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FAQs on Identification of Stinging-Celled Animals 33

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Re: I.D      12/20/14
Hi guys thank u for ur last I.D.
Wondering if u
could help me out with this one? Found this crawling around the top of my live rock today. I have had the tank setup for approx 6 weeks and am yet to add anything to it due to trying to cycle it. I have had the lights off for the past 2 days in an attempt to get rid of the green hair algae. Im assuming this little guy must of come out from hiding to chase some light.
<What are you referring to? Bob Fenner>

re: I.D      12/21/14
Sorry I was referring to the White thing with some green in it. It has a pink base and it moves very slowly.
<What the?! Thought it was just one element here. Well, let's review what is here apparently... Some form of polypoid life... radially-symmetrical, oral-end up... the arrangement of "tentacles" would lead me to think this might be a Corallimorpharian, but the fact that you state it's motile... An Actinarian likely; bleached... Bob Fenner>

Help to I.D.   12/3/14
Regards WWM crew from sunny Naples, FL. I hope you folks are doing good.
information I need you guys to help me identify this creatures. It looks like anemones to me (of some sort) have some,
<Some sort of polypoid life... Can't quite make these out. Your pic is too blurry, poorly resolved>
like six, on different areas of live rock. Are these bad, aggressive, noxious? Should I worry about these?
If so, should I torch them?.
I will appreciate any information that you can provide me in regards of these creatures.
Best regards, Frank.
<Can't tell w/o a better image. Bob Fenner>

What is it     8/25/14
Hi I've attached two photos . The stringy substance appeared from the mushroom shown. It disappeared but has now reappeared attached to rock as shown, what is it please. Regards Lou
<Appears to be a soft coral (Alcyoniid) of the genus Sinularia... see here re: http://wetwebmedia.com/alcyoniidsii.htm

or a Fox Coral, Nemanzophyllia...
Bob Fenner>

Can you help me ID this?      8/3/14
Hi guys,
I'm trying to figure out what I have here, and cannot quite pinpoint it.
I've attached a picture to help. The larger one looks like a gum smear with tentacles, is this a coral. anenome, or something else? Beneficial to my tank or dangerous?
<Need a better resolved pic... this looks to be simply a more expanded Octocoral... pinnacles showing>
Also, I have a little growth of something right next to it, I'm wondering if it's some type of hydroid or problematic critter, as it seems to be turning the gum smear red, where the two touch. Should I remove one, the other, both?
<IF fearful that this is something that might be trouble, I would (with gloves on, hand tools) excise and remove the questionable area (outside the tank, underwater, with sharp blade)... and change the operating water out, triple dose with iodide-ate for ten minutes before returning to the main system>
I can try to take a better pic of the small one if you can't make it out.
<Oh! Yes, please>
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Re: Can you help me ID this?   8/10/14
Hello again WWM,
I have gotten what I believe to be better quality pics, higher resolution.
<... why, why? would you send 13 megs of pix files?>
I believe this may be an encrusting Briareum after searching the net.
<Some other Octocoral>
The little item beside it is what I'm still clueless about. You can see in the pics both it with tentacles retracted as well as fully extended. They look to be feathered/filamentous.
You'll also notice they seem to be agitating the Octocoral (red area where
Within the last 2 days, my Kenya tree which is on the same piece of rock
apprix 2" or so away to the left of the little growth has stayed limp and
refuses to "bloom".
I'm debating severing the branch to separate the Kenya and misc piece
incase it got stung.
I would also choose between separating the misc and Briareum using a chisel
between them, or using the frag technique of gluing a piece for it to grow
onto, though that will take considerable time.
Anyways, here are the pics, hope they're better and can help identify the
culprit agitator.

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