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FAQs about Purple Tang Reproduction 

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Surgeonfishes: Tangs for  Marine Aquariums
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by Robert (Bob) Fenner

Re: Update on Kirby the Puffer and the Dardanus Crab and aquacultured Zebrasoma       2/8/15
Bob I got the Zebrasoma from my local fish store. It is a small outfit called fish and pets in Rochester Minnesota. They got the fish from an outfit out of Tennessee.
<... must be Sustainable Aquatics: http://sustainableaquatics.com/sa-hatchery-bred-fish/
Not aquacultured... Yet!>
He told me the name and I looked it up right there when we were going talking. The list changes frequently with what the Tennessee company offers. I will ask him next time I am an and shoot you an email  to let you know what it is called. Cause I forgot what the name of it was.
I guess it was some of the first Aquacultured Purple Tangs they have released to pet stores to be sold to the public.
<Mmm; no; wild-collected. You can see WWM, and a new book I've just published re Acanthurids... I have some acquaintances w/ folks trying to rear (breeding is easy) Z. flavescens... the most popular... not done yet commercially>
So uncommon indeed. I
usually try to buy captive raised or aquacultured fish where I can. But unfortunately most species are hard to come by through those means.
Thanks again for this site it is an amazing resource.
<Thank you for being part of it w/ me! Bob Fenner>

Breeding Tangs, Clowns 10/28/05 Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to breed purple tangs or any tang in captivity? Also, is it possible to breed a black clown with a orange percula? <As far as I'm aware Acanthurids have not been spawned, raised commercially (too long a larval, pelagic phase... slow growers...)... though some are "juvenile harvested" and raised (not Zebrasoma species as yet). Clowns of the same species are easily crossed. Bob Fenner> 

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