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FAQs about Euro-Reef, Now Reef Dynamics Skimmers 2 

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DOC affecting coral color?       12/12/12
Hi crew!  I've been doing some research on your site on various subjects and I have questions.   I am having problems with my corals losing color, specifically a Montipora but they all more or less have faded.  I have recently upgraded my system from a 55 gallon to an 80 gal frag with a 30 gal refugium and so I need to upgrade my protein skimmer.  Currently I am using a Aqua C Remora but quite frankly I have never been impressed with the amount of skimmate that it produces. So I looked on WWM and read Mr. Calfo's recommendations on protein skimmers. I researched out Euro Reef which is now Reef Dynamics.  I went to their website to research out the protein skimmer I needed and I found under the "More Info" on the INS100 the following information: 
    IDEAL: The INS100 is ideal for  "SPS" aquarium systems with a total capacity of +/- 80 gallons with a heavy bio-load. "SPS" systems (aquaria with a focus on Small Polyped     Stony corals) benefit from a high rate of organic extraction as it promotes and enhances coloration in corals by limiting the nutrients available to the symbiotic algae     Zooxanthellae) living within there tissue. In addition, a high rate of organic and particulate extraction increases the clarity of the water which in turn enhances     the penetration of UV rays that stimulate the development of the corals colorful UV protective materials. Increased water clarity also optimizes the efficiency of the      Zooxanthellae a thus decreases the number of the protozoa required to provide the coral with the food (glucose) it takes up in exchange for the CO2 produced by the coral through normal biological processes.
Please tell me if I am reading this correctly.
<"Better" skimming does this>
 So basically if I have a high DOC this will prevent the Zooxanthellae from doing their job and in the end providing the UV material which produces the colors. I believe I have a high amount of DOC since whenever I clean the pads under the incoming water from the tank (in the refugium) they are usually dark brown within a couple of days.
<May need to be cleaned, swapped out daily. You may benefit from using activated carbon on a sporadic basis>
I do get a brown film (diatoms) on the sand and glass in the main tank but not in the refugium.  Could this be the reason my corals are fading?
<There could be many other influences. This might be a contributing cause>
 I have tested for Nitrates and they are at 0. Is there another way to measure DOC? 
<Mmm, not hobbyist kits as far as I'm aware, but there are means. How to put this Dissolved Organic Carbon is not often an issue in captive marine systems; in fact, the opposite: Many folks nowayears add C purposely, lest it be rate-limiting (see the Net re the various "pellets" sold to supply C). It's the kinds of molecules that include carbon that can be more often some source of troubles; e.g. "allelopathy">
Also in my research for measuring DOC on WWM I see where Xenia thrive on DOC...my tank is stuffed with Xenia.  I can't kill it.  I have to give it to the LFS so it doesn't over run my tank.
In the spirit of full disclosure I have written to WWM on the corals fading to which Mr. Fenner replied to maintain a proper amount of phosphate and nitrates which I have been trying to increase. Also for lighting I use T5s (5 AquaSun and 1 Actinic).  I am terribly sorry this email is so long.
Please let me know if there is any information you may need that I left out.  Thank you again crew! Jennifer
<I doubt that DOC is really an issue, but with the skimmer change, time going by, you may well see change here. Bob Fenner>

Sedra 3500 Alternative for Jeff and Rob's EuroReef skimmers...     11/7/12
I run a Euro-Reef RS80 which works well enough but I am tired of replacing the Sedra 3500 pumps. The impellers rust internally which causes them to crack and swell. They also leak current after a while which trips a GFCI.
<Aye... I told the Macare family that makes/made these MANY times I would NOT have switched to this line of pumps, but stayed w/ (the albeit more expensive to purchase) Eheim line>
Is there a suitable replacement available?
<Yes; quite a few>
Sicce, Tunze, and OceanRunner are a few of the possibilities but no one seems to know if any alternative pump will fit without major modifications.
Would a 6" NWB 150 Reef Octopus be a better way to go?
<Would be; but I'd go w/ the Eheim...>
Thanks for your help,
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Euro-Reef Pump Issue 7/28/10
Hello good folks.
<Hello Jason>
I have been using my Euro-Reef skimmer for a few years now and it's been great. But now it doesn't seem to want to work. I have tried taking it apart and cleaning it.
<Have you cleaned out the air inlet on the manifold? Usually this will clog up with calcium.
A drill bit the same size works well for this.>
When I put in back in the water for a try, it might work or it might not. When it doesn't work, you can feel that it is "live", but it's not sucking in water like it should. Sometimes if I cover the intake hole with my hand or tap it a few times, it will take off and run. 
After playing with it a few minutes ago, I got it running full strength after it had been out of the water for a few days. Then when I pulled the plug on that test in a barrel of water and transferred it back to my tank, I plugged it in and it wasn't working right again.
I either need a solution to fix or a compatible replacement. It is model KSP-3500 (350 gph).
I seem to remember hearing something about soaking the whole thing in vinegar for these issues. Would that work maybe?
<Could try, may help. As of Dec 31st, 2009, Euro-Reef, Inc. has ceased doing business.
Former CEO and Vice President Jeff Macaré has started a new company called Reef Dynamics which produces a line of protein skimmers.
Reef Dynamics will also provide product support to existing Euro-Reef customers as well as limited warranty support for Euro-Reef products currently under warranty.
You may want to contact them and explain your problem if the above suggestions do not resolve the problem.
Go here. http://www.reefdynamics.com/aboutus.asp>
Thanks for all of your ongoing help.
<You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)>

Skimmer Selection  2/13/10
OK guys, thanks to your wonderful website and great assistance, I have designed my sump/refugium and I'm now ready to build it. Would you mind reviewing the drawing (attached) to make sure I'm headed in the right direction
and would you also mind answering a few bio-filtration questions about the refugium.
<No problem.>
Thanks, you and webmedia.com have been a tremendous help.
PS: As per your advise. I sent an inquiry to EuroReef about "Which skimmer to buy-RS180 or RSA180," they obviously sent my inquiry to Reef Dynamics, who said they were now handling all Euroreefs customer support?
<Yep, just spoke with Jeff yesterday, they basically are taking over EuroReef now.>
They suggested I buy their INS180 or INS250. I'm confused about the referral, what happened to EuroReef. Is the INS180 as good (same as) as the RS180?
<Though I have not personally used one yet, I am comfortable saying yes, if not better considering the source. They are quite similar skimmers, the INS series does use a different pump. My understanding is the RS180 is ceasing to exist.>
Questions (After reviewing drawing):
1. How much LR should be put in Refugium? (There is none in 170g display)
<As much as you can fit, while leaving some room (perhaps half the volume) for the macroalgae.
You should be able to fit 12-15 lbs or so of smaller sized rock in there.>
2. Should I also put LR in Return section?
<With none in the display I would fit as much as you can in here too.>
3. How much Macroalgae in refugium?
<Just a bit, whatever you can buy or trade for. It will grow fast!>
What type?
<Chaetomorpha is the standard today, is what I would choose.>
Will it impact the LR in refugium?
<Yes, the macro will need room to grow, this will limit the amount of rock you can fit in the refugium.>
4. Should I include DSB in refugium. Mud or Sand? (There is only aggregate in display)
<I would include a DSB wherever you can. Beware of larger grades, see:
and the linked files above.>
5. Is my return of 1200gph sufficient for the 170g FO.
<Not as the sole flow. See: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/circmarart.htm>
6. Is the 400gph flow through the refugium about right.
<I would honestly go more considering you will have live rock in there.
You do not want to make this a detritus settling ground. Just letting each overflow line run free would do the trick.>
7. Do you think I will need any additional filtration?
<Not so long as you are able to fit a bit of live rock in the sump. My only concern looking at your diagram is diverting the flow from one overflow into the other. This will leave you with too much flow for a line that size, I would step it up to a 2" line, likely step both up to that while you are at it for some redundancy in flow capacity. Scott V.>

Skimmer Selection (AquaC or Euro-Reef) -- 02/10/10
Which Skimmer would you recommend for a 175g FOWLR lightly stocked? The AquaC EV-240 or a Euro-Reef RS180? The skimmer will run in a sump.
<<Both are fine pieces of gear from fine companies and 'either one' would serve you here. With only about a $50.00 difference in price it pretty much comes down to availability, personal preference, what 'fits,' or maybe just energy consumption (the ER uses a pump that consumes about half the energy of the recommended pump for the AquaC). My current fave skimmers are the needle-wheel units from Euro-Reef (I have an 'old' ER CS12-3), but I don't think you will go wrong with either choice here>>
Thanks for your recommendation & wonderful website,
Les Currey
<<Happy to share, Les'¦good luck with your skimmer selection! Eric Russell>>
Re: Skimmer Selection (AquaC or Euro-Reef) -- 02/10/10
Thanks Eric,
<<Quite welcome Les>>
One quick follow up question.
Considering both the Euro-Reef RS180 and the AquaC EV-240, will the RS180 properly handle my "true" water volume of 190g +/- 5g (160g display & 30g sump)?
<<It is 'my' opinion that it will, yes>>
I see it is only rated for 180g vs. the higher rated EV-240.
<<Indeed'¦ While I do not believe AquaC overrates the efficacy of their units (though some other manufacturers do, in my estimation), I do think Euro-Reef is a bit 'conservative' re the 'system capacity' of their skimmers>>
I'm leaning toward the Euro if it can handle the water volume.
<<Again, I think you will be very happy with either unit'¦so, make your choice with confidence>>
Thanks again for your help,
<<Always welcome>>
Wetwebmedia.com is a life saver!
<<Thank you'¦that is our hope and indeed our belief my friend>>

Euro-Reef height issue 6/24/09
Hello kind people.
<Hello Jason.>
Considering Euro-Reef skimmers in a sump, is there any difference between it sitting in 6" of water or sitting in 12" of water but propped up 6"so that then it's really only in 6" of water again?
<Nope, same in the end.>
Why the advice to raise the skimmer? Why not just lower the water line that the skimmer sits in?
<Either can work.>
What's the difference?
<Only how it applies to your particular setup.>
Thank you,
<Welcome, Scott V.>

Protein Skimmers: Euro-Reef Skimmer RS180 Overflowing Woes - Airlock \ Siphoning 4/11/2009
Hello and thanks for providing such a great source of information.
<Hi Jeff>
Allow me to give a little background of my situation. My 120 (4x4x2) with prefabricated ADHI sump/fuge (skimmer/drain section 12�H x 12�W x 15�D where 12�H is the water level) is approaching 2 yrs old. My skimmer of choice 2 yrs. ago was the RS180.
<Good Skimmer>
I placed the skimmer on a shelf to create an 8" water level as directed by the instructions. Aside from the learning curve of my first SW setup, I was able to get a handle on the skimmer operation in a relatively short period of time. There was a glitch, however, in my installation as the instructions failed to mention cutting/eliminating the supplied drain pipe.
<?? The trick is to keep the drain pipe above water level to eliminate back pressure Otherwise, water levels inside the skimmer can and will fluctuate wildly. Also, if you have the "Gate Valve" modification some of the instructions for this mod on the Internet are dead wrong.>
Hence, I had my first bout with an overflowing skimmer. That was quickly remedied and I was on my way. The skimmer ran fine for the first 6 months of operation.
And it was during this time that I began to do some minor modifications due to a low pH. I had gotten the idea to bring in some fresh air to the skimmer and ran some 5/8� tubing to
the outside of my house. I connected up the air intake tube to the 5/8� tube and began to watch my pH rise to acceptable levels.
<Hmm..... other, better ways to control pH.>
I then began coming home to skimmer cups full of water and this 2 yr old troubleshooting process commenced. I have to say, nothing has given me more insight to the operation of this particular skimmer than this ongoing issue of overflowing.
The obvious first remedy was to ensure the airline was not creating this problem. The second was to give my first deep cleaning of the skimmer and pumpÂ….as suggested by EuroReef tech support. So after following this set of procedures, I re-commissioned the skimmer and we were once again on our way.
Nope, the skimmer began it's shenanigans again within another 2 weeks. Needless to say, I was back on the phone with tech support and we began looking at some of the finer detailsÂ….biological, chemical, feeding, etc. Did I have the most current needle wheel? Yes, I did. Tech support in their eagerness to make the situation right ended up sending me a whole new pumpÂ… a replacement GX-4100.
<Good customer service on their part.>
Within a month, the problem returned. Figuring that the airline had nothing to do with the issue, I reconnected to restore my pH. Funny thing was, that this issue would almost always seem to happen while I was away at work.
<Murphy's law of troubleshooting>
By the time I got home, the skimmer was not overflowing, but the cup was full and my salinity was down since my auto top-off had to replenish the lost level in the return section. But one Saturday I was lucky enough to catch the skimmer in it's sneaky process and it was then that I discovered the lack of air making it to the venturi. I first thought of a clog or buildup inside the tube/barbed connection as we have been through that step before. But there was nothing that would cause any obstruction.
Tech support began talking about voltage fluctuations and the possible need for a line conditioner. UmmmÂ… I found that to be an extreme measure and a $400 shot in the dark.
<I agree.>
I began asking the question as to why the air just stopped flowing through the venturi and why a voltage fluctuation wouldn't create nothing more than a level change within the skimmer itself.
I was sent a second GX-4100 (the third pump to be tried) to see if this would remedy the problem. Long story shortÂ… the process repeated itself.
<It isn't the pump, it is the way the skimmer is set up. It seems like your water levels are fluctuating and causing the skimmer to start siphoning. Any modifications to the skimmer, while improving the skimmers performance, do tend to make them very sensitive>
OkayÂ… and I'm sorry for the long winded novella hereÂ…
<No problem at all, detail is good.>
I got so fed up with all this, I went out and bought a whole new different technologyÂ….a Bermuda
BPS-C3. My problems were over and this skimmer ran wonderfully for about 8 months. BUT, and even though it pulled a nice dark concentrate of skim mate (in a much smaller cup) something seemed to be lacking. Although "correctly sized" for my system, it just didn't seem to pack the punch that the EuroReef did and the bubbles looked more like seltzer water than shaving cream. I began noticing a higher level of algae in my tank and decided to revisit my unsellable, shelved EuroReef. I got on the phone and re-explained my dilemma with EuroReef and they advised me of a newer pump designed for that skimmer - Â…an Eheim 1260. I got somewhat of a guarantee that if this pump would repeat the same problem within 30 days, they would
cheerfully refund my discounted cost of the pump. In the meantime, I ran 1 ½ inch pvc to the outside for the air intake. The idea here was to eliminate any drag on the air intake. I received the new pump and off I went again.
Well about 8 weeks into the improved setup, here we go again. The same thing is happening. For some odd reason, air just stops flowing through the venturi. It's like there is some sort of vapor lock that is created with this design. I can watch the consistency of the bubbles/water and I can begin to see when this is about to happen.
<Siphon forming.>
The bubbles thin out and swirls of water begin to fill up the skimmer body. If I shut the skimmer off and turn it back on again, the air/water mix goes back to normal.
<Break siphon>
I've gotten so good at predicting this, I can even "hear" the skimmer from a distance beginning this aggravating process. I tried eliminating the newly installed pipe and the same thing happens. I have even begun "bottle brushing" the silicone tube and the barbed fitting as routine maintenance when emptying my skimmer cupÂ….every 2 to 3 days. Even though the "buildup" is inevitable and will duplicate this problem, I really don't believe this is a remedy to the apparent lack of air flow. I think I'm merely "resetting" a potential buildup of pressure/vacuum or lack thereof.
<Pictures of your setup would be helpful here. That said, in a sump, venturi skimmers are VERY sensitive to water levels. The best results I have seen involve keeping the water level around the pump at a constant level. This usually involves some sort of bulkhead setup around the pump. Further, it is absolutely necessary to keep the outlet of the skimmer above water level.>
I'm not necessarily looking for a maintenance free skimmer. But I would certainly like to find a design (or improve on an existing design) that is both efficient and reliable. Has anyone on the "crew" ever experienced this quirky behavior of these skimmers. EuroReef claims this is an isolated incident. Yet when I do a search on "My EuroReef is overflowing", there seems to be an abundance of results, all of which point to the most obvious of troubleshooting tipsÂ…..been there, done that. type of stuff. Any insight to this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for your attention.
<Do send pictures.>
Jeff D.

Re: Protein Skimmers: Euro-Reef Skimmer RS180 Overflowing Woes -
Airlock\Siphoning\Too many modifications  4-13-09

Hi Mike....Thanks for the quick feedback.
<Hi Jeff, no problem.>
Ok, Now I can at least put a technical term to the problem. Now this does raise additional questions as far as me having an understanding of how a siphoning effect can occur in what is basically a vacuum line with a constant source of vacuum. That pump seems powerful enough and when the skimmer is functioning normally, that is a fairly good amount of flow. I think it's spec'ed out at 900-1100 lpm. But I suppose that is the crux of the issue, how this could happen at all in the first place.
And since you mentioned the importance of the drain pipe being above the water line, I need to elaborate on a previous statement about removing it.
Way back in the beginning, someone on RC mentioned to cut this pipe to raise it above the water line.
<Or just lower the water level in the sump. Looking at your pictures, The pump is a bit too deep.>
As it turned out, removing the pipe still left the elbow submerged. So I shaved enough of the elbow off to get it about 1/4" above the water line. I wasn't too happy about all the splashing and through some fiddling around, I was able to twist the elbow at a 45 degree angle to get part of it under water. It helped a little, but not much.
And after modifying the elbow, I had an elbow that was no longer symmetrical.
I mention this because through some experimenting, I had flipped the elbow around to get it back under water to deal with the splashing.
<Or just put a sponge or filter sock at the end of it to quiet it down.>
It would be underwater by 1/4 inch.
<More than enough to cause a siphon.>
Then, I saw a post in the EuroReef FAQs. Customer support was saying that the elbow can be submerged, but it would be necessary to cut a 3/8 inch hole in the outer bend to relieve any vacuum that would form within the drain pipe.
<3/8" seems a bit large - most vent holes are around 1/4" (6.3mm) or less and on the horizontal (top) portion of the pipe It just needs to be large enough to suck some air.>
So I tried that and it not only relieved the vacuum, it created a nice fountain of water approximately 3/8 inch in diameter, much like what you get at a drinking fountain.
<With size and placement, I'm not surprised.>
So, I put a makeshift plug in the hole (a cap from a tube of silicone) and drilled a hole in the center to break siphon/vacuum. That being said, in the midst of all this 'siphoning' taking place in the air intake, I have tried running the skimmer in every configuration possible where the drained pipe is concerned. In the water, out of the water, at an angle, and I even twisted the whole assembly to dump it into the adjacent compartment, which is the fuge. The latter idea came from the notion that I may be recirculating too much water in the skimmer section driving the skimmer a little crazy.
Well, it doesn't appear that this has much to do with the loss of airflow in the air intake.
<No, nothing to do with it.>
So now comes the question of sump level. I think it is important to mention my return pump of choice. I'm using a Mag 7. This was sized for me by a local reefer who was my mentor back in the beginning. He was professing lots of display flow over lots of return flow. And that eventually got me to 2 Vortechs in my display. Now, it can get pretty wild and woolly on the surface of my display. And it is not impossible to visualize a fluctuating drain into the sump...which is my skimmer section. But I'm under the impression that my mostly SPS display is very much satisfied with the chaotic flow generated by those Vortechs. So, what to do?
Also in the train of return pump flow is a filter sponge. I guess if you count the filter sponge on the return pump, that would make two. It is difficult to see in the pics, but in the far right section (return section), the water pours over the last baffle and down through a filter sponge.
This sponge is exactly the width of the sump and is about 3 inches square. I swap these sponges out weekly during my water changes. Of course, I rinse out the sponges and they dry out for a week. I called ADHI about this sponge as I really am not a big fan of it. And if I remove it, the water level in my return section begins to oscillate wildly.
I think the only question that remains for me and my understanding of the skimmer compartment water level is, how much of a fluctuation of level would be enough to cause the siphoning effect to begin?
<It depends on the pump itself and the depth of the pump. The deeper the pump, the harder it is for it to suck air, making it easier to siphon>
Because from my point of view, I don't see that level changing all that much. Now if it's only fractions of a fraction of an inch, then it makes sense.
<+/- 0.5 inches is enough.>
But at least to my naked eye, that water level remains pretty constant.
Although I must confess, I have never really monitored it that closely. I do notice however, that the first baffle in the sump is significantly below level by 1/2 inch. I wonder if building that up would stabilize things a bit.
<Not likely>
I really do think I picked the wrong sump. But it looked good at the time and I had no experience to know any better.
There you have it. I hope the pics are clear and I hope my little diatribe didn't knock you asleep. Please note, as I forgot to mention, the measured water level for the skimmer is 8 inches. And thanks again for your attention to all this detail.
<Well Jeff, you have one of those pull your hair out kind of problems, as your two year troubleshooting can attest to. As it stands now, you have a few too many "modifications". I would replace the riser tube with a new one.. EuroReef's skim best with a water level between 6 and 8 inches in the sump. If you are at 8 inches, I would lower the water level to 6 inches and go from there. The key is to keep the outlet tube above water level. If noise is a concern, put a sponge or a filter sock over the outlet to keep the noise down. If, due to the depth of your sump\height of your bulkheads, lowering the water level isn't an option, I would raise the skimmer itself, or as a last resort option, although it can be tricky, is to get a small air pump and pump the air into the skimmer.>
Jeff D.

EuroReef Modification and the best way to break up an old tank 2/23/09 Hello WWM folks, <Chris.> I am interested in modifying my EuroReef skimmer for an auto waste collection area. Do you know of an established method of making this modification to the skimmer? <Basically just drilling, then tapping/threading the cup for a hose barb.> It's an older CS series rated for a 135gal tank with a Sedra 5000. I searched the website, but it doesn't appear that anyone may have attempted this before, although it would seem like an easy mod. <It is easy, $5-10 in tooling and it is done.> In addition, I have an old 125 gal glass tank with a broken bottom, that I am looking to break up and take to the curb to be hauled off. I would prefer to recycle if I can. Do you know of a good way to do this? I'm not looking to shatter the glass, and have a nasty cleanup. Any advice would be appreciated. <I would call whatever municipality you live in to see if there is some sort of bulk pickup day or where you can drop the tank off for recycling. Otherwise, and hammer and a broom my friend!><<Thick Levis, long-sleeve shirt and jacket, eye-glass protection... and cardboard around/between you/hammer... and the tank. RMF>> Again, thanks for your help. <Welcome, Scott V.> Best Regards, Chris

Euro-Reef RS-250 too large? 12/27/08 <Hello Todd. Minh at your service.> I have a 75 gallon reef tank with a pretty heavy bio-load. I am adding a sump system to address an elevated nitrate issue. <Increased water volume via a sump addition will most certainly help with nutrient dilution. Likewise, increased foam fractionation will also help your cause. Some other methods you may want to look into include algae-growing refugium or GAC (granular activated carbon).> I just bought a new protein skimmer, which is a brand new Euro-Reef RS-250. I got a great deal on (less than $250!). I know it is an overkill, but do you think I can make it work if I use a large sump (ie 75gal)? <Although this skimmer is rated for "+/- 250 gallons with medium bioload" according to Euro-Reef, it is hardly a scientific figure. Out of all of the manufacturer recommendations I've read on various skimmers over the years, the best has been from Tunze and can be applied to any skimmer in any environment. Here is an excerpt: "In addition, due its biotope composition, every marine aquarium has a different sensitivity with respect to the organic load. Based on a standard marine aquarium with soft corals, the data on the suitable skimmer size may differ in other biotopes. For this reason, the aquarium volumes recommended for the skimmer should be reduced in case of sensitive biotopes: -Low sensitivity In soft coral aquariums with long-polyp corals and anemones, for example, the share in dissolved organic matter may be higher, sometimes it may even be vital. In this type of aquarium, the recommended aquarium volume can be used without deduction. -Medium sensitivity A medium organic stability is usually found in mixed aquariums inhabited with soft and stone corals (LPS). Filter-feeding animals, sponges, et cetera, are found there frequently as well. For these aquariums, a reduction of about 40 per cent of the skimming capacity is calculated. A skimmer for 1,000 litres (264 US gal.) should thus be used for an aquarium of about 600 litres (159 US gal.) which has this kind of reef design. -High sensitivity Aquariums with primarily small-polyp stony corals (SPS) require an especially high degree of purity. They should have no load of phosphates or nitrates worth mentioning. Good oxygen saturation and very clear water are the pre-requisites. Comline DOC skimmer is also often used as a �stand-alone� solution in these aquariums. This type of aquarium should be reduced by about 60 per cent in volume for the skimmer volume mentioned. -High sensitivity and high load Hard coral aquariums with a high population of fish require an extremely high skimming capacity. The skimmer has to ensure the degree of purity for the hard corals at an above-average high fish load. If the Comline DOC skimmer has to operate as a �stand-alone� solution here, a high performance is required. This type of aquarium should be reduced by up to 70 per cent in volume for the skimmer volume mentioned." Armed with that information, you should ask yourself what kind of biotope you are trying to achieve and its sensitivity and bioload. Then you can make a decision on whether this skimmer is overkill for your particular set up.> Or should I resell it and use the proceeds to buy a more appropriately sized skimmer? <A practice that was common years ago but no longer used by contemporary reefers is running a skimmer part time. This is an option if you opt to keep this skimmer. Putting a skimmer on a timer will keep efficiency of the skimmer the same while giving you control over its productivity while cutting down on power consumption.> Thanks so much for all your great help. <You're welcome. Cheers, Minh Huynh.>

Euro-Reef Modified Eheim Pumps For Small ER Skimmers (Not Yet!) -- 06/17/08 Hi, <<Hello!>> I have a question about the Euro-Reef RS100. <<I am a huge fan of ER skimmers'¦I own a CS12=3 with ER-modded Eheim 1262 pumps, myself>> I called them up and was hoping I could switch out the Sedra pump for an Eheim. <<Hmmm'¦the RS100 uses a ER-modified Sedra 3500 pump'¦I believe the only ER-modified Eheim pump is the Eheim 1262'¦too much pump for RS100 skimmer>> Since this pump performs much better and is quieter. <<The Eheim pumps 'are' a much better pump than many'¦agreed>> I couldn't get anyone over there. <<Keep trying'¦ I have chatted with these fine folks on several occasions'¦they were likely busy and just couldn't get to the phone>> Is this a possibility? <<I'm skeptical (unless you can get a custom mod on a smaller Eheim model)'¦but you need to speak to the folks at Euro-Reef about it>> Can you recommend an Eheim pump for this size skimmer? <<Not with the required needle-wheel or pin-wheel mod currently offered by Euro-Reef and sized for their RS100 skimmer. You could try looking around the NET to see if anyone offers a smaller needle-wheel modified Eheim pump. H&S skimmers use such modified Eheim pumps'¦1260s I believe (and about $300 a pop)'¦but this is still probably too much pump for the ER RS100 skimmer. A needle-wheel modified Eheim 1250 is what you need to look for'¦good luck. Another option would be to replace the Sedra pump that comes with the skimmer with a needle-wheel modified Ocean Runner pump of comparable size. It will be a fraction of the cost of the Eheim (though I do like those Eheims!) and I find this brand of pump very quiet and reliable as well'¦though they are a bit bulky/large. Be aware, any pump you get that was not modified/designed/intended by Euro-Reef to be used with their skimmers will very probably require some modification/imagination to get it to 'mate-up' with the ER skimmer (and will probably also void any warranties)>> Thank you. <<Good luck with your 'hunt.' EricR>>

Re: Euro-Reef Modified Eheim Pumps For Small ER Skimmers (Not Yet!) -- 06/18/08 Hi Eric, <<Sal>> Thanks for the quick reply. <<Quite welcome>> Do you know if the Sedra pump is very loud? <<They're not 'too' bad'¦no more so than a Mag-Drive pump in my experience. The single Sedra-3500 that comes with the ER RS100 skimmer would not make much noise I would think'¦especially if you take steps to limit vibration by placing the pump and skimmer body on some sort of 'resilient' material like computer mouse pads, a piece of sealed-foam insulation, etc.>> One of the reasons I want an Eheim is because I've read they are very quiet. <<They are indeed'¦there just isn't one available with a needle-wheel sized for the RS100 skimmer>> I don't want to hear the skimmer going throughout my entire condo. <<Understandable>> Any help/ideas are greatly appreciated. <<Provide some vibration dampening under the skimmer/pump and I think you will be fine>> Peace Sent from my iPhone <<Regards, EricR (sent from my work computer'¦shhh!)>>

R2: Euro-Reef Modified Eheim Pumps For Small ER Skimmers (Not Yet!) -- 06/19/08 Thanks Eric, <<Welcome Sal>> Just want to get this straight. <<Okay>> You want me to put a mouse pad in my sump under my skimmer.... underwater? <<Yep'¦ It doesn't have to be a mouse pad per se (though I have heard of folks using these), just some type of non-reactive and resilient material to absorb vibration from the pump and skimmer body. In my system, I have my in-sump skimmer w/pumps and my submersible return pumps all 'cushioned' with bits of closed-cell foam insulation (1/4') like that found at any home center (Lowe's, Home Depot, etc.). This can go a long way towards reducing noise from a vibrating pump. Regards, EricR>>

EuroReef RS180 Loud in Sump 5/7/08 Good evening, <Hello John.> I purchased a RS180 and it is very loud in my sump. The motor resting on the plastic sump seems to reverberate through my AGA Mission Aquarium base. <This can be annoying. Good choice in skimmer by the way.> I was wondering if anyone else has this problem and what I can do to SILENCE the skimmer OR, can I retro fit the 'in-sump' motor and take it out of the sump and mount it somewhere else. <Moving the pump will adversely affect the skimming performance. Adding a run of pipe and fittings will compromise the bubble quality. The first thing to check is to make sure the pump or even the skimmer body is not resting against the side of the sump, this can be quite noisy with any skimmer. Also do check the pump to be sure your impeller shaft is not broken. Otherwise, you will want to look into setting the skimmer and pump onto some sort of vibration dampening mat. Look for a neoprene/EDPM/SBR type foam rubber mats you can set the skimmer on. Many local hardware stores carry such products. McMaster.com offers a great selection if you want to buy online. Either way this fix should run you less than ten bucks.> I called my LFS and they said I need to speak with EuroReef about it since it was a 'discontinued' model at their store so they can't help me. After I spent major $$$$ there! Can you believe it! <Hmmm, makes no sense. A guy walks in with a new setup that will need stocking and supplies for years to come and they offer no support on such a simple problem requiring just a little advice? I'll bet you will think long and hard about your next purchase!> Anyway, your suggestions would be appreciated. Worst comes to worst, I will purchase another Skimmer that is extremely quiet, if there is such a thing! <There is, but the Euro-Reef line is not too far from the quietest. I consider these a quiet skimmer, fine product.> Thanks, John W. <Welcome, worst case do go ahead and contact EuroReef. Their customer support there is generally as good as the product. It is rare, but this is a mechanical product and it is possible you have received an impeller that is not balanced well. Good luck, Scott V.>

Re: EuroReef RS180 Loud in Sump 5/12/08 Thanks Scott, <Welcome.> I will look into these mats. I do have a nice cushiony rubbery yoga mat that I put under my sump. This should work good for inside my sump. I hope there isn't any toxicity I should worry about. It looks just like rubber to me. <There should not be.> I contacted EuroReer and they told me they're making a new impeller for this model that is supposed to be quieter, BUT they said that is an upgrade and not a replacement part. <Hmm, the included impeller should be quiet enough.> I don't know how loud or quiet a good working pump sounds like so I'm not sure if it is regularly as loud as I hear it or if something's wrong. My sump motor is very quiet, compared to this one. <You should hear very little noise out of this inside your stand.> I'll check out the McMaster website to see what they have. I really wanted to find some Silicone GEL mat. <They will have this too.> You know the kind of gel pads that you can rest your elbows or wrists on while you're typing? <Yes.> Those would really stop the vibration effect. <I do have such a material that I am considering marketing. Do contact me at my business email, ScottV@Glass-holes.com , I am currently looking for a few guinea pigs.> Thanks again. John <Welcome, lets talk soon, Scott V.>

Low(er) Cost in-Sump Skimmers and reliability In-Sump Skimmers Of Quality -- 12/07/07 While you review several hang-on skimmers for low-volume systems, I've found myself at a complete loss for a skimmer suitable to my system. <<Hmm'¦with the better manufacturers (Euro-Reef, AquaC, H&S, Schuran, Tunze, others) the manufacturers recommendations are a good guide>> I have a 125 glass system with overflow to a 50 gallon sump, actually my former tank drilled. There's usually at least 30 gallons down there, though I let it fluctuate a bit. I've found a fairly hands-off approach to be immensely successful. I haven't lost a fish or coral in approximately six months. <<Very good'¦but do realize this time-frame is but a fraction of the natural lifespan, for most. True success will be measured in years, even decades>> The skimmer from my old tank, a Coralife rated for a 65 gallon tank, was woefully inept, <<Not surprising>> and in any case broke during the installation. I need a skimmer capable of handling this system. <<Several come to mind>> I need a couple brand names that are reliable, that I could perhaps pick up used. <<Have listed several above'¦will take some work on your part to find the 'used'>> There's a huge number of brands out there with no explanation or history, and most of what's there has conflicting reviews, claims of incredible skimming prowess followed by several scathing denials of its usefulness. <<Ha-ha, indeed! And will tell'¦Euro-Reef skimmers are my current fave. I have an old-model CS12-3 running on my 500g (en toto) reef system>> When I worked in a LFS, which fell apart due to the owner's insanity and Xanax abuse, <<'¦!>> we used large scale "G" skimmers, big effective things that sat in tubs and sump and produced mountains of the foul smelling stuff we all know and love. <<Ah yes'¦for the most part a cheaper version of the ER skimmers>> Enormous collection cups made management easy. I'd like a few recommendations on what's solid, as I'd hate to blow a few hundred bucks on something as trashy as my old Coralife. <<Euro-Reef gets my vote'¦nor do I don't think you would be unhappy with the price/quality of an AquaC either>> Hey, they make good PCs, they must know what they're doing on skimmers right? Wrong. <<Mmm'¦>> While I probably won't pick up new, scouring Craigslist and eBay for a cheap second hand is in my budget, and I'd like to know a worthwhile deal when I see it. Thanks! Eric Jackson <<Happy to share. Eric Russell>>

Skimmer Advice, sel.  12/4/07 First off let me say that I have been reading endless info off of your site, thanks so much. <Hello Chris, the site does provide a seemingly endless amount of knowledge.> However, I am a newbie and my mind is going quite mad trying to decide on certain aspects of my new tank. I currently have a 46 gallon fish only and am in the process of upgrading to a 150 reef/fish. Basically I want to be set up for what ever I wish to keep in the tank, to avoid need upgrades later. <Understood. Plan now, don't have to change everything later.> So I am currently stuck on deciding on a skimmer, I have been going back and forth on my choice of skimmer and my multiple LFS's have all been telling me different things. <Everyone does have their own opinion on skimmers.> I think I would like to keep the skimmer and pump external from my sump as I don't want the added heat from the pump, living in Southern California it remains pretty hot most of the year (unless you all think that the recommended pumps for any given skimmer wouldn't add much heat to a 150 gallon). <A skimmer pump will add some heat, varies by model.> I have read that pumps should provide 1 - 1.5 times your water volume, giving that I would need a pump around 2GPH 9about 20 watts or so). <This would be a feed pump for a recirculating skimmer. 150-225 gph in this case. The skimmer itself will have an additional pump.> Then again I have read some skimmers come with pumps like MAG 5s or even MAG 7 which puts our much more wattage. <This will be the actual pump that drives (and may feed) the skimmer its self.> So I guess the pumps are relative to the skimmer, some need more GPH than others. <Some do, but feed pump vs. skimmer pump is another issue.> So far the top choices I have heard through research are Euro-Reef (which seems way too expensive for the externals for my budget), <Nice skimmers, highly recommended.> Aqua C (looks like a good choice), <These work well, they can be plumbed outside the sump.> ASM (although I heard it is just a cheaper euro-reef knock-off). <Yes, they perform well, definitely an in sump model.> ETSS (seems to much work to keep dialed in). <These work, more of a fan of your other candidates.> What do you think? Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks. -Chris <If you have the money, the EuroReefs are hard to beat. The other skimmers are work more than adequate. It just comes down to what you want and can get a deal on. Best, Scott V.>

Re: Skimmer Advice, sel. 12/4/07 Thanks for the quick response. I do have a couple of follow up questions. 1) If I go with an in-sump, then I do not need a feed pump, I only need the skimmer pump (which should only put out 15-20 watts, which should not increase the heat in a 150 gallon much at all), true? <More in the range of 40-60 watts for the least power hungry skimmers in your lineup of appropriate size.> 2) What is the best technology these days (e.g. Venturi, Aspirating (impeller), Downdraft, Spray Induction)? <I hate to dodge the question, but that really depends on your criteria for 'best'. I prefer a venturi with a pinwheel myself (EuroReef, ASM).> I would obviously like the quietest best performing skimmer as affordable, would any of the skimmers I listed fit that profile? Again, thanks for the assist. --Chris <ASM for price, EuroReef for higher quality. Note that the EuroReef size ratings are more appropriate. Both are fairly quiet. Welcome, good luck, Scott V.>

Skimmer for 150gal FOWLR Choosing a Protein Skimmer That's a Winner! 12/4/07 Thanks for all your wonderful advice. <We're happy to bring this site to you every day! Scott F. in tonight> I know I've seen leaning towards the EuroReef and the Aqua C. What suggested model? S <Well, Scott- either of these two manufacturers make fine protein skimmers. I've used many different brands over the years, including some ridiculously expensive ones, such as Deltec, etc., and I keep coming back to Euro-Reef. They build a wonderful product at a great price! What model really depends on what your bioload is, how large the aquarium is, etc. I'd consult the manufacturer's web sites for sizing recommendations. Best of luck! regards, Scott F.>

Skimmer adjustment, Euro-Reef   11/16/07 Dear Crew, <Josh> I have read many posts and articles about skimming on your site but can't seem to grasp on this concept. My question(s) relate to adjustments on my protein skimmer. I have a Euro Reef Rs100 skimmer in my sump and I maintain 9" of water. I am not sure if the way I have it set is correct. <Let's see> As I am sure you know, the skimmer has a "foam level" adjustment and a "air intake" control valve. Please correct me if I'm wrong; with a venturi type skimmer if the "air intake" valve is wide open, than I should be creating the "most" foam? This would defy what I seem to be encountering. <One would think this would be the case... but much depends on physical properties of the water being skimmed... I.e., there is such a thing as too much air mixed in> My tank is not heavily stocked but I do produce some foam. In order to get foam up into the neck and into the collection cup I have been running the unit with the "foam adjustment" pipe close to the "closed" position and the air intake valve about 1/3 closed. The more I close the foam adjustment valve the higher the foam rises in the column. <Bingo> Is running the unit with the foam adjustment "closed" a concern or a problem? <Not a problem or concern... Is there for this very purpose> Interpreting what I have read about skimmers, I would expect the most foam when the air intake is wide open. <Uh, no. IF there is little to skim let's say, it's "hard" for the air/water to mix in a proportion to "float" phobic molecules upward...> I read somewhere about removing the valve entirely. However based on my experience I get more foam production when I start to close down the valve.  <Often the case> Closing down this valve seems to create more turbulence that forces the foam up into the chamber. If I leave the valve wide open the foam production is minimal and remains down low in the chamber. Based on the owners manual I might/should get too much foam with the air valve wide open and then would have to start closing it to control the over production. My personal experience here has been quite the contrary. <Happens> I have yet to contact Euro Reef about this but thought you may offer some insights. <I would contact the fine folks there... Have known the Macares for many years...> One other question I have relates to cleaning the skimmer. My past experience has been with air stone skimmers where you "never" clean the upper neck of the skimmer. Does the same principle apply here? Thanks for your assistance. Josh <Does not... I would clean the entire contact chamber every month or two... on a regular basis... This, along with "standardizing" the depth of water, valve settings, should give/render you consistent results. Bob Fenner>

Skimmer question, op.  10/28/07 Hi, <Hello Mike, Scott V. with you.> I have a newly set up 75 gallon tank. I just finished the plumbing, and have a ~26 gal sump. I am using a 1.5" bulkhead drain and a mag drive 7 for my return. I have a RS80 euro reef skimmer I got used from a local place. My tank consists of about 60LBS of live rock and live sand from established tanks (finishing the live rock this week) and its been running for under 2 days this way. Anyway, the skimmer has been running in the sump, however there has never been any foam production. Is there something I am doing wrong, or is this normal? The skimmer doesn't have many "adjustments" however I can move the water level up and down a bit. No matter what I try, it produces no foam. Is this simply because there is no bioload? <It is likely due to the fact that it is a new setup. Oils from manufacturing, pvc gluing and even your hands in there setting stuff up will all keep the skimmer from producing. Make sure that the airline and air valve (if your particular skimmer has one) are clean and unrestricted along with checking the pumps impeller. There should be some water height adjustment on the output pipe. It should either slide up and down (older style) or twist to restrict/open up the outlet. Either way you could consider putting a gate valve on it like the RS series has to give you infinite adjustability. If you do this, note how the output is vented to the atmosphere after the valve and make adjustments slowly, give them time. Sounds like a good setup, good luck, Scott V.> Thanks Mike

Skimmers...Euro-Reef RS vs. RC Series 9/6/07 Hello there. <Hi Dayne> First let me apologise if this question has been answered already, but I have not found it. <OK> I am seriously considering an RS 250 skimmer but can't understand why the RC 250 is twice the price with the similar ratings for tank size, and overall similar specs. Why would anyone buy the recirculating version? The only benefit I can see is the pump on the RC runs at 20 watts less. Please let me know if there is some added benefit to a recirculating  skimmer other than the tank rated size and bio load, which appear to be the same in this case. <To my knowledge, the RS series is strictly an in-sump skimmer. The RC can be used either in-sump or external. The RC offers bayonet type mounts for easy cleaning and, the RC series is capable of handling higher bio-loads which makes it more efficient than the RS series.> Thanks, <You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)> Dayne

Upgrade lighting question, SW reef   8/28/07 I currently have a 65 gallon tank. 36 in. long x 24 in. deep x 18 in. wide. My lighting is as follows: 2 96x2 power compacts (both incorporating 1 10,000K and 1 actinic) equaling 384 watts. My salinity is 1.023, PH is 8.3, dKh is 12, calcium is 460, nitrate 20, nitrite 0, ammonia 0. I house zoanthids, SPS (green birdsnest, pink/peach birdsnest), LPS (Micromussa, Blasto, candy cane, Alveopora, hammer, sun coral), and a variety of mushrooms and reef safe fish. I want to upgrade my lights to T5 lighting, because I don't feel like I need halides for the lack of SPS corals such as Acropora, etc., that and I don't feel like dealing with the heat issues. I've been looking into getting Tek lighting. At my local store, they suggested the 36 in. light with 4 bulbs for the corals I have in my tank. Which would mean 4x39 watt T5 equaling 156 total watts or around 2.4 watts per gallon. I understand that watts per gallon are a rule of thumb, but will this be enough light to make my corals happy? <Mmm, I am concerned re the depth of this tank... principally with the SPS...> And with the reflectors, do these make it so that the watts of the bulbs work even higher than rated? <Mmm, to some degree one can give "more" credence to lighting on the basis of reflectors... and a "T-5" watt is better than other fluorescents... but... I would not likely make this lighting switch here... But try switching out at least one of the actinics for another "white" and at least one (or two...) of the white 10Ks for a 14K...> I am worried that this light might not be sufficient for my corals needs. What type of Tek lighting would you suggest as another opinion. I want to upgrade the lighting because I am not getting the color I want out of my corals. The local store, where I buy my corals from, use T5 lighting and I bring back colorful corals only to find out that they don't shine in my tank like they do in theirs. <Predictably> Also, I recently ditched the bioballs out of my sump and installed a new protein skimmer. I upgraded to the Euroreef RS-80. Skimmer produces tons of bubbles, but I have a problem adjusting the level of the skimmer for it to work effectively. I understand the issue of a dry skim, but I'm having a problem actually producing it. <You may not have much to skim... but I would adjust the height of the water in the contactor to an inch or so below the collecting cup> Where should the level of the bubbles be or end up in the collecting tube. i.e. should they end in the shaft going up to the collection cup or just under the overflow into the collection cup. <The water itself is a better measure... as the make-up of the foam changes with feeding et al.> As evaporation happens in the tank the bubble level of the skimmer drops, making me check the skimmer daily to see bubble level and adjust accordingly. Besides the use of a top off system, any other way I can make the skimmer level constant? <The adjustment of the input, return...> I've read through the articles on the site and haven't really found the specific answer I have been looking for. Love the site, hope you can help me with what probably seems like a simple issue. Learning is never over. <Mmm, you've gone to Euro-reef's site? Perhaps a call to their help desk... Bob Fenner>

Lots of odd 180 gal Skimmer, Pump, and Sump Questions   8/26/07 Hello! As always, thank you for this incredible service you provide, it's the best help I've ever found. <Ah, good> I've acquired my 180gal tank and stand for my new reef (YAY!) and I've purchased a Coralife AquaLight Pro lighting system. I'm now beginning the process of purchasing sump/pump/skimmer equipment. I have a few questions though. The tank will have these main residents, plus a couple more if I can find them. All these animals are in normal 55 gallon tank size-ranges, nothing is "huge"... yet: Galaxea Pagoda Cup T. Crocea T. Derasa Finger Leather Mushrooms Zoanthids 3inch Yellow Tang 6-line Wrasse Lawnmower Blenny Diamond Watchman Goby Scribbled Rabbitfish (2 if I can find them) <Yikes... they'll all appreciate the new digs for sure> *Skimmers: I'm essentially sold on a Euro-Reef RS-180 skimmer. While perusing the FAQ's on your site I've read questions on this skimmer with other 180gal setups to which you guys have used descriptors like "plenty" and "more than enough". <Is a good unit, choice here> 1.) What is the most comparable Tunze model to the RS-180 and is there any reason to go that route instead? <Mmm, not really IMO...> 2.) Are there any other brands/models out there that I should consider looking at in the same price range ($500 or less). Coralife maybe? <Again... I would go with the Euro-Reef here> 3.) I'm "in" pretty good with the owners of one of my LFS's. They had a used Red Sea Berlin skimmer (no idea what model) that they were willing to sell me really cheap (doesn't seem to be broken, and I'd need to get a pump). Does Red Sea even make a model worth looking at if I'm thinking in the range of the ER? <Not in my estimation, no> 4.) Are ratings on skimmers to be trusted? Euro-Reef confused me by putting a "comparative rating" and a "realistic rating" on their skimmers. Should I compare the RS-180 to other skimmers based on the "up to 450gal" rating or the "135gal to 180gal" rating? <Some of them... to be sure, yes... Folks "mileage will vary" and all depends on definitions of suitability, what is being measured...> *Return Pumps: I have an in-sump Eheim 900gph pump (don't remember the model number) on my 55 that I was considering transferring to the new tank and adding another exactly like it (one for each of the two return lines). <Good brand, choice> 1.) Would one Mag Drive 24 (2400gph) be a better route to take? <Not IMO, no> 2.) Any other recommendations on brands/models? <Mmm, posted... in a size, shape system as this 180, you're encouraged to look into internal pumps, possibly with controllers (Tunze, Hydor...) or better, a contained "closed loop" arrangement... Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marsetupindex2.htm the light blue tray> 3.) Are the "Pond Master" Mag drives the same thing (LFS says they are and I'm skeptical)? <Mmm, quite... but... have seen where at least the screws holding the volute on were different... rusted> 4.) Is there any reason to use hard PVC as opposed to a strong tubing on either the drains or the returns? <Some... as posted...> Sorry for all the questions, but I don't have a Reef Club or anyone knowledgeable enough locally to ask these questions to so the questions build up... and then I turn to you guys. Thanks again, Eric <I/we're very glad to assist you in your plans to design, build, stock, operate your system. Bob Fenner>

Venturi set-up and noise... Just get an Eheim...   8/9/07 I just bought an Ocean Runner 2700 <http://www.marinedepot.com/ps_ViewItem.aspx?idproduct=AQ1171> to use as a replacement for a very loud Sedra 5000. The skimmer is an Euro-reef CS-6. I also bought a Kent venturi for it. While searching on your site you had said to put the venturi on the outlet side. Is that between the pump and the skimmer? <Yes> That doesn't seem to make any sense because isn't the venturi supposed to bring in air so that it will hit the needle wheel impeller in other words at the inlet of the pump. <Is the function... "powered" by the pump...> Also I am getting this loud sucking sound from my 1/4 tubing that is connected to the venturi. <May need to be extended, valved...> There is also a short side and a long side to this venturi. Does it matter which direction it goes. There is no flow indication arrow on it. <Does matter... the broad end at the pump side... narrower distally: http://www.marinedepot.com/ps_ViewItem~idproduct~KM2851.html> The long and short of it is that there is very little water to bubbles going into the skimmer now and it is really loud from the venturi air line. Thanks so much. Todd <Well... this is not the pump, nor venturi I'd employ... Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marsetupindex2.htm The sections on pump selection, Skimmer op... BobF>

Re: Venturi set-up and noise 8/9/07 Thank you for your response. I did about an hour of reading on the site and found that you like the Eheim as a replacement for the euro-reef cs6. Is that true? <Ah, yes my friend... I amended your subject/title on WWM re this today> Does it not need to have the needle wheel modification as I couldn't find any ones with that. <Some folks have retrofitted this sort of impeller, but no, not needed> Also what venturi would you recommend for it? <This Euroreef product should have come with a/the venturi... Am sorry I was not clear enough earlier re this. Please see here: http://www.euro-reef.com/products-csseries.shtml> Is the Mazzei a much better choice than the Kent. <Mmm, both can be better than the other depending on the application> I realize you don't want to just plug one company but I am looking for quiet, quiet quiet. Thank you so much for any specific recommendation. Todd <This skimmer should be ideal... quiet and efficient with the Eheim pump. Cheers, Bob Fenner> Re: Venturi set-up and noise 8/9/07 There are two possibilities to your statement that the venturi is placed between the pump out flow and the skimmer. One is that you are playing a prank on me and laughing as you imagine water flooding my custom cabinet as it goes squirting through venturi air line which it did. <Mmm, no... I'm just daft obviously. The order of operation is pump to venturi to skimmer... direct link twixt all... Clear/er?> Or two I am missing something. Are you thinking that I have an air pump attached to the air line because I don't. Todd <... No my friend... the airline is attached to the venturi, w/ or w/o an air pump... generally the pump is unnecessary, but a valve at the line's distal end (up high...) can be a good thing... to adjust the amount of air being entrained. RMF> Re: Venturi set-up and noise follow up... 8/10/07 I really do appreciate your efforts to help resolve this for me. I have actually included a link to a retailer that shows an ASM skimmer and pump/venturi set up. <... wasn't this a Euro-Reef CS 6? Yes... I see below it was... is it now the ASM product?> Now if I'm not mistaken it sure looks like they have the venturi/volute (same thing right?) at the inlet where the water gets sucked in, NOT at the output where the water gets blown out. I hope you can you understand why I am confused and a little embarrassed. http://storefront.addictiveaquatics.com/products/ASM_16_Venturi_for_sedra_5000-514-58.html Thank you for contacting the Crew @ Wet Web Media. Your Reply is below: <... My friend... Please stop skipping about with different products, comparisons... please read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/marsetupindex2.htm the black tray... on Skimmer selection, op.. Bob Fenner> Re: Venturi set-up and noise corrected -- 08/17/07 Dear Bob, so sorry about sending the wrong pic. I kind of thought the Euroreef CS6 and the ASM G3 were similar. Here is the link to CS6 showing the exact same thing. http://www.marinedepot.com/ps_viewItem~idProduct~ER1117.html <!> NOTE they show the volute/venturi at the water input on pump NOT output. Are you still saying the venturi/volute go on the output between the pump and the skimmer? <Yikes and mea culpa... my memory must be going very bad. This units Venturi IS on the pump intake evidently. BobF> Todd

Bigger Marine Tank Coming...Which Lighting Choice? - -- 07/25/07 07/25/07 Hi again, <<Hello Daniel>> Thanks for the answers about lightning. <<Quite welcome>> I have one more question if I can take few minutes of your time? <<Certainly>> Protein skimmer, of course there are "hundreds" different brands on the market, but I am thinking about "Euro-Reef RS-135". <<A great skimmer maker>> I need really strong skimmer since my tank is gonna be BB. What do you think about my choice? Regards' Daniel P <<I think you can't go wrong with a Euro-Reef skimmer'¦is my current favorite. EricR>>

Euro reef rs-80 pump noise  6/12/07 I bought this skimmer (Euro Rs-80 extruded) and am using it in a 10 gal tank (sump) which It barely fits but does not touch any of the sides but the bottom. When I plug it in it is so loud compared to everything else that is running in the tank and really can't run it because it wakes up everyone in the house. What should I do about this? Is this a pump problem or what? <Mmmm, maybe... do give the fine folks at Euro-Reef a call or email re... it may be that you have a bad pump here> It seems to me that the thing just vibrates like hell and can actually feel the vibrations on the skimmer. What can I do about this or should I contact Euro-reef. <Do contact (Renee) there> I was wondering about getting some material to put on the bottom of the sump so that both pumps could be cushioned by something. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help. Will <Their contact info. here: http://www.euro-reef.com/index.shtml Please do relate your further experience here. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Skimmer questions, update on noisy Euro-Reef   6/13/07 Hey Bob, <Will> I told you the other day I had upgraded to the RS-80 and it was really noisy. I figured out that the noise is just the vibration of the pump and resonance and I don't think that anything is defective. <Mmmm> Either way the unit leaks around the top and I cannot get it fixed so I am going to have to send the thing back to get a new one. <This is best> When I get a new one can I attach isopads to the bottom of the skimmer body and the pump and get rid of the noise. I was told I could get them from ER. <Yes, I believe these are comprised of non-toxic material> Also, I bought this thing because I wanted something that could be used in the future on the 75 gal I want. <Can be> I am starting to think that this unit is way too powerful for the 29 gal with a 10 gal sump I have going. I have had it for two days running and have not skimmed off anything but a tiny amount that was not too dirty. Now it just runs and nothing foams up. <There may not be much to actually skim here...> The foam is in the column about an inch below the top of the riser and the air bubbles are really thick and fill the whole chamber except the bottom where I guess you don't want them in the first place. Could the leak be causing a problem? <Yes> Also, is it possible that there is nothing in my tank to skim in the first place? <Yes... highly likely> I have a couple mushroom polyps, a frogspawn, three small fish and a shrimp. I was told by a friend to buy a skimmer and I went with a good one but it is not doing anything but making the whole sump and cabinet hum. Thanks for your help. <Patience here... and reading. Bob Fenner>

EuroReef protein skimmer problems   4/15/07 Hello, it's been a while since I sent an email, but I am at my wits end with this skimmer.  I know you may not be able to help but possibly offer me some advice on how to deal with this situation. <... have you contacted Euro-Reef itself?> The skimmer is about a month or so old, and I've had a few problems.  First off every time I unplug the skimmer, for whatever reason, and plug it back in it overflows for about a minute. <Mmm, water quality/adjustment> The second problem is when I turn the pump on it will not "spin" for a while, yesterday I had to plug it in and then unplug it because it wouldn't start turning, and I didn't want to burn it out.  The pump is perfectly clean.  To try and help EuroReef sent me a new needle wheel, which did me no good, but at least an attempt (this was after a ton of emails and a response time of about 2 weeks, in fact I had to get another companies help to get EuroReef to respond). <Yikes...> My personal opinion is that the pump is bad, <Does read like this, yes> something is not turning like it should be, the needle wheel turns fine, so it must be an internal pump part that I cannot see.  Now to the real problem, they will not respond to my emails, phone calls or anything else I've tried, in all honesty this is the worst customer service I have ever dealt with.  If they're that busy that's one thing (maybe they should hire someone), but I am getting more and more frustrated and don't know what I should do.  I talked to one of the Crew members on the forum and was told you probably wouldn't be able to help me out with this, but if you have any ideas I would appreciate it.  Completely frustrated (that's the nice way of saying how I feel), Ryan. <Might I ask what phone number, email address you're using? Am very sure you've been to their site: http://www.euro-reef.com/contact.shtml Chip there... I have known the family who owns/operates the company for years... Hold them in high regard... am anxious to see this matter resolved. Am going to cc them here as well. Bob Fenner>

Re: EuroReef protein skimmer problems   4/15/07 Thank you Mr. Fenner.  I am so happy to at least get an opinion on what is wrong with the skimmer. <I do wish I could recall... relate my past conversations with Jeff and Bob Macare (the originators...) re their switch to the Sedra pump line (from Eheim)... Suffice it to say/state, that I wish the switch had not been made...>   To answer your question, I was told to contact Jeff in the technical support department so that is who I've been trying to call, I have left messages with no returned call (they later emailed me after I had another company trying to help me and said they tried to call, either they had the wrong number or, I will let you fill in the blank, lets just say if a call doesn't go through it goes to my voicemail). <Don't know what might have gone wrong, but do know that Jeff (must be the same) Macare is a very busy fellow... and that messages do get lost... Mine do... am almost afraid to write... likely every day... Including WWM's...> The email address I've been using is er.tech@euro-reef.com.  I don't expect immediate results but my emails haven't been answered in 2 weeks and in my opinion that is more than enough time to get back with me. <This is WAY too long an interval... I do suspect something is amiss with the means of communication here... But/still not the individuals> Well I don't want to complain anymore, after a month of dealing with this I am about sick of it.  I really appreciate the help with this, at this point more than you can imagine.  Thanks again, Ryan Nienhuis. <Mmm... at the very "worst" Ryan... I would buy/use the Eheim (flow rate, pressure) equivalent pump here... In the (IMO/E) rare event this actually is an Eheim product at fault, please do write me back re... BobF> Re: EuroReef protein skimmer problems   4/16/07 Thanks Bob...I will forward this to Chip to handle immediately! Sincerely, <Thank you Rene. Much appreciated. Bob Fenner> Rene Macare Dir.of Marketing Euro-Reef www.euro-reef.com Re: EuroReef protein skimmer problems - 04/17/07 Hello again, just thought I would let you know that they said they will be sending me a complete pump assembly they also said I should be receiving a tracking number from UPS which has not happened yet, I'm holding my breath.  Today I verified that the one I have is junk, ran it in the sink for a while while I watched the flow rate drop and increase a few times a minute, so I would say it is safe to say my current pump is bad.   Also when I took the pump apart, after removing it from my tank, steam came out when I opened the housing to remove the impeller, <Yeeikes!> I doubt that's good.  Thanks for all your help!  If this pump is as bad as the first I will contact them and see what Eheim pump is compatible with the Sedra.  Thanks again, Ryan Nienhuis. <Thank you for this update... very glad the Sedra failed outside your system... BobF>

Re: EuroReef protein skimmer problems    - 05/01/07 Hello once again.  I thought I would give you an update on the skimmer situation since you were so helpful.  I received the new pump a week ago and after the first couple of days (break in period?) have been getting a consistent amount of skimmate daily.  The new pump is so quiet compared to the old one, consistent amount of air is being drawn in, and the foam is much more consistent as well.  As of now I am very happy with the skimmer.  After all the bad I've said about them, I thought it would be nice to send you a happy ending to the "story".  Thanks, Ryan. <Thank you for this follow-up Ryan... I know the Macares/owners of Euro-Reef to be honest... their company is likely just growing so fast that they're suffering growing pains... BobF> Euro-Reef Skimmer Sizing - 12/11/06 Thanks for creating this forum. <<We're pleased to be here>> I have only one question.  I will be setting up a 180 gallon acrylic.  I already have purchased an All-Glass stand. <<Made/designed for an acrylic tank I hope (entire bottom of tank requires support)>> The clearance is just under 26".  I will be placing my skimmer in the sump.  I am planning on purchasing an ER RC/RS 180 but wanted to ask if this skimmer will be powerful enough.  The Euro-Reef website contains the following specs for this skimmer: Average load: 180 gallons Heavy load: 135 gallons Comparative Rating up to 450 gallons I would prefer not to have to attempt to modify the stand to accommodate the RC/RS 250 which is 30" high.   <<If anything, I tend to believe Euro-Reef "underestimates" their skimmers a bit...the RC/RS 180 will likely be "plenty" of skimmer for this tank>> My load will be mostly Acropora w/ some soft corals and the following fish: Small school of Scott's fairy wrasses (or 4-6 different wrasses) Magenta Dottyback <<Pseudochromis Fridmani?  Do try to obtain a gentler "tank raised" specimen>> Shrimp Gobies/Pistol Shrimp 1-2 Tangs Mandarin <<You will need a fine sand bed and/or in-line refugium; as well as letting the tank mature for a year or more, before adding the mandarin>> Thanks again and Merry Christmas. Scott <<And to you in kind.  EricR>>  

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