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FAQs on Severum Cichlid Identification

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species identification   12/27/11
I purchased a Severum from Petland a few days ago. It's about 4-1/2 inches not including the tail and it cost me $40. It was labeled as a green Severum. Is this a green Severum with a red shoulder and face or is it a rotkeil Severum? Are they really a separate species? I've attached pictures.
<Hello Curtis. Certainly appears to be a Heros species with Rotkeil characteristics. It's a beautiful fish. Is it 100% pure Rotkeil? Hard to say until it grows up and fully colours up, but I'd give this fish the benefit of the doubt! It's well worth $40, and will grace any large fish community. Cheers, Neale.>

Question... ID...    3/14/11
Hello, I heard you guys were some of the best in the business. I have a quick question, could you identify this fish? I have had them in my aquarium for a long time now and really want to know what it is so I can look up info on it. It is the black fish in these photos.
Thank you
Chad R
<Mmm, appears to be Heros severus (formerly Cichlasoma severum)... Bob Fenner>

Fish ID 10/2/08
Morning Bob and Crew,
I have a client that swears these are discus. Im not sure what they are, but I am also almost certain their not discus. Can you help me out with an ID ?
Scott C. Wirtz
<Mmm, appear to be Severums, xanthistic varieties, "Golden"... BobF>
Blue Marlin Aquatic Creations

re: fish ID
Golden Severums....
Bingo !!!!
I knew I recognized them. Bob Sherman had them in his tank at Aquaria.
Thanks a ton Bob.
<Welcome Scott. B>
Scott C. Wirtz

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