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FAQs about Horseshoe Crabs, Identification

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Re: horseshoe crabs Hi I read the paragraph it seems its directed at only one species. I'm not sure what I have its light tan and about 2-3 inches in length I have about 7 inches in the back of my tank with lots of sand that he has left trails through would this be a small one that don't get big or a gigantic one? I told the pet store lady my tank was 30 gall long and she recommended him? what do you think. Thanks guys for all my question. <Most all anyone sees in the trade in the U.S. is Limulus polyphemus... they do get large. Bob Fenner>

Mini Horseshoe Crab? I Dont Think So! 9/16/07 <Hi Brandy> I recently purchased a horseshoe crab, it's about an inch in length, including the tail. The store I bought it from says it will stay fairly small, 1 to 2 inches, (but I have yet to read anything stating there are any small species, have I been given incorrect information? <Sadly yes. There are four species of horseshoe crab: Limulus polyphemus, Tachypleus gigas, Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda, and Tachypleus tridentatus, and all reach sizes considerably larger than 1 to 2 inches! More than likely, you have Limulus polyphemus, which is an Atlantic specie (the others are Indo-Pacific). This specie can grow to a foot across and 2 feet long! Unfortunately, because of its size potential and specialized needs, this fascinating little creature has a very low survival rate in most home aquariums. Sadly, most slowly starve to death. Please see this link, especially the FAQ titled Horseshoe crab Overview 4/14/03 for more information regarding requirements/care : http://www.wetwebmedia.com/horseshoecrabfaqs.htm > Thank you, <You're very welcome, I just wish I could have given you better news! -Lynn> Brandy

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