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Genus Goniopora, Family Poritidae, Part 2

To: Goniopora 1, Goniopora 3


By Bob Fenner


Genus Goniopora: A likely unneeded mention that all (my) identifications on WWM are tentative; those of stony corals often require careful examination of skeletal remains for ID to species. Here are some other examples of the genus.
Goniopora sp. a yellowish aquarium specimen and one off of Heron Island, Australia's Great Barrier Reef. And how it can be propagated below, by asexual "pupping" and grown in fine, silty substrate. Last, a colony in Fiji.

Goniopora sp. Encrusting, lobate to columnar colonies. Variable in color as you can see... At least 14 species in the West Pacific... occurring in protected, turbid (muddy) water. Predated by the Nudibranch, Phestilla sp. 

A green colony. Queensland, Australia.

A "puffed-up" colony in the muck in N. Sulawesi.

A gorgeous Goniopora colony in the Red Sea.

To: Goniopora 1, Goniopora 3

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