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Butterflyfishes of the Genus Chaetodon

Part 4 of 4, Unknown Choices

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Bob Fenner Chaetodon bennetti

Butterflyfishes for Marine

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The Unknown Chaetodons: Not enough data in the literature, credible firsthand accounts, or personal experience to judge

Chaetodon andamanensis Kuiter & Debelius 1999. Known only from India. To 15 cm. in length. Hiroyuki Tanaka pic of a 3 cm. individual in captivity.

Lost pic

Chaetodon blackburni Desjardins 1836, Blackburn's Butterflyfish. Rarely seen in the west. Found along much of Africa's east coast to around Madagascar and the Mascarene Islands. Five inches total length.

"I'm leavin' on a jet plane" with my camera gear!

Chaetodon dialeucos Salm & Mee 1989, the Oman Butterflyfish. Only recorded from the Middle East country's coast in the Arabian Sea. To six inches maximum length.

I wanna go on the next trip with Drs. John Hoover and Randall

Chaetodon excelsa (Jordan 1922), the Hawaiian Brown-Banded Butterflyfish. A bit too deep for pet-fish collection (usually more than 200 m), occasionally seen in diver-friendly depths. Hawaii and Guam in distribution.

No pic yet

Chaetodon gardineri Norman 1939, Gardiner's Butterflyfish. Found around India to Oman. To about six inches length. Almost unknown in the trade, but stomach contents analyses show it to be a wide feeder on algae and benthic invertebrates.

Photo courtesy of Peter Martis

Chaetodon jayakari Norman 1939, Jayakar's Butterflyfish. Similar to Hawaii's C. excelsa; also deepwater and exceedingly rare in the trade. Known from all the waters surrounding the Middle East over to India.

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Chaetodon leucopleura Playfair 1866, Somali Butterflyfish. From lower half of Red Sea, along Yemen and Oman, around Horn of Africa. Uncommon in the wild and trade.

Hope Di can handle the long range live aboard

Chaetodon litus Randall & Caldwell 1973. Easter Island Butterflyfish. Known only from that part of the southeastern Pacific Ocean.  To six inches in length.

"Mr. Christian, I'm coming after you..."

Chaetodon modestus Temminck & Schegel 1842, the Brown-Banded Butterflyfish. Very like the species, C. excelsa of Hawaii, and C. jayakari of the Middle East regions, this deepwater B/F is recorded from parts of the far west Pacific.

I need to get out more often.

Chaetodon nigropunctatus Sauvage 1880, the Black-Spotted Butterflyfish. Mainly a coral eater according to Allen (1999). Range restricted to Persian Gulf out to the Arabian Sea.

See comment for C. dialeucos image

Chaetodon robustus Gunther 1860, Robust of Ghana Butterflyfish. Found along Africa's tropical west coast. To seven inches.

Photo courtesy of Peter Martis

Chaetodon sanctahelenae Gunther 1868, St. Helena Butterflyfish. Known from two island groups off of Africa's west coast, way off. The Canarys, St. Helena and Ascension. To six inches.

Let's go

Chaetodon selene Bleeker 1853, the Yellow-Dotted Butterflyfish. Known from the western Pacific around Indonesia up to Japan, over to PNG. Not common or used in the trade.

See below

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Chaetodon smithi Randall 1975, Smith's Butterflyfish. Only recorded from some of the southernmost island groups of French Polynesia. To seven inches long. Aquarium photo of a 9 cm. specimen by Hiroyuki Tanaka. 

Lost pic

Chaetodon trichrous Gunther 1874, the Tahiti Butterflyfish. Very similar to Klein's B/F, C. kleinii, but confined to parts of French Polynesia in the lower central Pacific Ocean. To five inches in length. Nuka Hiva, Marquesas, Polynesia pic, the most common Butterflyfish here by far. 

Lost pic


Chaetodon tricinctus Waite 1901, the Three-Stripe Butterflyfish. Only found in Australia on the east coast from Lowe Howe and Norfolk Islands. To six inches in length. A very nice pic by Ryan Dwyer of his specimen.

Tricinctus Butterfly    6/19/11
Hey Bob,
Greetings from rainy Shanghai. Question: have you run into / heard of anyone that has had success with Chaetodon tricinctus?
<Rarely, but yes>
I note an individual named Ryan posted on WWM quite some time back that he was successfully raising one, but I've been unsuccessful in locating others. I have an opportunity to take a pair in the fall, but would like to squeeze as much husbandry info as I can out of what appears to be a very small rock of experience with this species.
Many thanks,
<Mmm, well... you know this is a cooler water species... needs a good deal of room (hundreds of gallons), uncrowded/no aggressive tankmates... well-established system w/ a good deal of live rock... Bob Fenner>
Re: Tricinctus Butterfly   6/20/11

Thanks Bob!
<Welcome Chris!>

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Butterflyfishes for Marine

Diversity, Selection & Care
New eBook on Amazon: Available here
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by Robert (Bob) Fenner
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