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FAQs on Clown Gobies Reproduction

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This be where they live... in, amongst live Acropora in the wild.

Re: Reef Inverts &Vertebrates... more re stkg. sm. mar. just Gobiodon f'       1/8/14
Bob Fenner,
Firstly, thank you for the timely response, I know that you're volunteering for it and I appreciate that! Now, I was under the impression that Clown Gobies could spawn in the home aquaria. Is this incorrect?
<Not incorrect. Gobiodon spp. are recorded as such>
Can they not be purchased as a "pair"?
<Mmm; we should likely at least state that a definition is in order...
These gobies don't really live in/as "mated pairs"... I've seen them on many occasions diving... but, okay; might be caught, live in the same volume as a "duo">
The Oculinid polyps are to be sold when they reach a small frag size.
<See WWM re the family; its propensity to sting>
Would it be better to get another smaller powerhead and put both on timers?
<... and you can search, gain by reading re this issue as well on WWM>
Or, to just get like two 250 gph powerheads? Sorry for the questions, but because of the size of this system it has to be planned perfectly.
<And the Net re this adverb. B>

Green Clown Goby (Gobiodon atrangulatus?) changing sex?   7/18/06 Hi, excellent website whoever thought of this is a genius! <Mmmm, actually... though desirous of continuing to help others... more lazy; realizing the Net, presenting content and devising ways to inter-relate it might well serve to have folks in turn help educate, inspire themselves... w/o much input from moi> Maybe you can help me figure this one out. I'd like to get a pair of Green Clown Gobys (seen all sorts of scientific names for them--Gobiodon atrangulatus,  Gobiodon histrio, etc.   I am confused about sexing.  In response to a persons question regarding whether a pair would fight, your site said "<The trouble can be in getting a true pair, that is, one male and one female, as they appear the same> " However, i found an article at http://www.tfhmagazine.com/default.aspx?pageid=165 which states they change sexes- so whatever two you get will become a male and female pair and hence, won't fight. <Yes, in time... with enough "space"...> Considering the small size of my system QT system (a 5 gallon nano reef, after which they will be moved to a 85 gallon seahorse/macro tank), I am concerned if they do not change sex to become a  pair they may fight and someone will get injured. <Your concerns are valid here> Can you shed some light on the Green Clown Goby's ability to change sex and form a pair? <Takes a few months... best to keep separated during quarantine... Okay to introduce at or about the same time in a 85 gallon...> Also, if you know of any breeding info on these cute little guys it would be much appreciated. I assume since the fry are so small they will need enriched rotifers, but that's about all i know. <Mmm, I know naught re. Perhaps a literature search at a large college (that has a bio. dept.) library... Bob Fenner> Thanks, Andrea

A mated pair of green clown goby? 3/24/03 Hi, recently I have bought a ~7" table Acro and come with it there are 2 green clown gobies (ha-ha.. that is the main reason why I bought it!). One of them is ~1.5" and the other one is ~2". Is there any chance that they can become a mated pair? <they are almost certainly already mated... occurring this way commonly> And for green clown goby, is there any way to tell male vs. female? <yep... the one that talks less is the male> And who tend to be bigger? <that depends on your perspective...heehee. Ahhh... can be either, but usually female> And the most worrying thing is that for the past 2 days, did not manage to get them to start eating yet. <they do need very fine foods> At the mean time I have been feeding live BBs and rotifers. <excellent> Hope they won't starve to death. Any suggestion who to get them to come out and eat <yep... a couple hits off a bong. Err... I mean, in due time. The live plankton you are offering is temptation enough> (they only move around within the Acro and only see one of them come out once at night)? Thanks in advance and have a good day.. Best regards, Edwin <and kind regards to you too my friend. Anthony>

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