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FAQs on the Algae Eating Blennies 2

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Starved for too long... a shame.

Help picking a new fish; blennies, more for FILR       2/16/17
Hi crew! It is time for me to get a new fish! But I am having so much trouble choosing one.
I currently have a female maroon clown and 3 azure damsels, skunk cleaner shrimp, snails and hermits in a 75 gallon. Lots of places to hide, lots of rock, not much sand. Mostly softies as far as corals go. The tank has been established 3 years.
I want something with a lot of personality and am considering a starry blenny. But what I really need to know about these fish is there long term survivability?
<Ones in initially good health are very tough indeed>

Are they similar to an algae/lawnmower blenny in that most of them die untimely deaths? Or is there a better chance of having a starry long term.
<There is>
If starry blennies are something I am better to stay away from, then is there something similar you can recommend that would fit in with my current livestock?
<I'd add something for mid-water here... Perhaps a Ctenochaetus Tang species.... there are MANY other choices. I'd be browsing articles on WWM;
reading and heeding reviews as to hardiness>
I really love blennies and gobies, can you offer an opinion on the hardiest of these?
<Some of the sand sifting gobies are aquarium hardy; most small ones not for this setting>
I get very attached to my fish and can't stand it when one dies :(. I would choose something captive bred if at all possible but living in the boonies in Northern Canada that's rarely an option.
Thanks in advance!
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>
Re: Help picking a new fish. Algae Blennies    2/23/17

Thank you so much for your advice, I felt much more confident purchasing a starry blenny after speaking to you. I managed to find one that had been at the fish store for 2 months and looked very healthy so I got him, he has
been in the tank since Saturday and looking great.
<Ah good>
There was a lot of posturing from one of my male azures at first, and the blenny would lunge at him but as I suspected this completely subsided after a mere few hours. My maroon clown has been unbelievably tolerant of the new addition as well, even when he sits right under her hammer coral.
<Very well>
I do have one more question. Someone has offered me a bubble tip anemone at a very good price. My concern is its compatibility with the blenny. Will he be smart enough to avoid the anemone?
<Mmm; in a seventy five gallon system... I give you good odds that he'll survive; stay out>
I fear him landing on it and getting stung or eaten.
Thanks again
<Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Lawnmower Blenny behavior     1/8/17
First off, thanks for all you do! I find a lot of my answers here, but I haven't been able to find this one. I have a very animated lawnmower blenny that seems to do push ups whenever I approach the tank. He is eating well, is very active and just silly! Is this a normal behavior in these fish?
<Ah yes; have seen Salarias, Atrosalarias et al. blenny species doing this in the wild as well. It seems to be related to the presence of conspecifics; some sort of signaling of their presence (as blenny territories are at times, right adjacent to each other); perhaps territorial or sexual in nature>
Have a blessed day!
<Always. Bob Fenner>

Lawnmower Blenny 11/14/10
Hey Guys,
I came to your site looking for info on my Blenny as we've seen some interesting traits and wanted to see what other readers have noticed. We have just a ten gallon tank with the blenny and a choc-chip starfish, two live rocks, and many shells, plus substrate. The tank has been established for over a year with the addition of the fish and star in June. They're doing very well and the blenny spends a lot of time on top of the rocks. In answer to another reader's question about the blenny changing color I have to say with a definite 'yes', that they do change color depending on their background. We have one choc-brown rock, and one white, they're leaning against each other and the blenny jumps from one to the other. Within seconds he starts to change to the new color, and within a couple of minutes has fully changed. He also goes grey when in the substrate too. He goes from a deep 'purple', and brown to almost white with pale stripes. What I find most fascinating is that when he's 'between' rocks, only half of his body will change color. He's an awesome addition to the tank, and our main attraction!
Thanks for sharing such an informative site!
<And thank you Karen for sharing your experiences with us. Will post for others to read.
James (Salty Dog)>

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