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FAQs on Tuskfishes, Genus Choerodon

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Purple Eyebrow Tuskfish     4/3/17
> Hello Mr. Fenner,
> Your website has helped me in the past so I figured you would be the best resource regarding my new acquisition. I picked up a Purple Eyebrow Tuskfish from my LFS a couple of days ago.
> I had a Harlequin Tuskfish in my tank for a little over 12 years until he finally expired a couple of months ago, so I do have some experience with the Tuskfish family.
<Genus; Choerodon... Labrid/wrasse family>
> My question: I really can't find any info on this species. According to Scott W. Michael's book on Wrasses & Parrotfishes, this is a rare fish in the trade.
<Tis so. All other than Harlequins are rare>
The fish is gorgeous and he is eating Rod's brand of frozen food along with Ocean Nutrition flake and Tetra Jumbo Krill.
> I am just curious if you could add any other info on this fish? From what I am witnessing he acts very similar to a Harlequin Tuskfish, I.e. Eats everything, burrows at night, swims all over the tank during the day, pretty passive with the other inhabitants; a Blue Face Angel, Purple Tang, Emperor Angel and a Diadem Dottyback.
<Yes; my input would be, is as yours above. Treat, care for as C. fasciata>
> Please see attached photo of the fish in my FOWLR tank. Feel free to include this picture on your WetWeb Media website if you like.
<I thank you>
> If you would like, I keep a detailed log on my fish from purchase to expiry or trade. I would be more than happy to keep your group up to date on the behavior of this fish to better help and understand the husbandry of
this species.
> Thanks, Gary Lewandowski
<Thank you for sharing. I do encourage you to develop the log you mention; perhaps document the husbandry of this fish; generate an article re. Bob Fenner>

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