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AquaC Auto Shutoff Waste Container, Product Review

by James Gasta

Description: Capture.PNG


The AquaC Auto Waste Collector is an accessory which is available in two sizes (2.5/5.0 liter) that will work with all the 2002 EV series skimmers.  It will not work with pre 2002 EV skimmers such as the EV-90/150/200, or any of the Remora or Urchin skimmers. Doing so can result in a flood in the event of skimmer overflow.

The unit is completely assembled and comes with two different sized barb fittings, depending on the EV skimmer model you have, the correct size barb fitting is provided. The top cover is bayonet mount which prevents air pressure from lifting the lid and ensures the built in ball valve will function as the waste container fills with waste. A carbon chamber is also mounted to the top lid and has a screen fastened inside the chamber to hold the carbon in place.  A large grain size carbon is recommended to ensure optimum air flow.  The carbon chamber feature is useful when running ozone through the John Guest fitting in EV series skimmers.

  Description: IMG_0617jpeg.JPG                         Description: IMG_0618jpeg.JPG

                Screen for holding carbon                                               Cap with vent holes     


How Does It Work?

As the air and waste the skimmer produces flows down through the collection cup drain and into the Auto Waste Container, the skimmate and air will slowly push the ball upwards until it covers the hole in the lid.  Once covered, air is unable to flow freely through the Auto Waste Container which creates back pressure on the skimmer causing foaming to become greatly reduced and causes waste collection to cease preventing overflow and flooding.  The device is simple to install requiring only a short piece of hose connected to the collection cup drain barb on the skimmer.

Description: IMG_0627 100 per cent.JPG

A simple installation process


A great accessory for those wishing to use ozone with their EV 2002 series skimmers. The carbon chamber effectively removes ozone gas flowing through the Auto Waste Container's vent holes. For non ozone users, the carbon chamber is equally effective for removing nasty skimmate odors that would otherwise emit out the vent holes. 

Easy to clean

Will work with other brands of skimmers that are also waste collector friendly.  In other words, sealed skimmers that do not have vent holes in the collection cup. 

that features a bayonet mount/twist lock collection cup lid.



Bottom Line

A well made product at an affordable price.  In the four weeks I have used the product I found no problems with its use.          

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