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The Best Livestock for Your Marine Aquarium

 Wrasses called Tuskfish, the Genus Choerodon 

Bob Fenner

Choerodon graphicus

Species: Nineteen described according to ICLARM's FishBase. Only one in use in the aquarium trade.

Choerodon anchorago (Bloch 1791), the Orange-Spotted Tuskfish. Indo-West Pacific; Sri Lanka to French Polynesia. To about fifteen inches maximum length. A one foot specimen in Bunaken/Manado/Celebes/Indonesia, another in Redang, Malaysia. 

Choerodon cephalotes (Castelnau 1875), the Grass Tuskfish. Queensland to Indonesia. To fifteen inches in length. Found associated with grass beds. This one off of the Whitsundays in Australia. 

Choerodon cyanodus (Richardson 1843), the Blue Tuskfish. Queensland to western Australia. Reportedly feeds mainly on mollusks. To twenty eight inches in length. Queensland, Australia photo. 

Choerodon fasciatus (Gunther 1867), the Harlequin Tuskfish. Western Pacific, Australia to Taiwan. To twelve inches maximum length. The only familiar member of the genus, and a gentle giant... as long as you're more than mouth size, smart and fast enough. Crustaceans need not apply as tankmates.

Choerodon graphicus De Vis 1885, the Graphic Tuskfish. West Pacific, Australia to New Caledonia. To twenty inches in length. A shy species that is rarely seen in the ornamental trade outside of the "Land Down Under". This one off of Heron Island. 

Choerodon jordani (Snyder 1908), Jordan's Tuskfish. West Pacific; Western Australia, Fiji, Samoa. To 17 cm. Aquarium image. 

Choerodon schoenleinii (Valenciennes 1839), the Blackspot Tuskfish. Indo-West Pacific, Japan to Australia. Largest member of the genus. Up to 38 inches long (1 meter) and 16 kilograms in weight. This one in Australia.

Choerodon venustus (De Vis 1884), the Venus Tuskfish. 


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