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Genus Porites, Family Poritidae
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By Bob Fenner


Porites lichen Dana 1846. Colonies as flat plates with fused nodules, columns. Corallites in irregular rows with slightly raised ridges between. Typically yellow in color. Common to dominant species on reef slopes. Red Sea image. 

Porites lobata Dana 1846, Lobe Coral. The most common coral species in Hawai'i. Found as encrusting colonies in high wave action areas to fifteen foot high mounds in protected areas. Yellow to greenish in color. Often with grooves caused by the Snapping Shrimp Alpheus deuteropus. Below: close up of an encrusting colony, one showing shrimp space parasite marking (both Hawai'i) and a huge colony (grow about an inch tall per year) in the Maldives. At right, Hawaiian specimen with pink worm parasites (Trematode, flatworm) that Butterflyfishes pick at, consume, continuing the life cycle.

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Porites porites  (Pallas 1776), Finger Coral.  Smooth appearing branches with embedded polyps. Generally tannish to brown in color but may be blue, purple. A close up below and a very small colony in an Eelgrass bed in Belize and an larger colony in the Bahamas.

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