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FAQs on the Algae Eating Blennies Selection

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Seek a specimen that is attentive!

Help picking a new fish; blennies, more for FILR       2/16/17
Hi crew! It is time for me to get a new fish! But I am having so much trouble choosing one.
I currently have a female maroon clown and 3 azure damsels, skunk cleaner shrimp, snails and hermits in a 75 gallon. Lots of places to hide, lots of rock, not much sand. Mostly softies as far as corals go. The tank has been established 3 years.
I want something with a lot of personality and am considering a starry blenny. But what I really need to know about these fish is there long term survivability?
<Ones in initially good health are very tough indeed>

Are they similar to an algae/lawnmower blenny in that most of them die untimely deaths? Or is there a better chance of having a starry long term.
<There is>
If starry blennies are something I am better to stay away from, then is there something similar you can recommend that would fit in with my current livestock?
<I'd add something for mid-water here... Perhaps a Ctenochaetus Tang species.... there are MANY other choices. I'd be browsing articles on WWM;
reading and heeding reviews as to hardiness>
I really love blennies and gobies, can you offer an opinion on the hardiest of these?
<Some of the sand sifting gobies are aquarium hardy; most small ones not for this setting>
I get very attached to my fish and can't stand it when one dies :(. I would choose something captive bred if at all possible but living in the boonies in Northern Canada that's rarely an option.
Thanks in advance!
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Algae Control/Salarias Compatibility; Stkg as well      3/4/15
Greetings Bob & Crew!
Thank you again for the awesome service that you provide!
<Ah, welcome Joe>
I have had to take down my 155 gallon in-wall reef temporarily but am in the process of setting it back up. I have been extremely happy with the Salarias species for algae control,
<Are amazingly productive for "the right types" of algae>
specifically the Starry and Lawnmower Blennies. I would like to incorporate them into the new version of the reef soon but wasn't sure about compatibility issues. I previously had both, but not in the tank at the same time.
<Mmm; if there's (bottom surface area) room... which there should be for a couple here>
Both refused prepared food but it didn't matter due to an overabundance of algae growth (among the many reasons I had to take it down). One of my mistakes with the tank was going without herbivores for too long- I'm sure you can imagine the results!
My question is, how many and what combinations of the two do you feel would work best in this tank?
<Two, maybe three of one or mix of species>
The dimensions are 72" long by 22" high by 24" width. I was hoping that the size would accommodate more than one Salarias.
<Yes; again; two full-size individuals. I so wish I'd had a video rig... out in Palau Redang (Malaysia) years back... the inside hard surface bottom was populated "wall to wall"... Such great fun to see them interacting>
In addition I was hoping to add some Tridacna clams at some point. I also have a feeling that the blennies and perhaps the Ctenochaetus Tang that I may add (also for algae control) may nip at these. Any thoughts?
<I think you'll be fine... IF these fishes happen by, it will only be periodically, and not damaging directly>
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Nano Stocking / Hitchhiker 6/13/10, Ophiuroids

< Hello >
I am brand new to saltwater tanks. I just set up a 14 gallon Bio-Cube for cycling. I discovered a tiny little red-banded brittle sea star last night. I suppose he is a rider from the live rock.
< A common hitchhiker on live rock >
I have been reading some of the back and forth questions and answers under the brittle sea star section, but now I am getting scared of the little brittle sea star, as I see some people's fish and shrimp ended up being attacked and eaten.
< Can be a problem with larger brittle stars. Especially the Green brittle star (Ophiarachna incrassata) or as its called in the hobby, "The Green Death".>
I am looking forward to having simply a Starry Blenny, clownfish and a fire shrimp for my new tank.
<Clownfish and fire shrimp should do fine. If by Starry blenny you are referring to the Starry Dragonet (Synchiropus stellatus) you should reconsider. Starry dragonets are VERY difficult to feed and should only be
kept by the most advanced aquarist in much larger tanks than what you are currently running. Most slowly starve over a period of months. For your size tank, I would stick with the clownfish and the fire shrimp.>
Should I be concerned this little critter may devour my Blenny, etc? The brittle sea star is pretty small. Maybe a little bigger than a dime. Love the red bands on him. He looks a little like a candy cane.
< I don't see him as being a problem. There are a number of small stars found in and around live rock and sand. Most don't get to be much bigger than the one under your care. >
Thanks, Celia.
< Your very welcome GA Jenkins >
Re: Help!
Re : Nano Stocking / Hitchhiker 6/13/10

Thanks so much for the fast response!
< You're welcome! >
I am relived that it shouldn't be a problem. The live rock was imported from Fiji according to the aquarium
shop. The critter sure has a will to live.
Also, I found the scientific name for the starry blenny: Salarias ramosus,
which is different than the Dragonet. I understand the starry blenny is peaceful, easy for a beginner like me, and good at eating algae. Hopefully, it will not be a snack for the brittle sea star. Your thoughts or opinions on the starry blenny would certainly be welcome.
< Very different but still not an appropriate critter for your set up. Salarias ramosus grow to large and can be aggressive with age. I really wouldn't add anything more than the clown and fire shrimp. Aquariums the size of your can go bad quickly so I would keep my stocking levels to a minimum. For a tank your size I personally would recommend scrapping the clown and fire shrimp and going with some type of goby. The Orangespot would make a nice choice. GA Jenkins >
Thanks again, your website is fantastic!!

Lawnmower Blenny For My Tank/Algae Control 9/28/09
<Hi Matthew>
I have read through many of your helpful FAQs on lawnmower blennies but there are still some things I'm not too sure about before I purchase one. I have a 100 gallon tank with 2 clowns and a Flame Hawk. Recently the tank has become the victim of a nasty algae bloom. It appears to be Bryopsis algae. It is definitely not hair algae. It is bristly, quite slow growing, only grows to about 2cm in length, and is very tough. Removing it with my fingernails is a painstaking process! Quite some force is needed to remove
it from the rocks and often a chunk of the rock will come off with the algae.
I have always had a nice growth of Halimeda on one of my rocks and I wish to keep this algae. The Halimeda is still growing on this rock despite some of the bristly algae growing there too.
Anyway my question is will a lawnmower blenny eat the Halimeda before the bristly algae?
<I've never witnessed a Lawnmower Blenny eat either of the two.>
And will it even eat the tough, bristly algae at all? I know that they eat hair algae but this stuff is better described as 'brush' algae. I don't want to buy one of these blennies if it will eat my Halimeda. Are there any
other alternatives?
<Yes, read here and linked files above.
Please help.
Thank you.
<You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)>

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