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FAQs on Supplementing With Kalkwasser, Reactors

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Kalk Stirrer And Operation   11/10/10
Hi all
<Hello Jim>
I have recently set up a Deltec Kalk stirrer to supplement my calcium reactor. Current water parameters are thus Ca 370 Mg 1350 (maintained with Seachem supplement) dKH 11.2 tank size is 130 gallon.
I run the stirrer as a top off only at night with the saturated (clear) solution running into the sump. Can you give me an indication of how much Kalk to put into the stirrer every week please? Would like to top up the Ca to 420 odd as I'm getting a coralline explosion and will be placing various LPS stonies in the next six months.
I currently put in around 35 grams and let the stirrer run for a day prior to top off at night, this is then dosed with a peristaltic pump attached to a timer. This 35 grams only seems to maintain the calcium at 370.
<You will need to determine that amount. When you mix a fresh batch of Kalkwasser, take a calcium reading of the mix after 24 hours. If it is under 800ppm, you can add a little more Kalkwasser. When you reach close to 800ppm, the total amount of Kalkwasser mix you've added will be the amount you can use for each mix. You cannot exceed 800ppm as that is the saturation point, and no matter how much more Kalkwasser you add to the stirrer, it will never exceed 800ppm.>
Also how often to I swap out the Kalk in the stirrer for fresh? If I remember rightly it was weekly is that correct?
<Once you have used up the newly mixed limewater, the Kalk residue should be discarded and start anew as excessive carbonate build up can raise dKH which in turn can/will cause calcium precipitation. Your
present dKH is a little on the high side. I would maintain no higher than 9 dKH, preferably 7-8 dKH.
Do read here and related articles/FAQs found in the header.
http://www.wetwebmedia.com/calcalkmar.htm >
<You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)>

Calcium reactor vs. Kalkwasser reactor... just reading or not  -- 03/03/09 Hi, <Hello there> I was wondering what the difference between a calcium reactor and a Kalkwasser reactor is? <?... One provides both biomineral and alkalinity by melting down their sources... with an acid generally. The Kalk one delivers a source of CaOH... by dissolution in water...> What the advantages and disadvantages between each one? <? Posted...> Which is better? <? Both have their merits... and proponents, detractors... depending on what sort of livestock you keep, what you want to do with them... providing more of what these tools can do may be of use to you... or more trouble, expense than they're worth...> Your help is been great in the past! Looking forward to your reply. Garrett <You should really have just used the search tool, indices... and read: http://wetwebmedia.com/marine/maintenance/maintindex.htm Spend some time here. Bob Fenner>

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