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Kick ich... kicks nothing Rally... doesn't  

Praziquantel and Paravortex - 7/1/08 Morning crew, <Good morrow to you> I suspect my yellow tang may have developed black ich. <Developed...> With its classification as a Paravortex, a Turbellarian worm, would Praziquantel be a suitable remedy? <Mmm, unnecessary but yes...> I understand that a freshwater dip is also recommended, but would Praziquantel have better effects of eradicating the Paravortex life cycle in the tank itself? Thanks, Brian <Likely so... though time going by w/o host/s almost always "does it"... You have read on WWM re? Bob Fenner>

Invincible Black Ich??? 12/10/07 Hi Bob, <Lane> I purchased a Powder Brown Tang about 6 weeks ago. I placed the tang in QT and treated with Cupramine for a week as preventative for ich. The fish also had a few black spots which I thought might be black ich. <Appears to be so> I hoped the copper would help with this as well, <Ah, no. If anything, would hurt the host...> but it did not appear to do anything. After week one I replaced all the water in QT and did a FW dip. <For how long?> I thought it may take a few days for the spots to go away, but after several days of observation the tang appeared to be getting a few more spots. I did another FW dip this time with methylene blue. Once again it did not seem to help. I then decided to try Prazi Pro treatment. After about one week I still did not see any improvement, <Wow!> so I decided to do another FW dip and then try treating with Rid-Ich (malachite green and formalin) in the QT. <Yikes> After several days the spots still remained but the fish appeared to be getting fin rot and what appeared to be stressed breathing. <I can imagine> I decided to do a 100% water change and another FW dip with methylene blue. After several days the fish was healing nicely from the fin rot, but still has the dreaded black spots. I decided once again to try treating with Prazi again, but this time I increased the dosage from 2.5 mg/l to around 4 mg/l. It has been a week and I am still not seeing any signs of improvement. <Very strange indeed> The spots seem a little more pronounced than before, but the fish does not scratch or seem overly affected. The fish loves algae and is eating tons. <Good> The biggest thing is the fish has a very pale body (semi-transparent). Is this something other than black ich? <Can't tell w/o microscopic examination> How can I get rid of this? <What you've done should have...> I really want to save this fish and really want to get it into my display tank. Your thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated. I have attached a picture for you. Please disregard the white spots as they are just bubbles. Thanks again. Lane <Mmm, a decision (as in nothing is decided until it is done) needs to be made... whether to try re-doing a treatment regimen (if it were me, with another source of Praziquantel or other vermifuge, see WWM) OR just placing the Acanthurus japonicus directly in your display... in the hope that the (likely) Paravortex will cycle off in time, not infest other fishes there (not all are susceptible)... Which will you choose? Bob Fenner>

Re: Invincible Black Ich???   12/11/07 Bob, <Lane> Thank you for the input. Just to answer your question, the dips were approx. 10 minutes. <Gosh... these should have "done it"...> Anyway, you recommended a different Prazi treatment or placing the fish in the display tank and hoping for the best. I don't want to do this as I have a yellow tank <Tang I'll take it...> as well. I would feel much better keep my display free of issues. <I see> What do you think about Jungle Buddies Parasite Clear. It contains Active ingredients: Praziquantel; N-[[(N-Chlorophenyl) amino] carbon 1]-2,6-difluorobenzamide; Metronidazole; acriflavine - Water ??? <The last as a carrier/diluent... I do think this product would work as well> It sounds reasonable, but I does not say anything about saltwater Compatability. Thanks again. <All the ingredients are fine for use in seawater... NOT in your main system though. BobF>

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