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Fluke Tabs
PraziPro (Hikari)

Re: Acclimation & Quarantine; variation of Prazi; use       10/29/15
Dear Bob,
Serbia is terrible when it comes to getting meds for our fish, so, this issue came up. I was wondering if you could shed some light on the subject :)
I managed to find a drug that containing 50mg of Prazi and 140 mg of Pyrantel Embonat (*Pyrantel pamoate)*, i failed to find any info on if it's toxic to fish. Do you have information on safety of this drug for fish?
It's used on cats, dogs, pigs, horses etc... for deworming with a mix with Prazi.

<I see this on wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyrantel_pamoate>
If it's safe to use what dosage would you recommend?
<I would NOT use this in aquariums, with fishes. As it may be toxic:
and has low solubility>
Kind regards,
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Re: Attn: bob-achilles tang. Prazi, Prazi-Pro... and Praziquantel, all the same      12/2/14
Hey bob,
It's been about 36 hrs since Prazi pro was assessed, and I can see the white pieces (fluke) have fallen off my my Aussie tusk and durgeon trigger. However the eye is still cloudy in achilles, I think that just may be the aftermath or scarring that just needs time to heal.
I see you have recommended praZiquantel to be added on food. Yesterday I grounded up some Nori, mixed with mysis, pe mysis and spirilla brine together, and soaked it in some Prazi pro and garlic .
I then saw on reef central not to soak Prazi pro on food. Can it be done with the Prazi pro, or does it only apply to Praziquantel?
<Yes. Nope. Read the ingredients...>
I thought getting the fish to eat it as well as swim in it could help he process.
Thanks for all you do my friend

What's in Fluke Tabs? Hi Chuck! I bought the Fluke tabs. Do you know what are the active ingredients? It's not written on the product. Thanks! Dominique <The active ingredients are Mebendazole and Trichlorfon.-Chuck>

Praziquantel Also Bob, I am wondering if you can help me. We have some incident of Trematodes in our system. These worm/fluke is in the fish and when we fresh water dip the fish, the worm came off from the fish. Some people I talk to say to treat with Praziquantel or PraziPro from Hikari. Do you have any info as far as treating the entire system with PraziPro (side effect, other problems etc). Thank you, Fred <Ah, yes. For Trematodes, treating their systems as well as fish livestock, 2 to 10 mg Praziquantel/liter (or 7.6 mg/gallon)... the lower does for Monogeneans will do it, the higher for Digenes. There are also methods (not applicable here) for injection and oral administration, baths... Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Re: Praziquantel Thanks Bob, what about PraziPro? Is it safe? <Yes... is just Praziquantel and a stabilizing agent: http://www.uskoi.com/prazipro.htm> I know it is a lot more expensive but no need to dilute. <Agreed> I heard you need to dilute Praziquantel with Vodka? <Heeee! Can use this solvent... or not> Also, how can you tell the difference between Monogeneans and Digenes. Thank you, Fred <Mmm, sorry for the added confusion. I would not worry re the digenetic Trematodes... they can/will perish along with the rest or die out quickly enough due to the lack of intermediate hosts (Di as in two... two or more other life forms to pass through before getting to their determinate host (your fishes)...), as opposed to Monogenes that have a direct life cycle. Bob Fenner>

DTHP Dear Robert, Read your web article about DTHP. Where can I get this material <Is sold as such, by itself and in concert with other materials for pet-fish use in various products... mainly labeled as Masoten, Dylox... see a LFS re if you're looking to treat small volumes. We can chat if this is for thousands, much more volume.> and have you heard of it being used against Gyrodactylus? <Yes... you can see this through a literature search... the most recent work of Ed Noga, Nelson Herwig... Bob Fenner> Steve

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