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FAQs about Fungiid Corals: Heliofungia

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Heliofungia actiniformis in N. Sulawesi

Yet another question - Heliofungia care -- 10/07/11
Hi Crew,
<Mornin' Sugam>
I can't help but ask you guys more questions because you have been ever so helpful (and accurate) in the past. This time my question is about a Heliofungia plate coral that I am considering. I have put a deposit on it and am currently doing research on its care. I found a few FAQs on WWM but not as much information as I would like. I also found contradictory information so am at a bit of a loss on how to care for the species. Here is a link to an article that I thought was quite comprehensive - http://www.advancedaquarist.com/2003/4/inverts
<Have just reviewed, and largely agree on Jules's statements (as usual) w/ the exception of the need to feed Heliofungia and the upper limits to the stated concentration of Calcium... Am not a fan of this being over about 400 ppm>
So far what I have been able to gather is that they are not the easiest to care for. They feed from both lighting as well as direct feeding but I have found some sources saying the feeding should be very very small while other suggests larger meaty bits.
<I am of the latter opinion... once per week>
On duration again, I have found suggestions on feeding every day whole others claim only very minimal
feeding. The one thing most resources I have reviewed seem to agree on is low to medium flow with good lighting.
Could you perhaps guide me on how best to care for the species?
<What you and I have stated; the article you cite on Reefs.org...>
The plate I am planning on has white tentacles with pink tips.
My specific questions for this species are -
1. Feeding: Should I do larger meaty bits like silversides and shrimp or micro foods? Also, regular (daily) feeding or a couple of times a week?
<Once or twice a week, the former>
2. Placement: I gather that direct sand placement is ideal. In terms of flow, would you agree that low to medium flow is ideal?
3. Light: Am planning on placing in a well lit area but since on the sand bed of an RSM 250, light is not massive. Is this an issue?
<PAR around 100 at the bottom is fine>
4. Interactions: I understand that they swell up and 'walk' so am planning to place them a good 6-8 inches from any other coral. Is this sufficient?
5. Prospects: Having found some places say that care is quite straightforward and others suggesting it is a lost cause, I am unsure what to go with. I would consider myself to be a beginner with a couple of years experience in keeping soft corals and some LPS (all thriving).
Am I getting in over my head?
<I hope not. Some specimens do well...>
While I am writing to you, I would also appreciate some advise on where I might be able to find more information on a chili coral. I have found only one or two FAQs on WWM and so far have gathered that it needs to be in a low light area with good flow and must be placed upside down.
<Not always the latter, and the flow only needs to be brusque alternately... as in there are periods of rapid to slow to slack tide in the wild. Look to AZOO feeds...>
I have managed. In terms of feeding I am using JBL Koralfluid and frozen Cyclops a few times a week. So far, it has decent polyp extension but I would like to continue reading for optimal care. This was labeled a red finger leather at the store and I bought it in my excitement of finding a truly unique piece. Have since correctly identified and rectified conditions for it but have a long way to go with researching. I would really appreciate being pointed in the correct direction.
<Mmm, well, if/when I really wake up... perhaps I can/will add to my ever-growing "to do" list the re-writing of care of Nephtheids. There are plenty of good works on this group in recent years in the hobby literature.
Cheers, Bob Fenner>
Re: Yet another question - Heliofungia care   10/9/11

Thanks so much for the response Bob.
<Welcome Sug!>
I am glad to hear that my research on the plate was along the right lines. Have acquired the specimen and have placed it as planned. So far, so good. The one thing that didn't strike me earlier, and should have been fairly obvious is the size of each feeding. I have fed it meaty bits about the size of a pencil eraser attached which it readily accepts. I plan to do this twice each week.
The plate itself is about 4-5 inches in diameter.
<Sounds about right>
Sad to report that the chili does not seem to like its new placement. Am planning on giving it a couple of days to see if it will get better and if not, then take corrective action accordingly. Have been reading extensively about Nephtheids in general since the acquisition (would have been quite useful pre-acquisition!) and yes and article by you on the subject would be very handy.
<Ah good>
On a completely separate note, if there is any way I can help WWM at all, I would be happy to assist. The site has been of tremendous use to me and if I can ever lend a hand, I would be glad. While not an advanced hobbyist, am a writer by profession if that helps any.
<Ahh! Thank you for your offer. Do you feel confident in helping others... In English... or? Have the time to respond to questions (a few minutes most days?). Are you a known quality on our bb (WetWebForum)? If so, please send along a brief biography and we'll solicit it amongst the present Crew.

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