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FAQs on Clown Gobies Systems

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Arborose stony corals... and innocuous fishes and other invert.s.
Leptoclinides cf. reticulatus

Re: Yellow Clown Goby      7/27/13
Great info Bob, thanks!!! But just one more question I need clarified. Do I need Acropora for the Yellow Goby(to live and feed on) or is my 30lbs of live rock sufficient?
<Something live or not, branching, is strongly advised... and live Acropora, Pocillopora are best... Very necessary to get Gobiodon started immediately on foods/feeding...>
I've read through the links and one contributor says live rock is fine as long as they are being fed Mysis or other meaty foods.
<Ah yes>
 I just want to do what's best for the little Goby. Thanks again!
<Glad to help. BobF>

Emerald Coral Goby, comp.    10/19/11
Dear Crew:
I recently set up a 5 gallon Nano reef. It's a lovely little place, filled with lots of coral skeleton-live rock, Ricordea, Duncan corals, mushrooms, etc. After fully cycling and setting up the cleaner crew and researching which fish I'd like to keep in it, I called my LFS and asked them to hold a yellow clown goby and a green goby, which they had just gotten in.
<Too likely to fight in such a small volume>
They put the two on hold for me and I went to pick them up a few days ago. The yellow fellow has situated himself quite happily, perching in the rock and eating normally.
The green, however, was hiding a lot and isn't wanting to eat much.
<The loser>
He's been pacing back and forth against the glass and today I noticed against the back lighting that he has fur. Upon researching this further, I discovered on some forums and on your site that he's an Emerald Coral Goby, not the green that I had previously thought. Based on the article on your site, it seems that he prefers to live in pairs and lives in birds nest corals.
<Branching corals of a few sorts... mainly Acroporas>
They only had one at the store and I thought I was getting a normal green that had paled out a bit during packing, so I only purchased one.
My question now is what do I do?
<Return one of these Gobiodon>
The tank, though it's only 5 gallons,
has plenty of hiding spaces, lots of live rock, crevices, and happy goby dwelling places.
<Mmm, apparently not>
I already have the green and yellow in there.
Should I try to get another green of the opposite gender and introduce him, thereby having 3 in the tank?
Or should I move this little guy to our 29 gallon Biocube and find him a mate and then put another yellow in?
<I'd move the one and leave just the one in the five>
I'm not sure what the best course of action is here. I want to make him happy and do the best I can for his care. Please advise.
I've posted the article from your site below. There are also photos of him and the tank attached.
Thank you,
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Re: Emerald Coral Goby   10/19/11
Hi Bob,
Thanks for your reply.
The two that are in there aren't fighting at all. They sit next to each other quite often, sometimes touching. The yellow, which seems to be the more settled one, is the smaller of the two. I've been watching them very closely for the last 4 days and have seen no signs of aggression from either one.
Do you still think the reason he's pacing is because he's the loser?

Citron Gobies And Their 'Preferred' Corals -- 07/26/07 Hello, <<Greetings>> I'm interested in having a pair or two of Citrinus Clown Gobies. <<Ah yes, Gobiodon citrinus...also known as the Citron Clown Goby. I have kept these in the past, as well as the spectacular little Green Clown Goby (Gobiodon atrangulatus)...unfortunately neither is particularly 'reef safe' in my opinion>> I know they are usually found in tabling Acropora, but have they been seen in the wild in anything else? <<Acroporids seem to be the coral of choice, though they don't have to be of the 'tabling' variety. But I suspect they will adapt to whatever is available in a captive environment...though this is not necessarily good news for the coral as the relationship these fish have with corals is not necessarily a commensal one, in my experience. These fish tend to irritate the coral with their presence as they sit in and/or nip at the coral (likely consuming flesh/polyps). This activity causes the coral to not express its polyps in most cases, and is very problematic with frags/small colonies as in these instances the 'entire' coral will recede/retract its polyps>> Random Aquarist <<Regards, EricR>>

Stocking 35 gallon, Gobiodon  - 1/30/2006 Hello I would not usually trouble you with a question as I use the search and know that if you look most have been answered before but.. I have a 35 gallon tank that is 6 months old and have 1 tibicen angel <This tank size/shape is too small for this fish> 1 tomato clown (small) and a BTA 6 inch diameter 1 watchman goby and Alpheus shrimp 1 green clown goby 2 cleaner shrimp 2 camel shrimp A Fromia star 10 snails assorted Star polyps Brain coral Leather coral (soon to be donated to my friend) Some mushrooms and Ricordea 20 kg of LR 150 watts of 50/50 pc lighting A prism skimmer that works!!! <Heee!> Amm 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 3ppm Calc 500 <Too high...> Ph 8.3 Alk high on Red sea test kit Can I get 1 more Gobiodon rivulatus to make a pair or am I too heavily stocked? <I would not place two Gobiodons in this system or one of less than two-three times this size, surface area. Bob Fenner> I am very diligent in my testing and checks and change 10% water a week with I.O. salt mix

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