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FAQs about Marine Worms, Vermiform Animals Identification 22

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Possible bobbit worm      8/1/18
I found this today in a filter sock it is hard to picture as it’s small in diameter and nearly a centimetre long but it appears to have the head to match a bobbit but the head features are very small and almost transparent you can see them near the eyes.
<It may be a Eunice Polychaete species but looks to me more like some sort of Phyllodocid worm, both are predatory species.>
I have found a bobbit in my tank previously.
<And there may be more. Wilberth>

Worm type creature Id       8/1/18
<Hi Otilia>
I found this rapidly free swimming in a reef tank with very high flow.
It is about 1/4” or 6mm long
Are you able to I’d or tell me if it is safe to leave in tank
<Looks like some type of Polychaete worm, I wouldn´t worry, these worms feed on detritus, just let it be.>
<You´re welcome>

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