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FAQs about  Green Brittlestars, Ophiarachna incrassata 2

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Green Brittle Star Question, reading  -- 02/02/11
I've had a green brittle star for about 3 years now and it has done well until about 6 months ago. It's moving slower now and seems less interested
in eating. I used to feed it raw shrimp from the grocery store
<Not exclusively I hope/trust... insufficient nutritionally and leads to issues. Read here:
and he seemed to love it, now he won't touch it. I think it has freezer burn now, would that make him not eat it?
<Mmm, not likely; no>
I also noticed a light brown spot in the center of his back about 3/8 wide.
Just wondering what would the best meaty food for him be? Thanks <... read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/grbritstrfdg.htm
and http://wetwebmedia.com/brittlestarfdgfaqs.htm
Bob Fenner>

Green Brittlestar question, incomp.  -- 6/17/08 Dear Mr. Fenner,> While my daughter is away at college, I am the caretaker for her saltwater aquarium. In her absence, the Brittlestar has grown considerably. For the past few months, it has maintained a position above and around the bubble-tip anemone, much to the detriment of the anemone and to the frustration of the maroon clownfish. The Brittlestar seemed to have dislodged the anemone, which moved aimlessly for many days before finding a new location. The Brittlestar immediately moved to shadow it in the new location. I have tried putting shrimp pellets in other areas to lure it back where it had previously been, but it seems to enjoy harassing the anemone and clownfish. <The latter... is being stalked> I also suspect it of eating most of our snails. <Could> Could you please offer any suggestions and/or should I get rid of the Brittlestar? <I would> It is over a foot long from leg tip to leg tip, and we have a 55 gallon aquarium. Thank you for any advice you have to offer. Sincerely, Joan Bonnington, Houston, Texas <Feel free to refer your daughter to our site re this Ophiarachna. I would be trading it out pronto. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Re: green Brittlestar question, removal    6/18/08 Thanks for your help. I appreciate it. I am going to get fresh r/o saltwater today, so I tried in vain to capture the Brittlestar. He is crafty, to say the least. I am going to have to do a major rock revamp to be able to get to him. I was only able to get hold of legs, and I didn't want to pull one off even. I will try again later. Joan Bonnington <Oh! Do simply bait this animal out... tie a bit of marine origin meaty food to a rock or such, place toward the front, bottom... when it comes out to eat (it will very soon if you mince a bit and add the juice to the tank), hand-pick it out. Bob Fenner>

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