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Plumbing (cutting through put holes in/for a sump) I am making a sump from a Rubbermaid container for my 100 gallon tank. What do I need to drill (?) or cut (?) holes into the container? Can I buy the tool at Home Depot?  <What an exciting question. Really, we (our old service companies) used to have a "museum" collection of such tools, materials... some really neat to work with (for drilling through very thick acrylic especially). I would go with a simple "hole saw" kit like those sold for fitting lock/door knob sets in wooden doors here. If you think you might want to drill more than one size/diameter opening, splurge on a multiple size set with interchangeable mandrill (the pilot bit that goes in the middle)> I know that ideally water would move through the sump from one end to the other, entering dirty and leaving clean. However, since I have two overflows it would be convenient for the overflows to empty into opposite ends of the sump with the skimmer (T1000) in the middle of the sump. <Yes, good idea> I probably will mount the return pump (external) on the end (not the middle). I guess I'm worried about unclean water entering and then leaving the sump, bypassing the skimmer. What are your thoughts?  <No worries... all gets about as clean as it were going linearly/in series... Only a bit of a percent lost in apparent "efficiency"> I have no room for a refugium in my sump but I am considering getting one of the CPR hang ons (24''). Will this improve my water quality?  <VERY much so. A friend who lives with us, Peter, has been "experimenting" with these for years... Many advantages in their use> Since I'll need to buy a CF for the refugium, is it worth the effort and expense? <Yes, of a certainty> Thanks for all you do Bob! <Thank you for your queries. Bob Fenner> David Dowless

Fwd: Overflow boxes Please forgive me Bob but I did a poor job of describing the overflow boxes I'm looking for. The kind I'm looking for are the type you put inside the tank as if you drilled holes in the corner of the bottom of the tank and go from the bottom of the tank up to top. Thanks again for your time. Tom <Oh... you have a 150 gallon All Glass tank... did you intend to drill it yourself? There are tools for this... better done by the manufacturer before assembling the aquarium... Through hull fittings are available from many sources (swimming pool supply, many e-tailers, service companies, big retailers in the interest...) and "risers" can be made from PVC pipe, sleeves the same... towers can be formed of PVC or acrylic sheet... Bob Fenner>

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