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FAQs on Glass Aquarium Repair, Chips/Cracks 4

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Fish Tank Help/Aquarium Repair 2/26/10
I have a problem of course if I didn't I wouldn't be writing. I just purchased a 125 gallon aquarium off the internet. Got it home, made my preps the slowly filled it with water. When the tank was full I noticed a chip about a half inch long on the back corner glass. It was 845 PM and I ran to all the local pet stores to find something that would stop the leak.
Unfortunately for me because I hate to wait all they had was silicone that needed to sit for a few days. I know its going to take a while to fix. My question is what else can I do. The chip fell out and I went to Home Depot
to find something to patch it with. The chip again is on the outside of the tank but where the side glass and the back glass meat. Please help.
<A close- up picture would have helped here as to the extent of the damage.
Since you mention "got it home", I'm thinking you bought this aquarium somewhere relatively near your home. If that is the case, I would return it for a refund unless this was sold to you "as is". If the chip is relatively small, and is not through the entire thickness of the glass you may be able to repair this with silicone and it will take 48 hours to cure properly. You do not want to use silicone products designed for baths and shower use as they likely contain anti-mold chemicals and would not be safe for aquarium use. If you can send a picture along it would help in guiding you further.>
Thank you.
<You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)>
Re Fish Tank Help/Aquarium Repair 3/1/10

Salty Dog,
Thank you for the reply.
<You're welcome.>
However, the night I sent you this e-mail my three year old son threw a basketball at the tank and basically ruined it so my wife and I had to go out and buy a new one.
<Mmm, another Hulk in the making.>
Thanks again for your help.
<No problem, and no basketballs allowed in the house. :-) James (Salty

Internal chip on glass panel 2/8/10
Hi there,
I'm rebuilding a new tank. Let me explain, I build it initially and it had a leak, I tried to fix it but the leak continued so I tear it apart to be rebuilt (the two side panels were not fully squared).
<Been there, here...>
Yesterday I was checking the fit of every piece and marking the glass which panel is which to get it perfectly squared and while handling one of the front panes it hit the corner in the ground lightly.
It made a little chip (max 1,5 cm length x 0,5 cm wide), since it came mostly as a single piece, and since this would be vertically on the outside top corner (not structural) I decided to glue it back in with silicone.
<Should be fine there>
It was all fine but today I saw that on the inside of the panel there is what seems to be an "internal chip". I tried to force the glass
<Careful here>
and it didn't move or run. This particular place would be joined to the side of the tank (the chip will be on the top), and it's smaller than the width of the side panel (10 mm). The tank will also have euro-braces all around the top
(with fronts overlapping the sides).
Should I be worried about that?
<In your excellent images... I don't think so>
Is it small enough and secure enough (lateral joint and euro braces) to be OK?
<Yes... and with the location, this size, placement of chip should prove no problem>
I don't want to have to buy another front panel as it is quite expensive here (Brazil) and its a fairly large tank (130x60x55 cm) and the glass stores here are terrible (this is second cut they gave me, the first one was all off-squared and had the wrong
Thanks and best regards,
Luiz Borges
<Welcome Luiz. Bob Fenner>

Cracked 150G
I work at a fish store in Rockville, MD. Our delivery guy f*ed up a 150G tank and the bottom of the tank has a crack from edge to edge (lengthwise from silicone seal to silicone seal). I was wondering if any of these dispositions are reasonable:
1) Attempt to remove the bottom pane and glue a new one in
<Mmm, can be done... takes some doing... cutting away the frame (best to contact the manufacturer and get a new one rather than trying to salvage and re-use)>
2) Put a sheet of glass in the existing tank to completely cover the bottom and apply silicone generously between the two
<Mmm, not what I would do with this type of crack here>
3) Create a terrarium with a pond liner. Have 3.5ft x 18.5 inches x 1 ft water and the rest land. Thinking of Siliconing the liner to the tank where I want it.
<This could be done... I'd make a "fish tank w/in a fish tank" myself...
Use Silastic/Silicone to hold thinner glass tog. inside the present cracked tank>
Any suggestions?
- Greg Schneider
<Bob Fenner>

chip in 180g tank -- 01/03/10
I have a chance to purchase a 180 gallon glass tank. the only problem is the tank has a chip in the lower back pane. The chip hasn't affected the silicone sealant and I see no cracks, but I wanted an expert opinion. I figure I could always fill the chip with epoxy. I can get the tank for a screaming deal. I have enclosed pictures, let me know what you think.
<I would at least "run" a strip (two inch) of triple strength (nom. 1/4") glass along the outside edges of both panels (vertically) of the chipped sides... No need to break off frame... just between the upper and lower.
Read here re:
and the linked files above, until you understand what is suggested here, or write back for more direction.
Bob Fenner>

Re: chip in 180g tank 1/3/10
Would there be an issue with applying silicone onto the back painted surface?
<Mmm, I would scrape this off (single edged razor blades)>
I would rather not put a strip of glass on the side as it would affect viewing. Would just doing the back be effective?
Should the chip be filled with silicone under the glass?
Is this damage something I should be worried about? Something that would be more trouble than its worth?
<Am pretty confident (you can imagine making such statements on the Net) that this apparent chip isn't likely to fail disastrously. Given you set the tank on a level, planar and strong base/stand and do the suggested repair, I think this tank will give good service. BobF>
Re: chip in 180g tank
Are there any pictures of what this repair should look like after it is completed?
<None that I recall unfortunately on WWM. Perhaps on the Net elsewhere>
Could a material other than glass be used for the repair? Like maybe aluminum plate?
<Mmm, no. Glass is the best... in qualities, ready availability. B>

Re: chip in 180g tank 1/4/10
Thanks for all your help. After thinking it over, I have decided I would rather replace the entire pane instead of an unsightly repair.
Any advice for this undertaking?
<Yep... posted/archived on WWM. RMF>

Chipped Tank Question -- 12/15/09
<Hi there Andy>
Thanks for running a very informative site on all aspects of the aquarium hobby. I have read through the FAQ on tank repair, and on chipped tanks. I recently bought a 20 gallon long tank for a great price. On getting the tank home, I noticed a rather large chip on the bottom corner of the aquarium. I filled the aquarium more than ¾ of the way full in the bath tub and left it for 24 hours, no leaks.
Feeling confident with the tank, I proceeded to set up. The tank is on a metal stand, which is resting on carpet. I used small pieces of 1/4" and 1/8" acrylic underneath the legs of the tank to level it. Currently the tank is almost level, the water level is about 0.5mm higher on one side. After I filled the tank 100% of the way, the next morning, I noticed a miniscule leak on the same corner as the chip.
In observing the leak for several hours, one drop of water ran about 3 inches down the side of the tank, that is how small the leak is. There is a pinpoint size of silicone that is more reflective than the rest of the silicone, this is the leak.
Draining the tank to less than 3/4s full stops the leak. I drained the tank half way, and applied silicone sealant to the outside corner of the tank, making sure to cover the small leak. I waited 24 hours, refilled the tank, and the leak has stopped.
However, in reading through your page, I'm feeling less and less positive about the tank.
<We share this sensation>
I guess I have no issues using the tank if another leak springs up, I just don't want a catastrophic failure. I've included a diagram of the chip. The chip itself is clean, there is no white glass, and the chipped surface itself is smooth, nor are there any visible cracks. The back pane of glass is at full thickness where it meets the side pane, and then gradually gets thinner towards the outside edge.
<If it were me/mine, I'd Silicone a strip of glass (maybe two inches wide) along both the back and side where the chip is, at least over the area of the chip itself, if not all the way to the top/bottom. This will give strength and keep folks from cutting themselves on the sharp edge. Bob Fenner>

Re: Chipped Tank Question -- 12/15/09
Hi Bob,
Thanks for the lightening fast reply, I wasn't expecting that.
<Ah life...>
So at this point, I figure I will take these steps:
-Acquire 2x piece of 2" glass the same height as the tank
-Drain the tank below the point where it starts to leak
<I'd drain it all, let it dry out completely... Much easier to use Silastic/Silicone sealant while laying the "work"/tank flat with the work side up>
-Scrape off the silicone I applied to the outside of the tank
-Silicone the New pieces of glass to the tank
Several more questions:
Should I remove the plastic trim from the tank?
<Nah, I'd leave it/this in place. Too much work for what little good it would do to take off, put back on>
I assume the repair glass should span the full height of the tank and not just the distance between the trim?
<Just between the trim is fine. Sorry for the incompleteness of my last msg. BobF>
As for securing the glass, should I silicone just the edges, or smear silicone over the entire reinforcement pane?
Thanks again,

Re: Chipped Tank Question 12/15/09
Hi again Bob,
<Big A>
I ended up finding a great deal on a 25 gallon, and was able to sell the damaged 20 to someone needing a reptile tank for same price I paid for the 25.
I'm setting this 25 gallon up in place of a 10 gallon. The 25 gallon will be resting on a metal stand on carpet on the 3rd floor of a town house. I was planning on using some 3"x3" squares of 1/8 or 1/4" clear acrylic under the legs of the stand to protect the carpet and help spread the weight a little better. Will this be an issue?
<Hopefully not. The 250 pounds of weight or so here should be supportable by the floor with the four touch down points... Think of ladies in high heels...>
The aquarium is position next to an outside wall.
<Good for support, but do leave a gap to discount chilling>
Thanks again,
<Welcome! BobF>

Freecycle 20 Gallon Tank Question, Cracked glass tank repair and ADF sys. f's -- 12/04/09
<Hi there>
I have been reading through your site for a few hours since I found it on Google and thought I would try to contact you directly, as I am unsure how to proceed.
<All right>
I have a 20 gallon long tank (30 1/4" x 12 3/4" x 12 1/4" measured over plastic trim) that I received earlier today using the Freecycle in my area. I was excited when I realized what it was, as I have two African clawed frogs, and that is the exact tank recommend for them both; however there is a problem with one of the corners.
<I see this>
It has a chipped corner, and has a single crack coming from it, please see the included image (I have shown two angles of the problem). There are no other cracks or chips from the main area, or anywhere else on the tank for that matter. The single crack/chip is about 1 1/2" in length from the outside of the corner, and about 5" from the bottom of the tank. I ran my fingernail across the crack and can barely feel a tiny line on the outside, but feel nothing on the inside of the tank. I have placed the tank into my bathtub, as it is well below the top of the tub, and filled the tank to the top with water. So far it has been nearly 7 hours and the outside of the tank is still bone dry without a single leaked drop anywhere. I have pushed on the area from the inside of the tank and out, and even put my pulsating shower head on the inside of the tank in the area while filling it - all of which did not change anything at any point and the outside is still dry and leak free. I thought this would help to test if the crack will enlarge or leak under use.
<Good experiment>
I am curious if this is something to worry about with such a small tank and low height of only 12 1/4" tall.
<Actually... it is>
I thought that due to the tank set-up there would not be necessary as much weight pushing against it, as the much larger tanks I read about, and would be nothing to worry about in this case. I am wanting to know if I am just kidding myself and this is a big problem, and if a simple "patch" would fix any possible problems. Such as the "patch" as I have read on your site of putting a piece of glass on the inside over the area and using silicone over the cracks and edges/under the glass, and silicone the cracks from the outside. If the glass "patch" will work how thick of a piece of glass should I use and what size dimensions (the full height, 8 inches wide, or what)? I have read that a 1/8" would be thick enough in one instance but wanted to make sure.
<Mmm, if you want/ed to fill this tank all the way/to the top, I would suggest siliconing a piece of glass the size of the outside panel (sans the frame) onto the outside (nothing on the inside) of 3/16" thickness ("double pane")... Otherwise, if you'd be happy with the water being less than 5" deep (you can lay a submersible heater down, use an internal filter)... you could make this tank into a vivarium of sorts for your frogs, plants...>
Please let me know if this is something to worry about, and if the extra glass piece would fix the problem - or if I should just find another tank to use (I just want to make sure I do not end up hurting my frogs or flooding my upstairs apartment). Many thanks,
<I wouldn't set this tank up presently as it is with water added all the way to the top... the crack is too likely to "grow" suddenly, cause catastrophic failure. The somewhat simple repair (smearing the Silastic onto the back, placing the pre-cut, beveled piece of plate glass over the entire back, will make this tank "good as new" in terms of safe use. Bob Fenner>

Worried about chip on glass aquarium - 11/07/09
While moving a 77 gallon glass aquarium, a chip broke off the top corner.
The chip doesn't go all the way through, is about 2 cm at the top and does a semi-circle.
It's right at the top corner.
I haven't filled the tank yet. I still have the chip that came off.
<Might be of use (to prevent getting cut, not structurally) to "glue" this back on with a bit of Silastic>
I'm wondering if I should try to fix it with the chip, just use aquarium silicone, just leave it alone or replace the aquarium.
<I'd put the piece back on... and depending on where, how much is chipped...>
I don't want to take a risk of it breaking, for safety and damage issues that could result.
If I test fill it and it's fine, is there a risk of it breaking later, unexpectedly?
<Not likely, no>
Is there a benefit to trying to glue the chip back in place?
<Yes... as stated>
Thanks for the help, you guys are great.
<Ummm, read here:
and the linked files above for input. Bob Fenner>

Help repairing 110gal bowfront aquarium 11/4/09
Hi, I recently came across an aquarium I knew would be trouble, but wanted to repair due to its unique dimensions. The tank is a 110 gallon bowfront aquarium mad by perfecto in Oct 2005. It is 48" wide, 33" tall, and bows out from 12" to 18". I know this is very tall for a standard aquarium.
<Yes, this is so>
It came with a broken top frame. I ordered a new top frame that should be coming in tomorrow. When removing the old top frame I found both of the top corners have chips, one worse than the other. I was very careful removing the trim using only my fingers and razor blade and do not think it is new damage.
<Doesn't appear to be>
The tank looks to have already been resealed, the bottom and top silicone is clear, and the vertical corners are black.
How Significant is this problem? Is this a fixable tank in your opinion?
<Is not significant due to the placement, not really "fixable", but I would "fill in" the chipped area (with 100% Silastic of any color) to prevent folks getting cut by the sharp glass>
Are there any special measures I can take when putting the new top on to prevent problems?
<Mmm, none other than (non-structural) filling in the missing area>
Is there anything stronger than standard silicone to strengthen the corners?
<None that are practical>
Do you have any suggestions for me?
<To enjoy this tank, set-up, and not worry. The break here is not likely to be a problem>
Attached are pictures.
Thank you, Alex
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Re: Help repairing 110gal bowfront aquarium -- 11/04/2009
Great! Thank you, I really appreciate it.
<Very happy to have helped you. BobF>


DIY Sump Question
Cracked Sump -- 11/1/09

<Josh here today.>
I am in a little bit of a pickle.
<Lets see what we can do about that.>
I bought a 20 gallon long aquarium from the local "box store" and bought some .222 think Acyclic panels and some silicon to make a sump.
I put two panels in the tank, basically one for my return pump area and a air bubble trap for my protein skimmer to reduce micro bubbles.
<Common design.>
Long story short, the panels fit and are water tight perfecto!
I was going to put in a 3rd panel for a refugium but decided against it when a small hairline crack appeared in the side of the tank.
<Hmm, is this a hairline crack caused from forcing too large a piece of acrylic into the glass sump, or could it be a thin strand of silicone that appears to be a crack. Those strings of silicone can make very convincing
cracks, try running a razor blade over the "crack" to see if that is what it is.>
I have filled it up with water (it will hold about 10-15 gallons as a return sump/protein skimming area only) and so far no leaks.
<This may support the silicone string theory.>
I am going to monitor it for a week or so before I put it into action.
If the hairline crack doesn't leak and the tank has a small water volume, is this going to be an issue?
<If it turns out to be a real hairline crack, pick up a small piece of glass from another local store like home depot or Lowe's, and then use a aquarium safe silicone to bond the piece of glass over the crack, that will
add tremendous amounts of support and hopefully will keep the crack from running any further.>
It looks like the tank may even be tempered glass as the crack is on only the inside of the tank.
Please advise and thanks!
<As above. Good luck,
Josh Solomon.>

Severely Chipped Tanks 7/21/2009
WWM Crew,
<Josh here.>
I'm setting up a 34 gallon Solana 20x20x20 that unfortunately has a chip on the outside of the bottom pane of glass.
<If you just purchased it, I would return it for one without this chip, it will be worth the wait.>
The chip is about the size of a dime, goes halfway through the bottom pane and is located all the way in one corner.
<This does seem like a rather large chip. I would be reconsidering setting this tank up.>
I am on day three of a leak test and so far so good. Will this be okay and if not is there anyway to fix it?
<I can't tell you for sure whether or not the tank will have a failure in the future. However, I can tell you that the chip will not have a positive effect on the tank structurally. Read up on WWM about chips in tanks and
if at all possible, exchange this tank for one without the chip.>
Thank you all for maintaining such a wonderful resource.
<Good luck
Josh Solomon.>

Re: Is this safe?
Severely Chipped Tanks... didn't read where referred... 7/21/09

Unfortunately I bought the tank used and have no way to return it.
I was thinking of getting a piece of glass and silicone it in on wet side of the tank. It will be on the bottom pane so once I add substrate it will be invisible. Will this help or is it a lost cause?
<This will likely help increase the integrity of that area of the tank, have you read the glass repair FAQ's on WWM?>
Thank you- Chris
<Good luck.
Josh Solomon>

Cracked 180 Liter Tank 4/26/09
Hi Team,
<Hello Gary>
I have read your website regularly, and gained much valuable advice from it. It helped me from day 1. Now I need advice for my new tank. I've read many posts on the site but I cant find the precise answer I'm
looking for. I have bought a secondhand 180 litre fish tank today (only 4 months old, seller didn't know work involved in fish hobby lol)
<This is often the case>
and somehow managed to crack the base in transit coming home, now I have filled it to about a third of the tank (60 litres) and there is no leaks as yet. Its been 3 hours now and still okay. Unfortunately 60 litres is
nowhere near 180 liters in weight.
<I take it by 'base' you mean the bottom pane of glass?>
My main question for you to answer is: Can I get a piece of glass and some silicone and cover the affected area, obviously I'll get a piece of glass half the length of the tank, approximately 2 foot to be on the safe side to allow a lot more give for the crack.
<If you do end up executing such a repair I would suggest putting in a piece of glass that covers the entire bottom>
There is a small chip on the outside of the tank and the crack that came with it cant be felt to the touch on the inside. Is it safe to put glass inside tank and is the crack coming from the corner going to affect the new glass.
<Repairs like this are possible, but are rarely cost effective, and do not allow for much peace of mind. Please read the tank crack FAQ at http://www.wetwebmedia.com/glsaqcracks.htm , and consider the risks of the repair failing. The fact that the crack is coming from the corner gives me further doubt to the integrity of a repair>
Please help because my Gold Spot Pleco really needs his new home.
Thanking you so much in advance. (cause you will know the answer)
Gary St Helens U.K
<Your welcome Gary, good luck with the repair but please do consider and compare the cost of tank replacement to the damage a poorly executed repair can cause to your home and to your Pleco. I am sorry I can not give you a more definite answer, but this is not clear cut.

Aquascaping Prep and Tank Repair
Simulating Ruins Without Ruining an Aquarium! -- 04/07/09

Good evening Crew! Hope all is well with you.
<And a good evening to you. Scott F. at the keyboard tonight!>
I have two things for your attention tonight. First, I'm getting ready to do the aquascaping in my first marine tank now that my live rock is cured and the tank is cycled.
<Yaayyy! The best part of the process, IMO!>
I have a couple of polystone statues that I'm going to incorporate (I'm going for a ruined civilization feel) and I just wanted to confirm that my understanding was good on how to prepare them. I've read conflicting ideas. According to all I've read I'm going to:
1. Scrub well with vinegar solution and a toothbrush
2. Soak them in circulated water (fresh or salt?) for a few days at temperature.
3. Give them a final dust/rinse off to get rid of any loose material and then add to the tank.
<All sound good...I'm not really certain about the possible toxicity of this material. If it is specifically made for aquarium use, I'd be a bit less concerned. On the other hand, if it was specifically made for aquarium
use, it would probably be twice as expensive, huh? Decisions, Decisions! By the way, you absolutely HAVE to forward a pic of this aquascape when it's done for my "Aquascaping for the Aesthetically Challenged" presentation that I do at clubs and conferences. This is just too tempting for me NOT to
I won't be adding any livestock for 3-6 weeks after the aquascaping is done. I figure that would be enough time to let the tank stabilize or find any problems.
<Well, you do want an aquarium to cycle, of course, and perhaps the extra length of time will help determine if anything is leaching from these decorations. Perhaps continuous use of Poly Filter and/or activated carbon could remove much of whatever leaches out of these items.>
Second, a quick question about tank repair. I have a 65G tank that is sitting empty (my display is a 75). I had bought it used and didn't notice until I filled it to check for leaks that there was a large chip in one of
the front corners on the inside. It goes a good bit under the silicone seal and I wondered if you thought it could be repaired with silicone. I've attached two pictures, front and side. If it can be repaired I plan on
using it as a QT. Thanks for any and all suggestions. If knowledgeable people in other fields shared half as much of their expertise as you folks do, the world would be a far better place.
< Thanks for the kind words! Corey my instincts tell me that it might be possible to fix this with a careful, healthy bead of silicone, but I will defer that one to Bob, who's probably forgotten more about tank repairs
than I ever knew. Although I've probably broken more, he's definitely repaired more! Bob, what say you?>
<<I do agree... Might be fine as is... but attaching strips of glass with Silastic... for sure. RMF>>

Re: Aquascaping Prep and Tank Repair 4/8/09
Thanks for the input Bob and Scott. I'd love to share it with you when I'm done.
<Please do>
I'll be giving the tank repair a try very soon as well and I'll let you know how it goes.
Thanks Much,
<Welcome. BobF>

Chipped Glass: Is it safe? 4/6/2009
Hey guys!
<Hi Adam>
I bought a 125 gallon tank from Craig's List a couple of nights ago. The tank had been sitting around at the guy's house for about 5 years and never set-up or even used. He delivered the tank to my place, but after he left, I noticed a chip in the back corner. I filled it with water outside and it held for several hours and then I drained it, because it's still getting cold here in MN at night and I didn't want it to freeze. Can you look at
these shots and let me know if you think it'll hold? It looks like the silicone goes well past the point of the chip and the chip is on the outside only. You can probably gather all the info you need from the photos
I've attached, rather than trying to explain it all.
<Looking at the pictures, it is fine.>
Thank you for any help! Since it was sold as is, I have no real case to get any money back from the guy, so I'm hoping there is a way to make this work.
<Shouldn't be a problem, enjoy your new tank. Do be sure to rinse it out completely before putting anything alive in there.>
<You're Welcome>

Re: Misaligned seams 02/08/09
Mr. Fenner,
Here are a couple pictures of the seam that is misaligned (first two pictures). I also attached two pictures of a small defect/crack on the edge of the other side panel where it joins with the front panel (last two pictures) that I noticed shortly after I had it filled and stocked about a year ago, but I thought I would get your expert opinion on this one as well.
<This crack is more problematical... appears to be about mid way in depth... I would Silicon a small piece of glass (maybe two inches wide) over this area, about six or more inches in height... over the area, flush to the edge, on the outside>
It caused a small bubble in the silicone, and has showed no signs of expanding. I appreciate your advice. I bought the tank with little experience unfortunately and not realizing a thorough inspection was so important. But the more I
have read, the more I start noticing things and I wanted a little reassurance on these two flaws. Thank you so much for your quick reply!
<The misalignment itself is not a worry here. Bob Fenner>

Re: Misaligned seams 02/08/09
Mr. Fenner,
<Msieu Krispinsky>
In your experience, have you seen cracks like that lead to complete failure of the seam or just a leak if not reinforced? This should be my last question.
Thanks again!
<Rarely... but on a few occasions... ergo, best to make a comment, be "safer" than sorry. Understanzee? BobF>

Re: Misaligned seams 02/08/09
Say no more....thank you sir.
<Welcome Luke. BobF>
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