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FAQs about the Striped Sailfin Tangs,  Zebrasoma desjardinii, Z. veliferum 2

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Surgeonfishes: Tangs for  Marine Aquariums
Diversity, Selection & Care

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by Robert (Bob) Fenner

Patches on Sailfin tang /Wil      3/27/19
Hi Team,
<Hi Bodh>
I need your help in identifying the problem and solution for my sailfin tang Just look at the picture please.
In display tank and water parameters are all fine.
<Numbers please;....other tank mates?>
She is eating like a pig. Does not look like a ICH.
<You’re right, it is not Ich>
It was in QT tank with ammonia slights high (.25 ppm) for 4 days.
<Ammonia can burn fish skin easily even if exposed for a brief period of time.>
What can be the issue ?
<Likely stress, please read the following: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/strpzebtgdisf.htm>
Does she needs medication ? If yes which one ?
<No medication needed here.>
Thanks in Advance
<Welcome Bodh. Wil>
Patches on Sailfin tang /RMF      3/27/19

Hi Crew and Bob,
I am writing to you again from my different email address assuming my previous mail body was empty.
I very much need your help in identifying the problem and solution for my sailfin tang
Just look at the picture please.
<Mmm; likely a water quality issue here; or toxicity from... blue green algae? Not likely a pathogenic issue. I'd move this fish to another established system if possible. IF not, a massive water change, use of chemical filtrants (Chemipure, PolyFilter...) would be my next choice. I'd also be augmenting the diet by soaking foods in a vitamin, HUFA supplement before offering AND pouring the same in the water every week.>
Now in display tank and water parameters are all fine. She is eating like a pig. Does not look like a ICH. These marks are looking like scratches and are not raised.
It was in QT tank with ammonia slights high (.25 ppm) for 4 days. Now in display tank with other fishes and eating well as I said before .What can be the issue ? Does she needs medication ? If yes which one ?
Thanks in Advance
Bodh Raj
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Re: Patches on Sailfin tang      3/27/19
Hi Wil,
Thank you soo much.
<Most welcome>
The parameters in display tank are Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0 and Nitrate near 0.
Other tank mates
1. 2 Blue damsels small (1 inch)
2. 1 Fox face
3. 1 Cloud Angel small (1.5 inch)
4. 1 Pink Anthias small (1.5 inch)
5. 1 Banana wrasse
6. 1 Green carper anemone
7. 1 Camel shrimp
8. 2 hermit crabs
9. 1 Percula Clown
Any advise or suggestion to me ?
<As stated….and please see Bob's input in your other e-mail.>
Thanks & Regards,
<Anytime, Bodh. Wil. >

Hi there! Sailfin Tang Questions – 09/10/13
Ok - very much a newbie, so no laughing, pointing or mocking.
<<Aw…you’re taking all the fun out of it>>
Alright. You can point.
I'm running my very first ever saltwater tank - 80 gallons
<<Ah! A very nice “starter size” system. Much more likely to “succeed” here than if you had gone with the ‘typical’ 15-20 “starter” tank…assuming you don’t get crazy…>>
with a butt-load (yes, technical term for so much $$ spent on live rock, I purposefully blocked it from memory) of live rock,
<<I am of the opinion that folks do put way more rock than needed in their systems…and sometimes to the detriment of the system (e.g. – blocked water flow, lost space for critters to grow/swim)>>
live sand typically at 3" - 4" deep (until the clowns come over and dig. Again. Repeatedly.).
<<Am a fan of the DSB…though these days I prefer to place such remotely as in an in-line refugium, versus the display>>
And, spent loads of cash on all the wrong equipment
<<Mmm, is easy to do in the beginning/until one learns better…even with some research beforehand>>
- a Marineland HOB filter with bio-wheels/carbon filters, a HOB cyclonic skimmer, and even threw in a leftover, waaaaaay on the back of the garage shelf outdoor pond pump that is able to pump 10 ft vertically. I have it as the Gulf Stream along the back of the Live Rock only reef/tank for a super-fast surfing area for everyone.
<<I very much suggest you research ‘Gyre’ type flow and see if you can configure this pump for such in your system>>
Yes, I know it's all wrong.
<<You’ll get there…being “aware” of such is a big plus>>
It's also all been a lot of money
<<Indeed…I have a 500g (375g display) in-wall system…and cringe any time someone brings up the subject of “how much money spent” in front of my wife>>
- and will doubtfully be replaced anytime soon unless it breaks. In the meantime, I have gone about adding a cleaner crew - ordered online from Reefs2Go and have several hundred snails now running amuck doing a fantastic job of keeping algae under control. Free-loaders include: Orange Spotted Goby, Chocolate Chip Star Fish,
<<This Echinoderm is not compatible should you begin adding sessile inverts>>
Sand Sifting Star,
<<And this one will quickly strip that sand bed of its fauna>>
1 'normal' Clown ~2"; 2 Tomato Clowns ~ 1 @ 4 or 5" HUGE, the other one only 2" (and their carpet anemone);
<<This tank is really too small for this animal (anemone)…nor is it really a good choice for someone “new” to the hobby. Please do research WWM re this critter’s care>>
Lawnmower Blenny, 3 Cleaner Shrimp, and 4 or 5 small assorted damsels.... and .... one HUGE Sailfin Tang.
<<This too requires a bigger tank…preferably a couple hundred gallons. Again, see WWM re>>
*I dropped into Big Box Pet Store and they had huge Sailfin and Huge Tomato Clown 'up for adoption' as owner surrendered. They looked pitiful - and white, and sick... top fins totally gone, Sailfin listing when swimming. So, of course, I brought them home and dumped them straight into the tank.
<<I understand your desire to save these animals when seen/found…but this can truly get you in to real trouble when/if you’re not equipped to deal with them>>
*Yes, deep breath. And, no... I know.*
Sailfin spent two days parked in front of the live rock docking station getting cleaned by the shrimp - turning from pale to black, to stripy, to pale... Swear to God, I thought I'd brought home an Octopus!! Now, going on 4 months later - they are all doing fantastically - cleaned up, healthy and eating voraciously...
That's where my question (finally!) comes in... Oh DEAR GOD...DO TANGS EVER STOP EATING????
<<Most of the fishes we keep forage continuously>>
Can they overeat??
<<I very much believe in feeding your fishes well and fell that most reef hobbyists tend to underfeed them leading to issue with health/nutrition and even aggression. It’s not so much an issue of the fish “overeating” as it is an issue of exceeding the capacity of the system to process the food/waste, so there is a “balance” to be found>>
Is there a rule of thumb - cause... ya know, just hanging the seaweed in a clip for forage doesn't work...it's GONE. He could literally rip thru a full box of seaweed a day if I let him! Plus the flakes twice a day, plus the 1x daily brine shrimp or blood worm treats...
<<I strongly suggest adding New Life Spectrum pellets to this mix…highly palatable and nutritious. And a good “rule of thumb” is 2-3 smaller feeding per day rather than one big feeding>>
He's got to be male - he eats like a teenage boy.
<<And growing like one too! (bigger-tank alert here)>>
I realize I'm going to be in the market for a much - much - larger tank in the not too distant future.
<<The future is now…>>
<<Happy to share… Eric Russell>>

sail tang with big stomach, no info., reading   12/19/08 Hello guys, <Eric> I want to find out what is wrong with my sail tang with it stomach expand out very big. It still look healthy, but would not eat and does not swim around very much. Please help. Eric <Mmm, well... Zebrasoma genus tangs will/do eat to excess if there is food available... What sorts of materials do you offer? Have you read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/strpzebtgfdgf.htm Bob Fenner>

Surgeonfishes: Tangs for  Marine Aquariums
Diversity, Selection & Care

New eBook on Amazon: Available here
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by Robert (Bob) Fenner
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