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FAQs about  Green Brittlestars, Ophiarachna incrassata Systems

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Green Brittle Star 9/30/05 Hi, recently I bought a green brittle starfish last week on Tuesday.  The pet store had a display tank which they took down and put in separate tanks to be sold.  The brittle starfish I bought was from that display tank. <The most common cause of problems with these animals is shipping stress.  If this animal was already established in captivity, then it has to be something else...> My point is that now my starfish is like eating it's legs or something of the sort.  It's folding it's legs under him and I don't know if he's just cutting them off or eating them (maybe both -.- ).  Is he doing this because he's stressed from all the moving around or what? <Most likely, yes.  These animals are very sensitive to changes in salinity and pH.  It is most often recommended to acclimate them to a new tank over several hours and many folks actually use a "drip method" where a piece of airline with a loose knot is used to drip tank water into the bag water at a rate of one drop per second or so.> One more thing, my dad also moved the starfish from one side of the tank to the other because we were afraid it was going after the damsels since he was in their hiding place.  Since we moved him, I feel he has been depressed or something.  They told us to feed him once a month.  Is he just hungry?  I hope you can help, I really don't want him to die.   <Usually, when these animals start losing arms, they are doomed.  If it does recover, I would suggest small weekly feedings.  I would also watch it carefully for signs of predatory behavior, as they are quite capable of capturing fish.  Best Regards.  AdamC.>
Green Brittle Star part 2 10/3/05 Hi again, Thx for taking time out of your day to help me out.  I have one more question, that I didn't think about asking. =P  Since this is happening to my starfish, do I have to take him out of the tank?  Will he get the other fish sick since he is sick? <When it becomes clear that it isn't going to survive (it doesn't look good), I would remove it so that it does not foul the water, but the condition is not contagious.> I also attached two pictures of what he looks like now.  What is that white stuff that seems to be oozing out of one of his arms?  Thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions.  <Glad to help!  The white stuff is simply dying tissue.  Best Regards.  AdamC.>

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