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How to Skim if You're Sporting an Acrylic Tank Top 11/2/05 Hello, First of all, I would like to thank Josh for his excellent advice on moving a 75g reef aquarium I purchased from another aquarist- no losses. I also want to laud the entire WWM crew for the quality and consistency of the help they provide to hobbyists free of charge.  <Welcome> I have a couple questions, being a bit of a beginner to this side of the hobby. Big, aggressive CA cichlids- that's where I'm from.  Here are the spec.s on the tank: Size: 75g (48L, 18D, 20H) rectangular acrylic (has a wet dry filter integral to the back of the tank) <Dang things are hard to work on> 100+ lb of live rock, 100lb of live sand pH: 8.3 Temp: 79-82F Specific gravity: 1.024 Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 10-20 ppm (I need a skimmer NOW!) Two powerheads provide water movement. Right now, I have some snails and hermits in there, as well as a percula clown and a yellow-tail blue damsel (these came with the setup). One piece of live rock has been colonized by Parazoanthus gracilis (yellow polyps). <Neat> The tank, being acrylic, has a significant portion of the top covered in acrylic pane, with two "cut-outs" for access. How do I accommodate a protein skimmer into this setup (sans refugium)? (I am going to try the Berlin method, with a low stocking density of fish, some corals, and just LR and a skimmer for filtration) I have, over a period of time, removed the bioballs and the filter pad from the wet dry. Now, water just overflows on the left, moves across the middle chamber, and gets pumped back into the tank at the right. The middle chamber is about 4'' from front to back. <Sounds like a SeaClear/Tradewind/CASCO product...> Should I use an AquaC Remora or Urchin (In-sump) here and will it be effective?  <Could... but if it were me/mine and you had no intention of adding a separate sump (my first choice), I'd modify (cut) the acrylic top, possibly the back or side... to accommodate a hang-on model... e.g. Remora> HOT skimmers won't work, unless I hang on the back of the sump. I have attached a couple of pictures- I think they will explain better. Thanks for all your help.  Yours in All Things Fishy, Vignesh Kannan <Thank you for writing so well... clearly, completely. Bob Fenner> 


Diatom Delight - 10/28/2005 Hi, <Hello> I've got an algae problem that is slowly taken over the substrate in my tank. <That's always fun.>  It is brown in color and looks like there is thin pieces of hair attached to it. I'm assuming "hair algae" :) <Sounds like a diatom problem.> I've checked my water and all is good. Amm0, Nitr0, Nitri0. I use RO water, do 5 gallon water changes a week(55g tank) My lights have been on up to 12 hours a day..........I'm thinking that is probably my problem. <I doubt it.>  So I'm cutting that way back to 6 hrs. <I wouldn't. Anything else I can do in the meantime? <You haven't mentioned a skimmer. If you don't have one that is likely your problem here. Here are some links to get you started. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/brownalgcontfaqs.htm  http://www.wetwebmedia.com/brownalgcontfaq2.htm  > Thanks <Sure. - Josh> 

Re: Diatom Delight - 10/28/2005 I do have a skimmer (Prizm). <Ah-Hah!>  It works pretty good. <Not from my experience.>  So you think the 12hrs of lights are ok.....? <Yes.>  From all the FAQs on diatoms I've read I've come up with the following conclusions... this is expected of a new tank (mine is 6 months old), monitor feeding amounts, weekly water changes, aggressive skimming... <This is likely your problem.> Do you have anything else to add? <I'd look for a much more capable skimmer.> Thank you again <You're welcome. - Josh> 

Re: Diatom Delight 10/29/05 Thanks for that speedy reply! <I must've sprained something on that last one. It's taken me four hours for this one!> Ok, now I'll put you on the spot and ask which skimmers do you recommend? <I don't really feel on the spot, but you should know we only speak from experience here (we don't endorse products). I was duped into a Prizm once also and decided to research my next choice. I've been quite happy with the AquaC line since then. Check out some forums for others input here. - Josh> 

Re; Diatom Delight - 10/28/2005 Hey, no complaints! <Glad to hear!>  An answer in the same day is good enough for me. <Whew!>  I've pretty much decided on turning in the Prizm for a Aqua C. <You won't regret it. Good luck on turning in the Prism though (you may be able to pay someone to take it).> Thanks again.....I'm sure I'll be back :) <You're welcome...we're not going anywhere. - Josh> 

Skimmer selection  10/19/05 Hi guys, <Lex>I have been trying to decide between an Aquamedic turbo shorty 5000 skimmer and a Deltec 1060 skimmer for a 224g tank UK. On paper both models seem to perform the same  -  but... the AquaMedic requires an additional feeder pump raising the cost.<and water temperature> I have heard the Deltec is slightly more clumsy to change the cup or that could be sales talk. <Personally, I think you are better off with a skimmer that has the largest reaction chamber.  This is where the work gets done.  I'm also not fond of having to use two pumps to operate a skimmer as it does increase water temperature somewhat.  You may want to check out the AquaC line and the Euroreef.  I always hear good reports from these products.  As for the Deltec, I'm really not familiar with it. Here is a link to some FAQ's regarding the Deltec.   http://www.google.com/custom?q=Deltec+skimmers&sa=Google+Search&sitesearch=wetwebmedia.com  James (Salty Dog)> Any advice welcome regards Lex

Skimmer selection II, Or, no Euro-Reef to be Found in Europe? 10/22/05 Thanks James SD for the sharp response, problem being that I cant find AquaC line or Euroreef retailers in the UK. I was able to physically compare a shorty2 and a Deltec 1060 in two different shops, and have found the Shorty2 has a much larger reaction chamber. Although it uses two pumps I think I'll go with the 5000 Shorty 2.  <Lex, keep in mind that the column height is equally important. It increases the time the micro bubbles have in contact with the water. You may get better results going with the Deltec. Since your email, I've been doing some reading and reviews from users of the Deltec and I never came across anything negative.  James (Salty Dog)> 

Inexpensive Skimmer Question 10-11-05 Do you think that the Visi-Jet Protein Skimmer is an adequate choice for a 29 Gallon Marine Tank? I just purchased the SeaClone and it's pretty bad. Is this sister skimmer just as bad? The only other thing that I could afford is the Bak-Pak 2. <<If I had to choose one of these skimmers I would go with the Bak-Pak 2. I recommend that skimmer due to what I have read on them and heard from friends that have owned one. I believe you will be very happy with it on your 29 gallon tank.>> Thanks! -Jon <<TravisM>> 

Protein Skimmer Selection 10/7/05 Hello Guys, <Hello.> I just need advice on hanging the Aqua C Remora Pro in the sump?  Do you think this will work as I don't want to put it on my main tank. <Yes this is possible, have seen it done before.> The CV 120 will not fit in my small sump and the Urchin, I've heard it's not as reliable. <In my experience the Urchin is just as reliable as the Remora. Its when you compare the Urchin to other in sump brands like ASM, Euro-reef and Deltec that it tends to look "weaker." Having said that it is still a quality protein skimmer. I would go with the Urchin for your set-up.> Pls advise, as I really want to get this product, my CPR really sucks! <The urchin will definitely outperform the Bak-Pak, hands down.> Thanks guys , you really help a lot of people that are involved in this hobby...keep up the good work! <Thank you.> Nemo1 <Adam J.>  Which Skimmer - 10/03/05 Hey guys, <<Hello>> I had been considering getting a Euroreef Skimmer, either the CS6-1 or the CS6-2 Plus for my 55 gal. FOWLR setup, but have been told that the sump that I would need to house either skimmer would be too large for my stand.  I'm not exactly sure if my LFS who told me this knew what they were talking about.  Does this sound right to you? <<Possibility, one of the problems with many of the stands offered by tank manufacturers is the limited space...but a 20 gal. aquarium should suffice, and would seem likely to fit in a stand under a 55 gal. tank.>> Here are the footprints and heights of both skimmers: CS6-1:   footprint  8.5"X 10"   20" height CS6-2+  footprint  10"X11.5"  24" height I'm not sure what the dimensions are for the AGA Modern Series stand #57904 that I ordered since I am still waiting for delivery, except that its for a 55 gallon tank that is 48" long and 13" wide.  I also know that the stand is about 28" tall. <<I would think a 20 gal., or even a 30 gal. tank would fit just fine.  Though it looks like you might be limited to the 20" high skimmer.  Guess you won't really know unless you call the manufacturer and ask about interior dimensions...or wait to get the stand.>> The LFS also tried to sell me a Deltec skimmer of which I never heard of before. <<I have...reportedly a fine skimmer.>> He told me that my 55 gal. tank would be better suited for this skimmer since they are not as bulky as the Euroreef and would therefore fit into a smaller sump that would be accommodating to my stand. <<Possibly a true statement.>> What can you tell me about Deltec skimmers? <<Similar in function to the Euroreef...quality construction...pricey...>> How would you rate them and specifically, the Deltec MC500. Who makes the better skimmer, Euroreef or Deltec? <<Honestly I can't give an opinion here, I have no hands-on experience with the Deltec brand.  You might try querying some of the online boards (RC, reefs.org) and see what the folks using the product have to say.>> I greatly appreciate your advice. Gary <<Regards, EricR>>

Protein skimmer 10/2/05 Hi, We have a 150 gallon fish tank, with 300 pounds of live rock. We have a  sump in the bottom that is starting to get a lot of algae. We want to get an in   line protein skimmer. What model and what brand do you recommend. Thanks, <Cindy, although there are several very good skimmers out there, my personal preference are AquaC.  You can search their website and choose a model efficient enough for your 150.  A protein skimmer definitely will improve your water quality.  See here.  www.proteinskimmer.com  James (Salty Dog)> Cindy

Protein Skimmer Choices  9/28/05 Hi, <And Hi to you too, Adam J. with you.> Here is the situation. I have a 20-gallon reef with softies and LPS accompanied by a Bicolor Blenny and Percula Clownfish running on a Hang-On Remora and Fluval Canister Filter. I am starting a 37-gallon Reef with 20-gallon sump divided into 3 sections (skimmer/refugium/return) with SPS and clams and will also be modestly stocked. I have a spare Hang-On Bak Pak and In-Sump Bak Pak that would both be used in my sump, and I was wondering if I should use the remora hang-on in my sump, use the 2 Bak Paks, or get a new skimmer such as Urchin Remora Pro and sell the 2 Bak Paks. Any advice would be great. <I'll say this before I say anything else, in my experience the Remora will/can easily outperform the Bak-Pak. Having said that if it were me, I would like to see your current Remora moved to your new system because of its larger water volume rather than leaving it on the 20 gallon.  I would then employ the use of your spare hang-on Bak-Pak on the 20-gallon. While the remora may be better than the Bak-Pak, the Bak-Pak should work just fine for your 20 gallon. Of course if you don't feel comfortable disrupting your 20-gallon I would try running your spare Bak-Pak skimmers on the new set-up.  See how it works out before you spend more money and upgrade.> Nick <Adam J.> Which Skimmer? - 09/22/05 Hey guys, <<Hey>> I am in the process of selecting equipment for a 55 gallon FOWLR set-up and I am trying to decide which Euroreef skimmer model I should go with. <<Excellent skimmers. have one myself.>> I had been considering purchasing the CS6-1 model which is rated for up to 100 gallons.  However, I was told the following by someone from the wetwebmedia chat forum:   " It's "ok" as skimmers go. IMO the 6-2+ is a much better unit. The 6-1 and 6-2 are "under pumped" IME.  I frankly think the 5-2 is a better unit b/c you get a better match of the chamber and the pump in the 5-2 than the 6-1." Would you guys agree with the preceding opinion?   <<Generally speaking...yes...bigger skimmers of the same type usually perform better than smaller ones...doesn't mean the CS6-1 won't perform well on your system though.>> What Euroreef skimmer model would you recommend for my setup? <<I would go with the manufacturers recommendation in this instance, plus one size up...which I think you have done...>> And what size sump would you guys recommend for the skimmer?  Thanks! Gary The biggest you can possibly utilize... EricR>>

Which Skimmer? II - 09/25/05 Thanks Eric. <<Welcome>> Would you agree that the CS5-2 is a better unit than the CS6-1 even though the CS6-1 is the bigger skimmer because the CS5-2 supposedly has a better match of the chamber and the pump than the 6-1. <<Not necessarily, this manufacturer does a pretty good job of sizing/matching their skimmers.  I think if you follow their recommendations on tank size for a particular skimmer you'll be fine.>> Does this mean that the 5-2 would outperform the 6-1 and remove more skimmate? <<On a particular size system...maybe.>> I might solve this whole dilemma by just getting the CS6-2+ which is rated for 125 gal.  This may be the best skimmer of this group and even though I only have a 55 gal. tank its better to overskim than underskim. <<The "threat" of over skimming is overrated in my opinion.  Nothing to worry about in your case for sure.>> This skimmer would also give me more flexibility for when and if I decide to get a larger tank in the future.  Your thoughts on all of this and your advice is greatly appreciated. Gary <<If you think you will upgrade to the larger tank then I would get the larger skimmer now...else...the CS5-2 will likely serve you well.  The final decision is up to you... EricR>>

DAS aquarium modification and skimmer question????  9/22/05 I have a very unique problem.  I have a 100 gallon glass DAS room divider designed tank.  It has the (sort of) sump in the end of the tank masked by a black acrylic overflow wall.  Behind this wall are six separate partitions. <Am familiar> I am trying to figure out the best way to set up for a reef tank.  One of the partitioned compartments is supposed to be utilized as the skimmer wherein an air stone is attached to the base of a long plastic stick which protrudes into a receptacle cup. <These units are feeble. Let's "cut to the proverbial chase" here... and suggest you retrofit either a sump (best) to situate your skimmer (and more) in, or use a hang on model...>   The problem is the pump returns for the biological filters are sucking off the bubbles to the air stone and causing air regurge with large quantities of bubbles pumped into the tank as well as causing serious hindrance to the skimming action of the in-house skimmer, compounded by a loud noise made by the pumps. <Poor design> I was hoping to find an effective skimmer design that could be placed in the overflow/pseudo sump,  that would not be affected by biological filter pumps, the height or buoyancy of the surrounding water, and did not have a footprint larger than preferably 5" x 8" and not any taller than 23 inches, alternatively I could knock out another partition and make a foot print of 5" x 13" with the same height dimension.  My only other alternative would be to locate a skimmer that could set underneath my tank in the hidden cabinet that did not exceed 17" x 11" and no higher than 21" maybe 22".  The 17" x 11" x 22"h is the under cabinet measurement that  still leaves room for the electrical lighting systems electrical cords. <Yes... signs of thought here...>   I do not know if a sump is possible for this size tank.  I have not been able to understand or locate the availability for a better skimming design in my situation that is even on the market.  I have read about the sumpless Terminator but it seems to large.  My cabinet and tank is beautiful and I really do not want the clash of  a hang skimmer or in view skimmer.  I have looked at the Remora hang on skimmers to see if perhaps it could hang on the black acrylic overflow wall that hides the pumps, but the location of the upside down V-shape of the tank siphon in that design requires too much head room for my tank lids to close over it and I do not know whether such a design can handle the volume of water it would be surrounded by and still operate properly. <Could> I would greatly appreciate your suggestions.  This has been a very long and involved investigation without much fruit.  Most skimmers I have seen are hang-ons or in-sumps.  If in-tank skimmers exist, do you think I can hide such a skimmer in a pseudo sump in this DAS design and how effective is such an "in-tank" sump? <Mmm, no... there are times I've seen (expensive) Tunze skimmers retrofitted here, but...>   Thank you for your help.   Greg C. <I'd move the sump... somewhere else... around the corner, through the floor... Maybe try making a skimmer DIY... Bob Fenner>

Re: DAS aquarium modification and skimmer question????  9/23/05 Bob: <Greg>     Thank you for your swift response.  Yet, I need more clarification. When you said, "Yes... signs of thought here", do you mean that a skimmer could fit in the under cabinet without the necessity of a sump in that location, i.e., sumpless skimmer, and where is my starting point for a DIY skimmer? <Unfortunately, not easily. Sorry for the lack of clarity. What I meant to signify is that you'd been clearly thinking, considering your options> Also, what do you think about using less pump power to stop the bubble infiltration, (e.g. I will go back to the DAS OEM pumps, and add a Tunze stream in the tank)? <Still are dismal filtering mechanisms...>   This tank actually used to work and look nice with live rock and an anemone with some fish with pink coralline everywhere.  Thereafter, I stored it after moving offices, lost some parts, forgot the system and now I want to go coral.  By the way, enjoyed the book.  They actually had it at Borders and in stock, great pictures but I don't see in it where you tell me how to build my DIY skimmer, but you do emphasize its importance. <Mmm, check Ozreef.org re some spiffy DIY plans>   Maybe it would be less pain to buy a new tank with a cabinet large enough to hide my sump underneath? <Ah, yes... likely the best solution period here. Bob Fenner> Greg C.

Squeezing A Skimmer Into A Small Space!  9/22/05 Thanks Scott. <Your quite welcome.> In doing a little more research, I THINK the TUNZE 9005 may fit perfectly in the skimmer compartment of the 50G Uniquarium. <This is an excellent skimmer, like all Tunze products.> Need to do some measuring tonight. Any thoughts would be appreciated before I shell out the money for the Tunze. I don't have any room behind the tank for the Remora and I would have to take some tools to the Urchin to make it work. I am reluctant to finish taking out the bioballs until I replace the Clear-for-life skimmer. <Agreed...If the Tunze will fit-and make certain that it does before shelling out the bucks- I wouldn't hesitate to use it. Do contact Roger Vitko of Tunze USA if you have any questions regarding the skimmer. He's a pretty cool guy and really knows his product line.> Again, thanks for an excellent web site. Its nice to have one place that has so much advice on so many reef-related topics. You've saved me several times from "darn, should not have purchased THAT coral" syndrome. Wish I would have found your site before that Goniopora came along...... <We all make those kinds of yucky mistakes, but we're happy to be of service! Good luck! Regards, Scott F.>

Squeezing A Skimmer Into A Small Space (Pt. 2)  9/23/05 OK, last skimmer question and I'll leave you guys alone for awhile.....the TUNZE 9005, which I thought would have been perfect for my tank, won't fit. Its off by about .2" and there is nothing I can modify to make it fit. TUNZE does make a smaller model, the 9002, which is rated for tanks up to 52G tanks. That will definitely fit, but may be borderline (although its got to be better than the Clear-For-Life I have!) <A sentiment that I share. I suppose if it's the only one that's gonna fit, I'd go with it. You can always clean it more frequently.> I have a 50G Uniquarium with a ton (or slightly less) of live rock; inhabitants include a Colt Coral (lives near the outflow), Leather Coral, beautiful Yellow Leather Coral, Open Brain Coral, Bubble Coral, lots of Mushroom Anemones and various polyps. Mobile inhabitants include a Percula Clown, Yellowtail Blue Damsel, Scarlet Cleaner Shrimp, Brittle Star, an Orange-Spotted Goby, 2 Peppermint Shrimp, and a clean-up crew of snails and hermits. I don't intend to add much more to the tank, do you think that the Tunze 9002 would work? If not, any ideas for a decent skimmer that would fit in either a space 5"x4"x18" deep (wet) or a space 6"x4"x18" deep (~6" water). The Remora and Urchin won't work because of lack of space behind tank (for Remora) and inflow tube on Urchin would not allow it to sit deep enough in the Uniquarium filter area (I think) to draw in water. For a variety of reasons, I am limited in both space and noise output. I've gone the DIY route before fairly successfully, but honestly would rather just buy a decent skimmer this time.    <All things being equal, I'd go for the Tunze. It's an excellent product that will provide surprising performance. Best of luck to you! Regards, Scott F.>

Skimmer Sizing - 09/07/05  9/8/05 I have a 90 gallon tank with a total system capacity of 115 gallons, very lightly stocked, only 9 fish <<?>>, soft corals and about 150-200 lbs of live rock. <<A lot of rock.>> I have changed my wet dry to a lighted macroalgae refugium. <<Sweet!>> The area in my sump for a skimmer is 9"X12".  Due to the size constraints, I recently purchased a ASM G1-X skimmer.  Is this skimmer sufficient for my system? <<Yep...a good skimmer/design.>> I do not want to have to purchase another skimmer.  If this skimmer is not large enough for this system, what are my other options?  I may have room for a hang-on skimmer. <<No worries mate, I think you'll be fine with this skimmer.>> Thanks for all of your help and advice in redesigning my system. Dallas <<Happy to assist, EricR>>

Prismatic skimmer choices 9/1/05 AH ha.. I went to the skimmer FAQ. I see what is meant by the prism performance.  I knew I was getting nasty brown liquid but I certainly was not getting foam.  I am getting to think that I am better off buying online only. The guy at the LFS swore by the Prism. Ginette Degner <The next time the LFS guy swears by the Prism, you may consider just swearing at him. Better yet, print out some Prism review pages from this site and strategically position them in the employee restroom while simultaneously removing any other bathroom reading material they may have. He won't have a choice but to read. In all seriousness, the Remora or Remora PRO is a good choice for a hang on the back skimmer for smaller aquariums. Good luck! - Ali> Euro Reef Skimmer Selection 08/28/05 Thank you in advance for your advice.  I have a 100g reef tank with a   30g euro fill sump.  I have approximately  100lbs. of live rock.    Which Euro Reef Model do you recommend and why?  I am considering the   CS 6-2 plus or the CS 8-1.  Either will fit in the sump.  I am   replacing a Top Fathom 110A Skimmer which never has produced very much. <<Euro Reef makes excellent skimmers and both the CS6-2 and the CS8-1 would be good choices. Not knowing anything about your system or your financial situation, I would suggest you read the Skimmers FAQ here at WWM so you can determine which skimmer is more suited to your situation.>> Thanks, Gary <<You're welcome. Cheers - Ted>> Skimmer options for Reef tank 8/3/05 Hi crew, I have been reading over your articles for the past few days on skimmers and I feel even more confused then before!! <Sometimes it is hard to wade through the sea of info!  No pun intended <g>.> I recently converted my 75 gallon freshwater tank to a reef setup and before I start to stock it with corals and some fish I am trying to get a good skimmer squared away.  I'm currently using a sea clone 150 (I know bad call) and I am noticing that it does not seem to skim......at all.  <This skimmer really does perform poorly.  Many aquarists have modified them to perform better, but such tinkering shouldn't be required and still results in mediocre performance.> I have algae forming which the crabs I got are taking care of, and my tank has just recently finished cycling with 30 lbs of live rock, live sand, and 2 (started with 5) blue/green gobies. <All good, although it was not necessary to sacrifice the gobies for the cycle.  Live rock die off produces plenty of ammonia to cycle on it's own.> Ph is 8.2, Salinity is just slightly high past 32, and 0 nitrite and about 10ppm nitrate.  Don't have calcium measure yet as I'm awaiting the test kit for it. <Please also get an alkalinity test kit and maintain proper alkalinity.  IMO, this is the most important thing to measure besides pH and salinity and may be the most under appreciated water parameter in reef tanks!> Back to my question though....a sump is out of the question for me at the moment as I don't feel I understand them enough, and I don't feel I have the room.  I feel this is limiting my options in skimmers, but that's the situation at the moment.  <There isn't much to understand.  The water drains from the tank to the sump and is pumped back.  There are many benefits, and in most cases a perfectly adequate sump will fit nicely right under the tank.  Nothing special is required either, a plain standard glass aquarium or even a plastic storage container can work well.  Having the display drilled for drains is helpful, but hang on overflow units work fine too.  A sump is by no means necessary, but do at least consider looking into it!> I'm not sure which type of skimmer/pump combo would work good.  I'm really not wanting to spend more than about 200-300 dollars on a skimmer/pump combo.  Any recommendations?  <Aqua-C Remora pro would be my first choice and a CPR BakPak II would be distant second.  Both of these skimmers have a low profile and don't require a lot of clearance.  Deltec's are outstanding, but very expensive.  Most other models cannot be recommended.> I sent the original note before and forgot to include another question I had!  For mechanical filtration I am using two emperor 400's, one of the reasons I went with the sea clone was a space constraint on the back of the tank.  After looking at some other skimmers, I was wondering if it would be viable to take down one of the emperor 400's and replace wit with a CPR BAK-PAK2?  Would I be giving up too much mechanical filtration?  Thanks again! <Many reef keepers forgo all mechanical filtration, especially if the tank and/or sump contain a sand bed where living organisms can process particulate waste.  Also, the highly aerobic conditions in power filters tend to cause nitrate accumulation by out competing live rock for ammonia and nitrite processing.> Thanks for the help!  John <Glad to!  Best Regards.  AdamC.>

Protein Skimmer Upgrade 7/30/05   Hello! <<Hello - Ted here>>   I've been reading helpful information on your site for several months now, and I think you guys do a great job.<<Thanks!>>  I've learned a lot about what to really worry about, and what not to (those little orange-grey bristle worms).  I just have a question for you about what kind of skimmer I should buy now.     I have a 75 gal. standard overflow tank, with a 15 gal. sump.  I have biomedia and carbon in the sump, and a HO Seaclone (uck!) on the tank.  About as soon as we got it out of the box, I knew it was a problem.        Anyway, with the current bioload on the tank, this skimmer is 100% inadequate, and I want to purchase a good, preferably in-sump skimmer.         What do you consider to be the best skimmer on the market for a reef application? <<With skimmers, you get what you pay for so a good rule of thumb is buy the best skimmer you can afford. There many good brands out there: ASM, Euro-Reef, Aqua-C, ETSS. The list goes on. Please read more about skimmer selection by doing a google search on our website for "Best Skimmer". Things to consider for your situation include whether you want to continue with a HOT model, switch to an in-sump model or plumb an external skimmer to your system. The size of your sump will dictate the models suitable for an in-sump setup.>> Thank you for your time, -Ben <<You're welcome. Good luck - Ted>>

Re: Protein Skimmer Upgrade 7/30/05 Thank you for your prompt reply! <<You are welcome!>>     I used your site to research high-end skimmers, and I think what I'm going to do is modify my sump to hold 2 levels of water and place the skimmer in the input chamber, moving the biomedia to a floating sack on the other side, rather than keeping it in the tall tower it is in now. <<Please be careful when relocating the bio-media. Disturbing it could cause a mini-cycle of your system.>> Hopefully I will be able to expand from there and plumb in a 5 gal bio chamber and a 20 gal 'fuge. <<You might consider making the change in couple of steps. Plumb the additional chamber and refugium, put new media into the new chamber and seed it with some of the old media, leave the rest of the old media in place until the new media is fully 'aged' and then remove the old media and put the skimmer into the tall chamber.>> Reading your site helped me plan a good 'fuge, something I've been meaning to do but didn't know how.  Thanks for the great site! <<You're welcome.>> -Ben <<Cheers - Ted>> More Setup Advice (Skimmer Preference) - 07/23/05 Regarding the extra protein skimmer, you guys have a very high opinion regarding the AquaC skimmers. <<Yes, considered a fine skimmer by many...though my current favorite is Euroreef.>> If the cost is not a big issue would you recommend the Aqua-C EV- Series as being the top model. <<Is a fine choice and will likely serve you very well, but not "my" first pick.  My first choice is Euroreef.>> As I live in Thailand it is difficult to get high quality products as the Thai's always seem to opt for low cost, thus low efficiency.  I am not happy with AquaMedic skimmers, or their customer service, but it was the best I could find here.  Over in Thailand a Multi SL 1000 will set you back $500. <<Mmm...pricey, yes.>> I will e-mail AquaC and check out suppliers. <<I have spoken with them (Jason) in the past, very helpful/willing to assist, I'm sure they will do all they can to accommodate you if possible.>> Again thanks for your great website and all the information provided. Regards Alan <<Good luck with the skimmer search, Eric R.>>

Possible Good Deal On A Used Skimmer? - 07/11/05 First off, thank you so much for your advice so far. <<Welcome>> Because of your site, I knew to order my custom 180g tank drilled like Swiss cheese!  I have to make this work on a budget, so after much research and consideration, I decided to go with GlassCages.com.  They turned out to be easy to work with, helped me with hole placements and such, and the tank turned out great. <<Sounds like a great experience.>> In the overflow I have 2x1.5" bulkheads and 2x1" bulkheads.  Out on the other end of the tank I have two more 1.5" bulkheads for a closed loop. <<Super!>> Lots of flow potential there, no powerheads planned... <<You're gonna love it!>> Now on to my skimmer question! I have a chance to pick up a used AquaC EV-180 that is less than 1 year old.  It will also come with a Mag 7 pump. <<A good skimmer.>> The price is $220. <<Hmm...If nothing's amiss, the makings of a deal here there is...>> This skimmer is supposedly rated for 200g.  How do you think it will perform on my 180? <<Likely will do fine.>> I don't plan to have an extraordinary bio load, and I'll have a DSB, sump and refugium w/DSB.  Should I snap this skimmer up? <<Sure.  I personally prefer ER skimmers...but AquaC is a very good second choice (for me), and this one appears to be at a bargain.>> Thanks again, Randy <<Regards, Eric R.>> Quick Skimmer selection question 7/7/05 Greetings Bob & Crew! <<Hello Ray>> I am in the process of moving and upgrading my reef tank.  I  currently have a thriving 55 gal reef and when I move later this month, I will  be upgrading to a 125 gallon with a 30-35 gallon sump/fuge (caught a deal on the  tank online, going to build the stand). Now, I have been using an AquaC Remora and have had great results  so I plan to stick to the AquaC line.  Since I will have a sump, I am  looking at the EV series.  Either the EV-120 or the EV-240 (have seen many  of each online).   My concern is this.  If I do go with the 240 which is rated  for 80-360 gallons, would I be overskimming my system? <<No such thing as overskimming.>> Also, would my pH  be affected by such a large skimmer such that I would need a calcium  reactor? <<No, you will be helping the pH by more efficient removal of dissolved proteins.>> Any input you have would be appreciated. Thanks again for all your help! <<You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)>> -Ray

- DIY Skimmer - I guess I will start off by saying that "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist" (which I will buy as soon as I can fit it in my budget) has been recommended to me by several people. "If you can learn most of what's in that book, you will be an extremely good aquarist". First off, I am fully disabled so my financial limit is pretty tight; but that doesn't stop me from making what I can't afford to buy. I have this 30 gallon tank running for about a month and a half with fairly good results. I have made my own filter from shopping from Wal-Mart (under $20 minus the pump) and it seems to be working fairly well. I will be moving over to a 55 gallon tank that I got with a small leak, within a week. I have an abundant supply of sand, shells, and dry coral with about 6 lbs. of live rock (hoping they will influence the other rocks into growing also). As-is, my filter circulates about 400 - 550 gal/hr off of a medium sized aqua pump. My question now is about planning my skimmer. At my disposal I have 1" PVC (plenty), two 2.5' sections of clear 3" tubing, and a decent collection cup (an inverted CD-R spindle with the bottom as the lid). I think I have the general idea but I'm not real sure how tall to make it for my 55 gal tank. I still have the inlet and drain to install, but I'm still debating that also. I've seen a lot of DIY plans for skimmers, but none of them really seem like DIY when you spend enough money on parts to buy one retail. Around here, clear PVC is very high, so is the glue. <Clear PVC is a luxury, and for certain you can build it entirely out of standard (white) PVC. In fact, there are several commercial/retail skimmers that are built this way.> I've been using plastic epoxy covered with aquarium safe silicone wherever it will be in contact with the tank water. <Perhaps a bit more than you need to do - regular PVC cement is fine; is inert once it cures.> Do you have any suggestions or links to plans that would be somewhat more relevant to my available building materials?? <We used to have an article from Anthony Calfo on our site about a DIY design, complete with good pictures, but I can't find it at the moment. If you use the Google search on our site, you will find many good articles on DIY skimmers. Likewise, there is a site out there ozreef.org which is chock full of DIY articles I think you will find useful.> Thanks very much for your time and patients, Steven <Cheers, J -- >

- Protein Skimmer Selection - HI, I currently own a 60 gallon reef aquarium.  I have read over many of the Protein skimmer FAQs on this site and have researched about protein skimmers through many dealers.  I would like your help in choosing a proper and extremely efficient skimmer in regards to a one that would suit the Berlin reef tank method which relies heavily on the protein skimmer as a source of filtration.  I think I am stuck between the choice of the AquaC Remora, Berlin turbo hang on skimmer, Pro Prizm deluxe, aqua medic turbo floater 1000 or the newest skimmer I have seen by coral life which use an unfamiliar needle wheel system, Coralife Super Skimmer-Needle Wheel-125 Gallon. I am looking for a hang on skimmer, one that has the most bang for buck. <Think you should just go for the AquaC Remora - is the best of the list you have, and in this size range, probably the best skimmer period.> Your help is greatly appreciated, thank you Chris <Cheers, J -- >

Protein Skimmers Ok Crew I need help, I have ALMOST completed my set-up tank.  I need your opinion on what kind of protein skimmer will best suit my Saltwater Aquarium.  Here are the dimensions.... Acrylic 1/2 inch thick 49 inches tall 30 inches wide 18 inches deep here is the equipment i have running my system. (3) maxi-jet 1200 (2) Hydor flo water deflectors (1) Rena Filstar xP3 canister filter (1) 250 watt EBO Jager heater automatic lighting icecap 660 ballast (2) 24 inch actinic white VHO (2) super actinic VHO so as you can see I am equipping my tank seriously, what protein Skimmer do you recommend and also any pointers with the equipment I have already bought.  Please reply quickly, thanks Steven Tulsa, OK <Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/skimselfaqs.htm and on to the Related Files... until you know what you're looking for. Bob Fenner>

- Skimmer Designs/Use - I see the diagram for the skimmer that is designed for a 120 - 300 gallon tank, but would it be too much for a 30 gal? <Likely it would hold half the water of your 30 gallon, so no... it's not an ideal use of resources.> I'm starting with that, but I know in the near future that I will be building (or having built) at LEAST a 130 gal reef tank. Could I use this on a 30 gal tank until then so I don't have to make it again?? <Would just get something properly sized for the job. Will come in handy later when you need to quarantine your fish.> Thanks, Steven J. <Cheers, J -- >

Protein skimmer recommendations This is by far the most informative and apparently unbiased site I have found...AWESOME!!! Many years experience with freshwater-new to salt. I recently acquired a 220 gallon tank with a large wet/dry filter. For now it will be a fish only, predator tank-but I may eventually go reef once I am confident I know what I'm doing. LFS sold me about 3/4"to 1" of ESV oolitic reef sand (fine). I hope this is OK for this situation. More importantly, I've scoured your site for a protein skimmer recommendation-but nothing matched my needs. Manufacturers over-rating their products, a couple LFS being more than willing to sell me their chintzy units and of course the price tags on some of the apparently better units has me running scared.  Please help me avoid buyers remorse.  <Jeremy, there are many good skimmers on the market.  I personally like the AquaC line of skimmers for their ease of use and hassle free operation.  You can view the models at www.proteinskimmer.com  James (Salty Dog)> THANKS,    Jeremy

Finalizing Skimmer Selection... Ok, I've acquired a used 150g Oceanic Reef Ready tank, with a 29g sump and 29fuge. Between sump and fuge is a Little Giant 3mMDQX-SC to return with the Oceanic overflows/returns. I'll Plumb 1/2" pvc around the bottom under sand, with outlets coming out into 45 degree elbows on t's. I'm thinking 8 outlets centered around bottom from a Won Brothers Sen 900GA submerged hidden in rocks, but accessible if needed, eliminates 5ft of the head that way, instead of underneath tank. That's the idea for water movement. <It certainly can work, but an internal pump may impart significant heat into the tank. A properly designed closed loop essentially operates with no real head pressure, and has the advantage of keeping the pump out of the tank. Just a thought.> Dilemma: Trying to decide on skimmer, with looking over the FAQs and skimmer impression till I'm cross-eyed, Would the ASM G-3, extruded acrylic similar to Euro-reef 6-2, or the Ev120 being the 120 is $30 more than G-3, or the Ev180 that is $79 more. Of course that is even without the pumps for the Aqua C, would have to calculate a pump in that as well. <I have seen and personally tested the G3 not too long ago, and find it to be an extremely capable, easy-to-operate skimmer. Based on the experience that I had, I would not hesitate to recommend it. It offers a lot of "bang for the buck", too!> Also the on going expense to run the skimmer being considered. The ASM is a Sedra 5000 pump. Or would a My Reef Creations (local company) MR-1 with Sen900 pump being $250 plus about $80 for pump, The MR-1 is a Becket type, the DIY Anthony Calfo has on this site or Tunze Comline. Of course, something that I don't have to manipulate daily so it will skim would be appreciated. Granted don't mind the dumping of cup at daily feeding time. <Gosh, all of the skimmers that you are considering are good models, offering value and performance. I'd go with the G3 based on it's simplicity.> I have about 30" of height available, so shouldn't be a problem, person got it from had a EV120 on a box under the stand.  About 200Lbs LR overall. Skimmer and additional rock will be in sump side. I'll have to put a baffle on side with skimmer so that only the filthy water is skimmed, and output of skimmer on other side of baffle. <Certainly can work.> Rock and about a 10"dsb in 1 29g and acquire some Chaetomorpha (sp) Halimeda, and Chlorodesmis. Which would be best, a Combination of the 3? <A combination is always nice, but I'm a big fan of Chaetomorpha, myself.> Some Ulva Lettuce Plant-Aquacultured also in the fuge, harvested to feed tangs/angels. 65w pc light.  Plan on a A. Japonicus, Paracanthurus hepatus, Zebrasoma flavescens, Centropyge bispinosus, Couple Nemateleotris magnifica, 2 tank bred Amphiprion ocellaris, 1 Juvenile Pomacanthus imperator (until signs of getting stress in confines then trade with a club member that has larger system). <I'd forgo the Emperor Angel altogether, unless you are ready to accommodate the fish for its entire life span.> Lighting, Thinking 2T5 6500 from 9am-8pm and 2 Hamilton 175w 14k from 11a-3pm. <Lighting scheme sounds fine for many animals; of course, you need to tailor the lighting for the animals that you intend to keep. Best of luck! Regards, Scott F.>

Picking a Skimmer That's a Winner! Hey guys, <Hey there! Scott F. your guy tonight!> Let me first thank you for the help with the coral question last week. Now I have a new problem. <Just another day in this crazy hobby, huh?> While away, my wife thought it would be a great idea to clean the light on our show tank. While removing the tank lid, she knocked off the CPR Bak-Pak skimmer it crashed to the ground and broke, leaving me with an excuse to buy a new toy for my tank. <Isn't it funny how things work that way? LOL> I have been want to put an under tank skimmer on but my sump has no room in it. <Too bad, but there are some nice hang on models out there.> Are there any skimmers that you can install outside of the sump but not hang on the back of the tank, and if so, what are some good ones? <Many, different manufacturers/models to choose from. Some of the better ones are made by companies like Aqua C, Deltec, PM, etc. Check some of our sponsors' web sites and other e-tailers for these and more.> Also, I really don't have a million bucks to spend so the less expensive the better. Thanks in advance, Paule <Well, Paule, I'd suggest starting with Aqua C. This brand gives you a great product, and excellent reputation for quality, and good customer service. Hope this helps! Regards, Scott F.> 

Protein Skimmer Choice - 05/17/05 I have a 90 reef tank, with a 30 gallon refugium (with a 5 inch sand bed) <Excellent!> that is gravity returned to a 30 gallon sump (the fuge is one of the best things that I have done for my system; only online for about a week, I'm already seeing significant reductions to my nitrate levels). <And other benefits as well <G>.> Over the weekend, when I was going to clean my protein skimmer, even though it only dropped about 6 inches, the skimmer broke. <Fortune sometimes smiles on us in strange ways, Grasshopper.> So, my upgrade options at this point look like a Euro-Reef CS6-3, or an AquaC EV-180. Which of these 2 would you prefer to put on this system? <Both are great skimmers. My personal preference is for the Euro-Reef, though I think you would need to size up in this case to the CS8-1 or even the CS8-2. If all things are equal, the one with the lesser amount of upkeep/maintenance would get the edge. <Both are pretty easy to service.> Would it be worth saving a few dollars to downgrade to a CS6-2 or an EV-120? <Nope, best not to cut corners here in my opinion.> Also, do you know anything about the All Seas Marine (ASM) line of skimmers, which seem to be low budget clones of the Euro-Reef skimmers? <I have heard good things from those who own/use them.> Since none of my local dealers carry any of these lines, I would need to order from the internet. Since I would like to get a replacement on the quick, but would prefer not to spend extra for overnight delivery (if I could avoid it), do you have any recommendations as to which vendors have a quick turn around time, without any hassles? Some of the places that I am looking at are: Marine Depot, AquaDirect, ReefSplendor, ereef.com, and Aquatic Warehouse. <Marine Depot has always given me very good service, as have ReefSplendor. I have not used the others (enough anyway) to recall anything specific. For the quickest turn-around call to make sure the item is in stock, and determine location to find the one closest to you.> Thanks for your advice, it's always been right on the mark so far. <I hope to continue the tradition.> Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns. <Same to ya! <G>.> Mark A. Kaczynski <Regards, Eric R.>

Redundant Skimmers For A HUGE System! Hello, <Hi there! Scott F. with you today!> I am planning a 1400 gal. saltwater tank. <Woooww! That's a SERIOUS system! Should be awesome!> The size is of the main display, not to mention the sump, separate coral tank, etc. All in all 2000 to 3000 gallons of water. Would it be better to go with one large RK2 unit or many smaller Euro-Reef units plumbed so that each takes on a portion of the load? Thanks, Corey <Well, Corey, in a system of this size, I think it would be a better idea to have some redundancy. I like the idea of 3 smaller, yet capable skimmers. This way, you could clean them in sequence, assuring you of clean, capable skimmers at all times. Yes, this may add a bit to the necessary plumbing, but I think it's a much better idea than to rely on just one skimmer in a system of this size. Hope this is useful to you! Regards, Scott F.> 

HOT Skimmer Sel. Thank you so much for your "Conscientious Marine Aquarist." It has been most enjoyable reading as well as highly educational. I did have one question, as I'm not sure of the timeline on threads on "wet web media." Do you have any suggestions for me on a HOT skimmer. I have started a 40 gallon and am currently using a SeaClone, which is not one of the units your people have a big love for. Unfortunately, I purchased the unit prior to becoming familiar with "www." Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Roger Loewen  <Yes... am a big fan of Aqua C's Remoras... Please see here re: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/hang-onskimfaqs.htm  Bob Fenner>

Protein skimmer selection HI, I have been in the marine fish hobby for going on four years now and am setting up a 70 gal reef. (My FO is just not enough!) So there is a million skimmers and more opinions on what I need. So if this was your tank what skimmers would you consider buying? I have heard filling up a cup a day is a quality skimmer. I have not found that yet. Thanks a lot, Josh <Posted... on WWM... over and over... go, read there. RMF> Kent Marine Nautilus TE skimmer Hi,  I was wondering if you have any experience with Kent Marine's Nautilus TE skimmer.  I'm looking to replace my HOT Remora Pro skimmer for an in sump model.  I have 27.5" of clearance under my tank.  The Kent skimmer needs only 24" and would do the trick.  I would like to give this skimmer a try but I can't seem to find any user reviews of this skimmer online. <My usual suggestion here to turn a jaundiced eye to posting such requests on hobbyist BB's>   I'm hesitant to purchase it because of this.  My tank is a 120g long FOWLR.  Kent rates this skimmer for 300g but I bet its probably only good for 150g tank.  Also do you have any feed back on the new ESU (Corallife) Super Skimmer.  Its a needle wheel skimmer that looks similar to the TurboFlotor 1000 skimmer.  P.S., my remora pro has a height of 27 3/4" when you go to remove the collection cup so I can't modify it for in sump use. Thanks for the wonderful help and resources that I have received over the past few years, Larry <Again, I would look to the bulletin boards (ReefCentral, Reefs.org...)... for my money, and the possibility you might well go to an even larger system, I'd look into the Euro-Reef line here. Bob Fenner>

Protein Skimming (In Sump Options) 5.4.05 I have a few questions.  I currently have a 72gallon reef with 110lbs of live rock a 4" sandbed and the following inhabitants: 2 pink skunk clowns, 1 medium blue damsel, 3 green Chromis, a very large coral banded shrimp, a few feather dusters, about a dozen small (not sure what kind) snails, a lawnmower blenny, a med. Frogspawn, medium cabbage coral, and a small torch coral. I use a sump rated for 150gallon tanks with bioballs, a couple of large trickle filters (one with BioWheels) a couple of 100gph powerheads and a SeaClone protein skimmer. First thing, I would like to add more fish after I have settled on a new skimmer. Is my tank too stocked now or can I add more? I would like to add a tang, a couple of clowns and more corals. Is that too much? <The tang sounds fine, but I would hold off with the clowns.  4 is quite a lot of aggression.  Perhaps a fairy wrasse would be a good alternative?> Second, I hate the SeaClone skimmer, I wish I had never been talking into buying it.  It worked moderately well for me for nearly two years and then suddenly stopped working, I have cleaned it and done everything I can think to do it simply no longer works properly at all. So at this moment I am doing weekly water changes to keep the levels evened out until I can pick up a new skimmer. I am trying to decide between a TurboFlotor, AquaC urchin, or a Berlin turbo skimmer. Basically which is the most effective with the least amount of upkeep? <I like the Aqua-C> Or is there a more effective skimmer in the $200 or less range? <250 or so for an entry level Euro-reef is the next best thing.  Urchin is the best in-sump skimmer for 200 or less, in my opinion.> Third, I have big time trouble with hair algae. I have 0 phosphates, use RO water, am keeping the photo period at 10 hours a day (including 90 minutes of dawn/sunset time), I feed my fish about a 1/2 teaspoon of flake food every other day. I can't keep up with it the algae gets so out of control I am taking about a quart or more of algae a month in order to keep it from clouding out the light for the corals. Is the algae a side effect of poor/no skimming or are there other factors involved. <I'm thinking source water.  Have you ever tested it?> I even picked up a book specifically on the control of hair algae and nothing in it seemed to help me at all. I would really appreciate any advice here. <Try an RO unit for better source water, upgrade your skimmer.  I think you'll see the end of the algae-plague.  See ya, Ryan> Thanks very much -Kelly Skimmer <Hi Michael, MacL here with you today.>  I am quite new to marine Aquarium and due to a lack of research I purchased a SeaClone 100 Skimmer which as I now realize is not the best performer. A friend has offered me a old but unused SeaClear EXPLORE protein skimmer from the California AQUARIUM Supply Co. dated approx 1993. Do you have any experience of these skimmers? <I have personally not had any experience with this skimmer but its never bad to try them out.> Is it worth trying to set it up and if so can you give me idea how I go about doing this? The skimmer uses dual airstones and has 1/2" inlet and 3/4" outlet plus airline attachment connection point. I obviously need a pump (any recommendations?) do I require a secondary pump to introduce the air to the airstones? I do not use a sump so the skimmer will need to be free standing.  <Is it made to be in a sump or freestanding? If its made for a sump it won't work well if you use it another way.> If this skimmer is not worth setting up etc. I am thinking about getting hold of a Deltec AP600, are these skimmers good performers etc?  <Deltec has an excellent reputation for a good quality skimmer. I think if you set the old one up you are going to have to put money into it regardless of how it works or doesn't work. You may find it easier to just put the money into the new product.> 

Mis-matched Marine Set-up -II ... (file under skimmer and angel selection) Thanks for your quick response and vital info. Three last questions please.  You suggested to get a better protein skimmer for my 125g tank when I set it up for the fish transfer. Seaclone makes a larger model for up to 150 gallon tanks. Is it just an inferior design versus other makes? <Yes... read on re... get something better> Secondly, if I were to upsize to a 150 or 180g would it still be unadvisable to add a large angel, or any large fish, to the mix of Hippo Tang, Purple Tang, Foxface, Clown, Gobies, Cherub Angel, 6 line wrasse, Royal Gramma and Orchid Dottyback? <Mmm you could add a "larger" species of Angel... at least for a period of a few years in a larger system...> And if not, what type of large angel would have a better chance to mix, a blue face, blue girdled, or imperator ? Thanks for the help. <Of these, the Emperor. Bob Fenner>

Protein Skimmers (No SeaClones Here!) - 04/29/05 Hi, < Hello again Mohamed! > Thanks for the information on the pump, I will buy Tunze and Eheim pumps. < Can hardly go wrong. > I need some help with protein skimmers. < A common occurrence. > I am looking for a skimmer for a tank holding 2000l of water. < Uh...guess a Remora Pro is out.<G> > I was looking at the Tunze automatic skimmer 240/3 or Kent Marine Nautilus EX Skimmer 30" but before buying one I need to know which makes are the best skimmers on the market doing the work it should. < Wouldn't even consider the Kent skimmer...but that's me. For a system this size I would go with the Tunze skimmer, or a large Euro-Reef (my current fav). I have a ER 12-3 on a 375g display with a system total of about 500g (1900l) and it works great. Other skimmers could do the job for sure, but I'm confident that a Tunze or a Euroreef will fill the bill nicely here. > Thanks Mohamed. < Regards, Eric R. > Hang on Skimmer or in Sump? 04/28/2005 Hello Bob, Firstly, I just want to say thank you for a wonderful site. It has not only saved me money, but saved my fish from almost certain death had I not discovered it before setting up my first marine tank (about eight months ago). If I can, I'd like to quickly run through what I have; Set-up; 52 gal FOWLR 35 lb Live Rock (I'd like to have 50 lb in eventually) Fluval 403 Canister Filter (filter pads and ceramic noodles) Medium sized Powerhead Normal Blue/White Lighting (no overflow, no sump) Livestock; 1 Queen Trigger 1 Valentini Puffer 1 Blue Spot Puffer 1 Six Stripe Wrasse 3 Humbug Damsels 3 Yellow-Tailed Blue Damsels 1 Hermit Crab 3 Snails Water tests are always good, fish seem happy and eat well however I realize I need (and should already have) a skimmer. I am in Sydney, Australia and was contemplating buying an Aqua C Remora Pro Hang On (AUD$528.00 - http://www.reefonline.com.au/shop/product_info.php?products_id=120 ) as I believe this would be most suitable for my current set-up. <Very Nice Skimmer> However, I have just acquired a 16 gal tank, and wondered if I would be better to create a sump style set-up, and buy a different (possibly more powerful) type of skimmer? <Anytime you can add more water volume to your overall setup the easier it is to keep the system stable. With that said AquaC also has a nice in sump model that is very similar to the Pro Hang on. So either way will work. Another nice thing you gain is the ability to move some things such as your heater and carbon media etc to the sump. > Kind Regards, Jason Moore <Thanks and good luck EricS>

Protein Skimmer Gallon Ratings Accurate? Hi again WWM Crew, I'm interested in a EuroReef, Aqua C, or a TurboFlotor skimmer.  Are the gallons these products cover accurate? EXAMPLE: A CS5-2 with a Sedra 3500 pump is rated for up to 75 gallons. So on a 75 gallon tank do I need to upsize to the next model or is it equally as efficient if were on a 30g, 55g, or a 75g (the max for that skimmer).  Also, do I have to take in account a sump/refugium gallons as well as the main tank's gallons in these figures? <Yes... and these are indeed "estimates"... when/where in doubt, better to over-engineer... Bob Fenner> 

Skimmer Selection Hi guys! <Hi there! Scott F. with you today!> Hello from sunny South Africa - Just a quick question. I am going to be upgrading my protein skimmer. My local shop has recommended a Deltec skimmer? Have you had any experiences with these skimmers? What are your recommendations? Thanking you!!! Werner Schoeman <Well Werner, I have just completed assembly on my new 225 gallon system, and I opted for a Deltec skimmer. I am using a model 702, which features two Eheim pumps with specially modified impellers. After just a few weeks, I am extremely impressed with the quality and consistency of the skimmate production from the skimmer. It is also very easy to adjust and clean. Probably the best skimmer that I have ever used to date. On the other hand, it was quite expensive, and we'll have to see what the long-term results like before I make the final call here!  I learned along time ago that just because something is expensive it doesn't mean that it's the best! However, this company does make very high quality products and backs them with solid customer support here in the States. They are much better known in Europe, where they seem to have a solid track record. Do also consider the excellent products made by Aqua C and EuroReef when finalizing your skimmer selection. Hope this helps! Regards, Scott F.> 

Knock off skimmer ASM? 3.28.05 Bob and crew, <Ryan with you today.> Been doing some window shopping on EBay, and found a few listings for ASM skimmers. In particular, the "G3" is the one I'm looking at, item #XXXXXXXX <I don't want you to lose your auction, my friend!>. These are supposedly made by a company who split from Euroreef. They advertise SAME PUMP, DESIGN and EFFICIENCY.  I was wondering your thoughts on these and if you have ever seen them in action, cause the price is definitely attractive. Thanks you guys, (and gals.) <Although I can't authenticate their claim, I can vouch for the quality. They are nearly as good as a Euro-Reef counterpart. They seem to be a bit louder, but it could just be the one I've seen in action. Tuning may also have a lot to do with this. Please read the warranty terms VERY closely- If this didn't pass initial quality inspection, you don't want it. This type of auction is renowned for second-quality dish-offs. Good luck, Ryan>

Picking A Skimmer That's A Winner - Skilter 250 vs. Prizm Deluxe One simple question please. <Sure! Scott F. here today!> I have a 55 gallon tank I have only two choices for a skimmer. I know a person selling a Skilter 250 for $40.00, or I can purchase a Prizm Deluxe for $80.00. I have a fish only tank at the present, but I am planning to add live rock with correct lighting in the future. Which skimmer should I buy and why? A speedy response would be appreciated. Regards, Roger <Well, Roger, this is a tough one. Both designs are rather limited in their capability, have reputations for underwhelming performance, yet do have distinct features which make them distinctly different from each other. I suppose that the advantage of the Skilter is that it is really a power filter with an "on-board" skimmer. The advantage is that you get mechanical and chemical filtration in one package. The disadvantage is that with such a combination in a compact package, something is compromised; in this case, the skimmer. With the Prizm, you have a unit that has a reputation for being somewhat tricky to get into a productive mode. It can produce if you find the "sweet spot", but it may take some tweaking on your part. In the end, I suppose that the better choice would be the Prizm, as it is, first and foremost, a skimmer. If at all possible, I'd look for a used skimmer of higher capability, such as an Aqua C Remora or a CPR Bak Pak 2. Both units tend to be relatively productive, reliable, and easy to adjust and maintain. Even some of the inexpensive air driven units can do the job if you adjust them and care for them regularly. You don't have to spend tons of money to get an effective protein skimmer, but I would not scrimp on this item, if at all possible. Hope this helps! Regards, Scott F.> 

Skimmer Query 3.8.2005 <Hello, Ryan with you today.> I have been researching protein skimmers. You web postings have been quite Helpful. I came across the predator by "Aquatic Life Systems" or "Marine Life Aquatics". Depends where you find it. It claims to be a "down flow" Protein skimmer. I couldn't fine any info that explained how "down flow" method works. <In one sentence, a down flow skimmer typically signifies that the manufacturer has decided to lengthen the reaction chamber by utilizing a long down flow tube. The outflow of water is then diverted upward, which in theory doubles its reaction chamber length, and in turn removes more nutrients than a standard setup. The downside is that they need to be fine-tuned, can be noisy, and often require high-powered motors.> If you know anything, or can find out anything on these skimmers, I would appreciated it greatly. These skimmers seem to be low priced for the claimed tank rating. These skimmers are sold at: http://www.captiveraisedcorals.com/skimmers.htm  http://www.toofishy.com/home.php?cat=599  http://www.justphish.com/drygoods/proteinskimmers/marinelifeaquaticsskimmers.htm  <These seem to be a decent skimmer for the price. I am partial to Aqua-C. I would post on some different forums (i.e. wetwebfotos.com) to get specific feedback on the models! Remember, great circulation is the key to mastering filtration- So spend wisely.> 

Protein Skimmer Selection Mr. Fenner,  <James here for Mr. Fenner> I have recently set up a 75 gal. saltwater aquarium. I have been really slow about the whole process since I want to research everything thoroughly and minimize my mistakes. <That is the best thing I've heard today>  So far things have gone well. I have: 2 green Chromis A pair of Clark's clowns 1 auriga butterfly  <Questionable in a new set-up> 2 penguin 330 bio wheel filters 2 powerheads (can't remember the name) 85 lbs. of live rock My question is I would like to replace one of the penguins with a protein skimmer. <Don't replace the powerhead, just add the skimmer>  I don't want to break the bank, but I want to get one that is easy to use and efficient. I had been considering a SeaClone or a Prizm Deluxe Skimmer. However I have gotten mixed reports about how well these work and the noise level. I know you don't like to recommend certain brands, but I feel so lost in all these skimmers. Do you like the BakPak 2? Would that be sufficient for my tank? The rating in a catalogue said that it is only good for 60 gallons. I would like to add a few more fish, like a tang later. Probably not corals. Is there any other brands or types that you like? I don't want to spend over $150 unless it is necessary or really worth it. And I don't want to have to be messing with it all the time. Any advice would be really helpful. <The Prizm, although I feel works well, wouldn't be my choice for a 75 gallon tank. Most on-line shops only recommend these for up to a 40 gallon, and I agree being that I'm using one on my 29 mini reef. Although it works well, hassle free for the most part, I don't feel it has enough turnover to be efficient in tanks larger than 40 gallons. The Bak-Pak is a decent skimmer but as you say it's only good for 60 gallons. Buying two certainly wouldn't be cost effective as you would be up to $260.00. If it were my choice, dollar/performance rating, I would choose the AquaC Remora. This is hassle free and works very efficiently. Go to www.proteinskimmer.com for info on this skimmer. I think they can be had for around $170.00 @ www.premiumaquatics.com or the shop of your choice. I posted a link here on protein skimmers for your reading. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/ca/cav1i1/protein_skimmer_impressions.htm  James (Salty Dog)> 

Skimmer Selection I am about to set up a 90 gallon reef tank with a sump. Corals and fish. I will build a small algae scrubber into the sump - mainly to provide some extra buffer to any nutrient spike and have some fresh food for my tangs. <A nice idea, and one that can benefit your system in many ways!> I am considering a Turboflotor 1000 with a Rio 2100 pump. Would the Oceanrunner pump be better? <I would go with the "factory" pump; the Oceanrunner.> I have seen articles on the AquaC EV-120. It sounds like a great skimmer but it is more than twice the cost of the Turboflotor. Is it that much better, and would it make a noticeable difference in the water quality / maintenance. <It is an outstanding skimmer, well worth the cost. However, the Turboflotor has a great (and well-deserved) reputation for quality and performance.> Is either skimmer noisy? The tank will be in a living room.  Thanks for your help, David <Well, David, both can be reasonably quiet. It's the air escaping that can be noisy, or possibly the pump in the Aqua C, if you go with a noisier external pump. I'd say that both can be made quiet enough to operate in a living room with little effort. Hope this helps! Regards, Scott F.> 

Hang-On Skimmer Choices I'm setting up a 54 gallon SW FO. Probably no inverts or live rock. Which hang on protein skimmer would you recommend?  I've been reading that you guys like the Aqua C Remora or Remora Pro.  Should I spend that much ($200+) or is something less expensive adequate? I'd appreciate your comments. Mitch <Well, Mitch- If you are looking for a quality hang on skimmer, the Aqua C Remora is hard to beat! For the price, you get a very strong package that has a proven record of performance. Another good hang on skimmer is the CPR Bak Pak. Check out both of these brands, get some feedback from fellow fish nerds, and make your choice from them. In my opinion, you really cannot go wrong with either one of 'em! Hope this helps! Regards, Scott F.>

Precision Marine Bullet skimmer/pump response Good morning "Crew", Great site, have read it daily for 4 years now. <Wowzah!> I don't have a question, but, am responding to Mr. Kyllos post about PM Bullet skimmers.  I have 2-225gal Tenecor tanks & recently purchased 2-Bullet 2's. Fantastic skimmers!  I highly recommend them.  I also highly recommend checking into the "Sequence" pumps for these skimmers.  They are low in power consumption, high in water flow & almost silent. <Agreed. Very good products> In my opinion, they blow away the Little Giants or Iwaki's.  Happy skimming. Craig P.S. Bob, I loved your response to the chump who complained about the font sizes on the site. He definitely saw himself & not the path. Keep up the great work. <Will endeavor to do so. Bob Fenner>

- RK2 X-Flo Skimmers, Company - Hi guys. First of all, I have to tell you that your site has been an invaluable source of accurate information. I have pretty much set-up my to-be reef with your advice, and there is not a single step I take without consulting the FAQs in WWM! Thank you, sincerely!  I have read through all the FAQs on Skimmer Selection and have not found information on the RK2 X-Flo skimmer, which as I understand is not for commercial use, but for home aquariums from 100-500 gallons.  <Is my understanding as well.>  Do any of the Crew have any experience with this model?  <I do not... I can't speak for anyone else but I doubt it... is a comparatively expensive skimmer. Sells for the price of most similar sized skimmers with pump included.>  I currently have and AquaC Remora (which I bought after reading your FAQs a few years ago for my 70gal fish only tank) and it has worked extremely well with consistent production, but are now looking to upgrade for my 140gal reef system. I saw the RK2 in the Aquatic-Eco Systems website and it runs for about $520 (I think without the pump), which is expensive, but if it resembles the commercial ones in its performance, maybe it's worth it?  <Well... commercial RK2 skimmers don't really compare at all with any hobbyist version, not even their own; they have auto wash, and other cool features. I'd stick with either a larger AquaC or EuroReef. I'm sure the X-Flo is very well built and as nice as this skimmer looks, it is quite costly... you could have several other excellent skimmers and a pump for the price of just this skimmer.> Again, I can't thank you guys enough for this website and your collective experience. Cheers, Franz L. Costa Rica, Central America <Cheers, J -- ><<Oh! The RK2 consumer line is very new. I haven't seen any of these units as yet... and the makers/Krechters are friends, live in the same town. RMF>> This is where I eyeballed it: http://www.aquaticeco.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/product.detail/iid/7893/cid/1 997 J -- <Wowzah... almost six bills! Lots of parts, cutting and gluing... I do hope they can get the price down. B>

Protein Skimmer selection, laxness in using WWM Hi there, <Ramy> Thanks for your reply. I have a question about protein skimmers. How do you compare the Euro-Reef type to the Berlin turbo ???? <The former are superior in design, construction, engineering, function> I have seen that reef system, hooked up to a large Euro-reef skimmer and the water is really crystal clear. The guy uses it together with a huge refugium system with Caulerpa and his corals are very healthy.  Another question, I totally eliminated the use of a trickle filter, I will just have a 30 gal refugium for my 150 gal reef. Is that a good idea, I have seen a well known pet store here in Canada and they are still using and promoting the trickles or wet/dry filters.  What is your opinion ? Thank you. <Please use the search tool, indices to go over these inputs on www.WetWebMedia.com what you ask and what you will ask or want to know is already posted there... over and over. Bob Fenner>

- RK2 X-Flo Skimmer - Hi guys. First of all, I have to tell you that your site has been an invaluable source of accurate information. I have pretty much set-up my to-be reef with your advice, and there is not a single step I take without consulting the FAQs in WWM! Thank you, sincerely!  I have read through all the FAQs on Skimmer Selection and have not found information on the RK2 X-Flo skimmer, which as I understand is not for commercial use, but for home aquariums from 100-500 gallons.  <Is my understanding as well.>  Do any of the Crew have any experience with this model?  <I do not... I can't speak for anyone else but I doubt it... is a comparatively expensive skimmer. Sells for the price of most similar sized skimmers with pump included.>  I currently have and AquaC Remora (which I bought after reading your FAQs a few years ago for my 70gal fish only tank) and it has worked extremely well with consistent production, but are now looking to upgrade for my 140gal reef system. I saw the RK2 in the Aquatic-Eco Systems website and it runs for about $520 (I think without the pump), which is expensive, but if it resembles the commercial ones in its performance, maybe it's worth it?  <Well... commercial RK2 skimmers don't really compare at all with any hobbyist version, not even their own; they have auto wash, and other cool features. I'd stick with either a larger AquaC or EuroReef. I'm sure the X-Flo is very well built and as nice as this skimmer looks, it is quite costly... you could have several other excellent skimmers and a pump for the price of just this skimmer.> Again, I can't thank you guys enough for this website and your collective experience. Cheers, Franz L. Costa Rica, Central America <Cheers, J -- ><<Oh! The RK2 consumer line is very new. I haven't seen any of these units as yet... and the makers/Krechters are friends, live in the same town. RMF>>

When is a skimmer too big? I'm relatively new to the hobby, but have enjoyed it tremendously for close to 3 years now. I have three nanos setup up of 29 gals., each with a 20 gal. sump on each as well. On two of the sumps, I have Excalibur model skimmers and so far have been happy with the operation of both, though somewhat maintenance intensive. When I set up the 3rd tank, which was not as heavily stocked (lots of live rock with two bubble tip anemones and a maroon clown, a couple of damsels, 5 peppermint shrimp, a sand sifting star, couple emerald crabs, and literally hundreds of hermits and snails my troubles started. Simply put, I avoided listening to my better judgment and called a fish store for advice. Man do I wish I had seen this site previously. I told them I planned on upgrading when I move in a couple years to 250+ gals. and wanted a skimmer to match that I could use in my new reef tank in the mean time. They hastily recommended Kent Marines TE skimmer and so far, it is terrible (sort of what you guys already said about it). I use the recommended Mag pump and it just skims very poorly. Lots of bubble that never get to the collector cup. I have to change 25% of the water 3x/wk just to keep the tenants happy. Questions are these: does the skimmer just plain stink? <IMO yes> Can a skimmer be too large? <Yes...> And if so, how large can I go without being too efficient or should I stick with smaller skimmers and just lay out the cash again when I upgrade? <I would do the latter... the span of 29 to 250+ gallons is too big a jump for this piece of gear> I'm looking at Euro-Reef skimmers right now. Any suggestions? <These are very fine products... well-engineered, constructed. Made by some "real aquarists" (who are friends as well). Bob Fenner>

Jebo Skimmers Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2005 Hello  <Hi, James (Salty Dog) here.>  I've been taking care of the 55 gal salt water tank at work for about two years. I liked it so much my hubby gave me a 20 gal tank for Christmas '03, and we just bought a used 45 gal tank. My question on skimmers - at work we have a Jebo, and it's been just great. A cupful of nasty about every two days, and it's quiet and easy to adjust. I don't see them mentioned on your site much - do you know anything I should know? I'm getting one for my tank at home... <No experience with them, but I've also heard no complaints. If it works that good at the office, it's worth a try. I understand they are not very expensive. Good luck. James (Salty Dog)> You have a very informative site, it's been really helpful. Thanks!

My skimmer I have a 29g TruVu saltwater tank with 25lbs of live rock, 2 clown fish, 1 yellow watchman goby, 5 hermit crabs, 1 cleaner shrimp, and 3 snails. I plan on getting 3 more fish and that's it. I am running a Rena xp1 filter 1 Rio powerhead. I had a SeaClone 100 but was not to happy with the performance so I then bought a red sea Prizm skimmer. My question is should I return it? I have seen in your chat forums that most people say they are not any good! Will it work just fine for my tank? I was going to get the aqua c remora but they are way out of my budget $180. So, can you give me your honest opinion. Did I just waste my money on the Prizm? <Hello, that was a lot of questions you threw at me. Hopefully I can help. Remember, this is just my opinion. The Aqua C remora skimmer is one of the best designs on the market along with the CPR SR2 BakPak skimmers. The quality of the skimmer usually follows the old saying "You get what you pay for." That said. With the amount of fish and live rock you have currently in the tank the skimmer you have would be completely sufficient. The Prizm filters I find do not do an sufficient job after you get up to tank sizes of 55 gallons. If you don't plan on upsizing the tank or adding the 3 (fish maybe add just one fish) you will not come across any problems. Good Luck. MikeB.> 

Yet another skimmer question Good evening "O Masters of All That Is Wet..." ;-) <Good morrow to you inquisitive querier> Have a couple quick questions for you. I have Googled your site extensively trying to get some feedback about My Reef Creations skimmers.  Not much out there about them.  So thought I'd take the direct approach. < http://www.myreefcreations.com/> Am thinking about getting the MR1 with Gen-X PCX-30 pump.  This will be put into use on the (soon to be built) 125 GAL tank with 55 GAL sump.  The tank will be set up FOWLR for a while then slowly bring into "reef mode" (once I get the hang of it). <Okay> Any thoughts about this skimmer?  Good/Bad?  Right now it is a toss-up between the MRC or an AquaC EV-120 with Dolphin pump.  Just trying to save some money where I can so the wife doesn't make me sleep outside (IT'S COLD!!! and the dog won't share her house with me ;-P) <Nice site... don't know much about their products... I would (as always with product reviews) ask on the various BB's (ReefCentral, Reefs.org) re actual user input> Next question, a couple of weeks ago I sent in an email about the sump setup and was answered by Mr. Fenner.  I have tried repeatedly to Reply to him with a picture attachment (58Kb jpg) but it doesn't seem to want to go.  Any ideas? <Are you sending this as an actual attachment? Through hotmail? AOL? Should go... we get them daily... maybe try another mail service> Thanks for all that you do!  Have a beer on me!   Tom (The Tool Man) <Thanks Tom. Bob Fenner>

Protein skimmer selection I have a 30g salt water tank and I already have a SeaClone 100 and not very happy with it. very hard to adjust...<The Seaclones do work but they are very inefficient from reports that we receive.> can you give me some needed advice on what would be the best and easiest protein skimmer for my tank since it being that I have a 30 gallon tank...<I use a Red Sea Prizm on my 29 mini reef.  It is hassle free and easy to take care of and does remove quite a bit of waste.  I probably wouldn't use it on a tank much larger than a 40 gallon though.  I feel they are overrated for the amount of gallons they are suppose to handle.  The Remora skimmer by Aqua C is an excellent skimmer, but is almost double the price of the Prizm.  If money is no object, I would go with the Remora.  James (Salty Dog)>  I just have 2 clown, 1 yellow shrimp goby, 5 hermit crabs, 3 snails, 50lbs of live rock, and 1 cleaner shrimp.  plan on getting 3 more fish and that's all.

Klaes Skimmers? 1/27/05 Mops doesn't carry these anymore... I think I found the same pages you found. <ah, yes... MOPS is one of our (book) distributors> Is this a popular skimmer? <in Europe... not in North America> I think it's a high end skimmer esp. for what it cost.. <correct> ...but finding suppliers is tough. Even if I had to go to the USA or Germany.  <the latter my friend... a search on google.de perhaps for starters> If you happen to find any info please send it to me.. if not thanks for trying Leo <best of luck... and please do let us know if you find a good dealer for this skimmer. Anthony>

Re: Lighting, skimmer Thanks Bob, as always. Two follow up questions on lighting if you don't mind, and one on protein skimmer. First, you're the first person to tell me that all live rock eventually dies off. <Mmm, "all things must pass"... and equivalent statements from many aspects, fields of study, philosophy... specifically, with LR here, there is an average/intuitive time in which one is better off augmenting "old" rock with new... this is gone over on WWM, but about a year and a quarter into set-ups... a part...> The LFS guys tell me it lasts years. <Mmm, you will see, there is the above stated time frame in which too much diversity, abundance of life is lost, alkaline reserve too exhausted... crash/mysterious losses occur...> If I increase the lighting, say to 150 - 200 watts or more, and increase SG, what would you say I can expect in terms of how long the live rock will last? <Mmm, double?> How often would I need to replace it? <... Please read on WWM> Second, I don't have the finances to buy a completely new hood/canopy and expensive lighting system. Can I simply replace what I have and go with a perfecto glass cover, and place a Jebo 48 inch high compact on top? <Likely an option, or other retrofit> I know nothing about the Jebo, but I see them on eBay frequently. It uses two 10,000k daylight bulbs and two 10,000 actinic bulbs. On eBay, it looks like I can get a new one of these for a relatively low price. Finally, the crew at wetwebmedia has recommended the AquaC hang on protein skimmer, which seems to be a great unit. The problem is it's price tag of about $160. Are their any other slim hang on models that are efficient and quiet, but might cost less? <None that I know of, can endorse... this is "about it"> Thanks again for all of your time and expert advice. No matter how much I read in the so-called authoritative books, you and the crew always seem to give the best, easy to understand responses. You guys are great. <Do read over the archived materials my friend... much easier, cheaper than personal experience. Bob Fenner> 

Protein skimmer Do you know of any good protein skimmers for a 65-gallon tank, that is under $100. <Jahner, the only thing close would be the Bak Pak by CPR and that is over a $100 bucks.  James (Salty Dog)> Jahner Re: Novice marine aquarist If I decide to go with the aqua-c skimmer (hang on model) and I also decide to dump the Amiracle wet/dry filter system, is there another filter system that you would recommend? <Mmm, yes, that you read re sumps, refugiums, marine filtration overall on WetWebMedia.com. Bob Fenner>

PRIZM DELUXE PROTEIN SKIMMER I have read a lot of postings regarding Prizm skimmers and most seem to be negative. I am unable to find a posting  directly related to the Prizm deluxe (most relate to the regular Prizm and the Prizm pro). What is your opinion of the Prizm deluxe skimmer for a 60 gal tank?<Although the Prizm Deluxe is rated for a tank your size, I personally feel that the unit is overrated.  I use a Prizm Deluxe on my 29 mini reef.  It does do a nice job and you do not have to fiddle with it.  I would consider a AquaC Remora H.O.T. for your sixty.  This would do an excellent job and take up no more room than the Prizm Deluxe and is about $40.00 cheaper.  A good online supplier is www.premiumaquatics.com. James (Salty Dog)> I am fond of this skimmer because of its size, it will fit on  my tank without me having to move it. Currently using Skilter 250 it works, but I have nothing to compare to see if it is sufficient. I hate the noise and bubbles it puts in the tank. Any other suggestions? Thanks, Rick

Re: PRIZM DELUXE PROTEIN SKIMMER Thanks for your reply, If money wasn't a problem I would get the AquaC, I am looking at a few Prizm deluxe models on eBay for around $40.00 (used). In your opinion, would the Prizm Delux do a satisfactory job.<I can tell you this Rick.  On my 29 mini reef, the Prizm Deluxe has about a half inch of skimmate in it weekly.> How much better is the AquaC Remora?<If both were to be used on a 29, I would go with the Prizm for cost effectiveness.  On tanks 40 and up, I would go with the AquaC. I've used an AquaC on my 180 and it certainly took out loads of waste.  They are very efficient.> The owner of a local pet store isn't using any skimmer on  2 tanks that he has (not sure of size but they are at least 70 gal) and also an employee of his doesn't use one. Do you feel that this is an acceptable practice or is a skimmer a must?<This depends on several factors.  If the tank is not overcrowded, not overfed, water changed weekly along with siphoning debris from the substrate, and good chemical filtration, no, you could probably get away without one, but the use of a skimmer adds to the overall health of a tank.  James (Salty Dog) Thanks, Rick Skimmer question I am unhappy with the performance of my current skimmer and would like to know your top three brands.  I am currently using a Marine Life Aquatics AIS-90 in my 90 gal tank.  It is very inconsistent and stops working  about every month, complete cleaning restores function, and won't get my  nitrates below 40.  I do not want to waste money on another, cheap,  problematic skimmer. If you were to pick the top three manufacturers, what  would they be? <Skimmers, no matter what brand should be cleaned on a weekly basis for optimum performance.  A ten percent weekly water change also helps reduce nitrates by dilution.  There are several good skimmers on the market.  I personally like the AquaC's since they are a no hassle type skimmer.  These use the spray injection to create the foam.  It wouldn't be fair for me to recommend other skimmers since I've never tried other "good ones", and the ones I have tried I wouldn't recommend anyway.  James (Salty Dog)

New to WWM, new marine tank, skimmer selection Hi my name is Daniel Strong and I recently purchased a marine.... book from you <Oh, if you liked the book, you will really enjoy our website> and I'm new to this hobby and to setting up a salt water tank.  I have 2 questions that I hope you can answer for me.  The first is a wet/dry system needed or can I use a sump. <A sump would be fine. Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/sumprffiltfaqs.htm and the Related Articles and FAQs (linked, in blue, above)> Secondly, I've had different suggestions on skimmers, and I have 3 skimmers in mind.  Can you give me your opinion on which skimmer would be better for my situation.  I plan to keep fish and some coral such as leathers, button polyps, and mushrooms. I have a 155 gallon tank and I will start off with 50-75 pounds of live rock and sand. The skimmers I have in mind are 1) ASMG-3 (euro reef type), 2) Bermuda aquatics (www.bermudaaquatics.com), and 3) ETSS500 (A-E-Teck). I thank you in advance for your response. Daniel Strong <The best of these (function, cost, ease-of operation) for your use is the Euro-Reef. Bob Fenner> Protein Skimmer help 12/27/04 Hi guys, let me tell you that your site is fantastic. I am considering upgrading to the AquaC EV-180 or EV-120 Protein Skimmer. My setup is a 46 gallon reef (with a 15 gallon sump) with live Rock and sand, and I have in there 1 Maroon Clownfish, 1 Blue Tang and 1 Purple Tang, 1 Chromis, 1 Scooter, 2 Cleaner Shrimp, 4 hermit crabs, 1 porcelain anemone crab, +/- 20 Turbo snails, around 30 Hairy, Blue and Green striped mushrooms, several rocks with polyps, 2 Tree sponges, and around 40 Christmas tree worms attached to dead coral, 7 different corals, 2 RBTA. Considering that my tank is overstocked and that in the future I will be setting up a 100 gallon reef , will the 180 or 120 P skimmer be fine for my current setup, or will any of them be over doing? Thank you in advance and Merry Christmas. Omar. <Hi Omar. Thanks for the kind words.  These skimmers will be a bit large for your current set up, but great for your future one.  One strategy for dealing with this is to run the skimmer only at night on the smaller tank. That way, you don't risk "over skimming", but you get improved gas exchange at night when it is most needed.  Best Regards.  AdamC.>

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