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FAQs about Coral Banded Shrimp, Other Boxers Behavior

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Re: I killed my fish. Now: Stenopus beh.    11/9/09
<Hey Cecilia! JustinN here in Bob's absence!>
Yet another weird question. I have a 100 gal salt water tank - and I have community fish. This weekend a friend of mine gave me a Red Banded Coral (?) Shrimp. I have a Eibli (sp) Angel Fish and he will not leave the poor shrimp alone. He isn't trying to hurt the shrimp - he gets really close and flutters his back fins - then when we wonder where the shrimp is - just look for the Angel fish. Its almost like a mating dance - I guess - the shrimp does not seem stressed or anything - just probably fed up with the Angel.
<Mmm, probably not the case -- what you are witnessing is part of the communal relationship that shrimp hold with other sea-faring life. The Angelfish is expecting the shrimp to jump on and 'give her a bath' --
cleaning dead cells, parasites, and other wastes off the coat of the Angelfish. Coral-Banded Shrimp, in my experience, don't take part in this activity as often as a typical 'Skunk Cleaner Shrimp,' but its definitely
not unheard of.>
What do I feed the shrimp? The guy that gave it to me had to give up his tank and I don't know much about the new member!
<These shrimp tend to be of the obligate bottom-feeding type, and will likely eat just about anything provided to them. My experience included them readily eating dried foods (flake, pellet, etc) as much as they consumed regular foods.>
Cecilia Lester
<Glad to help, Cecilia! Enjoy the show with the shrimp -- if you're lucky, the shrimp will take to the cue, and start cleaning your Angelfish (and possibly other fish) regularly! Have a read through here:
and related subheadings. -JustinN>

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