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FAQs about Coral Banded Shrimp, Other Boxers Compatibility

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CBS symbiotic?      6/25/18
<Hey Dani>
I have a nano with a well established yellow watchman. I also have small purple coral banded shrimp, Stenopus tenuirostris, who has been close to the YWG. The YWG usually runs off anything that comes close but doesn’t seem to mind the CBS. I didn’t think CBS went into symbiotic relationships, other than cleaning stations on a rare occasion? Is this unique?
<The shrimp you have isn't widely used in the trade, but have encountered a mix of symbiotic relations with shrimp gobies. Thank you for sharing. Bob Fenner>

Crosshatch Trigger Fish, chewed   3/9/10
I would like to say thank you for all your help in the past!!! Today I noticed my Crosshatch Trigger fish had a sore/open wound on his back and stomachs were his fins attach to his body, It looks like he tried to squeeze through a tight cave and possible got caught.
He is showing no sign of irritation and he is eating normal. My levels are all at zero including my nitrates. I'm treating with Melafix,
<Worse than worthless>
which I removed my carbon and turned off ASM-G4 skimmer. My question is, is there anything else I should be doing?
<Looking for the perpetrator>
I have a refugium so I am not sure what other medication I can use,
<None needed or advised>
if I even need to use something different.
I think he will be fine with time but I would rather be safe than sorry! Any advice? Thanks a lot,
<No such word>
Terry FL
Sent from my iPhone
<What other livestock are present here? Something is chewing this fish. Bob Fenner> 

Re: Crosshatch Trigger Fish, injury   3/9/10
Thanks for your reply, I have two Nemo, 3" Blonde Naso Tang, 4" powder blue tang, 6" Magnificent Fox Face, a Cleaner Shrimp, Coral Banded Shrimp and a small Zebra eel. The Crosshatch is 6-7", the biggest fish in the tank, I
have had the Crosshatch going on three weeks, any advice would be thanks!!!
<... well, could be any of the Acanthuroids or the CBS beating up the Xanthichthys... You will likely discern the culprit by closely observing your system. BobF>

Re: Crosshatch Trigger Fish, CBS comp.   3/11/10
Thanks again for your reply, my Crosshatch seems to be recovering well! I removes my CBS and placed him in my 100gal. I have been noticing the CBS late at night trying to catch my Nemos when the lights are out,
<Yes... Stenopids can be quite predaceous>
I'm thinking he was the problem, I did a little research and I read that they have been know to rip the fins off of smaller fish to eat them, not sure if there is any truth to that
<There assuredly is>
but I can not imagine something that small trying to attack a 6-7" trigger,
<At night time, when this fish is wedged into the rock, sleeping... this is entirely possible>
I would of thought the trigger would have eaten it if it did such a thing.
Thanks again, Terry
<Welcome Terry, BobF>

Shrimp And Goby/Blenny/Compatibility 2/15/10
Hi, James (salty dog)...
<Hello Jordan>
Anyways I have 2 questions, 1st can a skunk cleaner and a Coral Banded Shrimp live peacefully in a 37 gallon FOWLR?
<No, your cleaner shrimp will be at risk.>
(at my LFS I've seen a gold coral banded shrimp and a skunk cleaner live together in a tiny tank, but the gold CBS in that tank was much much smaller than mine.) and my 2nd question is whether a Bi-Color Blenny and Diamond Goby can peacefully in that same 37 gallon?
<Your size tank will not support a Diamond Goby long term. The Diamond Goby requires a larger system (50+ gallons) with an active live sand bed to supplement prepared offerings of food. You may want to read the FAQ's here on Valenciennea/Sleeper, Sifter Goby systems.
thanks for your insight.
<You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)>

Coral Banded Shrimp Removal 2-8-08 <Yunachin here> I have a CBS who is chasing fish. I have lost one fire fish and I now have an injured neon goby. <Possibility it could be another type of lurker? Normally these shrimp will eat other crustaceans but will not go after healthy fish. Usually. They do play second banana as far as removing carcasses and such.> I have tried netting him. I have tried putting bait into a clear jar. Is there anything I can do without ripping up my reef or hurting the CBS? <Unfortunately, you are most likely going to have to remove some of your rock to be able to catch this guy if the bait technique fails too many times. The shrimp themselves are quite hardy and you shouldn't have to worry about injuring him when apprehending him. Good Luck!> Thanks!
<Not a problem. --Yunachin>

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