More Anemones, incomp. 1/5/09 Hi, and thanks in advance for your help. I am thinking about adding 2 more anemones (1 Flower and 1 Pink Tipped Bulb Tip) to my 120g reef tank and wanted to get advice on whether or not my system can handle them. Here is what I have: 1 Rose Bulb Tip, 1 Green Bulb Tip, 3 Flower Anemones, assorted Paly's, Zoos and Mushrooms, Bird's Nest, Pink Tipped Acro, 2 kinds of Frogspawn, 2 kinds of Torch, Wall Hammer, Green and Orange Ricordeas, Toadstool Leather, Star Polyps, Sun Polyps, 2 types of Candy, 1 Feather Duster, Pink Encino, Goniopora, 1 unknown Clam, 1 Peppermint Shrimp, 1 Anemone Crab, 2 Serpent Stars, 1 Tiger Jawfish, 1 Jewel Jawfish, 1 Niger Trigger, 1 Purple Firefish, 1 Christmas Tree Wrasse, 1 Neon Cleaner Goby, 1 Chalk Basslet, 1 Sailfin Tang, 1 Diamond Goby, a pair of Perc Clowns (1 Black and 1 Orange) and also thinking about 2 more Black Percs, 1 Tuxedo Urchin, some Hermits and misc Snails. I have 175w MH and everything seems to be doing just fine and growing like crazy. I add Iodine, Alkaline and Calcium 2 times per week and run a calcium hydroxide drip every other night. Is this too many anemones for my tank? I am mostly concerned about the bulb tip moving around and stinging corals or overload on the tank. <I would not add any more, you're just increasing the present risk of the anemones moving and stinging/killing any corals in their path. It sounds like everything is going great for you and I would keep it that way. Is not a good idea mixing anemones with corals to begin with for the aforementioned reason.> Thanks! <You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)> Brian

Dead Volitans Lion 12/27/08 Good Morning Crew... First with basic parameters and set up: Tank: 55gal SWFO, T5 HO light 36" 2 bulb 39w 18k, Crushed Coral, Eheim 2026,RO/DI...Water at tap( well) 448ppm after RO/DI 000 Livestock: 1 Volitans Lionfish, 2 Florida Condi Anemone- <Mmmm> (55 is temp tank until larger DIY tank is finished) Water before death:0 ammonia- 0 nitrite- >10 nitrate- PH 8.3- SG 1.021- O28 Water after death: 0 ammonia- 0 nitrite > 05 nitrate- PH 8 SG 1.021-O2 8 I use Salifert test kits.... I need your opinion...My lionfish died this morning and I was wondering if you can offer an opinion as to why...I do not want this to happen again, if the cause is in fact due to my ignorance...I purchased him approx. 3 months ago, acclimated for approx. 3 hours (drip method) into my quarantine tank...he stayed there for about three weeks while I tried to get him to eat... I live on the coast, so I managed to get hold of live saltwater minnows...After a few days of feeding these and silversides, I had him eating all frozen...I then placed him into my main tank with the 2 Anemones...Things have been fine with him eating silvers, frozen krill, small whole shrimp, and occasional chunk of scallop, 2-3 times a week... XMAS day, after much prodding from the visiting kids to see him "eat", I let them feed him 3 live wild caught minnows...The next morning, I noticed him laying on the bottom with his left eye cloudy...I placed him in the quarantine tank and began to start researching the net...Over the period of yesterday and today, both eyes clouded, one of his horns broke, his face became bright red, skin began falling off of eyes-face-gill area....Late this morning I noticed him darting around the tank, and he died.... I have seen several possible causes by reading ALOT of your FAQs area, but I simply can't nail it down to a cause other than poison...Maybe it is simply coincidence that this happened after eating those minnows, and he was already sick, but I have NOTHING in my tank but him and those 2 Anemones, <These are likely the root cause here> I test the water weekly, and he has been on the same diet.... I have attached 2 pictures, one from each side of his head....I would sincerely appreciate your opinion.... Thank you. Richard Gulf Coast, MS <Thank you for writing so clearly, thoroughly... the cloudy eyes, the reddening of the face. It is likely your Lionfish had a bad run-in with the Condylactis. Bob Fenner>

Re: Dead Volitans Lion 12/27/08 Mr. Fenner...Thank you for the quick response...So, basically it was my ignorance that killed this fish...He should never have been placed in the tank w/the Condi's...? <Yes... does happen. These Lions aren't very "careful" in their movements, and in the small confines or our tanks, do get "caught" cruising around in the dark...> I thought I had covered all my bases when deciding to purchase this fish...It goes to show just how much there is to learn... <Much more than a lifetime> I understand you are going to lose fish due to natural causes, but I simply don't condone losing them to ignorance, or lack of care.. <Ahh! We are definitely in agreement here. Hence my efforts with friends here to share our experiences, thoughts, speculations and accumulated facts from others> I am disabled, and therefore have a lot of free time...I have very much enjoyed reading your site since finding it the other day...I have been unable to "put it down" so to speak... <Am glad to find the work of interest, use> As for writing clearly and thoroughly, you are welcome...I consider that a simple matter of respect, especially since you are providing an invaluable FREE service... Regards, Richard Scearce <Life to you my friend. Bob Fenner>

Anemone: friend or foe? Talmatactis sp. care 12/11/08 Hi. I have been feeding and growing a hitchhiker anemone for over a year now. It seems happy, but I'm wondering if anyone there knows about such a creature. I believe it in the family Isophellidae and perhaps of the genus Telmatactis. It looks a lot like the anemone pictured here: http://www.poppe-images.com/images/image_info.php?picid=905862 <<An impressive site for sure... Take a look at the Poppe's efforts here... some 53k images, MUCH diving, photography about the Philippines. RMF>> I found nothing on WWM about it and only photos on-line, which makes me think I might want to rethink keeping it. Do any of you know about Telmatactis care? <Hmm, interesting. I assume they have the same general care requirements as most other anemones (though it might be from colder water-- tough to say without a proper ID and origin). But honestly, all I know about Telmatactis sp. anemones is that they generally stay *relatively* small and are the type sometimes picked up by crabs (carried on their shells for protection and such).> Honestly, he's going great, but if he's going to grow to be huge or eat my hand off one day, I'd rather find him a new home while he's still small. <Again, if it is a Telmatactis sp., I highly doubt it will get big enough for that! :-)> Pete
Sara M.>

AEB Algae Eating Blenny Death, Actinarian kiss 11/15/08 (quite long tried to be informative about everything) <Good> Good afternoon, First off I'd like to say thanks for all the time and effort your team puts into making this site the best information data base I have found on the web, and for taking your time to deal with my problem. I have searched to find a reason for my mysterious blenny death and cant come up with anything other than the quite possible obvious. After adding a rather large healthy 2.5"+ blenny to my 50 gallon tank he did well for a full day, the only thing i noticed was some rapid breathing 3 beats per 2 seconds. I kept an eye on the fish and the breathing returned to a reasonable rate of 1per second. this morning i woke up and peered into my tank the blenny had moved under some rock at the bottom of my tank and my very large (3") cleaner shrimp wanted to get further acquainted, so, he jumped down and sprung into action cleaning the blenny (not the first time cleaned), now there is a decent sized long tentacle anemone on the bottom a few inches away. <Mmmm> The shrimp must have scared the blenny a bit and he barely tapped into the LTA <Ditto> after this happened it was 2minutes before blenny was not breathing. I watched the LTA only tap maybe 1 tentacle to this large blenny. Is this what killed my fish? <Could be> or could it have been the stress from getting switched from quarantine to the tank combined with a light zap giving him a heart attack? <As well> I noticed a white patch that started to get bigger after his death that was also there before the LTA it just looked like a calico cat spot. blenny also had plenty of food choices - algae on rocks, Caulerpa, Chaeto, + my daily feedings * I have attached 3 pictures the first two are under 150w 14k SunPod 1 of each side, the last is a view under ambient light from the sun* (the first the light is a little blue it was warming.) My tank is a 50gallon with built in the back filtration (wet/dry, sodium, refugium, then carbon, -> return) lighting is current usa 6x39 t5, 3 pumps at about 600gph + a return at around 350(shoots along the back and out the side through tiny holes). Livestock is 1 maroon clown hosted to BTA large and very healthy, 1 BTA , 1 skunk cleaner, 2 LTA, <I do hope/trust these anemone species/specimens are well-used to each other...> 80lbs live rock, 80lbs live sand, lots of snails, and 2 blue leg hermits, and corals (leathers, Zoa, mushroom, polyps, and a purple feather Gorgonia). <Mmm... a dangerous mix here, of Cnidarians> water parameters are 8.2ph 10nitrate 0nitrate 1.23-1.25 I use red sea success calcium +3 once per week 10gallon water changes with ro/di water ever 10 days or less only use quality no additive salt - feed with flake, 2 frozen shrimps, and sinking NLS pellet food as well as the phytoplankton supplement once per day. and each member gets some frozen Sally's krill off the chopsticks if they like every few days. This tank is about 2+ months old however the fish rock and corals are closer to 3-4yr range and the LTA's are 2+months - However the LTA's, growing rapidly extending and, eating krill off chopsticks 3 times per week - skunk cleaner likes to as well ha. <I do think the anemone (LTA) touch was trouble... and that you might benefit from reading: http://wetwebmedia.com/cnidcompppt.htm and the linked files above re reducing the poss., effects of negative Cnidarian interaction. Bob Fenner>

Missing Anemone 9/25/08 Hello! <Hi> Recently I bought a Condy anemone and a week or 2 later I added some red hermit crabs (2), well, over night the anemone disappeared so I took out all my rock and such to see if maybe he had sucked up inside one, but found no sign. So I figured it died, however, there is no sign that an anemone had ever been in the tank. So my question is: is it possible that my anemone was eaten by my hermits? <Very doubtful.> I also have a Picasso trigger, niger trigger, dog face puffer, Volitans lionfish, fuzzy dwarf lionfish, and a snowflake eel. <The triggers or puffer are the most likely culprits here. Also in future queries please spell and grammar check before submitting as instructed here http://www.wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/question_page.htm , the time taken to correct them before posting would be better used answering more questions.> <Chris>

Re: Missing Anemone 9/25/08 Thanks for the quick reply! <Welcome> The strange thing about this is that the anemone and fish had lived together just fine for 2 weeks, never bothering each other. <Just took them a while to get around to checking it out.> Are anemones part of the trigger fish's natural diet? <Not usually, but they will sample most anything they can, as will your puffer.> <Chris>

Please save my lion fish. Anem. incomp. 8/29/08 Sir, I am in a deep trouble. I have a small aquarium and I keep a small lion and 1 carpet anemone. <!? Not compatible> This is a new fish . It was apparently healthy but within 2 days my lion is having some fungus type of thing <... nope> on his left side while the right side is clear. Can you tell me what the disease is and how to treat it. <Is a burn... from the anemone> Please see the picture for correct understanding of the problem. Please do something he is not eating and staying in one place and breathing. I have posted more pictures here please see it and then respond and help me. The anemone stung it once. I have seen it , the lion went near the anemone then suddenly shot away. http://petsconcern.blogspot.com/2008/08/please-help-sos.html Regards Babu Banik. <Need to separate these... pronto. Bob Fenner>

Hippo Tang 8/29/08 Dear Mr. Bob Fenner <Akila> I have an 80G Marine tank with 1 Hippo Tang, 1 Bannerfish, 3 Large Tube Worms, Bubble tip Anemone, some snails, a microalgae colony & lots of live rocks with coral line algae. I use 6500K 500W (4 x 125) CFL lighting. I use a 4G Canister Filter, 5W UV Sterilizer, Remora hang on Skimmer (with 2000L/H separate power head), 2 Power heads (2000L/H), & Chiller. The tank is running well. I do a 20% water change every month and feed my fish and invertebrates carefully. My water parameters are Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, and Nitrate < 20. This tank has being running well for the past 1 year. <Ok> Hippo Tang was in QT for 2 weeks and transferred to the main tank about 2 months ago. I have attached some photos that shows a problem that the Hippo Tang is having now. These spots are under his belly and on the side. When you look at it closely it look like his skin is coming off. I am so worried as to what will happen to my Tang. Could you please help me identify this disease and let me know of a way to help him. Thanks in advance for your help Best regards, Akila <Thank you for supplying complete information and such fine photos. This mark looks very much like a "burn"... Am almost sure it originated with a chance/accidental mishap with your BTA... It should heal in time of its own accord with your good care. Bob Fenner>

Anemone Vs. Majestic Angel 8/11/08 Hello Crew. <Lovely morning - Mike here today> First let me say your web site is wonderful and has no doubt done more to advance the hobby than the invent of the all-glass aquarium ! (Remember the steel framed and slate bottom tanks?) <Thanks! This site has been helping me for almost a decade; and I'm glad I never had to deal with steel framed aquariums> That said I have experienced a major set back with my 210 gal. system and I hope you can help put my mind at ease. The set up is basically FOWLR with the exception of 2 large rose bubble tips. One of them is at least 6" in diameter when fully open. <Pretty> This morning I found my 6"Majestic Angel on his side and almost dead directly under one of the bubble tips. The Angel didn't have a mark on him other than some bleached (stress) marks and died within 30 minutes after I noticed him under the anemone. All other fish in the tank are healthy and like the Angel, have been in the system for years. The Angel was eating well last night and showed no signs of distress. Body weight, color and fins all looked good. <Was he contracting or contorting in an odd way, or twitching (classic signs of neurotoxicity)? Rapid breathing? What are the angel's tankmates? I called a couple of friends of mine ( both own aquarium stores ) to ask their opinions on what may have killed my Angel. They both feel the anemone may have been the culprit. I have checked the water chemistry and with the exception of some low levels of nitrate (>10ppm) and phosphate ( about .3 ppm ) everything looks good. <Yep...> Is it possible that after all this time being together the anemone could have killed such a large Angel?? <Yes - only takes one slip, so to speak> I can find new homes for the anemones but they are beautiful and I love to watch my Maroon Clown feed and care for them. I would hate to get rid of them but if my fish are in danger I will remove them. <Well, there's really no such thing as a large, 'fish-safe' anemone unless they're clownfish. The risk is always present, and likely it just wasn't your angels' lucky day. In a tank that size, the likelihood of your fish being stung to death is low (especially large fish, to a BTA) so I wouldn't worry too much. Thanks in advance for your advise, <Anytime> Jeff Jones <M. Maddox>

Condy and Bubble Tip, Actinarian comp. 7/26/08 Greetings, <Salud!> I have a 55 gallon Saltwater tank and has been doing wonderfully. I have a Halide by Current on there and my anemones thrive. But my question is have you ever seen a love affair between these two types of anemones? <Mmm, don't know if I'd use these words, but have seen disparate species of Actinarians living together in apparent harmony> they have been in the same tank for months and then one day the Condy got to close so I moved the bubble tip still all of a sudden in a matter of a few hours they where tangled in sorts and it seemed the Bubble tip had won. No damage too them, moved them apart again. But now when the Condy moves the bubble tip moves to be near it. they are eating healthy and very vibrant as the day I brought them home. Why are the following each other? <Perhaps the prevailing currents of water movement, lighting or some other variable is most desirable where they are situation themselves> it as if they are in Love. This has been going on now for a month. I just leave them alone now. would it have anything to do with the anemone crab that host on the Condy? <Mmm, don't think so> My water perimeters are pretty perfect to standard. Or are they both just nuts! Respectfully, Sharon in Colorado <Thank you for sharing. Bob Fenner>

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