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Skimmer recommendation 2/6/04  Hi I'm a fourteen my name is Jonathan I live in Culpepper VA, I am in love with fish tanks and I've been emailing you about fish choices for when I upgrade  <good to hear>  My tank to a hopefully 120gal deep reef  tank. I hope to be a sponsor for your website and to get my hands on that cool triggerfish shirt.  <thanks kindly!>  Anyway I've pretty much figured out all the equipment I want to get, so I told my brother about the stuff that I want to get.  Anyway I showed him the protein skimmer I wanted to get from CustomAquatic.com. It's called the (Supper Devil Reef Devil Protein Skimmer) comes with a 1800 pump and tubing and fittings. The price was $249.00.  <yes... I am familiar with it. Frankly I think it is overpriced, over engineered and inconvenient to use in comparison to other brands. Cleaning these units is ridiculously inconvenient IMO>  My brother says that a (ASMG protein skimmer) was a better skimmer, the price is $259.00.  <I am blanking out perhaps... but have no idea what that skimmer is?!? Does not show up on Google or the big message boards keyword searches>  He said that you would recommend it to. What I was wondering is what so great about it.  <what a coincidence... me too <G>. Let me strongly recommend that you consider instead a Euroreef or an AquaC of appropriate size. Very good values.>  I was also stumped on if I should get a calcium reactor. I hoped you could tell me if it would be a good Idea to have one for my reef tank.  <in the long run... a calcium reactor is an excellent investment. Yes, do consider one in time. Anthony>

Protein skimmers and Anemones 2/8/04 Hi this Jonathan I emailed you the other day and I  talked to Anthony and I was asking his opinion on a protein skimmer. I was not specific on the Protein Skimmer. So looked it up on the website and it's on Championlighting.com and it's under ASMG protein skimmers, <ahhh... you mentioned Custom aquatic and I could not find the unit there or on a general search on Google. Strange> The name is (Euro-style Protein skimmer # g-2x) the price is 259.00) What I was wondering is if you would find it to be a  good skimmer. <not sure... its a knock-off style, and I've never used it. It looks good and similar, but my preference is to buy the real thing for nearly the same price. Euro-reef or Aqua C for an alternate... long-standing faves> It is a for a sump. I also have a question on Anemones. I have two Anemones Florida pink tip, Any way I've had them for about 2 1/2 months. <please read through our archives on why you/any of us likely should not be keeping these> Every few days after I feed them frozen shrimp) which is about every 12 days. <not enough food... please feed 3-5 times small portions weekly> They shrink and let out a long brow silky string like material and then they come back out. <its excrement> I've had this tank(46gal bow front) for about a year and a half. Since then I had two other anemones that did the same thing. They lasted about six months (reason they died was I had a copper problem but that's been cleared up now for about 3 1/2 to 4 months now. I was wondering if that they are letting of waste and it's natural or it's something else.      <the former... but more importantly, there are very few suitable anemones for captivity, and worse... few that can sustain harvest by our/any industry. I wish more people would take a conscientious stand on not keeping anemones in community aquariums. Else, we may watch them collected and killed into local, regional... beyond(?) extinction. Your experience that they die after some months is common. Sadly. Read more to learn why. Best regards, Anthony>

Diatom Control & Refugium follow up 2/2/04  Thanks for the advice! I do have a follow-up question though... You said the Red Sea Berlin skimmer is woefully undersized for my 180g aquarium. What skimmer would you recommend for this size aquarium. I am limited to a maximum height of 25". --Greg  <That is quite a tight height restriction! Euro-Reed CS8-2 might work as might models from Aqua-C's EV series or the Precision Marine Bullet series. All of these skimmers have collection cups that require very little clearance to remove. Best Regards. Adam>

Skimmers Greetings Crew:<Howdy!> I'm looking to upgrade my "crappy" SeaClone protein skimmer for 90 gallon tank. I have a 90 gallon tank with 80-85 pounds of live rock and 4-5" live sand bed being filtered by a Tidepool II sump. I have fish, snails, crabs and starfish. Might add some low light requirement corals later on. Which protein skimmers (model numbers) would you recommend for my set-up?<I love my hang on aqua-c remora pro.  If you have a sump I would go with a aqua-c or euro reef.  Most websites should have the recommended skimmer for the tank along with other info on the skimmer. You can also find lots info on our site: www.wetwebmedia.com.  Cody> Thanks for your help. Jeff

- Hang-on Skimmer Choices - Hi there everyone at WWM... where half of my reading time is spent!!!  Thankfully!~ Ok, here's the question at hand...  My system...  29 gallon FOWLR (so much for being a species tank for seahorses!!!!) 2 seahorses 1 fridmani Pseudochromis 1 yellow clown goby 2 scarlet cleaner shrimp 2 peppermint shrimp 1 male Saron shrimp -numerous smaller hermits (scarlet, blue, red and so forth) 3 feather dusters Caulerpa prolifera 1 Banggai Cardinal - numerous assorted snails 32 pounds of premium live Fiji rock *CPR BakPak dual pack... (of which I'm not so very fond of) *Eheim Professional2 canister model 2028 * CSL compact fluorescent, 2 65watt daylights plus moonlight. I would Like to buy ANOTHER skimmer... or maybe sell the dual BakPak... I know almost everyone has at some point or still do in fact... have an issue with the micro bubbles they seem to spew back into the tank.  I do realize this is partially because of the individual organics in the system and partially because not all skimmers are created equal in regards to each individuals set up.  <You could try their bubble trap... it's quite possible that any skimmer would introduce air bubbles to the system.> ...with that in mind... Could you rec. a skimmer that you think would suit my system?   I have no sump... and no refugium.  The refugium is another story.  I gather it's going to be AquaC or EuroReef... as EuroReef is coming out with their new HOB skimmer. <I've not yet seen a EuroReef hang-on, so I was going to recommend an AquaC Remora.> Maybe I should wait it out and invest in that one.  I'm quite unsure.  Will the skimmer really have its toll on the copepod population and such??? <Not in my opinion.> I can't believe the action of the skimmer would be THAT drastic on the pods population... even if I don't have a refugium yet.  Basically... I don't know what to replace my BakPak dual pack with. <If you are unsure, it's best to post these questions on any of the popular forums where you can get a broad range of opinions.> It takes up too much room, because I want to add on a HOB refugium (the AquaFuge, if you have used it by any chance) <Have one running on my tank right now.> So, as I failed to mention in the start of this... I'm pressed for space... and want a new skimmer which will make room for a small or medium sized refugium to HOB. Lastly... believe you me, I've read through every article here time and time and time again... but I just DON'T understand why it is that the skimmers for the most part release microbubbles back into the tank. <Because they cavitate the water, introduce air to it... is a by-product.> If the bubbles aren't made in the tank, but in the chambers of the skimmer... and bubbles don't rise to the outlet of the skimmer... then why on earth do they present themselves back into the tank? <Out of a matter of practicality... especially with hang-on varieties... is space... if the baffles, settling chambers were large enough this wouldn't be an issue, but the thing needs to fit on the back of the tank. Sump skimmers sometimes have this problem too, but this is usually due to the design of the sump.> I hate this micro bubble ordeal with these skimmers.  Almost makes me feel all ANTI skimmer!!!!  All the money these skimmers cost, they can't come up with one that's a HOB and one that truly won't leak micro bubbles back into the tank. <Personally, I don't have a problem with the bubbles. I come from an age in aquariums where aeration had to come from an air pump and bubble wand. Certainly there is no adverse affect on the health of the animals as these aren't 'those type' of bubbles.> I would love your comments on the above... I'm well read and still reading all over and talking to everyone... surely I wanted to hear from all of you guys as well.  I thank you in advance for your experienced time... <Cheers, J -- >

Maybe This Wasn't Such a Good Thing >Hi, >>Good morning, David.   >I just bought my first protein skimmer, the not-so-expensive Lee's Med. Counter Current PS.   >>Oh my.. I have a feeling that "PS" really stands for something I can't post. >I got it set up in my 44 gal. tank, but when I began the air flow adjusting, no foam is really created.  My air pump is kinda old, inherited it from my brother, it's a Whisper 20-60 gal. air pump.  I have the flow rate as best I can get it with about 1/2" between the bubbles, but at the top of skimmer only about a millimeter of foam is being created.  Do I need a stronger air pump or is something defective or what?   >>Boy, you *could* try another pump, but I honestly have a feeling that this likely isn't such a good skimmer.  If funds are tight, do a search on "soda bottle protein skimmer".  There are a couple of issues with skimmers not working properly, one is indeed air flow, another is bubble size, and another is sufficient time within the reaction chamber (so organics can become attached to the superfine bubbles necessary for proper fractionation).  If you can at all afford it, consider instead another skimmer. >I would greatly appreciate any help you could offer.   Thank you very, Dave H. >>Much?  You're welcome, even though I don't know that I was all that helpful.  Oh yes, I do believe someone on our chat forum had posted a "recipe" for the soda bottle skimmer, after Googling the web, either try our Google bar, or go to http://www.wetwebfotos.com/talk and search for "soda bottle skimmer".  Marina

- What Else Do I Need? - I just got a 120 gallon marine tank with an Amiracle SL-250 wet/dry for xmas. I used crushed coral for a base with about 70 lbs of live rock (will get more). I have 8 damsels (mostly very small)-3 dominos, 2 yellow-tails, 2 humbugs and 1 large tomato clown-and also, one snowflake eel-they all cycled the tank. I would like to get several triggers, a lionfish, an angel fish and possibly another eel - I would rather have less fish and have them be larger than have many fish-is this an ok amount? <You didn't actually list an amount - I saw the word several in there... best to under stock any tank, regardless of size. You can have several triggers, but not much else; two eels and a trigger, but not much else; the lion and the angel, perhaps one trigger... not much else. You will get better mileage out of any mix if you under stock.> I can lose the damsels if I have to-but I wouldn't mind keeping them if they don't get eaten. <The lionfish would make short work of the damsels... the eel likewise will probably get to them sooner or later.> I have never had a tank this big and its been awhile since I've had fish - what else do I need for my tank? <I'm not sure, what else do you have already? Do you have a protein skimmer yet? Do you have a quarantine system yet?> I have people telling me I should get a skimmer and ozone and/or UV sterilizer-do I need both? <I'd go with just a skimmer for now... perhaps ozone later if you budget allows.> I was looking at the Turbo-twist UV sterilizer by Coralife (since I can put it outside the sump) is this good? <Mmm... I'm not really a fan of UV on main systems. Good for quarantine systems, but really unnecessary if you follow good quarantine protocol.> I am primarily interested in keeping fish, although I do have a few "feather worms" on my live rock I would like to keep if the triggers don't get them. <Triggers will likely get them if they're within reach.> I was going to get an Amiracle skimmer in the sump-will this be enough? <Pool the money you were thinking about spending on this and the UV and buy a better skimmer like an AquaC or EuroReef.> I don't see any info. about them on your site - What is the difference between this and the Euroreef you keep talking about? <Design, build quality.> Would I be better off with that? <That? You mean the EuroReef? Yes.> I am a little overwhelmed with all this stuff. Any help you could give me would be much appreciated! Sorry about the novel.  J9 in Massachusetts <Cheers, J -- [formerly from Massachusetts]>

Skimmer Choices For 75G (1/10/2004) Howdy to y'all, I am brand new to this hobby and am still in my "research" stage. <Welcome to an addictive hobby. Do take your time in this initial research phase. I can assure you from experience that it is far easier to avoid mistakes than to correct them.> I have found myself getting most of my information from the many online forums (I like this one best though) <Thanks> . Anyway, I am setting up will be a 75 gallon reef tank. I have read about the two types of protein skimmers that you usually recommend the Euro-reef and AquaC. I am kind of leaning toward the Euro-reef because of something I read about it being very easy to work with. Is this true? <Yes. Have one myself and love it.> Also the information regarding the size of aquarium is confusing me as well. <Conflicting info out there.> On Euro-reef web site it says the CS6-2 is rated at 110 gal. ideal tank size but sites that are selling it say 200 gal. <I noticed this same discrepancy myself and have no explanation for it. I'd go with the manufacturer's recommendations on this issue. After all, they built them. The difference may be between "ideal" and "maximum possible" size of tank.> If this is true would I be able to go with a CS6-1 for a 75 gallon? <Since the E-R site says so, I would go for it.> One last question I promise. I am confused on how a "sump" works. Does the water get pumped to the protein filter which then puts the water into the sump to be "filtered" with live rock and live sand then pumped back into the tank? If so does the protein filter HAVE to  be IN the sump and do I need any other filtration? I have had many people explain this to me and guess what...they were all different answers...HELP!! I am so confused... <Have you bought the sump yet? An in-sump skimmer is placed into the sump with it's attached pump. The pump pulls water from the sump into the skimmer and the skimmer dumps it back into the sump. Mechanical filtration can be provided by a floss bag over the pipe that dumps water from the tank into the sump. Biologic filtration comes from the live rock and sand in the tank. Some sumps include a refugium (read on WWM). Have you gotten any good books yet?> Thanks for your time! Butch <You're welcome. Steve Allen>

Objective Assessment of Skimmers (1/8/2004) Hello all! You are, in my opinion, the best online resource in the hobby. <Well thanks. A lot of people have worked a lot harder and longer on this than I have. It has been very valuable to me as well. Steve Allen tonight.> I had to part with my aquarium a year ago due to medical problems. I am fully recovered and want to return to the hobby. <Glad to hear you are well again.> While investigating the latest technology in foam fractionating, I must trust others opinions or the manufacturer's claims. I am considering setting up a standard test. I know the dynamics of many systems, but if temperature and salinity were set at an industry median, you could have a baseline. A tank could be set up (under ultraviolet light) with new high quality water and measured pollutants added. A skimmer could be set up to run until operating efficiently and required to run an tank in it's class for 24 hours and than water composition rechecked. Trace mineral removal could also be measured, allowing the hobbyist to test for additions. I am sure if an independent testing were available, the technology would evolve quickly. I really do not want to do this but it needs to be done. My question: Is this being done already or is it a poor idea? Sorry, I tried to condense. Thanks for all you do! Terry <Terry, I am not aware of any objective tests like this having been done. I expect it would be prohibitively expensive to do. Impossible for an individual and unfeasible for a company.. I highly doubt that the makers of skimmers are so profitable as to be able to invest in such a project. To get truly reliably accurate measurements of the various compounds would require special equipment (such as a tandem mass spectrometer) costing tens of thousands of dollars. One could never rely on test kits for this and there are none for many of the things you'd want to test. I'd recommend that you just seek out the opinions of others who have used various products. Personally, I have been quite satisfied with my skimmers from AquaC and Euro-Reef.>

Euro-reef 1/8/03 What model of Euro-reef skimmer would you recommend for a 90 gallon reef  tank?  I don't have any corals now, but would like to house LPS and SPS (hopefully some Acro species) in the future.  Their website lists "ideal  tank size" specs, but many manufacturers are more than a little generous  with this number.  I was leaning towards the CS8-1 (rated to 135 gallon), but the CS6-1 (rated to 100 gallon) and especially the new ES5-3 (rated to 90 gallon) are far more economically priced (partly because they use a  SEDRA3500 pump rather than the SEDRA5000, I'm sure).  You opinions would be  greatly appreciated. <I am currently using a CS6-2 on my heavily stocked 135.  I am in favor of light skimming, and this fits the bill.  If you want more typical skimming on your 90, either the CS6-2 or CS8-1 would probably work well for typical stocking.  The ES5-3 would probably be on the light side.  HTH!  Adam> Thanks, Jeremy

Re: Euro-reef 1/10/04 Heavily stocked with what though?  I know Acro's need pristine water to thrive. <Hmmmm...  Largely a myth, IMO.  The tank I described contains these fish: five medium tangs and four miscellaneous small fish and these corals: leathers, Alveopora, Goniopora, Montipora, elegance, Euphyllias and a few acros.  All are doing well.  Even a heavily skimmed reef tank is far from "pristine" by wild reef standards.  Acros like all corals need food, and while reducing dissolved nutrients, skimming also very efficiently removes the particulates (detritus (AKA "marine snow"), planktonic organisms, etc.) that serve as food for all corals, including Acros.  In  many "SPS" tanks that are very heavily skimmed, the owners target feed the corals to mimic the conditions on the reef...very low dissolved organics, but a whole lot of plankton, marine snow, etc.  Acros are more sensitive to general water quality than a lot of other corals, but super-skimming isn't the only way to have good water quality.  My tank gets monthly 25% water changes, gets occasional carbon and because of all of the fast growing animals, has a lot of uptake by those animals. I did not mention my 92gal tank that contains mostly "SPS" and is totally un-skimmed.  Nutrients are managed through water changes and an algae turf scrubber.  I am a big fan of skimming, and think it is an important tool in managing nutrients, but you must fist decide on a philosophy which takes into consideration the type of animals you are going to keep, the kind of food they require and your overall strategy for managing dissolved nutrients.  HTH and doesn't lead to more confusion!  Adam>

Objective Skimmer Evaluation 2 (1/8/2004) Thank you for the quick reply. I agree on the only way to accurately test the water. I would have looked to a lab =also expensive. I have thought about it a lot since I wrote and have decided there are probably two kinds of skimmers (adequate and inadequate) <bingo! an in this application, you get what you pay for. There is no cheap and effective.>, making reliability and ease of use more important. <yes, including ease of emptying and cleaning.> Maybe a test will emerge when new commercial applications for skimming are found. <Indeed, a bigger market is needed to fund such an endeavor.> I will narrow my research to the brands you have listed. Besides, if I were testing skimmers, how could I use one on my tank and look impartial. <Who among us is truly 100% impartial?> Thanks again for all you do. Terry <A pleasure.>

Skimmer and fish I have a 29gal tank. I have 3 fish, yellow watchman goby, a pyjama cardinal, and a Firefish (?). my first question: I feed them 2 times a week, is that ok? <No, Feed them sparingly twice a day.> I don't want to overfeed them. Second question: My tank has a hood which has the filtration and light incorporated into it, what kind of skimmer can I get for this tank?<there are many to choose from, I would go to your LFS...and see what they carry and then do research on those skimmers> The opening it has (2) are not large at all for the skimmers I've seen. <find smaller skimmers, Good luck, IanB> Thanks Viviana

Rockin' Reef, But Daddy Needs a New Skimmer! >Hi all, Best wishes for a great new year. >>Hello, and likewise! >I have been running a reef tank for the past 18 months with good success.  I am running a 450 litre reef tank with about 60 kilos of live rock, no sand (to speak of), skimmer, controlled injection of ozone and a wet/dry with bio-balls (I am removing). 2 x 150 MH on for 10 hours a day. >>Consider replacing the biofiltration (namely nitrification) you're removing with the bioballs with a bit more live rock. >pH range between 8.0 and 8.2 (v stable), ammonia, nitrate and nitrite nil, winter temperature range between 26.5 and 27.5 c. >>Uh oh.. gotta put on my conversion hat but.. I think all is golden. >Fish inhabitants are Flame Angel, Mandarin, Yellow Coris (canary), small Kole and Purple tang, pair of Percula clowns, purple Blenny.  Invertebrates are boxer shrimp, hammer LPS, mushroom LPS, Elegance LPS, a Duncanopsammia axifungia, one large Sarcophyton and a maxima clam. >>Sounds sweet. >My skimmer has never really worked properly, it's a cheap clone and I am lucky to get one cup of clear liquid from it a week.  I attribute my ongoing (minor) Caulerpa problem to this.   >>Hhhmm.. ever consider harnessing the Caulerpa to handle nutrient removal?  If you can get it to "establish", maybe remotely, or to a specific area of the tank, it'll work fairly well with regular (proper!) harvesting.  Worked great for my first reef tank for quite some years (till breakdown). >I am about to upgrade and would like your opinion.   >>Cool.. I want a new digital camera that I can use easily with my Linux OS, please. >I am tossing up between an AquaC EV180 and a Euro-Reef.  I have limited space available in sump and the Euro-Reef would be a real squeeze.  Has anyone there had first-hand experience with the new EV180?   >>Possibly, but that wouldn't be me.  However, BOTH have excellent reputations, with the Euro-Reef being considered the cream of the crop.  Also, from what's been conveyed by MANY people, the folks at Euro-Reef give the best in customer service - ready to talk you through just about anything. >Also can you tell me if the skimmer will remove anything desirable from the water in terms of trace elements? >>Possibly trace amounts, but really nothing to be worried about if you're already dosing for all the animals that require calcium (et al minerals).  Another thing to consider is going the refugium route sans skimmer - this WOULD require utilization of macroalgae to help with nutrient export.  Search our FAQs on that, as well as algal filtration.  In any event, I think you would do well with either product, but know that you'd be hard-pressed to find a better product than Euro-Reef. >Thanks and regards, JP >>You're welcome, and have fun spending money!  Marina

-Skimmer choices- Hi all, Best wishes for a great new year. <Same to you> I have been running a reef tank for the past 18 months with good success.  I am running a 450 litre reef tank with about 60 kilos of live rock, no sand (to speak of), skimmer, controlled injection of ozone and a wet/dry with bio-balls (I am removing). <ok> 2 x 150 MH on for 10 hours a day. PH range between 8.0 and 8.2 (v stable), ammonia, nitrate and nitrite nil, winter temperature range between 26.5 and 27.5 c. Fish inhabitants are Flame Angel, Mandarin, Yellow Coris (canary), small Kole and Purple tang, pair of Percula clowns, purple Blenny. Invertebrates are boxer shrimp, hammer LPS, mushroom LPS, Elegance LPS, a Duncanopsammia axifungia, one large Sarcophyton and a maxima clam. My skimmer has never really worked properly, it's a cheap clone and I am lucky to get one cup of clear liquid from it a week. <Time for a new skimmer!>  I attribute my ongoing (minor) Caulerpa problem to this. <Could be one of the causes, although you'll find Caulerpa can grow well even in some well skimmed tanks.> I am about to upgrade and would like your opinion.  I am tossing up between an AquaC EV180 and a Euro-Reef.  I have limited space available in sump and the Euro-Reef would be a real squeeze.  Has anyone there had first-hand experience with the new EV180? <I'm running an EV-180 on my 120 :) > Also can you tell me if the skimmer will remove anything desirable from the water in terms of trace elements. <No more than any other skimmer. It works well, but here's some pro's and cons of the EV series by AquaC: Pros: Easy collection cup removal, waste collector compatible, reasonable price, works with just about any pump, only 2 skimmer adjustments. Cons: Unless the pump running the skimmer has a very fine strainer or filter pad (i.e., not a Mag) small pieces of gravel, etc can become lodged in the injector ceasing skimmer operation, and I've seen more than a few of these spew foam out the 'seal' under the collection cup. All in all, it's a good performing skimmer. I hope this helps! -Kevin> Thanks and regards, JP EV-180 vs. CS8-2 - 12/27/03 Hello Bob & Crew: <Hi Rich.  Adam here today!> I have tried lots of searching before sending this e-mail but have found  nothing.   I guess it is hard to find someone with this experience.   My search  for a new skimmer has come down to the EuroReef CS8-2 or the AquaC EV-180. <Both outstanding choices.> Operating noise level is the main consideration on making a decision between the two, I have done enough research to know they are both great skimmers.   Any  opinions (experience) on this would be greatly appreciated. <Pump choice will obviously be important in noise considerations.  Also, strategies like putting neoprene pads under pumps can help a lot.  Between these two, I would probably decide based on cost (don't forget that the pump comes with the euro-reef!).> If the EV-180 is  the suggestion which pump? <Jason at Aqua-C is second to none in customer service and assistance.  I am sure he will do a much better job with this than I would.> I don't think they (AquaC) have evaluated the new Quiet Ones and since my main return is currently a Mag7 that is becoming very noisy I am tending to shy away from them (although it is 3 years old). <Jason may have done this testing by now.  I would check with him.   My experience with the new Quiet ones is that they are comparable to a Mag drive in noise.  When you do choose, also consider the availability of replacement parts.  Hint...  Mag drive parts are everywhere.  Replacement parts for Euro-Reefs are bit more difficult to find and often a bit pricey.> Thanks for the help. <No problem!> Rich

Remora Skimmer for 29G? (12/27/2003) Just a simple question that I could not find on your site.  Is the Aqua C Remora to much skimming for a 29 gal reef tank. <A quick check of the AquaC website reveals that the Remora (not the pro) is the right size.>  I am in the planning stages and want to make the right decisions now and not have to pay for it later.  I plan on having a few clowns, tangs, and anemones.  <Bad plan. There is no Tang that is appropriate for such a small  tank. Minimum 75G for one yellow, bigger for a purple. No anemones. Very difficult for beginners and require a lot of light, pristine water conditions and care beyond the ability of a beginner. BTW, clownfish do not need and anemone. Also, I would not keep more than two clownfish in this small tank and I would stick to ocellaris/Percula. Do consider other fish for your tank such as the Royal Gramma, a small Hawkfish, and smaller gobies. Perhaps a small flasher wrasse.> Live rock will be a must.  Let me know.  Thanks Jeremy <You're welcome. Steve Allen>

Over-skimming With Remora Pro? (12/23/2003) One more question regarding my 40 gallon setup.  For future flexibility (larger tank) should I go with the Remora Pro now?  I'm willing to spend the extra $70., I've read (I think here) that it is possible to 'over skim'.  Would the Pro be too large for the 40 gallon tank? Thanks, Rick <I checked AquaC's website. They list this skimmer for as little as 40 gallons. If you plan on going to a bigger tank in the foreseeable future and have the extra $, I see no reason not to go for it. Steve Allen>

Small Tank Setup (12-13-03) What kind of protein skimmer would you recommend for a 5 gal tank?  How do you think of my set up right now.  I got a 5 gal tank, 25 watt heater, a ten gallon wet/dry filter, power head and 3 lb of live rock it been cycle for 3 weeks and all test are good.  all I'm planning is to put 1 clownfish.  what  else would I need to complete my setup?<I would go buy a larger tank as I think this would be much too frustrating.  I would not put any fish in there it is just too small.  It could be a nice setup for a mantis shrimp display or something though.  If you do have your heart set on this I like the aqua c remora skimmers.  Other than that your setup looks complete but I think it would just be too tuff to keep stable.> I also got a 30 gal tank, 300 watt heater, 330 penguin filter with bio wheels, power head, and a 2 inch of crush shell.  what else would you recommend to complete my setup?<That's a little better size!  I would get a good skimmer such as the remora I mentioned above, some live rock and a good book or two.  Some good books are: The Conscientious Marine Aquarist by Bob Fenner and The New Marine Aquarium by Michael Paletta.> and what do your think about BIO SPIRA? <Never heard of it, you try posting on www.reefcentral.com to see what others think.  Cody> Thank you for all your reply , it have been so informative

Selling custom protein skimmers? Hi Bob, I have a quick question, Is there any problem with custom building protein skimmers and selling them? I have built a Beckett/downdraft style skimmer which is a hybrid of various plans floating around on the net as well as things I feel improve the performance. It works very well and I wouldn't mind making/selling a few here and there but don't want to get into legal trouble (patent infringement etc.). Do you see any problems with this? Thanks for your time and a great and valuable resource. Steve <Good question... and this is how a bunch of the companies in our interest actually got their start. I would guess you might want to do something in the way of a "patent search" (or actually hire some agency to do so for you) if you were very concerned re infringement issues... I am more concerned with safety and use... so, at least chatting with your/an insurance company re what your responsibilities might be seems prudent. Bob Fenner>

Skimmer Confusion Hi Scott, Teri here. <Hi Teri!> I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Mine was great all my kids and grandkids were here.. <The best way to celebrate the holiday!> Anyway to the subject ...I have been having skimmer trouble and I talked to you about it on another occasion.  I took mine to a local  fish store and he told me that what I have  he wouldn't use it on any larger that a 30 gallon and mine is 72 not good.  Anyway I guess I can keep it and maybe use it one day on another tank- that the good news.  <Yep- nothing is ever wasted in the hobby!> I asked him about a Aqua C EV series and he had on but the price was a killer 460+$ so I need to shop some.  He also has Top Fathom 110 Ventura type and I was wondering what you thought about this. <I have no personal experience with this brand/model, so you may want to post on the WWM Chat Forum to see what other hobbyists have felt about this skimmer> Or another place has a Aqua Medic. What do you think about these? They run about 275$. <Aqua Medic are great skimmers, with a good reputation for quality and efficiency. They do, however, tend to be a bit "finicky", in regards to their adjustment and settings, but seem to produce well once they are set> I need to do something and here I am so confused. Please help????? <You might actually be able to use an Aqua C Remora or Aqua C Urchin Pro skimmer, if you opt for sump installation. Both of these could probably handle a tank of your size, are reasonably priced, and well designed skimmers with excellent reputations. Additionally, Aqua C products offer great customer support. The owner, Jason Kim, is a super nice guy and a fish nut himself, and he enjoys assisting his fellow hobbyists! Real "value added", IMO!> The good news is my leather that were doing bad, I think I told you it had started looking better. Well, it is doing just fine looks great with no sighs of problems again. I still have things that I haven't been able to identify but I am still looking. <That's part of the fun! Seeing what turns up!> Thanks again for your wonderful help and y'alls web sight, I can not tell you how glad I am that I found ya'll! <We're thrilled that you enjoy it! Feel free to contact us again any time! Regards, Scott F>

Skimmer Recommendation Bob, <Joseph> In a previous email you used the contraction IMO.  What does IMO stand for?  Also, would you have any experience with or comments on the Lifereef venturi skimmers? Thank you, Joseph Rouse <Ahh, IMO is a contraction for "In My Opinion" (some short speak on the Net). And have heard mixed reviews re the Lifereef line. Our collective evaluation of skimmers can be found/read on WWM, starting here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/skimselfaqs.htm You might want to start with one of the more recent FAQs files on skimmer selection (their links are numbered, in blue, at top). Read on. Bob Fenner>

Which skimmer should I get? Hi guys <hello> One question : 500 litre marine tank moderately stocked - AquaC EV-120 or Tunze Venturi Skimmer 230/3 ??? <I would go with the AquaC great performance. MikeH> Cheers Andrew

- Tank Setup, Skimmer Selection - Thank you for your time! I did a little more investigating over the weekend and tried to narrow my selection to two skimmers. They are the Aqua Medic Turboflotor 1000 Skimmer & the TUNZE COMLINE Automatic skimmer Model # 3110/2. I am leaning towards the TUNZE due to the smaller size, good price, and good reviews on your site. What are your opinions on the two? <Hmm... not super-familiar with these models but would think they are both oversized for your 29 gallon tank. Also, the Tunze Comline skimmers actually go in the tank, so you'll lose what little valuable space you have. Again, I'd consider the AquaC Remora as it hangs on the back of the tank.> Also, you mentioned possibly getting a <AquaC Remora and a CPR hang on refugium... powerheads for circulation.> I have heard of refugiums, but don't really know the benefits of them. Could you enlighten me as to the benefits of them and exactly what they do? <Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/refugium.htm > Thank you, Aaron <Cheers, J -- >

- Skimmer Selection - Hello all, I was wondering what your opinion was on which skimmer you think is best for my application. I am getting a 100 gal and using my current 55 as a sump/fuge underneath. I have been researching 2 manufactures of skimmers. AquaC and Euro-Reef. I have narrowed it down to 2 models, The AquaC EV-180 and the Euro-Reef CS6-3. It appears the ER is about $80US more. Is it worth it? Or do you think AquaC is more bang for the buck? Or do you know of a better one that I'm missing? <I'm a big fan of both of these skimmers - personally I've been using AquaC exclusively, but EuroReef is also an excellent choice. It's really your call - which one will better fit into your system.> Thanks in advance, Jason <Cheers, J -- >

Protein Skimmer too big? Anthony-What is a good sign that a protein skimmer is too large for a reef tank? Hope you are well .        RGibson <although an unlikely reality for most aquarists... I suppose you might see increased HLLE in fishes (as per Frakes studies in the 1980's inducing it with excessive use of carbon)... and iodine deficiencies causing suffrage in crustaceans and other reef invertebrates for starters. Best regards, Anthony>

- Choices, Choices - Which Protein Skimmer - Hey Crew! There are currently two skimmers I have in mind for my 72 (Reef Ready) gallon bowfront. I have an AMiracle Maxi reef 200 which has some amazing miniature jellyfish growing and reproducing in it. I am not sure using a sump skimmer would be a good idea it might kill them. But I don't want the skimmer to hang on top of my tank. Is it okay to use a hang on outside my wet/dry even though the water level in the sump is lower than the filters top? <I would think that would affect the performance.> I had three skimmers in mind an Excalibur sv-100, hv-100 or an Amiracle Quad II skimmer. <Your choice... am not really familiar with any of these and wouldn't be on my list of choices - I prefer the AquaC line, very simple and easy to maintain.> Also one more silly question. Is 15ppm Nitrates Too much for a reef tank. <Over the long term, yes.> Thanks, Jimmy B <Cheers, J -- >

Skimmer/sump ponderings 11/11/03 Ok Anthony here is my email or something close to it.  I am setting up a 100gal. acrylic tank that will eventually have the reef environment to it.  I want to take it slow and do things right from the beginning.  Your site recommends either the Aqua C or Euro Reef skimmers for their high performance.   <yes... both very good skimmers and good values> The Euro reef line is very large, and for a 100gal. tank which one would be good for the task at hand.  They also have a new series out called the "ES line"  which are supposedly cheaper for a good product.   <both brands are so reliable, I would simply install the biggest skimmer that you can fit/afford rated for 200 gallons or greater to serve your 180 gal tank> Under my stand I have only a maximum 20inches of height so that is a limiting factor.  Which Euro reef would you recommend and what do you know about the "ES series"? <you can trust the manufacturers recommendations here. If you expect a bigger thank in the 5 year pictures, or intend to have large or messy fishes... then scale your purchase higher than a unit rated for the appropriate 200 gall tank or so> Next question (thanks so much!!), under my stand there are two vertical support pieces in the middle of the stand and the distance between them is only 12inches.  This has limited me using a one piece sump/refuge, so I need to go with two separate containers.   <this is very challenging to water plumbing. Do consider if you can move this brace or replace it (with a steel header bar)> One will be where the water flows out of the tank, onto a piece of filter into the sump where the skimmer will be  as well as the return pump.  This sump will connect to a container for algae growth and a sand bed.  The water will be returned by a small powerhead into the main sump.  How does this setup look to you?   <two part sumps are typically problematic. It's hard for me to diagnose off-site too. Do see if you can simply use one sump... even if it is smaller> Any suggestions or recommendations?  I have one bulkhead at each end of the main tank with a flow through diameter of 1inch.  One for return water and one for "draining" to the sump.  Do I need to add more "holes" for better circulation?    <again.. I cannot say without any specs of measurements. The number of bulkheads is determined by the flow you intend to run through t. Once you have figured out your water flow/pump needs... then simply drill enough holes (over bulkhead mfg specs for flow-through rates) and it will be short work> Thanks so much!!  Your website has been a terrific help for me and many others!!       Mike in Salem Oregon <best regards, Anthony>

Protein Skimmer for 85 Gallon Reef What is the best protein skimmer for a 85 gallon reef tank with only a few fish.  This issue is so confusion. Thanks <I would recommend Aqua C's Remora it is a hang on downdraft skimmer that works great. Also you could try a CPR BAK PAK they are also good. If you are looking for an in sump model, I would say a Euro-reef 6s6-1 very easy to use and great performance. Mike H>

Need help for choosing a good cheap skimmer !! Hi to the crew,     I have a 50 gal reef tank. I will add a 33 gal refugium tank to my system. In my refugium I will grow some macro algae and I will use a deep sand bed. Now I have a CPR BAK-PAK, but this is a crap :). I am not able to collect something more than one times per week. So I would like to know if really need to add an another protein skimmer? If you think I need one is it a good idea to built one by myself( like the one shown in coral propagation from Mr. Calfo) <you could try building one you self if you are handy> or what good brand of skimmer could I buy? <A good hang-on skimmer I have used in the past are aqua c remoras It is a downdraft hang-on skimmer and is very effective> I am looking right now to buy the CV-426 Venturi from Prec. Marine ( http://www.precisionmarine.com/html/v426.html) and I would like to know what do you think about that one and would it be a bit overskimming for my tank size ?! <I have not used this one myself but hear they work good thanks Mike H> I would like to really say thank you to every one in the WWM crew,         

- I am in Need of Answers!!!!! - Good morning Gentlemen, I stumbled across your site while researching prices for accessories for my new salt water hobby. I read the various questions and answers and I found your website to be very informative. However I am going to purchase your book so I can learn more about the salt water hobby. I am transitioning over from fresh water with over 10yrs experience and I have found that everyone has a different opinion about what is best "product" especially if they are the ones selling the product. <Quite true.> This is my question. I am purchasing a 150 gallon reef ready tank. I don't know which skimmer to use. I heard a lot about the Euro Reef and I was told to purchase the ETSS 600 skimmer. I did see the sump I was going to purchase which was the UHF Sump 72 system by AETECH. AETECH had the complete sump and skimmer setup on their site. I need your opinion as to which skimmer/model to purchase for the size tank I have. <I'd go with the EuroReef.> I will have live rock etc. I am going to have North Dallas Aquarium to maintain my tank as I learn more about the hobby. Also what do you think about the JBJ chiller? Which chiller would you recommend? <Have no practical experience with chillers - know that some are crap, but not entirely sure which ones those are. Best to look and ask around on the forums where you're likely to find several people using chillers.> Please reply to my personal address so I won't miss what you have to say. I greatly appreciate your help. Warren <Cheers, J -- >

- Protein Skimmer Selection - Hello, I was looking at your site and I know you are big AquaC Remora supporters, but I wanted to know what do you think of Excalibur HV-1 Hang-On. I have a opportunity to get one from a friend who is upgrading and offered it to me. <I used to have a boss who loved to say, "If it's free, it's for me." I suppose if this skimmer is free, then it's for you.> I have a 55 gal tank with 60 lbs of live rock. I currently have no fish in it as it is still cycling. <I'm sure this skimmer will work fine for you. Cheers, J -- >

Skimmer for Eclipse 6 Dear Mr. Fenner, I just found your site, and read all the FAQ's about hang on protein skimmers. I have a Eclipse 6 fish only tank that has been set up for a year now. I just added a fish (#2) to the tank and think some skimming would be good for the tank. Since the tank is located in my office at work, I do not have the luxury of putting a sump on the system. Any skimmers that you can recommend? I   thinking of the Prizm??? <I would go with the Prizm skimmer. nice and small and they are fairly efficient, Good luck, IanB> Thank you for your help Sincerely, Joe Angi

Protein Skimmer Selection >Which one of these would you recommend on 180 gal?  I have the ETSS 800 downdraft but not sure if I like it. Euro-Reef CS 12-1 Aqua -C EV240 >>Without a doubt, the Euro-Reef! >ETSS 800 was producing lots of skimmate 1/2 gal plus a day now get maybe 1/2 gal week.  This is a 180 gal. >>It's not just about size, dear (sorry, I couldn't resist), it's about QUALITY.  This thing may be producing lots of skimmate, but is it the NASTIEST possible stuff on earth?  Does it curl your hair?  Make your eyes water?  If not, it's not "the good schtuff".  Euro-Reef, baby! >4" sand bed 200 lbs live rock SPS coral, some fish and a few clams >>Hhmm.. something lacking there with "some fish". >Mixed crabs and snails DKH 12-14 Use Korallin reactor Calcium 340 Nitrates, nitrites, phosphates. ND Temp 77.4 to 78 before lights and after lights Use Salifert test kits check every thing Ph 8.4 am 8.6 to 8.7 pm with Hanna meter Salt 1.024 with refractometer Light 3-400 watt HQI 2-110 watt actinic Have too much algae, Sailfin blenny always has full belly.  Not much coralline algae seems slow to grow.  I have an Acropora that has grown from around 5" tall by 4" dia to around 10" tall and 10-12" in diameter in around 4- months. >>Wow, GREAT growth on the Acro.. on one hand some might say that your calcium is a wee bit low, but honestly I couldn't criticize it.  I suppose you could try tweaking it, but in my own opinion you're probably in this to grow the corals, not the coralline.  Search our site for more info, specifically by Anthony Calfo on the calcium issue. >Had one clam gap and die others doing well.  Just can not get rid of enough of the algae, not worried about getting rid of all of it, tangs and blenny eating.  Hope this is not too long. >>Nope, we just like a little punctuation now and then (ribbing you).  Consider a small tropical abalone, I think a system your size could do a good job of supporting it.  However, I'd wait till you have the new skimmer and let it kick in for a month or two, then see how the algae issue is doing.  Marina >Thanks Bruce

Skimmer selection for 55gal: AquaC vs. CPR - 10/18/03 Your web site is extremely helpful. <I concur> I have a 55 gallon tank with 60 lbs of live rock, 2-3 inches of live sand, Skilter 400(hate it) <Could work in a small tank say.... ten Gallons or less>,  U.V sterilizer, 2 clowns, small Naso tang, royal Gramma, 8 line wrasse, a  few anemones and corals and many invertebrates. <Very well> My tank is doing pretty well except my Skilter/filter/protein skimmer is about to die because it does not work very well. I am going to buy a new hang on protein skimmer and I am thinking between the DUAL CPR Bak Pak 2(two skimmers) or the AQUAC Remora Pro hang on ("Spray Induction System."). I have been told that both are good, but since they are in the same ball price in regards to price, I want to get my best bag for my buck. <Good idea> Any suggestions on these or any other ones you would recommend. I wanted to purchase the AQUA C EV 120, but was told that it needs to or should be installed in a sump. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated. <Well, Donovan, I am going to point you in the direction of our "Skimmer Selection" FAQ: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/skimselfaqs.htm there are more links at that the top of that page regarding skimmer selection amongst other skimmer related topics. This way you will get a great many responses to your question from all of us here at WetWebMedia. Read and rejoice my friend! -Paul> Donovan Sacramento, CA (Terminator town)

Skimmer Dilemma Dear Bob (or Crew): <Howdy> I am in the process of setting up a 180-gallon marine aquarium with a sand substrate and live rock.  The tank is reef ready, and I plan to use an older 50-gallon aquarium for the sump.  After the cost of the tank, stand, canopy, etc., my aquarium fund has run dry so a few items that I still need (including a good protein skimmer) were going to have to wait until next month to be purchased.  I planned to purchase an efficient skimmer such as a Euro Reef or Aqua C model, so the cost of this expenditure was going to be in the $400 range.  A few weeks ago, however, I attended an aquarium show and actually won a Red Sea Berlin Turbo Skimmer in a 'Chinese auction' (I spent just $5 for eight auction tickets!). <Score!>   Therein lies my dilemma.  This is a brand new skimmer that the manufacturer claims can handle the skimming duties of a tank up to 250 gallons.  I have my doubts about that.  If this was a 75 or 90 gallon tank, then this skimmer might do the job.  But, I'm reluctant to entrust a 180-gallon setup to this particular skimmer.  I have three options that I would like your advice regarding this.  Please keep in kind that no other type of filtration other than a skimmer and live rock is going to be used.  Option #1 is to try the Berlin Turbo Skimmer and see what kind of results I get (after all, I already own it and it didn't cost me anything).  Option #2 would be to put that skimmer aside and proceed with the purchase of my skimmer of choice next month -- probably a Euro Reef CS6-2 plus ($418).  Or, Option #3 would still use the Berlin Turbo Skimmer in the sump, but supplement it with a good hang-on tank skimmer that would cost roughly half of what the Euro Reef would.  Potential choices would include the Aqua C Remora Pro, the Red Sea Prizm Pro, or the Turbo Flotor 1000 Multi.  These three hang-on skimmers range from $160 to $230.  If this was your set-up -- and you already owned the Berlin Turbo -- what would you do based on the options above (or something else I may not have thought of)? Thanks for whatever input you can provide. Sam M. <This is a tough one... On the plus side of using it, with some initial and a bit of ongoing adjustment, this skimmer may well "be enough" for your 180... OTOH, if you should get involved in a large biota, lots of biomass of organisms that produce copious amounts of materials that can/should be extracted by more skimming/fractionation, you may/might well benefit from a larger, more efficient skimmer. I would say if the current lack of funds is holding up your getting water et al. in this system, I would go ahead and use the won unit... And, consistent with my "personality" I'd like to toss in another possibility... That you sell (at a club meeting, EBay...) the Berlin Turbo unit and use the money toward either the EuroReef or AquaC unit! Bob Fenner>  

Re: Skimmer Dilemma Dear Bob: <Samuel> Thanks for your quick reply -- and suggestion.  You and your crew are a valuable asset to this hobby.  I've taken your advice and placed the Berlin Turbo Skimmer up for sale, and I've already had a few offers on it.  Once sold, I've narrowed my skimmer choices down to Euro Reef and Aqua C.  My preference right now is with Euro Reef, and I can purchase their model CS8-1 for a very good price from an online retailer. <This is a very fine product... and good folks behind it> However, when I checked the Euro Reef website they list this model for an "ideal" aquarium of 135 gallons.  They do not provide a tank size range (such as 100 to 180 gallons).  In addition to a favorable price, this skimmer is 20-inches tall and will fit very nicely in the cabinet beneath my tank.  In your opinion would a CS8-1 model be able to handle a 180 gallon marine system? <Yes... once again, the "sizing" has much more to do with bioloads, foods, feeding, other maintenance protocol items... as am sure you understand> The model Euro Reef lists for a 180 gallon tank is the CS8-3 skimmer, but that model stands 30-inches (too high for installation in my stand), and a price that is $169 more than the CS8-1 model.  Given this, if the CS8-1 model is inadequate, would you opt for the Aqua C EV-180 (listed for tanks between 60 and 270 gallons), or stay with the CS8-1 despite the info from the manufacturer?  Thanks again. Sam Mancini <Both/either would work here. I encourage you to try the EuroReef though (this is what I would choose having heard what you intend thus far, and can/do anticipate in future). Bob Fenner>

- Tunze Skimmer Link - Hello, I don't have a question. I just have a link to share. I have a page where I have information on/pictures of my Tunze skimmer and the ongoing experience with it. Just for others, and to perhaps get some input as well. It's at: http://www.lancealan.com/tunze1.html <Will have to find a place to put it - thanks for the link.> Thanks for being here. <And thank you for contributing.> Lance <Cheers, J -- >

The ultimate comparison. Aqua C -v- EuroReef (also would a hybrid idea work?) I just wanted to say after reading MANY of all your guys reviews, that thank goodness there are people out there that truly give good advice when it comes to aquarium issues. with that said on to my question. I have been a reefer for many moons and have usually gone the cheaper way of doing things.  This last year I made a choice that I need quality over being cheap. Everything has worked in the past but I can see were having the cheaper product has cost me many years hunched over a tank that didn't need to be spent.  my set ups are a 7g 30g a 65g a 90g and a 120g all reefs.  I have used Aquaclear products in the past and they work good as far as skimmers but I am truly looking for a step above and beyond this series.  The 2 skimmers that seem to be leading the pack are the Aqua C and the EuroReef. I really like the sturdy design and ease of fine-tuning of the Aqua C but I keep finding my self drawn to the EuroReef's (Sedra pumps) pinwheel for chopping up the bubbles. I know these are both great products and for me money isn't an issue since were only talking 40-110 dollars difference. Which is truly hands down the best? <Euro Reef> (in your opinion of course) Also I was thinking could I have my cake and eat it to by purchasing a SEDRA 5000 pinwheel pump and attaching it to the Aqua C Unit. This to me would seem like the end all of be all. but would it work? < Not sure if this would work I'll Pass on the question. Eric Rood> Or would it simply fizzle out the performance of the aqua C. Any information and opinions from you guys would be much appreciated as my wallet is on fire and my skimmers need to be replaced ;) Thank you much! Sy West

Which skimmer for a 50 gallon tank? Hey guys, <Hi! Ananda here today, standing in for one of the guys....> thanks for the information, and I'm now looking for a 75 or 100 gallon aquarium. <Um, still not a big enough tank for that cowfish you want... that one should have a 180 gallon tank at least. Even 100 gallons is on the small side for the powder brown tang and mandarin.> Meanwhile, I'm interested in purchasing a skimmer for the 50 gallon aquarium, but have a budget of $200. <There are a couple of good skimmers in that price range.> The following three are the ones I've come across that fall within my budget: 1. AquaC Remora Pro (series) skimmer. <Excellent skimmer. For the 50 gallon, though, I would suggest the Remora with the Maxi-Jet upgrade.> 2. Red Sea Prizm Pro Deluxe skimmer. <Questionable. I have not heard very many good reviews of this one.> 3. SeaClone 150 skimmer. (not very good reviews, but will it do the job). <It may "do the job" if you're turning the 50 gallon into a quarantine tank -- but for a display tank, this skimmer is best avoided.> All three of the skimmers should be the type that hang on the back of the aquarium. <Understood.> Please, advise what your thoughts are on these products, or if you know of something better within my budget (that hangs to the aquarium). <Between the three above, no contest: the Remora with the Maxi-Jet upgrade. --Ananda>

Skimmer Season? Hi Scott, how are you doing, hope you're doing great. <Doing' great! Glad to hear from you again!> Scott: I am going to purchase a skimmer for my 140gal office tank, but I have a question on which of the following skimmers is the best one. <It must be "skimmer season"- lots of good questions about skimmers lately! Glad to hear that!> You told me before you live in the San Diego area, so you must be familiar to the following stores, which I think are the best in the area.   <Actually, L.A.- but am familiar with some SD stores> 1st Aquatic Warehouse, the one that I saw there is the "Euroreef"    CS6-1 Series by EURO REEF. <Nice store- excellent skimmer> 2nd Octopus's garden, the one that I saw there is the G3, I don't remember the brand.  but they call it the G-3 <I believe that the G3 is (I hesitate to use this term) a "knockoff" of the Euroreef- they seem quite similar. I have seen them and know people who use them, and they seem satisfied> The price on both products is very similar, so the think that I am looking it's quality for my fish. OH, and one more thing, I think it is going to be a fish tank only but maybe in the future we change or minds, so please advice in the best one. Thank You again Scott.  Att.  Juan Santos. <Well, Juan- I think that you can't go wrong with the Euroreef here! Great reputation, great product...Good luck! Regards, Scott F>

Skimmer Selection Tunze "Universal" I don't get how it doesn't pull in Live Plankton. I can't seem to find any info on this. If this really is the case do other skimmers do the same thing.   <Well, I believe that the whole "skimmers kill plankton" thing is a bit overstated in closed systems...I mean, how many systems actually have such a large concentration of plankton that this is a major concern? The Tunze skimmers use a process that Tunze calls "contact skimming", in which the inflow of water from the tank occurs due to "molecular compensating pressure", or diffusion. Basically, this means that water flows into the skimmer contact pipe very gently. This minimizes any possible damage to living plankton by giving them a chance to "escape" before they are sucked in!> You said it was pricey. At J&L, it is cheaper than the Aqua C EV and it has the pumps included which costs extra with the AQUA C every place I looked. For Under $600 you can plug and go. <True...these are both excellent skimmers that are highly recommended. They are installed differently, of course. Either way, you can't go wrong! Good luck! Regards, Scott F.>

Skimmer Selection I would like to send you some pictures of this setup any particular digital format works better for you?? <Just use whatever format is convenient...If it doesn't come through, we'll let you know> Thanks for your input. <A pleasure!> He (client) just doesn't see the need yet. I liked the models you suggested. Aqua C EV series I found very interesting. Too bad it requires 34" clearance, I have 32" and 9" water depth I have 16-18" in the sumps. <If water depth/clearance is a problem in this system, perhaps one of the Tunze "Universal" skimmers can work for you/ They are a bit pricey, but they are fantastic performers...> These will have 96 watt pc lighting and do have active macro algae growth. <That will work nicely!> Most of these are $700 plus setups when you include pumps. Marine Depot is the only place I have seen these Aqua C EV so far. Know any where else?? <A few e-tailers carry the Aqua C line...You may have to do some searching, but they are out there!> But you think this may help in controlling Cyano bacteria and maybe help the health of the xenia's. <Protein skimming is a great help in removing dissolved organics, and Cyanobacteria is easily controlled with aggressive nutrient export mechanisms....like skimming! As far as the health of Xenia...Sure, they will benefit from stable water conditions, even though they are quite capable of thriving in less than perfect water..> I've never had coordinated pulsing and they are that variety and presently they are withdrawn to the point that they are just a light grey mat coating the rocks where they were colonized. They have been decreasing for about 4 months now. <A sure sign that something is amiss with your water...Do check all basic parameters, such as pH, alkalinity, etc. Frequent water changes may also help replenish important trace elements that may contribute to xenia health...> I do like the fact that there is no useful life for skimmers as compared to standard filtration. So would it be advisable to go with 2 smaller models to make up for the loss in volume? <I've seen a number of tanks operated with two protein skimmers, and they were great! You'd be able to alternate cleaning of the skimmers and optimize performance....Worth trying, if you'd rather not go with one larger unit. Best of luck! Regards, Scott F.>  

- Skimmer Selection - Hey guys I know you get tired of this question...but I just have to ask it one more time....what's your opinion of the Amiracle Quad II skimmer? <Decent, but not the best construction/materials - a little thin and not really super-efficient.> I really want a Tunze but will have to get one on EBay to make it affordable and they just aren't on there very often. Thanks Robert <Cheers, J -- >

- Skimmer Choice - Dear Sir/Madam, <JasonC today...> I have a question about AquaMedic protein skimmers Which skimmer is more powerful Turboflotor Multi SL or Turboflotor1000 Classic, I ask these because there are not exact data at AquaMedic web site. Turboflotor 1000 Classic --> aquariums up to 500 gallon Turboflotor Multi SL ------> for aquaria from 600 liter (this is OK but there are not any info about upper limit for this skimmer that Aqua Medic recommends) I know the power of skimmers cannot measured by the volume, it depends on living load of the aquarium. <And also the 'power' of the pump that drives it...> But I just want to know which of them is more effective and more powerful. <I'd think the 1000 Classic would be both 'more powerful' and 'more effective' because it comes with a larger pump and is made for larger aquaria.> thanks... Kind Regards Tolga YAMAN Eskisehir/TURKEY <Cheers, J -- >

- Skimmer Comparison, Recommendations - I have BAKPAK and Remora Pro. I wonder if there are any other skimmers (hang ons with venturi pumps) that would be comparable in quality? <Hmm... well, I don't really even rate the Remora and the BakPak as comparable in quality - the BakPak is junk compared to the Remora. The BakPak is well built, but the design is poor and results in an inefficient skimmer. As for other hang-on skimmers, I'm not really a fan of too many others beyond the Aqua-C line.> Thanks, Luke <Cheers, J -- >

- What do you Think About this Skimmer? - Also, what do you think of the hot-1 model or JEBO skimmers? <I'm assuming that by Hot-1, you mean the Precision Marine model - these folks make really well built stuff, but I'm not a fan of Beckett skimmers. I have no experience with JEBO skimmers so I don't have much to say about them. In the future, I'd suggest posting these types of questions on one of the forums where you are more likely to run into some people who actually use these products.> Thank you, Luke <Cheers, J -- >

Skilter Hi, I'm converting a freshwater tank to a saltwater fish only setup and I was wondering if my current AquaClear filter would be enough.  I was considering buying a Skilter and running both.  Do you have any opinions on the Skilter? <not really... I suggest a wet/dry filtration system with a good protein skimmer for most marine aquariums... do look into this, Good luck, IanB> Thanks,    Mike

- Hey Guys - Hey Guys, nice web site. <Glad you like it.> Lorenzo, how it goes?  This is Jaime Thomas from Preuss Animal House.  First off, my fianc?and I just moved down to Berkley area, I know this is closer to you...stop over and check out the tank sometime.  Second, do you guys have experience with nicer skimmers for larger tanks?  Running about 300 gallons on mixed reef system, and want to buy a skimmer with room for upgrade.  Considered AquaC400, larger EuroReef's, and thinking about a larger Becket skimmer made by Barr Aquatics (SK5000). Although I like the ER that I currently use, they just process such little water.  Sedra 5000 only move 500gph, which is probably cut in half once you consider that so much is air volume.  Anywho, I don't really want to buy a skimmer again, or at least for the next ten years or so.  That said, what is a seriously good skimmer that will literally strip the organics out?  Ideas Please!??? Thanks, Jaime <Hi, Jaime, JasonC here... Lorenzo doesn't often check his email here at the crew mail box so we've forwarded the message off to him. As for the skimmer, I'm a big fan of AquaC skimmers myself, but the EuroReef models are also excellent although as you mention, those Sedra pumps leave much to be desired. EuroReef does make larger models. I'm not familiar with the Barr Aquatics skimmer, but I'm a little dubious about most Beckett-style skimmers as they need larger pumps than most, and as the skimmer gets larger, so does the pump necessary to run it, and then as you point out, you get closer and closer to over-skimming. Many good choices out there, personally I'd go with the AquaC. Cheers, J -- >

Protein Skimmer Help Hi, Today I just purchased a 75 gallon salt water tank and every thing you need to run it, the filter I purchased was a Emperor 400, I plan on getting live rock once my tank cycles and everything but does a tank with live rock count as a reek tank and would I need to buy a protein skimmer or would the filter I have do the job and what's the difference?<the skimmer will help a great deal> Ahhhh so many questions. Id appreciate any help you could give, You guys have answered so many questions for me I really appreciate it. Thanks sooo much!<do look and ask around on what types of skimmers work, I know of some but I do not deal with the many different brands. Check out reefs.org they have a lot of interesting topics on filtration, skimmers, etc., good luck, IanB> -Skimmer opinion- Hello Crew! I'd like to have your opinion on which Euro-Reef skimmer would be suitable for a 375 gal. reef system?  Overall system capacity with sump and 'fuge will be between 450-500 gal.. <I trust Euro-reef's recommendation, which would be the CS12-3.>  E-tailers have differing opinions, would like to have yours. <Since this is a rather large system, I would go with two undersized skimmers instead of one large one (no interruption of skimming after a cleaning, better efficiency because of differing skimmer designs, etc). If this idea was viable for ya, I'd suggest a CS8-5 and maybe a Precision Marine Bullet 2 or 3. Just a thought.> I would also like to know what you think about using dechlorinated but otherwise untreated tap water (and appropriate salt mix) for the initial tank fill? <Eh...> Obviously processing enough R/O (24 gpd unit) will be a slow and tedious task for the initial fill. <True, but why not simply upgrade the unit? All you need to do is replace the membrane (Kent now makes a high flow 100gpd membrane) and restrictor with one of the appropriate flow.>  Since the tank will be cycling for a while is there really any deleterious effect from this approach? <Well, think about it this way. Do you really want to deal with an algae problem in 375g of water? I think you know the answer here, although at your rate it will take around 20 days (minimum!) to get this thing full... Good luck and happy filling! -Kevin> Regards, Eric

Skimmer Selection... I am sorry to bother you again and would like your expert opinion. <Never a bother! Scott F. with you today!> I have narrowed my search down to a Euro-Reef CS12-1 or a CS12-2. I would like to know which one you think would be the best skimmer for my reef? My setup is a 330g tank and a 60g sump. I have a mixture of SPS and LPS, as well as some leathers and clams. The actual system has 250g of water after the rock displacement. I have a light bioload not many fish. I appreciate your help once again. Thanks, Ian <Well, Ian- if cost is not the primary factor, I'd certainly suggest the larger model. Both are excellent skimmers, but I'd go for the larger one; it will allow you to stay on top of things if you decide to change directions (like going FOWLR, etc...). Not that we EVER do that in this hobby, huh? LOL. Regards, Scott F>

- Bak-Pak versus Remora - Hi Kevin, I can't tell you how much you have helped me in setting up my 35 gal FOWLR tank with your past replies. Can't say thanks enough, you and all the other guys there deserve all the gratitude handed to you. <We're exceedingly happy to help!> I was wondering what your thoughts were between the Aqua-C remora and the CPR Bak-Pak. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and I am finding it extremely hard to find the Remora. I found only one place in Coquitlam, BC http://www.jlaquatics.com that carries it and its $259 CDN. but that comes with a Maxi-Jet 1200. A reputable LFS carries the Bak-Pak for $230 CDN and it comes with the Rio 600 (Have read in your site that this is a little underpowered). I found a Site that did a comparison on the two and I would like to know your thoughts. http://www.thereefweb.com/protein_skimmer_comparison.htm I'd be more inclined to go for the remora and spend the extra cash but right now it looks as though availability is the hold up. <I believe Marine Depot does international shipping. And as for getting the thing up and running, most of us have used them.> in addition to that, I am not to comfortable buying things online yet. I am wondering if I would be "just settling for" if I choose the Bak-Pak? <For this size tank, you could go either way. I can tell you that the remora is a much more efficient skimmer, and the maxi-jet is a much better choice than a Rio in terms of quality> Or in your opinion would this be more that sufficient for me? <The Pak-Pak should be fine, especially if your dealer can show you how to use it right in front of you.> Just to give you a little background, I will have a little more than 16 times per hour turnover rate with just the two power filters and two powerheads. so what ever protein skimmer I do go with will be in addition to that. does that sound okay? <Sounds good! -Kevin> Cheers. Mike

- Skimmer for a 330 - I have a 330 gallon reef aquarium with sump system and am currently using a Red Sea Berlin XL Skimmer. This skimmer doesn't seem to be doing very much. <Heh, might have guessed it> I am in the market for a new skimmer. I live in Canada and some of the reputable shops around are selling MTC HSA Skimmers. The one shop recommended a HSA 1000. <I'm not familiar with the particular models, but MTC is extremely reputable.> I have also been looking at the EV-400 and the Euro Reef CS12-1. <The EV-400 would be a good choice, as would the CS12-1, hehe, not much help aye?> Which one would you recommend as the best skimmer between the three? <Tough call, they're all great skimmers. I'd even add the Precision Marine Bullet-XL model 1 to that list as potentials.> The only problem I have with the Euro Reef is that they are in sump models only. I would rather not have that. Are the differences between the three marginal? <Pretty much, you'll get exceptional performance out of all of them. I'm partial to the Precision Marine model I suggested earlier, but I think you'll be a winner with any of them.> Thanks for your help. <No problem, although I'm not sure if adding another choice to your dilemma helped any ;) -Kevin>

Skimmer selection for a 35 gallon FOWLR - 9/5/03 Hey friends thanks for the earlier replies, I am upbeat and excited about my 35 gallon FOWLR tank to be. <very good and glad to hear> I have Skimmer decisions to make and hope you can help narrow it down for me. <Have checked the various reef forums for real time reviews?> Four to choose from as listed: Prizm <I can see how this one works and I don't exactly think it is a horrible product but a little noisy for sure> Berlin <Have very little experience with this product but here it does do the job> Aqua-C remora <Love it.> Cyclone Bak-Pak 2 <CPR Bak-Pak? I use this on my 20 gallon reef only setup. It is OK. The RIO pump is underpowered, there are micro bubbles after new installation and cleanings. Not easy to clean. Does do the job, though, I guess.> Prizm: I am finding out pretty quick that this is an all around crappy skimmer (my opinion only guys from other peoples experience). that gets rid of this one. That makes the list down to: Berlin Aqua-C remora Cyclone Bak-Pak 2 The Berlin: is over priced for what it does here in Edmonton Alberta (again my opinion only). That makes the list down to: Aqua-C remora Cyclone Bak-Pak 2 You guys seem to tout the Aqua-C remora horn quite a bit and I have eagerly tried to seek this one out and find out what the price for it is here in Edmonton. Behold what I came up with. No where to be found, some of the major LFS like Big All's haven't even heard of it. I kind of gave them a little education about it telling the manager to check out your site, and who knows, maybe I'll start seeing it here soon long after my tank is up and running). Well that removes this from the list. <Why? Why not order it from an online reseller? I know some exist in Canada. Do a search through our reseller links and do a search for Canadian Marine retailers.> So that leaves me with: Cyclone Bak-Pak 2 <CPR Bak Pak?> The price is about $230. CDN. so the price is about right for me. What do you think guys? good, Bad, Ugly, Noisy <Noise can be adjusted for the most part. Cleaning is a pain, and the RIO pump could be a little more powerful. Overall, I utilize this skimmer and am somewhat happy with the results> or is there something else that you would recommend I research? <Try to search out an Aqua-C and the Turboflotor series seems to be highly touted.> I hope you had a little fun reading this one, that was the intention. <OK> Cheers. <Cheers -Paul> Mike

Clean Up Crew And A Skimmer, Too? I was hoping you would be willing to suggest a good clean up crew. I have a 125 FOWLR tank. A wet dry filter, 2 H.O.T. magnums, and 2 small undergravel plates. Currently I have 2 sand sifting stars, 1 brittle starfish, 1 serpent starfish, about 12 blue leg hermit crabs, a red general starfish, and a cowry snail. I was thinking of getting a 100 small blue leg hermit crabs and about 50 to 100 snails. However I was reading through you FAQ's and seen some mentioning of brittle stars, queen conchs, and serpent stars. What would you recommend? <I like the mix of animals that you are considering, but I have become less of a fan of the hermits, myself. I question their ability (and desire!) to do what we think they should do! I really like brittle stars and Turbo, Trochus, and Strombus snails. They seem to do a good job for me.> Also, I am looking into getting a protein skimmer, would you also please give me some guidance as to which you think is a better, in sump or hang on, which method, any specific name brand??? I was hoping to stay between $200 - $250, can I get a good one for that price? Any online places you recommend? Thank you. Bill <Well, Bill, I'd lean towards one of the Aqua C. units...The Urchin Pro is an in-sump model that can handle 75 gallons plus, and it's right in your price range (although it would be operating at the limits of its performance envelope). If you can push it to the $300.00 range (and afford a pump), you'd be well-advised to check out the Aqua C EV120. Either way, you'd be hard-pressed to find better skimmers in this price range! Good luck! Regards, Scott F.>

Starting A Reef Without Ending A Marriage! Dear Mr. F, oops, Scott. <Yeah- "Scott" is much better than "Mr." anything! LOL> Thank you for your suggestions and comments - most helpful. <I'm glad you found them useful!> Mr. Kim did indeed get back to me with an online store who sell the AquaC line here in Australia. I was expecting them to cost a bit and wasn't disappointed =\ <They are excellent skimmers!> The tank (24x24x18 - 170L / 45gal US) was originally slated to be a Lamprologus shellie home but I changed my tune prior to setting it up but after purchasing an Eheim classic, lighting, heater (useless stainless steel! bring on a Visitherm) and so forth. The bottom line here is that I will be adding approx. 15kg (33 pound) of live rock over several months (minimize die off) atop an aragonite substrate. It was hoped I could house an anemone with a pair of clowns and that was going to be it. After reading of the high fatality rates I'm obligated to not acquire one of these fascinating creatures and therefore the clowns are out, too, or rather wont be going in to begin with. <I'm glad that you decided to hold back on the anemone for a while. That is a very responsible decision on your part! BTW- you can keep Clownfishes just fine without anemones...No problem at all> The tank will be lightly stocked re: fish though now I don't know what they will be - plenty of time. <That's the right attitude!> I looked at the Tunze several days ago. The model that'd 'suit' my tank rated at 180L model 210/3 is possibly not the best option so moving up a step I see a 230/3 and 240/3 but not 220/3? That's not the point though, the point here is that the 230/3 is $666 AU *ouch* <Yep- a big-time investment in any hemisphere!> So right, I've rambled, I essentially would like to know three things if at all possible, no, four - I'm getting cocky now: <Hey- nothing wrong with that! LOL> 1. I'm set on a Remora fractionator but will leave this decision in your capable hands - The Remora kills my budget at $385 AU and I'm waiting to hear what the pre-filter box will add to that. Do I a) get the Remora and pre-filter box from the outset or b) get the Remora Pro ($460!) excluding pre-filter box until a later date? Fortunately they both come with Maxi-jets =) <Well, in  perfect world (meaning unlimited budget!), I'd go for the Remora Pro with a prefilter box. To be quite honest, any of the Remora series will do the job very well! They are great skimmers! See how easy it is for me to spend YOUR money!> 2. I'm about to order a couple of books I've seen recommended here ("The Conscientious Marine Aquarist" & "The New Marine Aquarium") but would like an idea before they get here if a 36watt, 7100k compact fluorescent will support the live rock and beneficial algae? <In a relatively shallow tank like yours, they will do a great job for many of the less demanding corals.> This light blows my 3x30watters in my 3' S. American tank away. <I really like compact fluorescents, myself- they pack quite  punch!> I'll be getting an actinic tube/fitting prior to start up, too. 3. What the bloody hell do I do with the Eheim? <Hmm...Well- it's a great mechanical filter...I'm just partial to biological filtration. It would make a fine supplemental filter as needed, or you can use it for your quarantine tank!> 4. Should the authors of books that impress upon their readers that it's ok to keep creatures from reefs that will likely die regardless of your efforts and best intentions be thoroughly beaten with said carcass or smelly shoes? I guess I'm referring to a couple of 'cheesy' books I have laying about. <Yeah! I can think of some other suitable punishments, too! There are a lot of people out there that consider it "successful" if they can keep their Moorish Idol or Flame Scallop for 6 months...Frankly, that's not success in my book. It's one thing to be experimental, another to be irresponsible! And, unfortunately, we all make mistakes. However, we need to vote with our dollars and NOT purchase animals that do not have good captive track records. It's the only way that those who continue to collect these animals will get the message!> Thanks so much for your time and effort and any help you can provide as I'd be a little lost otherwise, purchasing the wrong literature, attempting to drill sump holes in 10mm glass with a needle vice and so on. So now I'm off to, well, PLEAD with the other half... Best regards,  Kendal McGuire. <Any time, Kendal! Be sure to wear some sort of knee pads for protection while pleading! They really work well! Take care! regards, Scott F>

Skimmer(s) for Large Tank.  (8-14-03) Hello, gentlemen,<You're lucky you landed in my in-box as there are some ladies here too.  Cody here today.> I was hoping to get your assistance and advice on a purchase I plan to make for my boyfriend for his soon-to-be 280 g SPS reef tank.  Happy birthday to him!  :) He is going to have a sump, refugium, DSB, over 300# of LR, and it will be housing mostly SPS and a few fish.<That will be a awesome tank!> The lighting will be from 400 watters and VHO's--PFO and Icecaps with Ushio 10K and URI Super Actinics.  He is kind of going for the "best" of what is available and familiar to him, from what I have witnessed.  I looked at the RK10-AC and have no desire to have such a mountain of equipment in my living room--yikes!  Plus, admittedly... I might have to take out a small loan to be able to afford it.  (Zowie!--I am thinking that I could go to Fiji for that price!) I am willing to pay for a good product...but I guess I can't play with the big dogs on this one.<There are many fine skimmers that are somewhat affordable.> He owns two tanks (one SPS) that both have Aqua C Remora skimmers so he is familiar and comfortable with Aqua C.  But is there a better product for this application? I am tossing the idea around of three brands--namely Euro-Reef, Aqua C (because it is familiar), and ETS.  Candidly, I have read all of the skimmer FAQ's...and I still am not sure.<I would choose the euro reef.> I did not read anywhere that one skimmer would serve best for SPS tanks--so I was hoping that you could help a confused gal out, here. What brand would you recommend for SPS...and what size would you recommend--I was thinking that 2X the tank volume would be a good starting point...but will it be enough to make some really rare and downright picky corals happy? Or would two be better than one.  If so, what would YOU pick? I know, I know...you have to be sick of answering this question...but please, please--I had not read if SPS were any different in their needs in skimming than the typical mixed tank.<I would go with the Euro reef CS12-1 and my second choice would be a AquaC  EV-400.  The AquaC  would be a great choice and is a little cheaper.> Sorry to be a pest...please know that you are helping me out tremendously!<Not a pest at all.  Thank you for writing so we could have a website like this!  Cody> Thanks, again!!!  You are truly the BEST!  --Dee

More Questions on Skimmer Selection for a 40 Gallon Tank - 8/13/03 Thanks Paul,  What do u think of the Aqua C Remora Pro for a hang-on skimmer?  <A wonderful product from a wonderful company, in my opinion>   How about a Bak-Pak2R (reef ready)?  <I currently employ this skimmer on my 20 gallon coral only tank (no fish). It is a pretty good product although I feel the RIO pump is a bit underpowered. Maintenance is fairly easy however.>  I'm narrowing down between those two for the 40 gallon reef tank I want to set up (would these be OK if I ended up with a 55 gallon?)  <I believe so......check the specs from the vendor sites on the sidebar of our site. They are premier sponsors. You could easily send them an email with all your questions if their FAQs don't do the trick>   Secondly, what do you think about the idea of putting the heater for the tank in the Emperor 400 if I have the room because I wouldn't use two filter compartments? (again, less stuff in the tank)  Thanks again,  Mike <Well, not sure if the heater will melt the plastic or not, but I love the idea of hiding the unsightly heater. I have been tinkering with the thought of putting a heater in the middle (baffle) chamber of my CPR Bak-Pak2R. (just not sure what it will do to the plastic) Good luck - Paul>

Protein Skimmer (8-7-03) I have an Excal protein skimmer (hang-on with Rio 800) 37 gallon tank...First, is this skimmer too much for my tank size and secondly how do eliminate the tiny bubbles. The small half inch sponge is not efficient HEEELLPPP!<This skimmer is fine for this tank.  As for the bubbles you could try getting a pre filter box for the surface.>

- DIY Skimmer - Hey Guys, <Hello, JasonC here...> Just a quick question.  I am setting up a 4 x 2 x 2 Foot aquarium and would like to try building my own skimmer.  I have found lots of plans on the internet, and have decided that the link below has the best all round plan that I could find: http://mars.reefkeepers.net/USHomePage/USArticles/SSK/SuperSkimmer.html Do you think this is a good design. <I think it would work.> Would you modify it at all? <No... I'd go with it as designed.> Otherwise, could you point me in the direction of a good plan as I have been looking for ages.   <Pretty sure Anthony Calfo put his DIY plans on our site: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/diyskimmer.htm Also, OzReef has a couple of plans: http://ozreef.org/diy/index.html > Also can you use standard kitchen glovers in a marine aquarium?    <You can, but I would use a brand new set and not use them for anything else. Wouldn't want to contaminate your tank with kitchen cleaners from a used set of gloves.> Thanks heaps in advance. Amon <Cheers, J -- >

- Skimmer Selection Follow-up - Sorry to bother you again but I have a couple more quick questions and ill be off of your back.  I am friends with my LFS and the owner said he would take the angel off of me when it gets too big.  It is 3-4 inches now how long do you think until it gets to large. <Six months to a year.> Also do you think the smaller urchin is enough? <Yes.> Because it is rated by marine depot at up to 75 gallons and the Turboflotor is rated up to 250. <I use the Urchin on my 54g tank with a 10g sump... is fine.> Wouldn't that do a much better job of skimming. <It might skim too much, unless you plan on a future upgrade...> I would like it to be able to remove phosphates and have sparkling clear water what do you think. <Skimmers don't typically remove phosphates directly.> Or should I just spring for the urchin pro? <Also an option.> Once again thank you for your time. -Dain <Cheers, J -- >

Red Sea Prizm Skimmer     I got another question.  What is your opinion on a red sea Prizm protein skimmer for my 60 gallon hex.  My LFS guy told me that that is the he would get, and he knows an awful lot about the saltwater fish game.  Just wanted to see what your opinion was. <I had one in the past. and I have no complaints. its not super efficient but if you keep up with water changes everything should be fine>                                                 thanks <IanB>

Tunze vs. Aqua C I'm trying to decide on a hang on skimmer from the above two manufacturers. What's your preferences and why?<They are both very good skimmers.  I have never used a Tunze but have heard very good things about them.  Aqua C also has very good customer support.  I would also try posting this question on one of the message boards, such as the WWM one or try reefcentral.com  Cody> Thanks, Luke

-90g skimmer selection- I upgraded to a 90gallon tank and I'm trying to decide between these two skimmers: Tunze Universal 220/3 <I'm not very familiar with the Tunze line> RedSea Prizm Pro Deluxe <All too familiar with this thing> Despite the price differences, which one do you picks up more organics? <Likely the Tunze. Red Sea's skimmers are horrible, I'd go with either the Tunze (after some more research) or an AquaC remora pro. I'm not very partial to hang on skimmers on 90g+ aquariums. What you really need for that is a powerful in-sump skimmer.> What is that crap with Tunze skimmers not drawing in plankton? <If it has to do with the impeller not chewing through plankton, pretty much every pump is mostly plankton friendly.> Is that significant or just marketing talk. Is that 'feature' important on a skimmer? <Nope! Powerful protein skimmers will remove phytoplankton, and most pumps will allow any animal plankton cruising through to pass unharmed. -Kevin> Thank you.

- Skimmer Selection - Greetings Crew, <Good morning, JasonC here...> Found your site on the net - I haven't stopped reading yet! <Glad to hear it.> Here is my protein skimmer question in a nutshell.... I have a 75 gallon All-Glass tank with corner overflow / 80 lbs of Fiji live rock / wave maker & 3 pumps / and a 20 gal long sump.  The tank is about 6 years old.  A 1" flexible hose drains into the sump into a homemade acrylic box where mechanical filtration is first (filter felt) - followed below by bio cubes suspended by egg crate.  Below in the sump is a Ebo Jager submersible heater and a Mag-7 return pump.  The fish tank has a majestic angel, 2 hippo tangs, maroon clown, scooter blenny, watchman goby - more to come....  Should I change the sump flow (I read mechanical filtration should not proceed a protein skimmer)? (Comments on the setup are welcome!) I have had a long / bad history with protein skimmers.  I had a Berlin stand-in-sump skimmer (it looked like the Turboflotor 1000) with a RIO 2100 and a maxi jet 500 - the RIO was too noisy, too many bubbles in the sump return, no bubbles at times in the unit, and a fitting cracked and then nothing worked. A local sales person convinced me to buy a CPR SR2 - with a RIO 600 pump.  The salesperson insisted that it worked wonders on their 100 gal tank.  The collection cup did not fill up on a weekly basis and leftover food / waste sat on the bottom of the skimmer.  Recently the pump stopped working.  The skimmer was not properly sized. At present I am without a skimmer - I started my search for a new skimmer and I am gathering info & some opinions.  Recommendations to repair my Berlin or add a RIO 800 to CPR SR2 will probably not fit the bill.  Still others say get a Turboflotor Multi - but I do not see the difference from a Berlin.  Your site put me on the trail of an AquaC, a Euro Reef, and others.  What is more effective - the venturi or the spray injection approach? <They are both equally effective.> I am looking for a quiet skimmer that produces very fine bubbles and removes as much as appropriate.  It should be reasonable to operate, have available replacement parts, have a warranty, and be from a company that has been in the business for awhile with good customer service (am I dreaming?).  I prefer one - submersible pump that is durable and reliable.  The unit should be sturdy and not fall apart.  I may (within 2 years) upgrade to a 120, or 180 gal tank -hopefully the skimmer will cover this size. <Well... you're back to what you knew we would suggest, AquaC or EuroReef, mostly because it/they will fit your requirements pretty well [warranty, good construction, etc]. Too many bubbles returning to the tank may be a function of the sump design - lacking baffles, etc that would keep some of that air back in the sump. You might want to experiment there.> I had enough of trial and error (and wasted money) - could you give me your best recommendation - and the reasons why. --thanks         <Cheers, J -- >

Tunze Update 7/8/03 Hi Anthony, <cheers, mate> OK, just a fast one from work. While trying to find out more about the various Tunze skimmer models, I found out a few interesting things from Tunze USA that may make it easier for others in the decision-making process. 1. The Tunze Comline Automatic skimmers are basically for in-tank use and the Tunze Universal Automatic skimmers & Tunze System Automatic skimmers are basically for sump use. The Comline skimmers are vertically-oriented (taller), thus making sense to be in aquariums, and the others are horizontally-oriented, thus better for sumps that usually are height-restricted. 2. These units pretty much are all the same as far as innards & working ability. A Tunze in-tank skimmer (Comline) of a particular wattage, collection cup capacity and tank size has a sump skimmer  (Tunze Universal & Tunze System) counterpart available. 3. Tunze Universal & Tunze System skimmers are the same except that the Tunze System skimmers use the TS mounting bars. 4. The Tunze Universal Automatic skimmer 210/3 quoted size for up to 47 gallon tank was a misprint, and should be the same as for the Comline Automatic skimmer  3110/2, which is for up to 39 gallons. 5. The Tunze Universal Automatic skimmer model 210/3 was dropped to avoid confusion and help eliminate redundancy. Unfortunately, this is a perfect model for nano-reefs. 6. I suggested that they eliminate the different names (Comline, Universal & System) and just append a T, S & STS after the model numbers, depending on whether a person wants a tank unit, a sump unit or a sump unit with TS bars. That way, instead of a Comline 3115/2, a Universal 220/3 & a System 225/3 skimmer for handling 39 to 105 gallons, they would have  39-105T, a 39-105S or a 39-105STS model. <interesting> Although Marine Depot doesn't carry the 210/3 model any more, Premium Aquatics still has one listed on their website. I'm pretty certain that this is the unit that you were referring to when you mentioned the 40G sized unit (and not the Comline 3110/2).  Hopefully they actually have one in stock!<G> Cheers! ~Brent <much thanks for sharing the info... sure to help others. Kind regards my friend. Anthony>

- 20g Skimmer Recommendation - First let me start by saying THANK YOU to all of you guys for your invaluable information.  As someone who is new to the hobby, I would be lost without you guys. <We're happy to help!> I have a 20 gallon hex (I know...small to start with) and was wondering what type of skimmer would best suit my needs.  I have 15lbs of Fiji live rock, penguin 170 hang-on filter, CSL 36watt pc light, small power head.  I have  had the tank running for about a month (just got the light a week ago) and am seeing the dreaded diatom outbreak.  I currently have a Percula clown, peppermint shrimp, yellow watchman Goby complete with shrimp (really cool by the way) <That they are!> bumblebee snail, 4 blue legged hermits, a bubble tip anemone and some flowerpot coral.   Everything is doing awesome, but I think I really need to start skimming.  I change 10% of the water weekly and all my levels are normal.  Thank you once again for any advice you can give me. <Since you have an anemone in there, I'd suggest bypassing they cheesy prisms and sea-clones and go straight for either an AquaC Remora or a Precision Marine HOT-1. Unfortunately if the "flower pot" is a Goniopora sp. then a protein skimmer may actually expedite its demise (in general, Goniopora only survives in captivity for 8-10 months. It is thought that they may require higher levels of nutrients than we are prepared to supply in our tanks.) Good luck, and happy skimming! -Kevin>

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