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FAQs on the Flowerhorn Cichlid Identification

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Identity my fish please. FH, sex...      7/6/18
Hi I have a Flowerhorn fish. I am a newbie. Please tell me what type of my
fish. Female or male sir. I really need a help .
<Hi, could you send us a picture?(few kb´s resolution please).>

Flowerhorn... Classification of this hybrid         5/9/15
Good morning, I have three Flowerhorn, I want to know what is the exact name of my flower horn, please help me to recognize my pet by giving the exactly kind or name of fh. Thanks & regards,
<Flowerhorn cichlids are hybrids. They're not an "exactly" anything. They are genetically mixed up fish produced from several different cichlids but especially Cichlasoma trimaculatus. Dozens of variety names exists, none of them have any scientific meaning whatsoever. So feel free to call your fish whatever appeals. Huey, Dewey and Louie for all the difference it'll make!
Cheers, Neale.>
Flowerhorn: Neale for more         5/9/15

<So far as breeds go, there are hundreds. None have any legal standing, so breeders largely make them up. There isn't an official Flowerhorn "governing body" as there are for cat breeds and dog breeds. The result is that many breeders produce whatever they can, and give it a name they think will help it sell. A few types are described here:
But really, my only advice is this: Choose fish that look nice to you, from a breeder with healthy stock. There are a lot of unscrupulous breeders out there, plus a whole industry (aimed at the Asian market) selling foods and other products supposed to make a given Flowerhorn develop brighter colours or a bigger hump. None of these products work (the science behind both colours and hump are simple, tied to genetics, proper diet, and good environmental conditions -- not magic or technology!). Too many people waste (get defrauded out of...) money on Flowerhorns when they don't need to. As I say, choose a fish you like, that's healthy, and keep it properly.
Cheers, Neale.> 

Flowerhorn question       12/13/14
Hello WetWebMedia Crew,
I am new to Flowerhorn but really want to own one. Can you help identify the type and quality of this Flowerhorn?
It is 14 months only but only 6-7 inches long. Is it too small for its age?
<Not really; no>
Also, it looks pretty dark (maybe still in fading stage according to some posts I read on line). Can it still change color and grow the hump at this stage?
Thanks a lot for your help.
Regards, Liyu
<There may be some specialized FH sites that may be of more help. Bob Fenner>

Flower Horn Competition 13-7-14
<Hey Per>
Grand Champion of the 5th National Flowerhorn Show in Singapore. Photo taken by Terry Poon with my new Sony camera. I am happy with the quality of the photo.
Regards, Perry
<Very nice pic and fish. I just broke down and purchased a RX 100 MII... and the 3.5k of Nauticam, Inon240s... to go around it. Hope to see and use it with you in Bali in Sept! BobF>

5th National Flowerhorn Show Singapore     7/15/14
Best Color in Show for this stunner

5th National Flowerhorn Show in Singapore      7/15/14
This beauty won the best hump of the show
<Bunk a junk in the forward trunk!>

5Th Fish Hub Flowerhorn Show 2012     12/22/12
 I think this is definitely the last show of the year in Singapore. Photo of the CAT B Flowerhorn with the BEST HUMP
<I'll say! BobF>  

5th Fish Hub Show 2012 / Merry Xmas    12/25/12
 Photo of the Grand Champion.
<Thanks for sending this along Per. And happy holidays to you and your family. BobF>  


Please Check This Flowerhorns and Say What is the exact Strains of This Flowerhorns  6/13/10
We are Discus Breeder From India and Started Flowerhorn Breeding But As this is a Man made Hybrid, So its really difficult to identify each and Every Variety of Flowerhorn. Please help us to identify Flowerhorn's
Strains..... Most of These are our Breeding Pair Male.... Some of them are recently Brought to make new Breeding Pairs.....
<Hello again. I'm sorry, but we really don't have the time to download 10 images of different fish, just to identify them. We're volunteers who try to help hobbyists keep their fish better. What we can't do is help breeders identify varieties. Flowerhorns are hybrids, and because of that they DO NOT breed true. So what the parents look like is only PARTIALLY helpful when it comes to predicting what the offspring will look like. Cheers, Neale.>
<<And these pix were lifted (are others labeled property)... hence not posted. RMF>>

Is it a KAMFA???? -- 3/3/10
I've sent u a pic is it a KAMFA I want it for breeding purpose please tell
<No pic attached of a FH or anything for that matter. BobF>
Re: Is it a KAMFA???? -- 3/3/10
Sorry sir I'll resend the pic 2 u again please check and reply again, please
<Could be anything. Too young to know. Frankly, doesn't even look much like a Flowerhorn to me!>
and 1 more thing are there any chances of making a fish get hump by injecting medicines or hormones
<No. Why would you want to? Cheers, Neale.>

Re: Is it a KAMFA???? 3/4/10
Because in India (Bangalore) ppl love flower horn's
<Oh. I don't like them, I'm afraid. There are plenty of lovely cichlids already. In India, for example, there is the stunning Etroplus canarensis, a beautiful fish from the south of your country.>
but we r exposed to only Trimac's we don't get an opportunity to see a nice one or have 1,
<I see.>
there r some ppl who import but they charge more which I being a student cant afford,
<Flowerhorn cichlids are a fashion in Asia, and that means they're expensive. Quality is very variable, and because they're hybrids, they don't breed true. This means can't buy a baby one with a guarantee it'll grow up to look like its parents. That's why the "good" adult specimens are expensive.>
According 2 me Hobby is some thing which should not cost me,
<Not sure I agree with you here. Fishkeeping isn't an expensive hobby, but you can't always economise either. Good quality fish are expensive.
Maintaining a big cichlid is expensive. If you are on a limited budget, then try keeping smaller fish? India is FILLED with wonderful fish, including hundreds of species I never get to see here in England -- but wish I could! I have a splendid book called "Ornamental Aquarium Fish of India" by Tekriwal and Rao; see if you can find a copy. Will give you many ideas, I'm sure.>
so I anted to have idea I wanted to try some antibiotics first then some protein which I'll 1ce I get full knowledge about the anatomy of the fish
<You can't "make" a Flowerhorn with a bigger hump or brighter colours.
These things are in the genes.>
Thank u for ur suggestion Sir,
<Please, please, please use normal English next time you write. This "text speak" English is very annoying, and it's difficult for other people to read. Cheers, Neale.>

Fwd: Is it a KAMFA???? 3/5/10
Sir sorry for the language, I have used that language because most of us are used to texting (SMS messages) and I tend to follow most of them while chatting, I apologize for the mistakes I can ensure that it will not happen again.
<Thank you for understanding. The issue is that not everyone who visits this site is a native English speaker, and not everyone is old (or young!) enough to understand "text speak". So by making sure all messages are in clear, regular English, everyone can read and understand them.>
Thank you
At what time do u login, so that some day I can speak to you,
What do u do for living................
<If you want to chat with fishkeepers, can I direct you to the Wet Web Media forum? It's over here:
Lots of people there, and you can chat away to your heart's content! Have fun! Neale.> 

My FH male or female  2/16/10
Hi WWM Crew,
My name is Musa,
I have a Flowerhorn of 16cms. I want to know whether it is a male or a female, it carries stones from one place to another and digs circles. It does not have a ribbon type dorsal fin. Please check all the photos.
Thank you.
<Hello again, Musa. As I think I've said about 17 times already, you can't sex Flowerhorn cichlids reliably from photos. Both sexes can have humps.
Both sexes can have bright colours. Both sexes move stones about. The ONLY reliable way to sex ALL specimens is to examine their genital papillae.
This is sometimes called the "spawning tube". Look behind the anal fin. On males this is long and pointed, and on females short and blunt. Cheers, Neale.>

Pl Identify the sex
Sexing Flowerhorn Cichlids 1/7/10

HI Bob Wish u a happy, healthy, prosperous and peaceful new year. I am having a Flowerhorn since last 5 . I have attached a few pics of the fish. Can you by any chance take a look at them and let me know the sex of the fish. I tried the venting method but was unable to hold him for long.
< Looks like a young male by looking at the fin extensions.-Chuck> 

Pl. Identify the Strain of the Flowerhorn, now Holiday Greeting/Msg.   12/24/09
BOB/Chuck/Neale/Melinda and WWM Crew
Wish u all the crew a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year.
You have been helping the fish patrons all over the world. That is a great piece of work which u do. Pl. keep up the good work.
<Thank you Amit. Happy holidays to you and yours. BobF>

Pl. Identify the Flowerhorn strain   12/25/09
WWM Crew/Bob
Wish u a Merry Christmas and Happy new year.
I am having a Flowerhorn which is 5 mths old. I have been trying to identify the strain of the Flowerhorn since last month or so, but without any luck. I have even searched in the Google images and other Flowerhorn websites.
I am attaching a pic of the Flowerhorn . Can you please identify the strain/breed of the Flowerhorn .Secondly by looking at the pic and its features can you tell me whether is it a male or a female. I tried the anal venting method but the fish has got a bad temper so unable to hold him in net for long.
Hope you will answer my query.
Thanks in advance.
Amit Ghosalkar
<There is/are no strain/s of FHs; they're all hybrids... artificial mixes of other S. Am. Cichlid species... Please read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/flowerhornidfaq.htm

ID me please, FH   12/11/09
Hi There
I'm new in taking care of Flowerhorns... I don't know what breed or strain my 2'' short-body FH is... will you help me to ID my Flowerhorn
<Hello Push. Flowerhorns are hybrids, so by definition they don't breed true. There are no "varieties" as such, simply different types produced by mating two particular fish. People breed two fish they like, rear the fry, and hope some of the juvenile fish have a mix of characteristics they find desirable. Your fish is particularly deformed even by Flowerhorn standards, and looks like a cross between a Flowerhorn and a Blood Parrot.
Cheers, Neale.>

My Fish 10/11/09
Thanks for the prompt replies to my queries from time to time. I really appreciate the promptness in your replies. I am attaching an JPEG image of my fish.
<Nothing attached.>
Can you identify the same.
<Not without a photo, no. If all else fails, upload an image to Flickr and send a link.>
Also the necessary link for taking good care of my fish and feeding.
<See here:
2. When this fish was juvenile I had sent the pic and the crew had identified it as an Amphilophus trimaculatum. Is it the same one or some other.
<Can't tell without a photo. Care of both the Amphilophus trimaculatum and the hybrid cichlid we call the Flowerhorn is the same. Cheers, Neale.>

My Fish 10/11/09
Thanks for the prompt replies to my queries from time to time. I really appreciate the promptness in your replies. I am attaching an JPEG image of my fish. Can you identify the same.
<Appears to be a Flowerhorn or similar hybrid. A bit pale though: try using a darker substrate and adding some floating plants.>
Also the necessary information or link for taking good care of my fish and feeding.
<All here:
Cheers, Neale.>

I'm sending a jpeg image pls tell me is it a Flowerhorn? 9/10/09
is it a Flowerhorn? Pls help me
<Image corrupt, wouldn't open. Please do review the pages of WetWebMedia and elsewhere for photos of Flowerhorn cichlids.
They are not difficult to identify, though juvenile fish can look much like certain other Central American cichlids.
Cheers, Neale.>

My Flowerhorns image what is the proper breed name of it?? -- 10/3/09
Flowerhorn ID

Sir, I'm from Kolkta West Bengal India please tell me what is the original breed
of my Flowerhorn, otherwise nobody can tell me the proper breed here .
< The Flowerhorn is not a fish that is found in nature. It is a cross of three different true cichlid species. Any naming of any Flowerhorn is a commercial or common name and not a scientific one. When the Flowerhorn
market was very strong there use to be all kinds of names for Flowerhorns that did not make any sense. The names were used strictly for marketing. This is why nobody can identify your Flowerhorn as a specific breed. TFH had a book out on Flowerhorns a few years ago. Check out Amazon.com to see if you can find it.-Chuck>

Re Identifying the fish
Flowerhorn ID  -- 09/14/09

Sir , I have had a fish tank for last 10 yrs or so. I have kept many variety of fish. I have a 20 gallon fish tank. I have put gravel and I use a Boyu SP1000 power filter. I use tap water for the tank and further I add dechlorinator to the same. I also have oxygen pump installed in the tank and proper and adequate lighting for the tank. I have recently brought this fish. I am sending the attachment in JPEG format. Recently I purchased the fish and many of my friends say that this is a Flowerhorn. I would like to get a confirmation from you whether is it the same fish and what is the sex of the fish or how to check.
< This is a Flowerhorn. Males get bigger with larger fins. Some get humps on the forehead when in very good shape. Experienced cichlid keepers can sex their cichlids by venting them. this involves turning the fish upside down and examining the genitalia. Their are two openings. If the openings are the same size then it is probably a female. If one opening is smaller than the other then the fish is probably a male.>
Secondly I am based in India and should I feed it with crushed prawns. Presently I am feeding it with Kijaro fish pellets and Live blood worms. Please help me with this query.
Awaiting a reply from your end. Thank you Amit Ghosalkar
< The live blood worms may be too rich a diet. I would probably feed mostly the prepared food and use the others foods for more like treats.-Chuck>

Re Identifying the fish 9/15/09
I am having a fish tank since last 10 yrs or so. I have kept many variety of fishes.
I have a 20 gallon fish tank. I have put gravel and I use a Boyu SP1000 power filter. I use tap water for the tank and further I add dechlorinator to the same. I also have oxygen pump installed in the tank and proper and adequate lighting for the tank.
I have recently brought this fish. I am sending the attachment in JPEG format.
<I see.>
Recently I purchased the aforesaid fish and many of my friends say that this is a Flowerhorn.
<Seems likely. A juvenile to be sure. Might possibly be Amphilophus trimaculatum, but that species isn't widely traded. Amphilophus trimaculatum is one of the two ancestors of the Flowerhorn cichlid (which,
as you know, is a man-made hybrid). Personally, I'd sooner have Amphilophus trimaculatum than a Flowerhorn, but I like my fish the way Nature made them! Each to their own, I guess. In any case, maintenance of both Amphilophus trimaculatum and Flowerhorn cichlids is very similar. Do see here:
I would like to get a confirmation from you whether is it the same fish and what is the sex of the fish or how to check.
<At this age, can't be sexed.>
Secondly I am based in India and should I feed it with crushed prawns.
<Once or twice a week, sure, yes. But prawns contain a lot of thiaminase, so should be used sparingly to avoid problems with Vitamin B1 deficiency.
Insects, earthworms, cooked peas, and of course a good quality pellet food would all be better foods.>
Presently I am feeding it with Kijaro fish pellets and Live blood worms.
Please help me with this query.
Awaiting a reply from your end.
Thank you
<Hope this helps! Cheers, Neale.>
Re Identifying the fish, FH   9/17/09

Hi Neale
Thanks for the very very prompt reply from your end. I am very much obliged for that.
<Glad to have helped.>
I will definitely follow ur guidelines. That fish I mentioned is a type of Flowerhorn, i.e. the confirmation from your end has given me a big relief. I was really wanting to keep the flowerfish. I got that fish very cheaply. I have still one or two queries and I hope you will reply them.
<Do my best.>
1.I have brought chili super red pellets and the fish relishes eating them. Any other food which u can suggest for good growth will be highly appreciable. As far as the pic of the fish is concerned can u by any idea let me know the approximate age of the fish. the fish is about 2 inches in length .
<Probably less than six months old.>
2.Also I wanted to know whether this fish after growing will emit the colours which a normal Flowerhorn shows or this is the only colour that will be there on the fish.
<It's all genetic. Flowerhorn cichlids are hybrids, so it is VERY difficult to say how any particular fish will turn out. If you have seen the parents, then it's likely this fish will end up looking much like them. But there is
so much variation among Flowerhorn cichlids, that you cannot possibly say by looking at a juvenile fish what it will look like when mature.>
3.Further if is there any other compatible fish which can stay with this particular fish in the same tank.
<None. Flowerhorn cichlids are big, aggressive Central American-type cichlids. They are no more sociable than their ancestors, Amphilophus citrinellus and Cichlasoma trimaculatum. Even a single Flowerhorn will need (at least) 55 gallons.>
Any feedback in this regard will be greatly helpful for me.
Thanks once again for your prompt reply.
<Cheers, Neale.>

what breed is ma FH and why he's not eating....-- 08/14/09
Flower Horn Not Eating

I've had my FH for 6days. I put him a two foot tank and its big for him because he is small..Whenever I put a pellet in he will not eat it. He will see the pellet and just swim away. Same for the dried shrimp. Blood worm he will just eat a bit but then spit it out..I give him ocean free humpy head. Can you advise me accordingly. I've attached a pic of my fish.. Can you tell me what breed is my fish?. He has blue lining all over, pink on his chest and yellow below his mouth and tail. Thanks A lot
<..Your Flowerhorn may eat in a few days. Put the food in for 5 minutes. If he does not eat it then take it out. Try again the next day. In a few days he will catch on that he has 5 minutes to eat or he will go hungry. You definitely have a flower horn. What type of flower horn I do not know.
Continue to check the internet under Google images and type in Flowerhorn.-Chuck>

FH Breed Flowerhorn Types  3/9/08 HI Chuck, It's me again and thanks for the reply. I will check all the items that you have mentioned. Can you please scan the attachment so I have an idea what kind and variety or breed are my FHs. Thanks. Ciao, Lance < Flowerhorns were originally a cross between three different cichlid species. Since the inception of the Flowerhorn they have been line bred into numerous color forms. I have seen book for sale on eBay that discussed these color morphs and have probably given them names. Sorry, I do not have this book so I am unable to tell you what color form you have. I would recommend checking out eBay occasionally and see if you can find this book.-Chuck>

Knowing the breed... FH ID, NNS hello. this is john, am new to this FH hobby. and I have 3 months old FH and until now I still don't know what his breed and I browse in different sites for me to find what breed is my FH but I haven't found any the same FH as mine. I had attached picture of my FH. I hope you can help me..tnx..=) <The Flowerhorn is not a breed... but a cross twixt neotropical cichlids. Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/flowerhornidfaq.htm and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>

Mystery Cichlid at Aquarama 01 Hi Bob Do you still remember the new breed of cichlid with a hump head that was on show at the last Aquarama in Singapore? <Yes, did send the pix in I shot at Aquarama last year to the hobby mag.s> They have been well received and certain specimens with nice colours have been reportedly sold for as much as S$70,000. It is not advisable to walk around in certain parts of Malaysia holding them in plastic bags or you will be robbed at knife point. <Thanks for the heads up. Can/will send you the piece (in German) re that cichlid... and my fave image as a jpeg if you'd like. Bob F.> Perry

A dihybrid "new cichlid" out of the Far East... this pic shot a month back at the Aquarama show in Singapore... is likely (my guess) a Vieja (formerly Cichlasoma) maculicauda (Black Belt) and Cichlasoma trimaculatum cichlid cross... a beauty, but still a cross.                      Re: What is this "new cichlid"? Something bifasciatum? Not according to fishbase.org Bob, This fish will sell well in Singapore or in a Buddhist country. The bump on the head resembles the forehead of one of the Buddhist Arhats by the name of Luo Han. Imagine owning a fish that reminds you of a Buddhist deity that you are worshipping. Will bring plenty of good luck and fortune. Perry <Thanks for this Perry. Will post with image on our sites. Bob Fenner>  Re: What is this "new cichlid"?  Dear Bob, our expert for American cichlids Uwe Werner wrote me, that he feels the cichlid is not a natural form, but an Asian-bred form of Cichlasoma amphilophus. He says that there is total red specimens too. Here in Germany the sun is shining like in Southern California. Take care Werner <Ah, danke shoen. Will post your input to this image on our site (www.WetWebMedia.com). More images, articles on their way to you at das Aquarium. Wiedersen. Bob Fenner>

Kirin (not the beer) Hi! How is everyone this evening? Good I hope. <Very well!> I was just browsing the web for info on my new baby Texas Cichlids, and I came across a website dedicated to that new hybrid you have a pic of in the section on neo tropical cichlids. According to the info on the site, it's a Kirin. And yes, it is a hybrid. It's a Cyanoguttatum or Carpinte and Trimaculatus cross. It's supposed to bring prosperity with it's bump head, good fortune with it's jeweled speckles symbolizing wealth, and scare away evil spirits with its red eyes. The website address is www.kirin.com.sg/species.html Just what the world needs, another cichlid hybrid from the far east. At least it's not as hideously ugly as the parrot fish. SMILE). I have a parrotfish myself, and I love his funny looking little face. Goodnight, Kristen:) <Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are some truly striking looking fish on that webpage, though. -Steven Pro>

Monster fish by Arlina Arshad  IF YOU think luohan fish are ugly, just look at this specimen with its Mick Jager lips and ball-like body. Probably the result of breeding gone wrong, say marine biologists and those who rear fish. Enthusiasts have been breeding them, then dumping the 'mistakes' in ponds and rivers. Two breeders and three other people who rear fish admitted they'd done this. The Sunday Times also spoke to fishermen who have spotted sick and dead luohan, four aquarium owners, two marine biologists, and officials from agencies that have to deal with this problem. Two luohan breeders said they sought to breed exotic-looking luohan, with blue or white eyes instead of red, or all-blue or all-red bodies instead of the usual red-green-black. When the experiments went awry, they had to get rid of these mutants with 'elephant-trunk lips' and 'monkey faces'. Neither would agree to be named, fearing flak from fish lovers and repercussions from the authorities. Said one breeder: 'Some fish had bloated bodies and no humps on the heads; others were skinny and had no fins. What do you expect me to do with them?' The other one said: 'At least I release them in the water, not like some I know who flush them down toilet bowls!' Abandoning fish is an offence under the Birds and Animals Act, punishable by a $10,000 fine and 12 months' jail. 'This is an act of cruelty,' said Dr Leow Su Hua, head of the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore's animal welfare education. Dumping luohan into public ponds can also turn the ponds' ecology upside down, because they are aggressive and breed quickly. Said Professor Chou Loke Ming of the National University of Singapore's department of biological sciences: 'They may outcompete for food with local species and take over ponds and rivers.' The National Parks Board (NParks) and Public Utilities Board have found reptiles and non-native fish in ponds, lakes and reservoirs. Said an NParks spokesman: 'The released fish may not survive. They could carry disease and this would affect the native animals in the ponds.' Luohan fish, also known as Flowerhorns, are believed to be descended from wild cichlids. A year or two ago, they were all the rage because people thought they brought good luck. High-quality ones, characterized by red eyes and large humps on their heads, went for as much as $8,000. But now, they are no longer hot. One breeder said he'd released about 100 into Tengeh and Punggol rivers in the last three years. He said: 'Some had holes in their heads and others had eyes popping out of their sockets.' 'One had a diseased mouth and rotting lips like this,' he said, turning his lips inside out. 'I couldn't save it; it was too sick.' Aquarium owners also say people leave buckets of luohan at their doors in the dead of the night. Madam Shirley Lim, owner of aquarium shop Yun Feng in Pasir Ris, said she would receive 'fish mail' three times a month. 'Nobody wants them any more. They're being chucked into dustbins like those unwanted babies in China. I could sell one at $4,000 last time, but now if I can sell one for $20, I'm very lucky,' she said. IP Address: This message was forwarded to you from Straits Times Interactive ( http://straitstimes.asia1.com.sg

Flowerhorns WWM, I want to how to distinguish the sex of the Flowerhorn, <The males will develop a larger hump on their foreheads, I would not be surprised if you could the difference by their finnage, or even venting them, but I am not positive.> and how to cure white spots  and discoloration of the fish. <If by white spots you mean Ich, your fish are sick, sick fish are not going to display good coloration.  I used Quick Cure on my Horns, seemed to do the job (primarily formaldehyde with a dash of malachite green).  IME I have never seen a fish with the healing abilities of a Flowerhorn, I had one get sucked up into a filter for an unknown amount of time, I got him out, thought he was doomed, the next day I could not tell which was the damaged one.  Once you get the parasites cleared up, color enhancing food, a varied diet, excellent water quality (I cannot stress that point enough), good lighting and a dark substrate should bring out their colors.  If you have a group of these fish in a tank you need to watch out for aggression, these are very aggressive fish.> And what is latest Breed of Flowerhorns. <Not sure on this one, it seems like the LFS are always making up new names and overcharging for these fish.  Check out FlowerFish.com  Best of luck, Gage> Thank you very much.... Very Truly Yours, Leugim

Flowerhorn Cichlids WWM, Hi! I am a new hobbyist of cichlids. Will you help me for I am in need of new breeds of Flowerhorn for my collections. < The Flowerhorn cichlid is an artificial fish that does not exist in the wild. It is a cross between a couple different fish that happens to produce fertile fry. They were somewhat marketable for a few years but the market seems to be dropping fast, at least hear on the west coast. The new breeds or color forms you may be seeking may not still be available. I would recommend a web site called Aquabid.com. It is a web site dedicated to buying and selling all kinds of fish. Hopefully you can find what you are looking for there.> What does LFS  mean? <Sorry don't know. I don't keep flower horns and am not familiar with the LFS notation.><<Livestock Fish Store, or such>> can you give me at least 5 new breeds of Flowerhorn fish? < Check the site mentioned above or do a google search on the internet for more info. I have seen one book put out on these fish but don't know how available it is -Chuck> Sincerely Yours, Leugim

Super Red Syn Flowerhorns Dear Mr. Robert, <Hi, Gage here this afternoon.> Can you send me a detailed information regarding Super Red Syn Flowerhorns? Appreciate also if you can send some pics. <I checked with Bob and a few others on the crew, we really do not have much information on these fish besides what is at the link below.   http://wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/flowerhorns.htm I would try using the Google.com to search for more information on this particular color strain.> Thank you for your assistance. Fatima Valle  

Flowerhorn of a Different Color  9/3/05 Hello WWM team, Chuck, Thanks for answering my previous questions about Flowerhorns. I have another. Can you tell me, or make a list of the major types of Flowerhorns? < Nope , sorry. Flowerhorns are a hybrid between three different cichlid species. These different names are nothing more than labels used to group similar Flowerhorns together. There is a book entirely on flower horns that I have seen on eBay. I would recommend that you check it out for further info on these particular fish. My area of interest involves wild types of fish.> I know there is Zhao Zen, full red or something... I have a Flowerhorn (ill try to get a pic of it, no camera..) and am not even sure what kind it is... its whole body is dark army green when its relaxed, but startled it turns striped, army green with light green, it only has couple of flowers very small... if possible from my brief description do you know what it might be? Thank You Very Much Rod < Colors can be very deceiving. Many cichlid coloration can be modified by using different foods or aquarium lighting.-Chuck>

Flowerhorn Questions   1/14/06 Hi there, I've been reading through your site and it is really informative about FH I have couple of questions though about my FH 1.) All orange in color with darker tint at the head part, what kind of breed is this? < Flowerhorns are a cross between three different cichlids. One of them is a red devil. This fish comes in white, orange, red and grey. Your fish could be a combination of any of these colors. You will need to consult a specific FH book for an exact breed.> 2.)It has some spots of black at the fins and body but not like the flower rows on red dragons, the previous owner said that when the FH matures it will turn to all orange with some red on the head part, is this true? < Could be. It all depends on the genetic lottery your fish has come up with. The colors may change as it grows. To what color ? You will have to grow him up and find out.> 3.)Also he hasn't been eating lately how can I  tell if he is sick? < Don't feed him for three days. If he is not hungry after three days he is probably sick with an internal bacterial infection. Do a 50% water change, clean the filter and vacuum the gravel. Treat him with Metronidazole as per the directions on the package.-Chuck> I would really appreciate your fast reply. Thank you

Flowerhorn Cichlid With Black Markings   2/1/06 Hi there, this is a GREAT website you all have!  Looks like a ton of great info here.  My tank is 100 gallons, I stay on top of water maintenance with 40% water changes weekly, ammonia = 0, nitrites = 0, nitrates = 10.  Ph is at 7.7.  I recently bought a Flower Horn, everything was normal for about the first week.  Then I started noticing these black areas that seemed under the skin, not on top or bulging.  Almost like bruises.  They also appeared on the fins, but smaller.  The spots on the body are getting larger.  I should add that the fishes feces is really light in color, but not "stringy" at all.  The FH acts normal, has no problem swimming, being active, or eating.  I have searched high and low for answers, but I get all different replies and suggestions.  I've treated the tank with Jungle's "Fungus Cure", but no changes.  I then treated with Melafix, same, no changes.  Here is a couple links to some pics of the fish, do you think it is sick?  Or is this just a normal phase of color change before the true colors come out?  Any info on this is highly appreciated.  Thank you! < A Flowerhorn is a cross between three different species of cichlid. From your photos It seems to look more like a generic trait than a disease.-Chuck> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/djfungus/ProgressedBlackPatch.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/djfungus/BlackSpots2.jpg  

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