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FAQs on Severum Cichlid Systems

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So crowded... you have to go outside! To change your mind!!!

Brackish Question: Heros fasciatus in quarter strength saltwater?     10/25/13
Thanks for your time.
<I would not. This species is reported from brackish water, or rather, "Severums" generally have been (the various new species may not have been recognised when these field reports were collected). But nonetheless it'd be a low-end brackish species at best, up to about 10% seawater salinity I'd imagine. So 1.002-1.003 alongside Mollies, possibly even up to 1.005,
but I would not keep them above that. There are plenty of other cichlids that thrive in salinities up to seawater, so why not choose one of those instead? Green Chromides are similar in size to Severums, more peaceful, and do well in quarter- to half-strength seawater. Cheers, Neale.>

Green gouramis woes... A joker? Super-crowded Severums   10/1/06             I have 3 large (about 5 inches long each) <How nice!> green gouramis that are all normally VERY active - chasing, etc. Starting a couple days ago one of them stopped swimming as much as normal and tends to sit on the bottom of the tank - the other two are as active as they always are. The other strange thing about the one that just sits is that his (or her?) stripes are very pronounced now. <Stress... markings... usually only visible at night...> Normally you can see some dark banding/stripes on them but on this particular fish they are like night and day. His chin also looks a little fat, if that makes any sense. When it comes to feeding time he/she comes up to the top with the others and eats. I'm worried that my fish might be sick. The last thing I want is for it to die.             I'm attaching a picture of the fish in question - they're in a 20 gallon tank with a few other friends. <Mmm, too crowded...>             Please help save my fish!             Thanks in advanced!             -Joni- <... how long have you had these fish? Water quality tests? Foods/feeding? Wait... the pic you sent... shows one pink Helostoma and... Severum Cichlids... Let's back up... these fish are waaaaaay too crowded... your/their problem is almost assuredly environmental... see WWM re the species... Read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/severums.htm and the linked files above... Bob Fenner>

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