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FAQs on Severum Cichlid Selection

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Severum ok for my tank?  2/24/09 Hello, My name is Chris and I'm from Rio Rancho New Mexico, I was wondering if it would be a wise idea to put two male Severums in a 125 gallon tank with: three six inch Bala sharks three five inch pink kissing gouramis one six inch channel catfish one five inch dinosaur eel one five inch clown Knifefish one seven inch gold Arowana any information would be helpful thanks a lot. p.s I was told that having the type of fish that i have together was a bad idea, these fish have been together for at least three months with out any trouble! <I do think this would be a nice addition... Should get along if introduced in the 3-4 inch range. I do want to state also that this system will be overcrowded... in a few years time... with the Knife and Arowana's growth. Bob Fenner>  

Looking For a Male Gold Severum  4/09/06 Hello, I have written you before as my pair began mating and mating  again.   We had a total of 235 babies last August of which I still have  94.  I have a very sad note that I have lost my daddy fish.  In all of  my 20 years of having fist, this is the first time a fish has gotten out of a  covered 75 gal tank. I had a small opening of about 1 x 4 by the hanging  filter.  In the morning I could not see the daddy fish and in horror I  found him behind the tank.  I am so sad and am hunting a special new daddy  fish for my female.  I live in Anniston, Al and have searched the net to  find nothing yet.  There is a fish wholesaler 150 miles in Atlanta that I  want to visit to see if they can help me identify a male.  I would be lucky  if someone had one they knew was a male.  My male was about 5 inches long  and a little shyer than the female.  He had pretty  orange streaks on  his cheeks and loved to be watched.  Can you help  me? <Start with local shops. Call around first and save some gas money. Males usually kill the females so you have a better chance of finding a male then the other way around. The Atlanta Area Aquarium Association has many members in the area that may be able to help you. Phone numbers and contacts can be found on their website. Ken Davis is the Pres and cichlid enthusiast like myself and hopefully can help.-Chuck>

Beginner Severum Owner Wet Web Media Staff, I am thinking of owning two Severums, but I do not want them to mate. Will they become aggressive if I have two males or females? < Two females would be best.> If they do, will the eggs just die if I leave them alone? < Two females may produce infertile eggs and these will die or get eaten in a couple of days.> Also, I want to know how big a tank I need for them. PETCO said that when they were adults, I only needed a 50 gallon tank or so to fit both of them. Do you think that this is enough? < A 50 gallon is probably all right. They will get up to 10 inches or so but it will take awhile.> I don't have a lot of money for an extremely large tank, but I do want them to have a tank that is a little larger than what they need to swim around in. I'm sorry that I asked you all these questions, but I can't seem to find a lot of information of them on the internet. I hope that you can help me! < No problem , write us any time.-Chuck> Thanks, Stephanie Looking For Severums   2/1/06 I was told by a fellow I had e-mailed to e-mail you regarding my quest. That is I have been looking for some Severums to fill my 80 gallon tank and to hopefully get some to pair off. Now to my dilemma. I am having some difficulty finding them or any for that matter. I live in central Oregon and the local pet stores don't know what I am asking for and the ones that do. Don't know where to get them, so I thought it would be best to look on line. I still can't find any. I find plenty of pictures and old, old letters of people from the United Kingdom selling them. Is there any place I can find them sold in the USA? Can I still find the small ones for fairly cheap? By cheap I mean $3-7 dollars a piece. If you can find the time to write me back and let me know I would be very grateful. Thank You, Eric Stafford in Oregon. < In Portland Oregon there is a place called the Cichlid Exchange run by a good friend named Steve Lundblad. Severums are not rare and I am sure he can help you out. Do a google search for the Cichlid exchange and contact him for these and other fish that would work well together.-Chuck>

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